Blackmon’s suspension didn’t result from DUI guilty plea

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It’s known that Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon will serve a four-game suspension to start the season for violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy.  It’s not known what he specifically did to cause the suspension.

It’s safe to say that the suspension did not flow from Blackmon’s 2012 guilty plea to DUI.  Even though Blackmon’s blood-alcohol concentration was measured at three times the legal limit of 0.08, that’s not the type of aggravating circumstance that will prompt the NFL to deviate from a fine under the substance-abuse policy in the amount of two game checks, not to exceed $50,000, for a first offense DUI.

Per a league source, the suspension came from something else, something not covered by the policy against performance-enhancing drugs, like Adderall.  Under the substance-abuse policy, a suspension arises only after at least three violations of the policy against the use of recreational drugs or alcohol.  In Blackmon’s case, it’s possible that he committed only two violations, since the DUI guilty plea likely put him in stage one of the substance-abuse program.

Either way, it’s clear that Blackmon’s rough year has continued well beyond the night on which he was driving a car with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.24 percent.  And now the Jaguars have to decide whether to give him a second chance, again.

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  1. As a Jags fan, this angers me. New owner, GM and coach. A really good draft had the fans thinking we were finally moving in the right direction. Then this guys selfish way brings it right back down.

    His apology was no different after his DUI last year.

    If I was management, this would be his last chance.

  2. It’s the third time (caught) for Blackmon. He went through the same thing in college after a weekend hanging with Dumbass Dez in Dallas. Statistically, the average drunk driver gets away with it nearly 100 times for every time they get caught. So obviously Blackmon has addiction issues. It’s generally that which creates dramatic draft busts, not a lack of talent. Particularly among WR apparently.

  3. I’m hearing he could be forfeiting 4million of his guaranteed contract. If this is true he’ll be labeled one of the biggest idiots ever

  4. Remember reading a few predraft scouting reports on him stating he was a little more talented then Dez Bryant without the off the field headaches…doesn’t look that way

  5. Gabbert, wanna go ahead and cite those statistics? Dude messed up , do what you gotta do Caldwell. As for gabbert, at the risk of oft repeating myself, just shut up.

  6. The league needs to lighten up on marijuana rules. Seriously, its damn near legal. This whole “Reefer Madness” stance, is just ridiculous. Something tells me that even if it were legalized, the NFL would still come down hard on guys who use weed..

  7. I got news for everybody, This adderal thing is about to become a serious problem for the league.

  8. As much as I want Blackmon to succeed, this is good, long term, for the Jaguars. The season’s success will not hinge and the planning going on there is forward-looking–far beyond week 4. Blackmon held out hard to not have a clause like this in his contract. Maybe its Gene’s last good move? Now the Jags have the #5 overall pick from last year’s draft with hardly any money owed or any strings attached. Blackmon has punished himself already far beyond a 4-game suspension. He’s lost millions. He could play lights out for the next 2 years and how much leverage would he have to hold out in negotiating beyond the rookie contract? Very little. He’s now gotta perform and be a choir boy for 2 3/4 years in order to get paid what he’s lost and he’ll still have to have a similar suspension clause in his next contract.

    This is worse, much worse, than the DUI, for Blackmon. I hate it for him. I wanted for him to pick up where he left off towards the end of the season and get another solid year under his belt. I have no idea how Bradley will play this deal with regard to his spot on the depth chart. But, Blackmon has just given someone an opportunity to perform. But its not like we’ve got a lot of big, fast wideouts down there this season.

  9. If he’s been driving drunk or while affected by other substances, then he’s actually one lucky fella.

    Because his actual first and worst problem won’t be First World ones, like losing millions of dollars, missing the thrill and camaraderie of playing in games that rivet the attention of more millions, and failing to live up to the potential that brought you to this crux in your career.

    Nope, then his problem is going to be one a whole lot more meaningful than those petty things. He’s going to be responsible for maiming and killing other innocent human beings, with very little he can do to make up for any smallest portion of what he’s done.

    He should be counting his lucky stars.

  10. What an incredible waste of talent. I thought this guy was going to be a superstar, not a delinquent.

  11. why cant they wait til their career is over you ask to smole weed the same reason these punk millionaires cant hire a chauffer to drive them around they are arrogant or stupid or probably both

  12. Blackmon wasn’t worth a 1st rd pick to begin with, he will never be anything more than an average WR……if he’s not out of the league in a couple of years. BUST

  13. Too bad we didnt sign the Honey Badger. Would have been some partying happening downtown at the, um, …..

    Thats right, downtown Jacksonville is comprised of a mega church and a coffee factory.

    Party at the Applebees! Cmon Chris Polian, youre invited too. That dude can totally destroy a franchise.

  14. I’m gonna hold off until the facts eventually reveals itself.. If it’s herb, I can care less honestly, as most of these overpaid morons smoke it on a daily basis.. But even that shiz doesn’t make sense to suspend him for 4 games, hmm…

    He’ll be fine, I’m almost certain he’ll be given his last chance to play for the Jags, & sadly to say this guy does have some sort of addiction problem.. I say this because I’m a recovering addict, & you can have ALL the support in the world, it doesn’t make a difference (which I did).. I had to realize it myself, & “only” then came a light at the end of my darkest tunnel.. I wish I can talk to this guy & share my past experiences, but again not one soul will be able to help Justin besides himself.. Sad but true..

    It’s easy to bash a guy for getting caught & looking like a loser under ALL circumstances, but “addiction” is a powerful disease which controls you, your actions, & your life.. I wish him the best of luck, I hope he finds himself & he’s able to see some sort of light.. I, for one, will not stand here & call him “this or that” because the next worst thing after ALL, is being hypocrite.. Good Luck JBlack!

  15. coming from a father of three male athletes who tend to idolize these guys in the pros, release him. release them all. im sure i would find myself in jail for a while for the kind of lawlessness that these well paid roll model get away with.

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