Report: Bears won’t be suitors for Tim Tebow


The Bears appear likely to pass on Tim Tebow.

According to ESPN Chicago’s Michael C. Wright, the Bears aren’t inclined to sign Tebow, who was released by the Jets on Monday.

Also, Wright’s ESPN Chicago colleague, Jeff Dickerson, reported on Twitter that the club has “never” shown any willingness to add Tebow.

The Bears’ reported lack of interest in Tebow comes three years after now-head coach Marc Trestman told the (Willoughby, Ohio) News-Herald that he believed the former Florida star had a chance to make it as a NFL quarterback in the “right environment.”

“I don’t know that I’m the only one who has the sense of Tim’s ability to be developed and become a very good player in the league,” said Trestman, who worked with Tebow leading up to the 2010 draft, according to the News-Herald.

Added Trestman, per the News-Herald: “I believe in the right environment Tim Tebow will figure this out. He doesn’t have explosive arm strength, but he has more than adequate arm strength to throw the ball in the NFL and make all the throws. I saw him do something totally different in seven or eight days.

“I can only imagine what he’s going to do in one year or two years, because he’s going to outwork everybody else and find a way to figure it out.”

How a player is evaluated entering the NFL and how he is viewed after several seasons of pro game tape are two different matters. If indeed Trestman has changed his mind on Tebow, it is  . . . well, it is normal. This happens all the time. Evaluations are always revisited in pro football. And they must be revisited. This is big business, and the business is constantly changing.

It’s also possible Trestman still believes Tebow could be an NFL quarterback but that his offense isn’t the right fit. Some players don’t fit some schemes.

Regardless, the NFL has four seasons of data on Tim Tebow. Now he has to hope another team looks at the data and still sees promise.

35 responses to “Report: Bears won’t be suitors for Tim Tebow

  1. You know what they say, “It only takes one team to fall in love with the guy.”. Actually they say that way too often. Especially that fountain of lame cliches, Mike Mayock.

  2. At that time, Trestman was likely being paid to both prepare Tebow for the NFL as well as to offer positive opinions to help boost his draft stock. Now, he’s being paid to help the Bears win games. Adding Tebow doesn’t do that.

  3. If we get an update for every team not interested this could get a lot of updates.

    I predict the Redskins or Seahawks pick him up. Possibly San Fran.

  4. “If we get an update for every team not interested this could get a lot of updates.”

    Then we’ll suffer through the “This team is REALLY
    not interested” Ugh…

  5. Just give us the update when he actually finds a gig. We don’t need 32 individual team reports basically consisting of “nope, we’re good.”

  6. Seriously…Stop. I’m actually tempted to root for the guy just because of this blatant bashing of him. You’d be better off letting us know when a team is interested. This is disgraceful

  7. good news, everyone, that means only 27 more posts about a team that isn’t interested in Tebow

  8. I’m starting to feel bad for Tebow. Every time I go to PFT I see “Insert your team here” doesn’t want Tebow either.

  9. I would really like to see Tebow do well… most other players in his shoes would have thrown a hissy fit about being a Punt Protector. Jacksonville would be a good fit.

  10. Seriously, stop this nonsense. So, what is it 3 down and 28 to go? Are you really going milk this with 31 updates? I’m guessing if he gets picked up today you’ll still update us on the teams that were beat to the punch. I hope Timmy wins the comeback player of the year just to spite you.

  11. I guess I must be in the minority. I wouldnt mind if the Bears signed Tebow. He isnt the circus; the media is. Why you wouldnt want a physical football player on your team is beyond me. He works hard and is motivated to play. Im sure he would be open to filling a niche that any team asked of him. Yes, he wants to play QB. However, I think he wants to play ball more than anything.

    Go ahead and sign with the Bears Tebow. There are more than a few players that could learn a thing or two form you. Your passion would be welcomed by anyone who really likes to win.

  12. Its a shame. Pride one of the seven deadly sins will be his downfall. I think he may actually be a Pro Bowl tight end or fullback. Refuses to try…

  13. I agree with other posters. Updating on every team that won’t pick up tebow is just ponderous. Do you have a grudge against this guy that you feel the need to announce every team that won’t pick him up? Are you going to do this for Sanchez when he gets cut?

  14. If Tebow wants to be a starting NFL quarterback then he has to make the improvements necessary to do so. He should swallow his pride and switch to tight end/hback.

  15. That would be three seasons of data, not four. Just felt the need to point that out. Not to mention, he only started the last three games in his rookie year throwing the ball 82 times, had his one year in 2011 after backing up the first 5, then threw the ball 8 times in his year with the jets. Even if you consider the running plays, how much tape is really there?

  16. You geniuses do know that this is not twitter? So using a hash tag [#] is well, dumb. Thought so.

  17. This man is a football player who people loved to watch during his college days. The problem is he is not an NFL caliber QB. He made the Pats DB’s look good two years ago and that was a tough thing to do.

  18. How nice this must be for Tebow. Teams going out of their way to say they are not interested. I think this is absolutely unprecedented.

    What scares teams away to the degree that they are falling all over themselves within hours of his release to declare they aren’t interested? His popularity? Did the NFL brass forget they are an entertainment industry?

  19. As manager of the Longwood (Florida) Lions amateur flag football team, I also want to get on record that I’m not interested in Tim Tebow.

  20. Umm why would bears fan pass him up? josh mccown and Matt Blanchard are really that much better???

  21. Maybe Josh McDaniels can get another head coaching gig and run of their current Pro Bowl quarterback and then, I don’t know, just forfeit a first round pick in the draft or something and then sign Tebow.

  22. he’s no worse than the backups we have and the way jay goes down, why not take a chance on him? At least if need be he can run for his life and actually gain a few yards

  23. Elway hurt Tebow’s career in every
    way he could. He was tearing Tebow
    down while Tebow was WINNING games and taking Denver to the playoffs. One way I hope Chicago do give Tebow a chance. or somebody else should.

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