Rex on Tebow: “Things did not work out the way we all had hoped”


It’s official.

The Jets have released quarterback-of-all-trades Tim Tebow, less than 14 months after trading for him.

“We have a great deal of respect for Tim Tebow,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said in a release.  “Unfortunately, things did not work out the way we all had hoped.  Tim is an extremely hard worker, evident by the shape he came back in this offseason.  We wish him the best moving forward.”

It’s a little strange that Ryan would be the one to comment on the situation, given that G.M. John Idzik surely made the decision.  Perhaps Idzik, who had nothing to do with the decision to acquire Tebow, opted to ask Ryan to be the one to apply the final mop to the move that made last year a mess for the Jets.

The timing makes clear that the Jets squatted on Tebow through the draft, in the hopes that someone/anyone would trade something/anything for his contract.  On Friday, the Jets leaked to ESPN that he showed up 15 pounds lighter and that Tebow continues to win support in the organization.  That was the Hail Mary pass.

And it ended up being roughly as accurate as most of the passes Tebow throws.

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  1. Tebow is not the ringmaster and is not responsible for the circus, he just got caught up in it. Hope he catches on somewhere but pretty crappy of the Jets to just squat on him in my opinion. Good luck to Tebow and keep screwing up Jets!! The rest of the AFC love ya for it!

  2. What do Tim Tebow and Advocare have in common? They were both bought by Rex with “good intentions” , put on a shelf, and never used.

  3. I like how he says that as though it just randomly didnt work out. As though he wasn’t the one responsible for putting him in a hopeless situation to begin with.

  4. They got him for headlines. The mess was not using him. He is not a good passer but he couldn’t have done worse than $8M+ for buttfumbler. They weren’t afraid he would lose (they had that covered with Sanchez) they were afraid he might actually win

  5. He knew this a long time ago that things weren’t going to work out…so why string this guy along, should have let him go to see if he could have gotten with another team before the draft…that was jacked!

  6. If you’re in the business of covering football and its players, why would you make that last cheap shot in the article for a guy you may want or need to interview in the future?

  7. The way this was done just reminds me of getting fired at 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon from a job and having the Human Resources department tell you everything and telling you… “It will be ok, cheer up buttercup.” The way the Jets organization went about all of this is very piss poor.

    And if course they finally let him go after the draft and all teams have made their decision about who they want to play at QB so now Tebow doesn’t have a chance.

  8. hmmm I can honestly say I dont think there is a coach brave enough to pick him up? If there is it’s gotta be someone whose job is totally secure like Jim Harbaugh.

    49ers make sense since they already have the read option scheme installed, Tebow should provide a back up to Kaepernick without having to adjust scheme too much.

    As long as Tebow goes there without any notion of starting it should be fine.

  9. The guy isn’t tony romo but if some of these starters had half the heart this guy does, we’d see a lot better qb play out of some of these teams..I know he won’t be picked up as a starter but I hope he does and proves everybody wrong..again!

  10. Good timing… CFL camp just started. First preseason game in June. Blue Bombers snatched up Max Hall. Plus, the French speaking media won’t have to put up with the Jesus stuff… Hello Montreal!

  11. Go to wikiPedia and read about Tim Tebow’s college records. Yes you will have to read more than two sentences of text. You can do it.

    How is it possible that no one could have done something with this talented player??

    I am not a Tebow fanatic or anything, it just seems like the NFL coaches are not as bright as we make them out to be.

  12. It’s amazing how much hate this kid gets? The funny part is, the haters are the reason he gets publicity. The league begs for role models, people that don’t get arrested or drug related, then condemn him. The slow minded haters embrace and cheer for convicts and idiots. Embracing honey badger and tear down a man that tries to do right. Sad what people have become. Regardless, still one of the best college football players of all time!

  13. lionsfan415, speaking of worthless QB’s how Stafford doing these days??? Ouch!!!

