Testaverde disappointed Tebow didn’t get a chance


While just-released quarterback Tim Tebow hasn’t had much support today, at least one former Jet is disappointed he didn’t get a chance to stay.

Former quarterback Vinny Testaverde had worked with Tebow recently in Florida, and he said he saw significant mechanical improvement.

“I was kind of disappointed because I was hoping he’d get a chance to show the coaches what we worked on,” Testaverde told Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com. “I think they would’ve been impressed if they had compared this year to last year.”

Testaverde spent a week with Tebow, concentrating on his footwork. In layman’s terms, Testaverde said Tebow “was stepping in the wrong direction when he was throwing the football.”

Testaverde also consulted with IMG instructor Chris Weinke, saying they “speak the same quarterback language” because they both played under Dan Henning.

“Chris and I looked at Tim careful and we were both amazed,” Testaverde said. “Everybody has been focusing on his throwing motion, trying to fix that, but nobody had picked up his footwork. His footwork was all screwed up. Chris and I looked at each other after about four or five throws, and we saw the same thing. We got his footwork fixed. His throwing motion is now a non-issue.

“He throws with what we call ‘effortless power.’ He doesn’t have that elongated motion anymore and his head isn’t moving 2 1/2 feet when he throws it.”

We’ll find out in the coming days how much stock anyone puts into a new-improved Tebow, and whether he’s given another chance to prove he can be an NFL passer.

23 responses to “Testaverde disappointed Tebow didn’t get a chance

  1. That explains reports Tebow was getting more support by the day from teammates. If you’re running the Jets do you want a guy hanging around making your $8.5 mil quarterback look like a little girl?

  2. He will need improved footwork when he ends his career as a below-average passer, and starts his new career as an average running back.

  3. Mr. Moon, why have you nothing to say regarding the “bias” affecting Tim Tebow???

  4. Who is this “Tim Tebow” you speak of and why have I not heard of him before? He needs more press whoever he is.

  5. Sounds like sub par coaching from the Jets, if they
    indeed “missed” this footwork/throwing motion

    AND… if it is fixed like Vinny says…

    Wouldn’t SOMEBODY wanna see it?

  6. You seriously don’t think NFL coaches have tried working on his footwork already? His mechanics as a whole are a train wreck and it’s that reason nobody wants him as a Quarterback. He’s gotta focus on that crap when he should be reading defenses.

  7. I like watching classic in the pocket passers like Eli, Brady, etc. better than RG IIIs, etc. Tebow is also fun to watch butvI wouldn’t want him as my teams QB.

  8. Vinny Testaverde and Chris Weinke are now quarterback gurus? Does ESPN know that these two idiots are available and ready for employment?

  9. Doesn’t say much for the Jets coaching staff, if they watched him for a year and didn’t pick this up.

    I guess they were too busy helping out Sanchez…

  10. Awesome, so was it because i mentioned that i despise religion, or was it the pro Tebow list of names of QBs i’d rather not have on my team that got my post deleted??

  11. All I know is I started tuning into Denver games when he was starting just to see what he would do in the 4th quarter. And I have no connection to that team.

  12. It’s just a shame that he’s a white, Christian male. There are no longer opportunities for them in today’s new order.

  13. Seems to me Testeverde is making a well deserved slam of the Jets coaching staff.

    It’s understandable Ryan didn’t want to play him at QB – lest he run the risk of Tebow being better than the guy who’s jersey he has tattooed to him

    But in a season with nothing to lose they couldn’t find a way to get Tebow on the field? Say what you want about Tebow but defenses do need to account for him – well they did before he went to a team that kills football careers.

  14. Come to Canada Tim Tebow! A year or so under Anthony Calvillo, who has seen more adversity than most NFL types. He is the best & you can learn from a guy like that. Still young enough…

  15. I remember as a kid when Vinny was a rookie all the zoo morning jokes about Reagan needing to get Vinny so he could overthrow Libya or Panama or whoever it was. Radio was really lame in the 80s (now it’s really lame and politically correct).

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