Chris Polian heads to Jacksonville


Former Colts General Manager Chris Polian is heading to Jacksonville.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Polian will be a scouting director for the Jaguars and one of the top staff members in the personnel department under General Manager Dave Caldwell.

Colts owner Jim Irsay fired Polian and his dad, former Colts President Bill Polian, at the end of the team’s 2-14 season in 2011. Bill Polian then moved on to ESPN, while Chris Polian moved to Atlanta and spent a season with the Falcons, who also employed Caldwell last year.

Now Polian has followed Caldwell from Atlanta to Jacksonville.

25 responses to “Chris Polian heads to Jacksonville

  1. Jags to be destroyed in 3…2…1…

    He’s horrible and if the Colts draft picks at the last years (where Chris had a say) is any indication to go by, then the Jags are in for a treat…

  2. i thought the jags wanted to get better and be a competitive team in the afc south, and u hire this guy?? i guess some teams never learn!!!

  3. its just a bad day for jags fans, first their prized WR blackmon gets suspended 4 games and they hire chris polian, all the other afc south teams cheer for joy!!!

  4. Really who is this guy.
    Manning made Polian other than drafting Peyton … what has he ever done.

  5. From the NFL family we are truly sorry for the Jacksonville fans…..This guy is dumber than his idiot father ,the luckiest man on the planet when Peyton fell in his lap.

  6. I called this yesterday.
    My educated guess is that this was in the plans from day one of Caldwell getting GM. This just shows he isn’t ready.

    I was suspicious after the draft the philosophy was TOTAL Polian.

    Dave it is a shame that you do not have enough confidence to do this on your own. If you are Khan, it may have been sold to him as a package deal. He gets Bill Polian for the price of Chrisissy Polian.

    How the tables have turned. Dave left Indy, because he was passed by for any promotions he thought he should have gotten, that were past over by Polians other buddies.

    Wondering who else may follow from Indy. Todd or Mark? Hmmm. We are all watching.

    To the jaguar scouts: get ready, you know more about football players and scouting in your pinky, than Chrississy. Best example: the Corey Simon debacle.

    Hi to both of you, Dave and Chrisissy…… I know you will be the ones with the 2 thumbs down.

  7. Im surprised the article didn’t mention that these two are best friends from high school. They went to st Francis in buffalo when bill was GM of the bills. Polian put in a good word to help get Caldwell his first job. This was bound to happen as I’m sure Caldwell feels like he owes his career to the Polian family

  8. Not just that but Caldwell was a scouting assistant FOR Bill in Carolina and then followed him to Indy. Went to Falcons because they gave him a promotion. Then he had Chris come over when he got let go by Indy. It’s rare when a GM gets fired and then brought back in the NFL. Only happens when they are really tight with someone. Looks like Dave has repaid his debt to the Polian family with this one. I hope it works out because Caldwell is a nice guy and great scout!

  9. Dave went to Falcons, because he was not getting promoted with the regime as it was. He may OWE the Polians , but he is too young to pay back like this. His future is at stake. You are sugar coating this. I know you have read all these comments. Chris ONLY got his promotions because of daddy. If he would have earned it, they both would still be with the Colts.

    If Caldwell has learned ANYTHING about scouting and the draft it is you are only as good as your scouts. After being driven away, Gamble, Butler, Roell, Becker, Cavanaugh then (Including)Caldwell, the Colts draft went south With every loss. It is proven 2006 was last decent draft.

    Chrisissy is a liability, period. So basically, you are saying you know that he would not ever get another job if he wasn’t Bill’s son. Nice.

    I don’t see Telesco having to pay back his debt. He was/is? Chrisissy
    Best friend. (Or is he next)Dave is/was better friends with Brian.

  10. Popolover, you sound like you were one of those scouts. It’s easy to blame Polians for lack of SBs in Indy, but it’s not that simple. Let’s see how many SBs Grigson regime can bring. And 2006 wasn’t last decent draft, 2008 was pretty good (Wheeler, Tamme, Garcon with 205th pick).

  11. How about just somebody obviously in the know. Polians hurt too many of us in Indy. It just called accountability.

    There would be no problem with Dave hiring Chris in general. The problem is putting him in undeserved leadership role, that he NEVER earned in the first place.

  12. Obviously Colt fans feel screwed by him but I seriously think that Jackdonville might actually benefit from this. Their team height average may actually go above 5’9″!

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