Report: No guaranteed money for Tyrann Mathieu


Tyrann Mathieu is moving to free safety and, according to a report from Peter King, he’ll be doing it without any guaranteed money coming his way from the Cardinals.

In his Monday Morning Quarterback column at, King writes that Mathieu will not have guarantees on the deal he signs in Arizona but will have roster bonuses that will require him to be on the team each week in order to see his entire salary. King also reports that the team will “randomly” drug test Mathieu as often as once a week once he signs that guarantee-less contract as part of their plan to keep the erstwhile Honey Badger from blowing his NFL opportunity.

And from blowing the team’s chance to benefit from a player who might have gone earlier in the draft if not for his marijuana habit in college. King spoke to Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim, who said that he hoped to maximize the return and minimize the risk by having former LSU teammate Patrick Peterson will serve as a mentor of sorts for Mathieu.

“It’s uncharacteristic of our organization to take chances on guys with troubled pasts. But we thought this was a good player and person for us to take,” Keim said. “I’m not naïve about this. I know the risk. But the risk to reward was enticing. His passion for the game is off the charts.”

Enlisting Peterson as a helper and making Mathieu’s compensation contingent on staying clean are both things that make it likelier that the Cardinals will realize a return on their pick, but Mathieu remains the wild card since he already missed the chance to capitalize on one golden chance in his football career. No matter what the Cardinals do, it will be up to him whether or not it happens again.

19 responses to “Report: No guaranteed money for Tyrann Mathieu

  1. No guaranteed money makes this draft pick even better! Maybe one of the best defensive playmakers in the draft class with the 69th pick in the draft! Some people are just put on this world to play football.

  2. Didn’t Revis get zero guaranteed money too? I’m pretty sure Mathieu said he was gonna put mandatory clauses for drug test and meetings. I realize he later round pick but if you give out a contract with no guaranteed money to a rookie you just drafted. Why did you even draft him? You make it clear you don’t even trust the guy. That’s just me though.

  3. If Peter “I picked the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl last year, and they finished dead last” King is actually right about this, then the Cardinals did good, very good.

  4. They’re forcing him to stay clean. For once he’ll be getting the kind of parental love he’s probably needed. Kudos to the Cards for doing the right thing. I hope Goodell is taking notice of their actions. Its this kind of policy that could clean up the entire league, IF its successful.

  5. “His passion for the game is off the charts.”

    Didn’t he tell his. Girlfriend that he didn’t want play in pretty big game they had.. Yeah this guy has a ton of passion. I hope he works out for the sake Of the Cards and having pp there to help is promising. Good luck honey badger.

  6. The union should be having a fit over this. Sets a terrible precedent. I don’t blame the team for wanting protection, but NO guaranteed money? Wow.

  7. got news for ya. The only way this kid is going to stay clean is if he wants to stay clean. No amount of money, testing or whatever is going to do it. I wish him well.

  8. This dude is going to be, if he isn’t already a huge alcoholic and probably dabble in the fine china.

  9. I am really liking this pick for the Cardinals. If the kid has really turned the page, it will work out for both sides. I am hoping the best for him and the Cardinals

  10. As long as he makes enough to pay his hair dresser and they convince him that anyone with the ball is holding a blunt in their sock, they’ll be fine.

  11. In my life, the company I worked for in the 90’s told me that I was going to be tested for drugs. I asked myself is smoking worth not having a job? I chose to put down the weed and get those peanuts I asked for. My point is if this young man continues to follow the same negative path while playing with the elite and making great money that we all Americans wish we could make, he is to blame. So I commend the Card’s to make the Badger show them that he has matured and understand that he got the chance that some athletes never had. Good Luck Badger….

  12. Prior to the draft I was hoping this kid would not get drafted by any team, in any round. Then the Cardinals (the team I’ve died with nearly every NFL Sunday since 1970) takes this clown.

    That said, he’ll have PP and the entire organization to help him. The upside, if he stays clean, is tremendous. But let’s see where he is in two-three years.

    Either a great value pick or a throwaway of major proportions. I give Keim and Arians kudos for their first draft and for having the stones to risk it. I do hope they are right.

  13. I wanted the 9ers to take them so bad just to keep him away from the division rivals, it may end up being the cardinals best value pick ever for AZ. Then I started thinking tyrann in California with all that good weed might not work out well.

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