What’s next for Tebow?


As of 4:00 p.m. Monday, quarterback Tim Tebow will no longer be a Jet.  Then, the 24-hour clock will start ticking for another team to make a claim for Tebow’s contract via waivers.

It’s highly unlikely that any team will claim Tebow.  To do so will mean relieving the Jets of the obligation to pay the Broncos $1.53 million in 2013 salary that was given to Tebow as an advance in 2011.

Instead, look for Tebow to clear waivers.  Then, as of 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, he’ll become a free agent.

So where will he land?  Here’s a quick look at the possibilities.

Jaguars:  Let’s start with the team that won’t be in play.  G.M. Dave Caldwell made it clear during his initial press conference that Tebow won’t be a Jaguar.  The comments came at a time when ESPN had reported it was a “virtual certainty” that Tebow will play in his hometown of Jacksonville.  Caldwell recently explained on PFT Live that he believed it was important to turn the page for the franchise, by slamming the door on lingering story lines like a Tebow homecoming.

Patriots:  It’s widely believed that the Jets held on to Tebow in the hopes that they could trade him to a team they wouldn’t have to regularly face.  Given the friendship between Pats coach Bill Belichick and former Florida head coach Urban Meyer, some believe that Belichick is the only NFL coach who would be able to persuade Tebow to abandon the quarterback position and embrace a hybrid running back/fullback/tight end role.  His ability to line up in various spots would make him a perfect fit for the Pats’ no-huddle attack.

Buccaneers:  If Tebow’s hometown team doesn’t want him, how about the next closest team geographically?  The Bucs remain lukewarm on Josh Freeman, and new Tampa cornerback Darrelle Revis has raved about Tebow’s leadership qualities.  Also, Bucs coach Greg Schiano and Belichick think alike.  Tebow would help sell tickets to a stadium where not enough tickets are sold, and he could add plenty of intrigue and relevance to a franchise that previously had plenty of neither.

Bears:  In January, a source with direct knowledge of the Tebow dynamics in New York offered a prediction about his future.  “Watch the Bears,” the source said.  And it makes sense.  New Bears coach Marc Trestman helped tutor Tebow before the 2010 draft, and Trestman squatted on Tebow’s CFL rights during Trestman’s time as coach of the Montreal Alouettes.

Dolphins:  How can we list the potential destinations for Tebow without considering the place where Tebowmania was born, during that notorious University of Florida reunion game played on the University of Miami’s home field?  At the risk of being overly cynical, a public vote on the renovations to Sun Life Stadium is coming up in 15 days.  Having Tebow on the roster could help motivate the ultra-casual football fans who adore Tebow to show up and punch the “yes” box on the ballot.

CFL:  If Tebow is intent on proving that he can be a quarterback who actually plays in games, his only option may be Canada.  Then, like Joe Theismann, Warren Moon, and Jeff Garcia, Tebow could return to the NFL at a later date.

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  1. He’ll be a full time minister within the next 12 months. Nothing wrong with that; appears to be his destiny.

  2. God told Tebow, “play qb or nothing at all,” right after God gave him a pass on the rich man getting into heaven thing.


  3. I have a feeling he would be a great role player for the Patriots.

    If he can just abandon the idea that he has to be a QB who touches the ball every down, I still think he could have a good career, because he can play football.

  4. I was going to think up something interesting or funny, but I don’t want to be late to the next Tim Tebow article.

  5. Check in this morning and 4 of the top 5 articles are about the Tebow release. That’s too much.

  6. I feel sorry for the guy. He’s a football player who works his butt off to win games. He’s done nothing to earn the vitriol spewed by the media and hateful persons who post on PFT and elsewhere.

  7. Bucs just drafted Mike Glennon, so bringing in the biggest distraction in the league is not ideal, smart or likely. No NFL team is taking Tebow as QB, why bring the unwanted attention? The Jets did because they’re a sideshow. Its CFL or nothing if Tebow wants to play QB.