    Happy for Tebow getting out of the circus that is NY Jetland

  14. “Unfortunately, things did not work out the way we all had hoped”-

    absolutely the understatement of the century.
    maybe tebow will go to a team that actually knows how to use him..ocassionally for short yardage and in you have redzone struggles or an inept QB tebow is a great redzone goaline-7 yards away kind of guy. if we didnt have eli id say grab him but than again we did struggle in the redzone jp

  15. All this guy does is win football games. It might be the ugliest version of winning the NFL has ever seen, but he does it.

    I’d love to see him catch on as a tight end. Put that weight back on and he’ll get a job on a practice squad somewhere.

  16. You can bet Jeff Ireland is already on the line with Tebow attempting to convince him to make a positional switch to linebacker in order to compete with Ellerbe, Wheeler, Dion Jordan and Jelani Jenkins.

    I mean, Ireland has spent the entire offseason on both knees in front of Stephen Ross, so he might as well lift one up and pull a Tebow while he’s down there.

  17. The only one with any class in this situation is Tebow. Funny thing is the jets are still stuck with a worse QB than tim and is name is Sanchez. For that matter most of the fans on here don’t have a quarterback like Tebow who can will his team to victory and beat the steelers in round one of the playoffs.

    Not saying Tebow will ever have success in the league but he had a great season for the broncos TEAM and was shafted for the next two years by horseface Elway and Fatarse Rexy just for being a winner who happens to strongly believe in a higher power. On top of that the human turnover machine from WVU just signed on with the Jets. What a joke…

  18. Oh god. I hope Tebow signs with another team soon so we don’t have to hear fifty stories a day about Manti Te’o. I lost count on the Te’o stories during the draft.

  19. Love to hear what sexy rexy has to say when the gm forces him to speak about the cutting of stankchez. Umm he was suppose to be the starting qb as long as i was here, but ummm you know someone with brains was hired and decided to start to shred all the nobrainer moves me and MT made, as part of the cut sanchez workout bonus $ was prorated so my wife can have laser removal of that stankchise tatto

  20. @afterthesecrowdedstreets….. Thanks for that bro. I needed that chuckle today! 🙂

    Tebow never got used because they were afraid to break the fragile ego of Sanchez. Now I’ve defended Sanchez in the past (not EVERYTHING is his fault), but the failure to utilize Tebow in ANY WAY is directly related to HIM.

    I cannot wait for a team like New England to take a flier on this guy and get some kind of production out of him The good franchises (SF, NE, NYG, Balt,Pitt….Seattle..I find ways to use their talent productively. Good luck to the Jets fans who must put up with this CIRCUS atmosphere that will NEVER translate to wins. I truly feel for you.

  21. how anybody can believe a word that comes out of fat boy’s mouth is beyond me. things did not work out? maybe because you made sure they would not and never gave him a chance! you sabotaged the whole jets season rather give him a chance to prove you wrong. you have the nerve to say you have a great deal of respect him? damn right you better because anybody else would have punched you out for treating them the way you did him. I am sure the presser was short since you had to get back to sucking sanchez’s toes.

  22. What you all are forgetting is the tired cliche that the NFL is a business. In that regard, it made sense for the Jets to hold onto TT until after the draft. It doesn’t make it fair or right, just the way the NFL operates. I am a TT fan and like others who have posted, I don’t understand why he could not succeed in the NFL when he was such a great college player.

  23. If Ryan had played Tebow against the Steelers, both teams would have been 7-11. The man got to touch the ball only ONCE and still got 22 yards! And he destroyed the Steelers when he was in Denver. Don’t blame, Tebow. He never got a chance at least against the one team he could have easily put to bed.

  24. Curious what Rexy and TS, MT, and WJ had hoped would work out. Did they want TD’s to just magically appear with Tebow on the roster? Because for something to happen on the field regarding Tebow he would actually have to be, you know, on the field playing. As far as “having a great deal of respect for Tim Tebow” it is pretty eveident that, no you don’t.

  25. But it did work out exactly as expected. Three different NFL oaching staffs have worked with him on a daily basis and come to the same conclusion – that he can’t play.

