RG3 says he can run “a little bit,” plans to play Week 1

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Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III told fans on Saturday that he’s continuing to make good progress in rehabilitation from reconstructive knee surgery, and he expects to play in the opener against the Eagles on Monday, September 9.

At the Redskins’ draft party on Saturday, Griffin did some jumping jacks and told the crowd he expects to play in the first game of the regular season.

“We’re having a great draft right now, and I’m all in for Week 1, just like you guys are right now,” Griffin said, via the Free Lance-Star. “You guys saw me jumping. I mean, I can run a little bit. I’ll be good. No worries. I’ll take it slow, but in the same time, I’ll be ready to go.”

Griffin and the Redskins have stated repeatedly that he won’t rush his recovery, but they’ve also stated repeatedly that he is progressing faster than doctors expected when he had the surgery in January. It will be an upset if he’s not starting for the Redskins against the Eagles.

75 responses to “RG3 says he can run “a little bit,” plans to play Week 1

  1. How can he says he will be playing week 1 when he can only “run a little bit”?

    He thinks he is Adrian but he is not.
    If he was smart he would be okay missing a game or 2. Its not like the Skins actually have a chance to win the Superbowl…

  2. I wonder who will have a longer career, RG3 or RG1 that got drafted out of Tulane by New Orleans.

    My guess is on the latter, at least he’ll be able to walk when he’s 25.

  3. Didnt see many picks from the skins during draft, so sad they put the future on the line for a guy who will never be healthy #trainwreckfranchise

  4. Rg3 will never be the player he’s suppose to be playing for the worst team in the NFC east. The redskins are where great players go to die.


  5. He never said that he was playing in Week 1. He was merely stating the same slogan for Adidas “I’m all in for week 1”.

    Don’t count on a week 1 return.

  6. This goes in the “who cares” category. I’m glad to know a QB thinks he’ll be ready by week 1 to play for a team that will go 5-11.


  7. Gronk and RG3 should get together and have a combination wrestling/jumping jacks competition on a live TV stage somewhere.

    First one to break a bone in at least 2 places wins.

    …errr loses.

    Shanahan and Dr. Andrews could be on hand to tell them to “compete harder” and “go faster” and “keep going”.

    All the money could go to Goodell’s “I need a bigger yacht” fund. I mean “charity”.

  8. Lets stop the charade already. We’ll give you Nassib now for your next two 1st rders. Which start when?? in 2017 or 2018?

  9. As a bills fan, I have no direct issues with the redskins.

    As a football fan, I admire RG3’s athletic ability.

    As someone who posts on this site, I refuse to take the same side as logicalvoicesays.

    Sorry redskins, I hope you end up at the bottom of your division. All because of 1 delusional fan with too much time on his hands.

  10. Sorry, I amend my last post. 2x SB MVP will tutor Nassib for a year (if you’d like) while that scrub Cousins keeps his seat warm. However, the price for such invaluable internship will be an extra 1st rd. pick.

  11. and with their 1st round pick in the 2013 draft, the washington redskins select….. RG3s TWICE RECOVERED ACL- yayyy whoo hooo come on down, give the commish a hug take a few pictures and make a speech wooooo

  12. The only charade here the three stoges called New York, Dallas and Philly who think they can stop the Washington Redskins from sweeping the division. #TheNFCEastisnowtobecalledtheNFCWashington

  13. logicalvoicesays says:Apr 29, 2013 1:48 PM

    MY quarterback is so resilient. Best QB since Elway. Thank god he’s going to lead MY team for the next 10-15 years.

    Did I miss something? Did loggy(logical voice) buy the Washington franchise? Or is this actually Daniel Snyder posting here? Hmmm…

    By the way, loggy, I edited your post for correct spelling. You’re welcome.

  14. RG3 is a great talent but he has an ego that needs to be put in check.

    This is April the season starts in September. We don’t need to see him showing off by doing jumping jacks and running in place now– what’s important is getting him healed and ready to play for years and years.

    Griffin’s ego demands that he outdoes AP and has a miraculously fast healing.

    Last year, during the off season, Adrian Peterson rehabbed QUIETLY in the shadows. There were no articles about how he was a superman or regular updates by his doctor and head coach on his Prometheus like healing ability. He kept his mouth shut, worked out regularly LIKE A PROFESSIONAL and the rest is history.

    The sad truth for Redskins fans is thatRG3 NEEEDS to be the center of attention ALL THE TIME and in the end that will be his downfall.

    He will race to get out on the field week one and while I wish ill on no player the odds of reinjury either during rehab or when he gets out on the field have to be close to 100%.

    Too bad. I was hoping the Seahawks would get to spank him again in the playoffs but he’ll be rehabbing at the Andrews Institute by then.

  15. Wow, the anti-RG3 trolls constantly begging for a reaction to negative posts are really getting annoying. How about we just let RG3 do what he’s gonna do? Then, we can talk? Just complete lowlife trolls.