  8. And the Jets still have not cut the worst QB on their team, Sanchize might be the highest paid back up in the league (Jet fans hope).

  9. The Pacific Northwest is about the last place you’d expect Tebowmania to break out, but the Seahawks run the read option. Stranger things have happened.

  10. Based on the post I would think Chicago or New England. With a new regime in Jax it doesn’t make sense even though he is considered a G-d in Florida.

    If he comes to New England,it won’t be to play QB but as a hybrid player. The Belichick/McDaniels factor looms large. Belichick will draft/sign players for special teams alone.

    Wonder how Woody Johnson feels about his 4.1 M investment now?

  11. So the Jaguars ignored the QB position in the draft and currently have no QB capable of starting in the NFL. I’d bet on the Jaguars getting him.

  12. Stop saying Tebow to the Bears. Just stop saying that. It’s not going to happen.




  13. He needs to go to a team that runs the option/pistol offense that also has an established starter that he can be 2nd string for. The problem with running that type of offense is you have to have a backup to run it when the starter goes down.

  14. boswivel says:
    Apr 29, 2013 9:30 AM
    Motivational speaker to the intellectually challenged.

    We have a BINGO!

  15. Its sad because this guy honestly does nothing wrong and yet he gets treated the worst. CFL seems like the only option at this point

  16. The NFL doesn’t want him, the CFL doesn’t want, and the EFL doesn’t want him. Hopefully he fades off into the oblivion and is never heard from again.

  17. If he went on to play for the Patriots it would be so sweet to see yet another former Jet go on to a better career after leaving the circus.

  18. The Jaguars would be fools not to pick up Tebow. They need to sell tickets, and Tebow would cause them to lose the tarp. Moreover, they did not add a QB in the draft, and there is no way, based on Tebow’s play on a full time basis in Denver, that he would not be an improvement over Gabbert and Henne. This is true despite constant harping by commentators and hating fans that Tebow is a HORRIBLE quarterback. He is better than many QBs on NFL rosters, including the Jaguars two, and he’s got the results to prove it.

  19. You forgot the San Diego Chargers. His former OC is now their head coach. They can bring him in as back up. My bet is the Chargers but I would love to see him go to the Patriots and run all over the Jets this year.

  20. Um, Bucs have PLENTY of intrigue and relevance right now. Tebow’s former teammate took care of that. As far as Tim himself, why would the Bucs want that distraction? Look, I’m a Gators fan and loved what he did in college. But that’s where it stops. He is not an NFL QB, and no Bucs fans I know of here in Tampa is clamoring for him to be a Buc. He wouldn’t have the impact on attendance in Tampa that he would in Jacksonville. Two totally different animals.

  21. Congratulations to Tim Tebow on his escape from Rexhell!
    It’s funny to me how he could do what he did in Denver and get to New York and fall flat on his face.
    Maybe he wasn’t the only thing wrong with the equation; maybe the offensive scheme wasn’t tailored for him and his coach wouldn’t work to his strengths.

    Either way, he’s gone from hell and we now get to read about ten stories an hour on where Tim Tebow will go and why.

    Talking heads: Get after it!

  22. It would be weird if he ended up with my team (Pats) because IMO Josh McDaniels is partly to blame for the situation Tebow is in now. If McDaniels hadn’t drafted this guy in the first round as a QB, maybe TT would have realized that he wasn’t going to be considered a starting QB by whomever drafted him and reality would have set in earlier that he just needs to be a “football player”.
    I don’t hate the kid and I wish him well. It’s so silly to see all the vitriol for him simply because he’s religious. He does NOT preach at people and tell us we have to believe in the lord or we will rot in hell, etc. He just talks about his own beliefs. Are you all that insecure that such talk is your kryptonite or what? I get why religious people like him, he is a role model for them. But to hate him for it, I don’t get. Geno Smith made a comment about god when he was drafted. Do all the “cool kids” hate him because of that too? I admit it’s funny to hear people bagging on TT for believing in an imaginary being and so on when some of you same people probably teach your kids to believe in the easter bunny, santa claus, the tooth fairy, etc. And I’m an atheist. I just despise hypocrisy.

