Blackmon’s contract makes him vulnerable


After becoming the fifth overall pick of the Jaguars in 2012 but before signing his rookie contract, Justin Blackmon was arrested for DUI.

The timing was not good, because it gave the Jaguars extensive leverage in their contract talks with Blackmon, who had a DUI at Oklahoma State, too.  The Jags parlayed that leverage into a contract that deferred 40 percent of his signing bonus into future roster bonuses.  As of right now, roughly $4 million has not been paid.

Blackmon’s future guarantees will void based on a standard provision in all guaranteed rookie contracts that wipes out the guarantees in the event of a suspension.  This means that the Jags can now pull the plug on Blackmon’s deal and owe him nothing more, even though top five players otherwise get fully guaranteed contracts for four seasons.

Throw in a new G.M. who may have had no desire to pick Blackmon in the first place, and Blackmon could be gone.  If the Jaguars are willing to accept the fact that Blackmon will have received roughly $8.5 million for one year, they can move on by asking Blackmon to move out.

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  1. This is a joke, right? Do you really think they will cut bait this fast? I mean it’s not like they’re loaded with WR’s. Overraction much?

  2. While true, there is no way the Jags will cut a top 5 overall draft pick from just a year ago. No way that happens as he would be snatched up in a heartbeat. He’d be worth more in trade value, especially with a contract that allows teams out of future guarantees in the event of a suspension.

    And I don’t see them voiding all guarantees on his contract for this either. If however he gets into trouble AGAIN and appears to be turning into another Kenny Britt, then I think they will have no problems axing the guarantees and/or cutting him at that point.

  3. That would have to be considered THE dumbest move of the offseason, if Jax brass did make that decision. Pretty sure he would stay unemployed for about 2 seconds… and Jax is left with even less talent on their roster.

  4. On a team that really could use help on that side of the ball, I can’t imagine them cutting bait with their second-best skill player. Especially after 1 year.

  5. Put this kid on the FA market, and he will get offeres from 25 teams. The Jags would regret it instantly.

    It’s not like hte Wright deal in TB, where an average CB was being paid like a pro-bowler. TB was begging for an excuse to cut/redo that contract

  6. But Blackmon is good (or looks to be developing).

    Other teams would swoop in a second.

  7. the only team I could see conceivably cutting him would be the Jets.

    Although the Jags aren’t far off in that respect.

  8. Rule No. 1 – before you draft a WR, you ask him what number he wants to be. If he says anything but a number in the 80’s, then he’s a knucklehead and you should pass on him.

  9. Part of being a man is accepting the consequences of your actions. I have no clue what the Jags should/will do, but there are a number of players who need to learn responsibility and accountability. It’s a shame to see these guys derail, not just their careers, but even more, their lives.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s done in Jacksonville, but I think they’ll try to trade him first. The contract situation makes him a managable risk, and he had good rookie production, most of it in the last half of the season. There was other crap that went down last season with Blackmon, unrelated to the substance abuse issues, and I think Shad Khan would like to be rid of him for those reasons as much as anything.

  11. Relax people… the story isnt saying that there’re going to cut him…it merely states that if they wanted to, they far less cost than you normally could. It also says that its a shame they had to write a contract like that for someone as talented, and stupid, as this guy. And honestly… I wouldnt cut him right now either, but one more stupid mistske… and I think I’d have to send that message

  12. doomsdaydefensetx says:Apr 30, 2013 5:56 PM

    Where’s that guy who said this Justin would be better in the NFL than Dez Bryant??!

    Dallas has some semblance of a QB. We have Gabbert and some other guy. Yet Blackmon managed 236 yds against a playoff-caliber team using our backup QB.

    But if you want to play the “lets compare game”, I’ll gladly trade you a Gabbert for Romo, straight up. Lets see how Dez fares then.

  13. what if any sort of supplemental draft pick would they get if they cut him? That’s probably a better question to ask before the ‘WHY WOULD TEHY DO THAT YOURE SO STUPID!’ comments. They aren’t exactly going to win this year or next year. They aren’t very good. They might be better off cutting him, to be honest.

  14. The situation sucks for this kid and the Jags, but other players have turned careers around after similar circumstances. He might figure it out.

  15. The Jags are too talent deficient to cut him now. So unless the Jags manage to steal Blake Griffin’s time machine Kia and go back in time and bring back Jerry Rice in his prime and Chris Carter in his prime then they’re stuck with him at least for this year.