  16. @logicalvoicesays

    Man, you didnt make the comments list until #3? You are slipping…


  17. seattlecoug says: Apr 29, 2013 1:55 PM

    This goes in the “who cares” category. I’m glad to know a QB thinks he’ll be ready by week 1 to play for a team that will go 5-11.


    5-11 maybe but they also have a chance to go 11-5 too.


  18. I loved RG3. I believe he is a very smart, articulate and charismatic young man that has a chance to be the QB face of this generation in the NFL.

    However….slowly but surely….Redskin fans are making me hate him.

  19. As a tribute to the 2x SB MVP and as a way to say “thanks” for tutoring him in 2013 as only a Jedi of quarterbacking could (admittedly Peyton is Yoda), I hear Nassib will honor the dynasty slayer by wearing #10 for the Skins in 2014.

  20. It is so ridiculous that he is aiming for week 1…Ok it is not ridiculous to aim for, but there is absolutely no benefit for him, the Redskins, or even the NFL for him to come back ASAP. He didnt last 16 games last year so it would help the team if he delays as long as possible. As for worrying about Cousins taking his job, do you really think Shanahan is going to opt for Cousins over a healthy RG3? Absolutely not…because RG3 has that extra dimension in his game. So RG3…do not rush it because we want to watch you play for years…not as in 2 or 3 but like 10.

  21. Hey, If the kid feels that he will be ready to play come week 1 more power to him. Everyone else’s negativity is un-warranted.

  22. Missing the point on the Seahawk smack talk.

    The game I watched their defense was clueless when RGIII was healthy and if I recall the score was 14-0. Then the injury, in which he wasn’t touched, as he fell out of bounds.

    A healthy Redskins team does not fear the Seahawks. Whole other story as for the 49’ers.
    They are the real thing.

  23. So glad he’s with the redskins, he’s a hard worker and a class act, not to mention a great talent. He is the best of last years rookie class

  24. 69finfan – Is logical really Dan Snyder?

    If only I could be that positive, my life would be sooo different! Rainbows and Unicorns all day, and sprinkly pop-tarts for breakfast. If only.

  25. Seriously, all the haters keep swinging for the fences. Can’t wait for next season. Whether it’s Robert or Kirk – the skins aren’t lying down for the rest of the league to walk on. They’re not the team that buys vet superstars to have them retire in burgundy & gold.

  26. Well one thing, he wasn’t doing jumping jacks, he was jumping up and down to get the crowd to go crazy at the Redskins draft party. He wasn’t showing off, just simply getting the huge crowd into it. Andfrom someone who was there, he looked really healthy, and from looking at him, you can’t tell he just had surgery. He will be ready, and will be back better then before. And any NFC east team fan, you can’t talk down on the Redskins. Went 5-1 and won the division, so keep your mouths shut till you actually beat this guy and the new look Redskins. And giants, you won’t get any more blown coverage wins this year.

  27. Those who feel RGIII is done are nuts, and it has nothing to do with the type offense the Skins run. Secondly the play wasn’t a designed run but the result of the pocket breaking down.

  28. You people realize the Griff was at a Redskins draft party? He can do whatever he wants to show his flash and charisma to the hometown fans. Putting on a little “tongue-in-cheek” “Oh I’ll be fine for week one.” charade. I definitely say he starts week one. I wouldn’t mind Cousins playing either, due to the flip factor. If Cousins gets a few wins then he makes amazing trade bait.

  29. The running option will be dead after this season and we won’t have to hear about these one year wonders.

  30. Don’t do it RG3. Let your know heal properly and completely. When your done, the skins will leave you like the trash at the curb. Take care of you, get healthy, then come back and continue to revolutionize the game. You and CK7.

  31. apinzon12 says: Apr 29, 2013 2:36 PM

    Redskins suck

    Really,please grow up and post something related to football.

  32. firesnyder says:Apr 29, 2013 1:53 PM

    We can go 2 and 2 for the first month with Kirk. I’d rather see that. Please don’t rush it!


    I agree with that 100%! HAIL!

  33. If RG3 plays this season, he was obviously using HGH. According to “logical”, no one can return quickly from a knee injury without using HGH. Guess he will now be a fan of HGH as much as he is of RG3. Now, he will have to end his comments with #RG3+HGH

  34. sonoflpgicalvoice says:
    Apr 29, 2013 2:14 PM
    Everybody loves to hate on the best QB in the league! Started with Brady now it’s with Robert… But hate on you bitter ppl cuz we still gonna shine

    Opposing fans are not afraid of someone who cannot even spell his OWN SCREEN NAME!

    “sonoflpgicalvoice”? Really?!?!?