  23. Eagles….wasnt there buzz of him potentially going to Philly earlier this offseason ? I think he may fit Kelly’s scheme ??

  24. He will always be remembered as the QB who knocked off the Steelers and sent them into the downward spiral they remain in today.

  25. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers need a QB, but I’m not sure that Tebow is the answer.

  26. He should go back to Denver. They can use Peyton Manning in the regular season, to get them to the playoffs. Then, since Manning is the biggest Playoff choke artist of all time, they can stick Tebow in, so that they can actually win a game.

  27. It may be in his best interest to be willing to play a hybrid position role on another team. You can’t deny the kid is a hard worker, not a drug-addled, multiple baby mama havin arrest magnet. The only reason there is a circus is because people just can’t stand to see an upstanding young guy not become a scumbag since that makes most people feel good about themselves. I’m not a religious person and don’t really care that Tebow is. He seems to be a good teammate and hopefully can be a serviceable player in the league.

  28. Elway shows again why he’s a great executive. I seem to recall a certain website predicting he was doomed to fail before he even took the job. Hmm, wonder which site that was…

  29. I see him in the Arena League. Brett Buschi, owner of the Orlando Predators has already put an open offer on the table!

  30. Jags signed two undrafted free agent QBs, Mike Scott of Arizona and Aaron Rodgers’ brother, Jordan, of Vanderbilt, who incidently blew NC State and Mike Glennon out in the Music City Bowl.

  31. Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Cleveland all have QB issues. He may go to New England,afterall. Like they say if you can’t beat ’em join ’em.

  32. With his work ethic and commitment to being as good as he can be, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him in New England next season…I wouldn’t be too thrilled about all the hype surrounding him, but Belichick loves the Florida program and I find it hard to believe Urban Meyer isn’t on the phone making calls trying to help Tebow get another job…If he can give up on the QB idea, he could be a great role player at another position

  33. A) When has ever shown an ability to line up at multiple positions?

    B) There are hundreds, if not thousands, of really really nice guys who worked really really hard to make the NFL but didn’t make it. Why should we all cry a river over one of those good guys who got cut?

  34. Anyone consider the possibility he didn’t want to change roles with the Jets because to be pushed to TE to block for the Buttfumbler is beneath anyone’s dignity? By contrast, you’re not going to start ahead of Tom Brady at QB as long as Brady is on the roster. In other words, Belichick could pick up Tebow for a song, give Tebow immediate cover to change roles, and probably give Rex Ryan a coronary all at the same time.

  35. I’m so sick of these storylines that dominate football (and all sports for that matter) news. The coverage Tebow gets for how much he actually affects games is ridiculous.

    I watched the NFL Network during the draft, which was refreshing compared to ESPN coverage. But still they spent a ridiculous amount of time covering 2 players, Teo and Geno Smith. As multiple picks are being made they continue to say the same things about the same players. Am I the only one who would rather hear about the player just selected than continuous babble about two of the players who weren’t just selected?

    I really appreciated the resentment to it that Mike Mayock was showing at times.

    It’s getting really tough to find what I consider good sports coverage without it being crowded out by dumb storylines like Tebow.

  36. Dude….Why can no one see that this guy would be best served opening a # of Ford Dealerships in the JAX/Gainesville area and being a local “business man”….People in FL love this guy. That is the plan and that is all…>CFL? Dear lord!

  37. Let’s rule out New England. Bill Belichick does not like distractions and the born again thing wouldn’t work well in Boston on Tebow’s end. He is really better off finding a southern team. That would be Jacksonville or Tampa.

