Steelers’ Spence needs “miraculous” recovery to play again

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It’s been a long time since we’ve heard an update on the condition of Steelers linebacker Sean Spence, who suffered an ugly knee injury last preseason. And the update we now have doesn’t sound good.

Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette it will be “miraculous” if Spence can play football again.

A 2012 third-round draft pick out of Miami, Spence suffered a torn ACL and LCL and a dislocated kneecap during a preseason game against the Panthers.

The Steelers plan to keep Spence on the roster for at least another year, but there is little hope that he can play in 2013. The Steelers just hope he might be able to play in 2014.

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  1. Total bummer. Spence was an intriguing prospect at the very least – you never want to see this happen to anyone, particularly the young guys.

    Add Decastro’s injury last year, and the 2012 Pre Season was absolutely brutal for Pittsburgh.

  2. Very classy to keep him on the roster another year. Compare that to keeping a criminal on the roster because you only paid $700K for his services. Those 2 teams are worlds apart.

  3. I had forgotten about Spence’s injury from last summer. If he truly suffered a career-ending injury in his second preseason game, I can only offer sympathy and hope he has another career path in mind for himself.

  4. The problem is that he damaged a nerve behind the knee.

    It’s called the “peroneal nerve”, and its real important. According to the doctors, with enough damage to the nerve “There is a loss of feeling, muscle control, muscle tone, and eventual loss of muscle mass because the nerves aren’t stimulating the muscles.”

    However, apparently he’s already made some amount of “miraculous” progress, and some reports indicate the Steelers are quietly optimistic about his chances of playing again.

  5. Not really familiar with the situation, but it sounds like the Steelers are doing the right thing and keeping him on the roster so he continues to get a paycheck. Suffering a possible career-ending injury in a pre-season game your rookie year – it doesn’t get much worse than that.

  6. I honestly believe Spence could have been a multi-time All-Pro. He had the athleticism to be a three-down linebacker with above average pass rushing skills as an inside linebacker.

    Anybody who watched the 2011 Hurricanes will tell you that Spence was an outstanding player on a below-average defense. If they had any other talent around him, that would have been a special defense.

    I hope this kid finds a spot in the NFL at some point.

  7. Injuries kept us outta the playoffs last year (although I’m sure to hear ignorant alternative reasons).

    Hope he can see the field some day.

  8. Since when is a linebackers coach qualified to diagnose a player’s
    return? The Steelers website published an article in February stating he has a 50/50 chance to play again. All depends on how the nerve heals.

  9. One of my most-forward-to-seeing-play-prosepcts in the Steelers 2012 draft class. I was at the pre-season game in which he got injured. I haven’t seen the injury since and refuse to since I’ve heard it’s gruesome. Best of luck to this young man and I hope miraculous is on his side.

  10. Word was the steelers were VERY high on him through training camp, and be presumably would have taken footes place this year in the lineup.

    Not only for the success of the steelers, but for the success of the kid, i hope he can get back to 100%.

  11. The word is Spence IS working out and progressing well, the PG recently reported that a Steelers source said they are “quietly” optimistic he can play…THIS year.

    Have to wonder if this was Keith Butler’s attempt to 1) motivate Spence to keep rehabbing hard for a comeback 2) deflect the media from constantly hounding Spence on “what’s the update on your injury?” He was a great ILB prospect with a ton of potential so if he can make it back 100% from that knee injury he’s blessed…rooting for the kid.

  12. @Crownofthehelmet
    You are correct; worlds apart as in one is a WORLD CHAMPION as we speak, the other an insignificant 3rd place team in a 4 team division.

  13. That’s a shame, looked like he had a lot of potential. Injury sounds very much like Robert Edwards, RB for NE that ran for 1100 yrds as a rookie, and suffered a similar injury in a beach flag FB game at the Pro Bowl. He came back, but was never the same. Best of luck to him.

  14. I just hate that part of the game but in a contact sport like football it could happen to any player at any time.I was at the Eagles game when fullback Leonard Weaver had that devastating knee injury,right after it happened I predicted he would never play football again….it was just that ugly

  15. elcampion2 says:
    Apr 29, 2013 3:59 PM
    You are correct; worlds apart as in one is a WORLD CHAMPION as we speak, the other an insignificant 3rd place team in a 4 team division.

    Don’t you get it, elcampion2? When a player is ACCUSED of something, he must be cut from the team immediately. It doesn’t matter if his last name is McClain or Roeth….uh….never mind.

  16. I hope the best for him, i used to watch him play with the canes, and he was a beast, and i was happy that he got drafted by a good team with great LB history.

  17. I agree with the post of his potential, and them keeping him signed for financial support. And the MIRACLE of him playing again. Great potential when healthy. But I’m glad we still drafted the RB in the second. No pun intended! We filled viable younger and more upside talent. At both RB and QB. When are old two Safeties are healthy? They still can help out Foote in the zone. We all no he has lost a step or two. But still can play right now. Which we need.Hence our 1st, 2nd, 3rd and both 4rth round picks. Be real Steeler fans! Our 2 starting RB’s.Are no game changers. And, I believe are not really 3 down backs. And the 2 QB’s we had behind Ben last year. Really??????

  18. Sad..Never wants to see a career end before it gets started no matter what team a players on

  19. I am sure he would have to murder at least three people to get suspended for a game in Baltimore . Ravens are not a model of ethics as they intend to erect a statue for someone like slasher Lewis.

  20. I am not sure how a raven fan could possibly have the nerve to poke fun at the steelers when they kissed the feet of Ray Lewis and more recently Bleacher Suggs. Pot meet the burnt kettle ….hypocrites abound in Baltimore …must be something in the water.

  21. This is why hurricanes belong on the Ravens only. Steelers tried to jump in the talent pool and ruined this guys career!

    Get better soon, Spence! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE U!

  22. i find it interesting all the raven hatred on this thread considering a steeler fan brought the ravens up. anyways to spence and the steelers i hope he can recover and get a chance to play. injuries are always the worst part of sports. good luck to mr spence and go ravens

  23. Here’s what happens: the steelers draft a wonderful prospect to fill a need. the player gets hurt. the steelers still have the need. I need to see tomlin win with the players he has, a good coach could do that. tomlin needs a winning season this year to remain credible

  24. I wonder if Rooney and Colbert took notice and will change the playing surface at Heinz Filed which if Im being nice isnt even adequate for an NFL to play on.

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