  16. There are a ton of players who did not get drafted last weekend who would love to have the opportunity he is wasting. Yes, I know Jaguars are not going to cut him. But until a team stands up and really holds a player accountable for his actions (without just saving face and slapping him on the wrist) this will keep happening. What message is Blackmon sending? “I can do what I want regardless of the contract” is what I’m seeing. If all of us working in the real world need to follow the rules, then so do these sports stars.

  17. Khan, your only player is out. Is Tebow time, your only way to sell a ticket or you will have a complete year back out. Sorry JAX I see the beginning of the end good luck in LA

  18. If they are able to cut him (they won’t), are those financial parameters applicable in regards to trading Blackmon?

    The Jaguars would be foolish and short-sighted to cut him, but if they were to trade him for a 2nd or 3rd (or more if there was a bidding war) they would rid themselves of a headache who may be suspended, and give themselves a little bit of a mitigating factor with extra ammo in the 2014 draft.

    I still wouldn’t do it were I in charge of Jacksonville…but if they really ARE looking to rid themselves of Blackmon, then the trade market makes a lot more sense than cutting him outright. As most of the comments before this one have pointed out, more than a couple teams would likely be interested.

  19. There was a note of finality in Caldwell’s statement. I don’t think it’s a question of “if”, but one of “when”, and “under what circustances” he leaves Jax. He won’t be on the team longer than one season.

  20. Always thought he was a overhyped high pick. Not a Jags fan but hated to see them blow the pick. They could of had Julio Jones I think.

  21. Maybe he can turn to a role model. Maybe someone from Oklahoma State like…..Dez….Bry…..oh never mind, I just realized I should put down the crack pipe myself.

  22. The ravens should inquire about trading for him. He can be a possession receiver like boldin was. He doesnt have the speed but has solid hands and good routes. Plus he is young and the they could probably get him for a 3rd round pick next year

  23. You people who cry “they cannot cut him” are just lost.
    He might be a punk. A bad additude. A locker room diva.
    He’s obviously “NOT GETTING IT” if he does something a stupid as this. I saw the Pittsbugh Steelers let some WR’s walk away. (Burress and Holmes). I’m not sure this guy is worth it.

  24. justintuckrule says:
    Apr 30, 2013 5:57 PM

    Rule No. 1 – before you draft a WR, you ask him what number he wants to be. If he says anything but a number in the 80′s, then he’s a knucklehead and you should pass on him.

    Larry Fitzgerald would like a word with you.

  25. Didn’t the Jags Front Office know about this before the Draft? And if not, why didn’t the NFL tell the Jags this was coming? Then the Jags could’ve drafted a receiver in the 1st round (by trading back into it) to cover Mr Stupid’s lack of judgement. It looks like this may have cost Blackmon $4 mil. Wow.

  26. For people jumping on Florio for the speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone. He didn’t look too impressive to me at all outside of the Texan game with 230 yards, and I know Gabbert is his QB, but he just looks like another guy out there.

    There’s no explosiveness, developing crisp route running skills, nothing that jumps out about him when you watch him play.

    Compound that with a year suspension hanging over him the next time he breathes wrong and considering where this franchise is, I would probably get rid of him just to not have the headache.

  27. tmatic74 says: Apr 30, 2013 6:39 PM

    Always thought he was a overhyped high pick. Not a Jags fan but hated to see them blow the pick. They could of had Julio Jones I think.
    No. They could have had J.J. Watt, or Ryan Kerrigan, but they traded up from 16 to select Gabbert in 2011. Jones was drafted that year. Last year they traded up with Tampa to take Blackmon. Tampa took Barron with Jacksonville’s pick.

  28. Wow, the NFL must hate the Jags to wait until after the draft to suspend him. That tiny bit of info and the language of the contract could influenced their draft tremendously….. had they known.

  29. I saw a number of comments suggesting the management should have done a better job of figuring out whether he was worth the pick may I remind you those guys are GONE and while I don’t think they will cut bait it wouldn’t totally surprise me the new regime may decide zero tolerance and my way or the highway is how they want to play it. and if they do decide to trade him it cant be for a compensatory pick the team awarded those has to use them but other picks would be up for grabs

  30. They don’t actually have to cut him. This is the same sort of thing that happened with Eric Wright, who was forced to take much less than he desired.

    They may not cut him, but they CAN force him to renegotiate his contract for less money.

  31. Blackmon is better then dez Bryant and quite frankly has less severe issues. If they did get rid of him they’d be stupid.

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