  38. New England? Seriously? Their OC, Josh McDaniels is the guy who made the mistake of drafting him in the first place. He’s also the guy who refused to play him one snap because of how bad he was in practice. You could also argue that Tebow got McDaniels fired. Why would he want a reunion? Also, isn’t Tom Brady the best short-yardage running qb in the league?

    As for the AFL or CFL, don’t they throw the ball on every play? How could that be a good fit?

  39. What’s next? Heroin addiction, gay porn, appearance on “Celebrity Rehab”. Triumphant redemption story, tragic death.

  40. anybody who thinks Tebow has gotten a fair shake in the league is beyond stupis. he was named the starter in Denver only to mollify the fans and show them he was no good. funny thing is the guy who got no reps suddenly took a team going nowhere to the playoffs. make all the excuses you want to not give him any credit but the fact is they not only mad the playoffs they WON a game! for his efforts he was berated by the coach and gm after every game win or lose then traded after the season ended. to a team and a coach who had 0 intent on using him. the coach proved he would rather have a losing season than give his team a chance at winning and playing him. all he wants and deserves is a legit chance to compete for a job something even you ardent haters at pft can admit he never got with the jets.

  41. the real money for Tebow will be in Televangelism, if he is smart he will give up his football career and get started right away

  42. I love this Tebow to NE talk. I just don’t know where he would be in the QB depth chart, ahead of or behind Vince Wilfork??? But seriously, as a pats fan I’d love to see him in NE…

  43. I’ve really had enough of the “Tebow will help sell tickets” argument.

    Do NFL fans really buy tickets to watch a guy hold a clip board?

  44. I don’t necessarily believe he could succeed as a franchise qb in the NFL, but I think most of us would’ve liked to have seen him get a chance to try. The only data we have on him as a starter is the successful stint he had in Denver, including winning a playoff game. Might have been because of him, or in spite of him, but that’s what we have. I’d like to see him get the chance to truly succeed or fail once and for all. But the stinking Jets really sabotaged his career – just one more reason to hate them!

  45. Belechek and Brady are smart to know how to use a guy like this. If they do the rest of the league is gonna say Why didn’t I do that? Thats what makes those two guys a cut above everyone else.

  46. It’s crazy to think this guy was a 1st round draft pick. Boy was Josh McDaniel wrong. I’m not saying Tim isn’t good, but this was a waste of a pick for the Broncos. I hope he eventually understands he can be “slash” player if he would let go of the QB thing.

  47. Darkhorse candidate is Green Bay, based off of what Mike McCarthy said about him 3 years ago.

    “I’d love the opportunity to develop him,” McCarthy told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

    “He’s a winner, and I’m excited to see what he does in the National Football League,” McCarthy said. “He wins games, he’s a tremendous competitor and he’s like a lot of young quarterbacks; there’s some things he can work on to improve on.”

    Said McCarthy, “You can see his tremendous passion in the way he plays the game, and it will be interesting to see who has the opportunity to develop him.”

    The last sentence is telling. Obviously his development was completely stalled over the past year. John Fox’s coaching staff was able to get the most out of him, not neccesarily by developing him as a passer, but by re-tooling his offense to make it work around him. He’s never truly had the tutoring of a QB guru like McCarthy. Given what they have behind Rodgers (Harrell), the offensive creativity of that offense, the lack of question of who the #1 QB on the roster is, and the general out-of-the-spotlight tone of the team/city, this is something that could work.

  48. Tebow is a winner. All he do is win from pop warner to the NFL. The Jags gotta be stupid not to get this kid. Cut blame g and get Tebow. Gus say he want players that compete that’s Tebow.

  49. I’ve never understood the “hate” for Tim Tebow. During the off-season, the guy is a real humanitarian looking out for the welfare of other people. And he doesn’t seek the publicity or praise for his selfless acts. He lives a truly moral life. Not many people do that these days.

    All Tebow has ever done is win. In college and with Denver. He took over in Denver when they were 1-4 and took them to the playoffs and, with a memorable first play in sudden death, beat the Steelers to advance Denver to the next round.