  35. RGIII completed 65.6 of his passes , 4 in the NFL , threw for 3200 yeards good for 22nd in the NFL, Threw 20 TDs good for 19th overall in the NFL and 3rd among rookies . only 5 interceptions which was by far the least by any rookie qb last year on over 300 attempts. He averaged 8.14 yards a completion which was more than Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Also he had the second longest passplay of the season 88 yards to Pierre Garcon. Sacked just 30 times, qb rating of 102.4 good for 3rd in the entire league. This guy has a great future as a pocket passer or what ever he wants to be. I say this because I didnt even have to mention he rushed for over 800 yards aswell. HTTR! RGIII will be back and better than ever, pocket passer or runner or both

  36. Redskins, Ravens, Cowboys, and Steelers fans are ruining this website. I’ll be gone soon.

  37. (AP) Washington :

    The Redskins have announced the signing of quarterback Tim Tebow …


    Now we have the two greatest quarterbacks in the history of college and pro football – two Heisman’s – what a heist -polish the Lombardi Trophy ! Cause Skip Bayless said so …..

    fast forward to 2023:

    Redskins owner Dan Snyder announces a parade to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the last Redskins’ Super Bowl win – admission starts at $ 100

  38. What do people expect him to say, especially at a draft party?? He is following the $cript as written by Shanny and ADIDAS.

    The last thing pathetic skins fans want to hear is more of his coded messages, “We know who is to blame. The team knows whose fault it is. People have to accept responsibility for what happened. It’s everyone’s fault but mine. Blah Blah Blah”

    Just shut up all ready. No body cares. Do we see daily posts about the two Seahawks who got their knees shredded that day???

  39. I wish the man no ill, hope he can play again, its what he prepared himself to do in life. But the rookie year is over, and he had negatives as well as pluses. The blackboard has been erased, for every player. New one starts being used in September.

    So can we please not have to read about the rehab exploits of RGIII and every other player who was injured last season, in terms that make them out to be more than they really are?

  40. what IRG3 meant to say was, “i will still be in my custom made hoveround wheelchair come week1”

  41. Sad to see the Skins spend the most cash and still flounder year after year. Not their fault though. Too many hurdles in the NFC East. It’s sad because I really would love for them to beat that trio! Alas, it is not to be! #alwaysfourthntheeast

  42. I don’t like this pony show that the NFL and the Redskins are putting on with Bobby3Sticks. He’s all over tv jumping around.Just get to work making both knees strong.The Redskins were fun to watch last season. I hope he will be ready for week 1. But cousins can hold it down. That’s why they drafted him.

  43. RG3 stats are overinflated. Dude throws maybe 15 times game with little dump off passes…

    He is a one read guy, coaching staff down played the playbook to work it that way.

    He should be glad he plays in the NFC east, were he can last 3 games, maybe before going to bench and have cousins come in and pull out the victory.

    RG3 in the NFC West is out of football in two years with those defenses..

  44. I LOVE the Robert Griffin hate here; and the Redskin hate; because its really just a weak attempt to cover up your RGIII FEAR!! Haha! Reading enemy over reaction like this is even more affirming of Rob’s impact than the sound of his fans cheering!

    You phonies KNOW, just like the rest of the NFL knows, that this guy is the most dynamic young offensive weapon in the league today. And as far as hoping that he’s not ready to start the season, well y’all better CONTINUE to PRAY that Rob doesn’t fully heal – or that he gets re-injured (like so many of you do). Because deep inside you KNOW that’s the ONLY way you can hope to contain this guy.

    Enemies of the Redskins know that their worst fear is waiting for them – and he wears #10 for the Burgundy & Gold!! HTTR!

  45. GrossmanDaSexCannon says: Apr 29, 2013 2:02 PM

    As a bills fan, I have no direct issues with the redskins.

    As a football fan, I admire RG3′s athletic ability.

    As someone who posts on this site, I refuse to take the same side as logicalvoicesays.

    Sorry redskins, I hope you end up at the bottom of your division. All because of 1 delusional fan with too much time on his hands.

    Are you kidding me i am a Redskins fan and I wish he would root for another team like maybe the Cowboys,the Giants or the Eagles

  46. Redskins vs Cowboys for 3rd place in the NFC Least…… most worthless division except for the Giants…. sure, one of the terrible teams will get in to the playoffs, but it’s just an automatic L like last year.


  47. brucefan1 says:
    Apr 29, 2013 9:43 PM

    I LOVE the Robert Griffin hate here; and the Redskin hate; because its really just a weak attempt to cover up your RGIII FEAR!! Haha! Reading enemy over reaction like this is even more affirming of Rob’s impact than the sound of his fans cheering!


    Don’t have any hate for Griffin nor the skins but have slowly developed a strong dislike to skin fans who LOVE to proclaim everything while the skins have done NOTHING!

    Sit back down, you didn’t even win that playoff game!

    Go Big Blue!!!

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