    But apparently the Tebowmaniacs know more than Josh McDaniels, John Fox, Tony Sparano and Rex Ryan combined.

  26. So the mentally impaired Tim Teabagging Tebow has been left the Jets, good for the Jets!! At least now I won’t have to watch that idiot kneel and pray in the endzone anymore.

  27. Crazy part about the hole thing is this guy has done nothing but win when given the chance.

  28. On top of that the human turnover “machine from WVU just signed on with the Jets. What a joke…”

    He threw 6 interceptions last year…. Stop speaking off emotion, sissy.

  29. Rex Ryan’s love affair with Mark Sanchez is the only way to explain the shaft the Jets gave to Tebow.

    I watched Tim Tebow beat the Steelers. So, the guy doesn’t have great mechanics but he has the heart if not the skill of a champion!

    Tell me the Jets would not have been better off with Tebow than Sanchez!

    That is delusional…and so is Rex Ryan.

  30. Don’t be too smug, Rex-a-Flex. The smart money is on Tebow actually being employed in the NFL eight months from now while you and your coaching staff are sniffing around for your next gigs.

  31. Tony Sporano as the Offensive Co-Ordinator was the biggest mistake. What did the Jets see after the offense in Miami got worse year after year?? Tebow to run the wild-cat (single wing) was surely the idea of Sporano, at least at first. Notice how he is back to being a position coach.

  32. The Jets wouldve been better off had they cut Rex Ryan. One of the most predictable and flat teams. No knock on the team or its fans, Rex Ryan and his staff is garbage.

  33. He was always a class act despite being subjected to constant media focus and typical Jet fan BS. It didn’t work out because Sparano didn’t have a clue how to use him!!
    Worse wildcat O I’ve ever seen!! I wish him best of luck in Canada and I guess the moron media and the haters will have to move to someone else now…….

  34. Rex says ‘it’ didn’t work out the way they had hoped. How’s that exactly? He wasn’t given a chance for ‘it’ to work out. Whatever ‘it’ was.

  35. Tebow “didn’t work out” but that Sanchez leading his pathetic team to 6-10 must’ve worked like a charm. The Jets didn’t deserve a good teammate and winner on their team like Tebow.

  36. Those idiots at ESPN: Adam Shefter, Mortensen, Sal Palontonio know NOTHING of what goes on. They are not insiders at all into any organization in football.

  37. Does Rex know where to buy some duct tape. If not the Jets should hire an assistant GM to keep Rex fully supplied.

  38. remyje says:
    Apr 29, 2013 11:10 AM
    On top of that the human turnover “machine from WVU just signed on with the Jets.

    He threw 6 interceptions last year…. Stop speaking off emotion, sissy.

    So the 32 fumbles don’t count?

  39. I think that the New York Jets should remove themselves from the NFL and join Ringling Bros. Obviously, they are far more skilled for that arena.

  40. Like Rex Ryan is at all qualified to make a statement such as this after his poor judgement to stay with Sanchez and set the organization back another 4-5 years or more. Just the fact that Rex Ryan is still the head coach should warrant a complete front office “enema”!! I truly feel sorry for Jets fans, this is a complete travesty! 😂

  41. By saying it didnt work it, what rex really meant to say was, We didnt know what the hell we were doing when we traded for Tim, we had not strategy on how to utilize him and things went downhill from there, it was 97 percent our fault this thing didnt work out and 3 percent Tims

  42. I feel bad that Tebow was subjected to this circus but let us not forget that when the Broncos decided to part ways, only two teams were even remotely interested in him. The Jets were only interested in him for his media coverage and the Jaguars have since changed their mind. In fact, a mere hour after this story broke, the Jags owner wrote to the local paper (Times Union) and said there’s no interest in Tebow in Jacksonville.

    That’s the real story here, as the last paragraph points out. The Jets were obviously shopping him around, hoping to get some one to take him after the draft… And NO ONE wanted him. His contract was extremely low for a former first round drafted QB and yet no one was willing to take it over.