    Then he goes to a circus in NY where the ignorant press and some NY fans vilified the guy. He was never given a chance but I assure you, had he started before that slug Sanchez, the Jets would have won more games. Tebow did nothing to deserve the treatment he received in NY. He kept his mouth shut and tried to help his team anyway possible.

    Bill Belichick has a knack for taking guys like Tebow and making them contributors. Belichick should take a flyer on Tebow and see if he can fit in someplace with the Pats. I think Tebow would make a hellofa FB. Vince Wilfork has stated “Tebow is the toughest guy he’s faced.” That should carry some weight.

    Tebow is smart and has a QBs brain and thought processes. His mechanics aren’t very good but those are correctable. When he does throw, he’s accurate. I’m just thinking what additional options would be available with Tebow in the backfield with Brady and being able to throw the option pass.

    Come on Belichick, give the guy a shot.

  50. I think teams know all there is to know about Tebow…so he should pay teams 1 mill to try him out!

  51. Another reason to hate the Jaguars, aside from their hideous uniforms, idiot management team, and end zone tarps. Tebow deserves a shot here, he cant do any worse than any QB currently on the roster, would revitalize the franchise, and give the fans reason to celebrate. But its Jacksonville, and that just aint in the cards.

  52. I’ll buy his jersey, wherever he ends up. Even if it’s the Patriots, a CFL team, or, God forbid, the Bears or Packers.

  53. Isn’t it ironic the same people who don’t believe in Evolution also believe Tim Tebow is a good QB? Hilarious. Let him go annoy people in Canada with his religious crap.

  54. I think it’s funny that all of ESPN’s non stop Tebow mania last year on First Take and every other show has basically made him a black sheep in the NFL. Nobody wants all the potential negative chaos surrounding him and nonstop media frenzy for a mediocre backup QB. CFL for him it is.

  55. O Canada!
    Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command.

    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!

    From far and wide,
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    God keep our land glorious and free!
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

  56. Why do people keep suggesting the Patriots? Why on earth do they want a player who is just about C- at everything? When would they use him? He can’t catch or block, he’s not fast enough to make an impact, the only thing he could do for any team is red-zone offense and if the pat’s took 1 billion redzone snaps next season, Tom Brady would take 1 billion of those snaps.

    Hey, where’s Tyler Thigpen? What’s David Carr’s next move? Is Matt Leinart ready to break-out this season? How are the fans reacting to Brady Quinn’s most recent tweet? This “news” is not only laughably irrelevant, it’s truly starting to damage the credibility of news sources that pay any lip service to it at all, including this one.

  57. If Matt Flynn can make 26 mil and get a starting job on the basis of one great game. There is a place for tebow somewhere in the league as a qb.

  58. Was Tebow really that bad in Denver? I mean he was never given an honest shot in NY so we don’t know how he would have done had he. I mean how much was better of job has Peyton done compared to Tebow where it really matters? Oh yeah they won more games but they still got knocked of the playoffs at home against a Ravens team that they should of beaten. There was no AFC conference championship appearance and of course no Super Bowl. I would give the guy a shot especially like in Jacksonville.

  59. Do you want to know why he stays in the media and has four headlines this morning? Count the amount of comments and then add up the comments of all the other headlines…

    Tebow is a winner, but he does in an nontraditional way which is obviously going to gravitate toward ridicule at a time the sport is moving toward 5,000 yard passers. Sometimes, scoring in 7 plays is not the best method to win a football game. Sometimes, grinding out the game, wearing down a defense, eating clock, giving your defense more than ample time to have a fully charged battery when they take the field is not a bad call either. He more than proved this during his miracle run that sent the terrible towels to their couches. With a solid defense, running back, and elite WR he can go to the playoffs. Peyton Manning can do it without any of the above. That does not mean Tebow cannot lead a team to the playoffs. Sanchez, Gabbert, Kolb, Flynn, Weeden, Cassel, and so on and so forth cannot most likely… Therefore, there should be but sadly like is not a place for one of the most stand up and professional players to ever play the game. I am in no way religious, I simply love football and respect this guy’s game…in fact what he does off the field is mostly downright irritating but with the cards consistently stacked against him and pulling off one after another I cannot help but respect the guy.