    If he manages to find a home next season, it’s going to be more of the same – second or third string bench warmer with a tiny one or two year contract, minimal guaranteed.

  43. The Tebow brough ha-ha is more entertaining than 50% of the NFL games I watched last year. I just don’t understand why there are so many haters as there are many other fellows in the NFL doing even less than Tebow did last year.

  44. bnorcini says: Apr 29, 2013 9:41 AM

    Yeah but it’s Tebow and no matter how much it annoys you people want to hear about it

  45. I love when Bills and Dolphins fans knock the Jets.
    It’s analogous to Moe and Larry calling Curly stupid.

  46. The sooner that everybody wakes up and realizes that T-bag isn’t NFL caliber the better.
    Stop being in denial of this once college wunderkind and realize that the only glory dayz that he will ever have are stuck in his college playing years.

  47. And he still had a higher passer rating average than The Dirty Sanchez. The circus continues in New York. Now down to 5 Quarterbacks! Stay classy Jets…

  48. dolphinatic13 says:Apr 29, 2013 3:24 PM

    And he still had a higher passer rating average than The Dirty Sanchez. The circus continues in New York. Now down to 5 Quarterbacks! Stay classy Jets…

    And when the circus comes to Miami, at least there won’t be a blackout for a change.

    Talking about quarterbacks??????????????
    What is it about 20 since Marino??

  49. daniel10017 says:
    Apr 29, 2013 12:27 PM
    Those idiots at ESPN: Adam Shefter, Mortensen, Sal Palontonio know NOTHING of what goes on. They are not insiders at all into any organization in football.

    Sad thing about Schefter was that he had a great degree of creadibility when he was with the NFL network. Since he moved he has become a bumbling fool like the rest of them.

  50. For all of you people who love Tebow just sit back and watch all the teams that line up for his services…….The bottom line is if you can play the game…This guy can’t and that’s what seems to continue to get lost in this conversation…Sure he a nice guy, sure he loves The Lord, and sure he’s a great teammate but don’ t go and build a bust for him in canton because he had that one good game against Pittsburg…

    he is who we thought he was….

  51. I don’t know who he is but look at the list of good NFL QBs who sat through 3 or 4 year of QB bench college after getting to the NFL and still made good. It’s a year or two too early to either bury or praise him.

  52. I bet if this poor guy came out as freaking gay everybody would be singing his praises wouldn’t they? He got stuck with a losing team with a loser coach, he is better off where ever he goes. Watch the Jets this season, they will be the same losers that they were last year, and with a new QB who is the best thing since sliced bread, according to the masses they will still not make the playoffs.

  53. Rex isn’t working out the way it was hoped. Tebow is a lot better than the nfl media says. I remember tebow time. I am a steelers fan. I still remember his 85-yrd ot touchdowm pass. he completed that one no problem.

  54. People, Tebow will be back. What’s happening now will be played out for all its worth, that’s the way it is. The man is extremely talented and the props are being laid out before our eyes. Tebow will make many teams wish they had signed him up. The guy makes things happen. It’s that simple.

  55. Rex Ryan is the one headed out next. He was a GREAT defensive co-ordinator but he is a lousy head coach. the entire Tebow debacle is frimly in Rex Ryans court and all backlass will fall directly on his shoulders. he basically seems to have drafted Tim Tebow just to try to ruin him. The when Rex needed a win Bad and he pulled Sanchez he dissed Tebow again fearing that Tebow woudl do great and show Rex for being the fool. Then in the most recent act of being an ass Rex held onto Tebow in fear that some rival team would snatch him up and that if he went out and won (as he is like to do) then Rex would look like an even bigger ass than he is right now. The best scenario is for Miami to take him and get him to be their backup and use him as a tight end otherwise and let him start and play against the Jets.. Thats some Games I would like to watch

  56. How the Hell did anyone expect Tim to excel in New York, a.k.a Hell on Earth? Tebow needs a Bible Belt team, like in Utah or Mississippi.

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