  60. I’m happy for Tebow. You hate to see anyone get cut from a team, but, in this case, getting cut is a good thing, not a bad thing. Feeling sorry for Tebow getting released from that mess would be like feeling sorry for John McCain when he was finally asked to check out of the Hanoi Hilton.

  61. Khan should hire him and give him a cut of any extra tickets he sells for the Jags.

    Even a PR job, anything to sell tickets.

  62. Five of the ten headlines on the front page are about Tim Tebow. Five headlines out of ten, the Monday after draft weekend.

    I’m glad. I love reading about Tim Tebow.

  63. WHO CARES!?! Really. This is the worst topic for football right now. Please change the topic so WE talk about undrafted free agents, best draft team, paint dry, weather, or grass grow.

  64. The Dolphins spent a lot of $$ to get the 2013 team to a point to compete without any reason to have media follow them around 24/7. If they are stupid enough to get Tebow they deserve what they get.

  65. I hate Tebow, I hate the Pats. But I would LOVE to see Tebow playing TE or RB with that team. I love hard physical football. The Pats have been missing that for sometime…even their TE’s are finesse players. Belichick would be perfect for Tebow, and vice-verza. Damn! this got me excited, maybe there will be some old school football this year.

  66. The man, the myth, the legend. An end of an era? It’s almost as devastating as when Joe Montana retired.

    Anyway, I’ll still be tebowing 10 years from now. Wait, do I owe him some royalties or something?

  67. I agree that someone needs to convince him that he isn’t a QB, but can still help an offense in other roles.

  68. Hope the Bears get him to make the season a bit more interesting in the newspapers. Bears look like a 9 and 7 or an8 and 8 team this year so this at least will make reading the Monday paper worthwhile as to why Culter played the whole game in a 45 to 14 route.

  69. Still with the “Tebow’s a winner” crap? He didn’t win for Josh McDaniels. He didn’t win for John Fox. He didn’t win for Rex Ryan. He didn’t win when the Broncos needed it most, fighting for a playoff spot down the stretch in 2011. He’s never been on a winning team in his NFL career and doesn’t have a winning record as a starter. Look it up for crying out loud.

  70. shinedown37 you obviously have no clue. The dolphins have a QB in case you didn’t know. They do not need Tim Tebow thank you for your help.
    Ryan Tannehill is his name in case you didn’t know it.

  71. Some posters on here say it’s unfair that Tebow is horribly treated by the media and he is a hard worker.
    That’s absolutely true but yet doesn’t alter the fact he is a rather horrible QB.

  72. He should come out as a gay Christian. Then the NFL and the New York media would be clamoring to have him back.

  73. Based on the number of posts this brief article elicited from haters, lovers, fans, kooks, wannabe comics who are horrible, comics who are funny, NFL fans, football fans, and non-football fans, it is clear Tebow is a natural magnet and is fascinating to the general public.

    Too bad the haters are the most deeply rooted of all as their caustic hate has no place in football.

    Imagine this level of deep rooted hatred being directed at a gay player? If that would not be acceptable, why is this unreasoned and deeply hatred acceptable towards Tebow?

    The answer: the haters fear that the God Tebow believes in is real and will one day hold everyone equally accountable for breaking God’s Laws.

  74. I don’t know what this is not said more. Tebow is never going to be a quarterback nor a tight end for that matter. Why doesn’t this guy switch to playing Rugby and join the US Olympic team? He could resurrect his athletic carrier and be the face of a sport in the US. I think it would be genius.

  75. I almost feel bad for Tebow, until the NFL season starts and that’s all they talk about…

    Tebow is such a horrible quarterback I couldn’t help but feel bad for him when he was out there. He brings his eyes down waaaaay too fast, always looking to run because he has a 47.9 completion percentage. He has no touch on the ball, can only throw bullets (which isn’t a good thing). And have you seen his throwing motion?

    One last thing i’m going to rant about here. It drives me crazy when people go so crazy for Tebow, and they don’t realize it, but they’re hurting his career. People want to work with him because he’s a special athlete, but his talent isn’t worth the circus. As of right now, we have not seen any NFL team want to trade for him, why? Because 32 NFL GM’s are dumb? No, because they clearly don’t want the added media attention because it doesn’t warrant what he will bring to the team. It’s not like Tom Brady is walking through the door or anything. Lastly there is a spot for Tebow in the NFL, just not at quarterback, but whether he will play in the NFL this year is yet to be seen due to the fanaticism that comes with one player.

  76. @truths4all says:Apr 29, 2013 12:55 PM

    Based on the number of posts this brief article elicited from haters, lovers, fans, kooks, wannabe comics who are horrible, comics who are funny, NFL fans, football fans, and non-football fans, it is clear Tebow is a natural magnet and is fascinating to the general public.

    Too bad the haters are the most deeply rooted of all as their caustic hate has no place in football.

    Imagine this level of deep rooted hatred being directed at a gay player? If that would not be acceptable, why is this unreasoned and deeply hatred acceptable towards Tebow?

    The answer: the haters fear that the God Tebow believes in is real and will one day hold everyone equally accountable for breaking God’s Laws.
    hahahahahahahaha…..Tim, get away from the keyboard please!!!

  77. The only way he gets a contract is if he gives up the idea of being a quarterback. The NFL has pretty much told him indirectly that he’s not a quarterback. Make him a tight end. He’ll do well. The Patriots would take him as a tight end to fill in for the perennially injured Gronk.

  78. Please don’t make the reach to the Dolphins…. or any other team for that matter.

    The Dolphins actually like QBs that can…. you know, complete a pass and not bounce it to the receiver along the way.

    There is NO NEED for Tebow thanks.

  79. I agree with an earlier post, the Packers make the most sense. They don’t have a very good 2nd string QB so it hardly matters if Tebow sucks, Graham Harrell the incumbent already sucks so its no loss on that level.

    The Packers could use him immediately as a personal punt protector so that would keep the defenses honest every time the Packers lined up to punt.

    McCarthy has a reputation as a qB developer and he relishes the challenge. In two years, the Packers could trade him for a first or second round draft choice for all their troubles. The Vikings will be looking to replace Ponder by then and they have already demonstrated a love for ex Packer qb’s that borders on the fanatical so the master plan is already in place.

  80. It is amusing to see the hype this kid gets from the media and the love/hate he gets from everybody else. As a Buckeye alum – I started out hating this guy because of the thrashing he and the Gators gave my Buckeyes in the NC game in 2006. However, watching what he has been through and how he has responded, I have to say I’ve moved the needle to the neutral setting. In the end, he is a decent kid who busts his ass to be successful and have a positive impact on people – seriously – I cannot find fault in that!

    I wish him all the best of luck!

  81. “truths4all says:Apr 29, 2013 12:55 PM

    The answer: the haters fear that the God Tebow believes in is real and will one day hold everyone equally accountable for breaking God’s Laws.”


    Evangelical Tebowmaniacs like truths4all are the reason why Tebow is loved and hated. He brings out the extremist views in people who are pro/con religious extremism. There are even televangelists who are preaching from the pulpit to go forth and support Tebow to their congregations even though many of them don’t even know much about football.

  82. He’s not going to get another shot in the NFL this year. No front office in this league would give him a shot as a backup. Why? TEBOW’S FANS. They’re relentless in their harassment. Ask Denver about that one. Who needs the headache? Especially for a BACKUP QB who looks awful in practice?

    Go to the CFL or AFL, Timmy. If you can excel there, you’ll have interested suiters in the NFL again.

  83. The last overrated losing QB to get this much attention was Burnt Fail.
    Why all this press on QBs who don’t do a darn thing?
    The NFL just had it’s draft. Is there really nothing else going on in football?

  84. He is a below NFL qb. Great guy. Amazing leadership skills. Your time is up. Go to ESPN, they will gladly hire you.

  85. The absence of Tebow stories has allowed people to restock their well of quality comments (read: digs). Loving them today!

  86. If I was an NFL head coach, and my quarterback came running over to the sidelines waving his arms like a maniac and screaming “ONLY ONE MAN RUNS IT HERE! ONLY ONE MAN RUNS IT HERE!” meaning himself, of course, I would tell him to shut the hell up. What an egomaniac.

  87. I love some of these comments:
    -Move him to TE- sorry it would never work. He can’t block on punt protection you think he’s going to be able to block an NFL DE? He’d get wrecked.

    -He’s a great leader- he may be but not too many people want to hear from the back-up QB. I don’t care how great a rah, rah guy you are, if you aren’t playing no one wants to hear from you.

    -He can be a back-up- sorry no coach wants a back-up that’s such a circus, not his fault but that’s the nature of signing him. Not too many coaches want to deal with that. The other problem with Tebow as a back-up is he can’t actually play QB. You need to restructure the entire O for him. Again, coaches don’t want to have to do that for a back-up.

    At this point his best bet is going to Canada although I don’t seem him succeeding there with the amount of throwing they do.

  88. The lion left the Circus, but the elephants, clowns with big shoes and The Ring Leader remains and shouts;
    “The show must go on!”.

  89. Hey, I’m a Colts fan and believe somewhat that Bilichick is the antichrist, but if anyone could could get production out of TT at another position I think BB and TB are the ones that could give him his best shot in the NFL moving forward.

  90. Is Tebow still Practice Squad eligible? He didn’t play much last year and possibly could be eligible. If so, I’d risk $25K for him to sit the bench… just in case!

  91. “CFL: If Tebow is intent on proving that he can be a quarterback who actually plays in games, his only option may be Canada. Then, like Joe Theismann, Warren Moon, and Jeff Garcia, Tebow could return to the NFL at a later date.”

    The difference between Theismann, Moon, Garcia and Tebow is that the first three were actually capable of hitting a receiver. Tebow can’t throw, which is a huge impediment in a game that has one less down to screw up. Seven of eight teams are already set at quarterback. The Eighth (Winnipeg) just cut two guys that had better numbers than Tebow. The team that holds Tebow’s rights has a future Hall-Of-Famer under Center already, and also holds the rights to Vince Young. Who would you rather have as a back-up? Young or Tebow?

    No, the CFL isn’t an option for Tim Tebow.

  92. In those notorious game winning drives at Denver Tebow morphed into a serviceable QB, making good choices in his checkdowns and running decisions. For whatever reasons he was unable to sustain the “zone” in subsequent starts or in practice. My opinion is the only worthwhile NFL position would be such a “Hybrid”, probably tight end. Tell him he can compete for third string QB, and tight end. Unfortunately his illusions of competency have to be destroyed. It didn’t have to be this way had he focused more on humility. QB in Canada would simply serve to perpetuate his his illusions, unless he finds the humility to sublimate his natural tendencies. The fact is most high school QB’s have to change positions to continue playing. The question is, does he love football or Tim Tebow more?

  93. He did OK in Denver given the opportunity. In New York he was just a nobody because he was not even allowed to try to improve his mechanics and get better. People can laugh at him all they want but he is a good kid and deserves an opportunity to be coached by a good QB coach or someone like Favre and he just might improve. Bucs can not lose by giving him chance by at least offering the chance to play another positon besides QB.

  94. In all sincerity, why would he not get looked at by the Skins? There would be no QB controversy and the fact that he could be out there with RG3 would be sick.

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