Dolphins mum on possible Tebow interest

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Plenty of teams have said they have no interest in quarterback Tim Tebow.  None have expressed interest.

The Dolphins have opted to say nothing at all.

“Our decision-making process regarding player personnel is confidential and we don’t discuss it publicly,” Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene told PFT by email.

The deadline for making a waivers claim for Tebow’s existing contract comes in less than an hour, at 4:00 p.m. ET.  If he’s not claimed (and it would be a shock if he is), Tebow then will become a free agent.

From a football standpoint, the Dolphins shouldn’t be interested in Tebow.  From a business standpoint, they should be at the front of the line.  Even if they’re the only ones in the line.

Tebow sells tickets.  More immediately, he could motivate Tebowmaniacs to get to the polls on May 13 to vote in favor of a proposal that would contribute significant public money to the effort to renovate Sun Life Stadium.

40 responses to “Dolphins mum on possible Tebow interest

  1. As long as he doesn’t mind playing a different position, I don’t mind the guy. He is a good football player. The media circus is the media’s fault, not his. His “in your face” religiosity is a bit much for me but the guy can help a team win

  2. Yes, that will solve your problems – Wildcat 2013: “Tebow’s Revenge” Why not re-hire Sparano while you’re at it and make it homecoming!

  3. He’s a football player who wins games. A lot of people think he’s stubborn for not switching position’s but he’s not athletic enough like Robinson or Randle El to do so. He doesn’t have good hand eye coordination to play tight end and doesn’t have any type of burst to play running back, and do you see this guy playing fullback and being able to block 260 pound linebackers? I certainly don’t. He’s played quarterback his whole life and he can’t just snap his fingers and play a different position. This guy been in the league for only 3 years and we bag on him to much. Great leader, great christian, you can’t have a better person in the lock room then Tebow yet we bag on him and we love the druggys, the rapist’s (big Ben), and even the crybabys…

  4. I don’t mind the guy either. But ask yourself: Pat Devlin or Tim Tebow? Who is really the guy to run our scout team that can the pistol offense? As much as many hate the guy, can you honestly answer Devlin?

  5. If the Dolphins would show Teebow some old film of Jim “Crash” Jensen, a QB from Boston University who just wanted to play ball. He lined up every where on the field, ran down on kicks, and became our 3rd down “go to” guy. Oh, and he turned that into a 12 year career in the NFL. If Tim would get off the QB thing I would love to have him in that role.

  6. The biggest issue working against Tebow is the media circus he brings with him everywhere. I don’t think any team wants all the attention and distraction that comes with having him around.

    That’s also another good reason for him to go cool his heals in the CFL for a couple of years.

  7. Why do you keep mentioning the stadium vote every time the Dolphins make a move? The free agent signings of Wallace, Gibson, Grimes, Keller, Ellerbe, Wheeler and the bold move to trade up in the draft to get the top defensive player in Dion Jordan have nothing to do with the stadium vote. It is simply to make the team BETTER on the field.

  8. If they even think about signing him for attendance purposes, I’ll start an attendance boycott from Connecticut.

  9. Why would anyone express ANY interest in him before 4pm when he’s cleared waivers?

    Once he’s a free agent, they can negotiate with a clean slate, which is what any smart team would do

    Then again, a truly smart team might choose to avoid the circus altogether…

  10. I’m torn on this. I definitely don’t think he is going to be a QB in the NFL–could be way wrong but I doubt it. He could definitely fill a role as a short goal line situation H-Back and a TE–if nothing else to become a great blocking TE once he works on skills/technique since by all accounts he can’t really catch or so I’ve read/heard. Who knows. He could go to CFL for two three years and then come back and be Steve Young/Doug Flutie-ish but I just don’t see it. I think he needs to become an H-Back/TE guy and be done with it all.

    And lastly, it isn’t really his fault for the circus. Media just can’t get enough of certain stories and like to create them when one really even isn’t there–I’d blame them for creating this mess and most of the other ones in recent years. Ugh. Sickening the way our media works today. It is sad but true.

  11. The Patsies will sign him; Belicheat will be called a genius, they will waive him at the end of the season for being on the bench, and life will continue…

    Any other team, they’re just plain stupid for considering him.

  12. Tebow would be toooo good for this locker room. Mike Wallace comments from yesterday…wow what a disgrace.
    Last year the Marlins manager. this year Wallace.

  13. the Omaha beef of the arena football league has already offered him 75 dollars per game to play for them shows what you know

  14. ONLY if he agrees to try out as a tight end or fullback. His football talent and leadership is undeniable, his qb’ing on the other hand leaves alot to be desired.

  15. Mike, you seem obsessed with the idea as to push Tebow “somewhere.” Why on earth would the Dolphin want him?

    The wildcat went out the door with Tony and they have a young franchise QB to groom. The Ross orange carpet is gone and the focus is on winning and getting back to their rightfull spot atop the AFC East.
    I know that’s tough to hear as a Bills fan but man up.

  16. in an attempt to prove they are not the only dumbasses in football rex ryan and the jets announced they didn’t use tebow properly I guess fueling the fires of the remaining idiots who like tebow and think he is a quarterback make him commit to another position then sign him maybe and you can have him as the emergency qb which as anyone knows its too late by the time you get to the 3rd guy anyway

  17. If Tebow really wants to play in the NFL and contribute anyway possible to help a team win he needs to get off the all I want to do is play QB. Then again I don’t know what posistion he would play because I remember one of the few times the Jets threw him the ball last year it bounced right off his facemask so I don’t think TE would be a good move either like some state.

  18. Wallace tweets

    There are so many QBs out there who can throw, don’t understand why some guys want to be with Tebow.

  19. after adding a comment I checked the box and now get an email everytime anyone comments I thought it was only when they were follow up comments to me how do I turn off the emails

  20. Can’t see it happening. Why give Tannehill a sliver of doubt?

    Yes, it would be good for ticket sales, but there’s, what 20 owners of the Dolphins? I’m sure some of them actually care about the team doing well… not sabotaging their quarterback of the future for a quick buck…

  21. The biggest issue working against Tebow is the media circus he brings with him everywhere. I don’t think any team wants all the attention and distraction that comes with having him around.


    You just identified the primary reason Ross would want him.

  22. I highly doubt signing Tebow would show a drastic improvement in ticket sales or sway voters. I don’t care who you have on your team, if you are not winning games people won’t show. People don’t want to spend a ton of money just to come away disappointed.

  23. If Miami did sign him they’d be torn apart in the media for the remainder of the week. Which they would probably deserve to be.

    Ironically, if New England signed him it would be a sign of Belicheat’s “genius” which would be fabricated right before our eyes…for the remainder of the week.

    Either way, read about it in his new book: The Tao of Tebow.

  24. tebow is a qb and a good 1 n pros all he did was win in ny they would of been better startin t.t rather then m.s FACT IWOULD LOVE FOR HIM TO BE A BACKUP

  25. Sign Tebow.

    Tell him that the reason he is here is to start quarterback for two games against the Jets.

    How epically awesome would that be? I GUARANTEE you that he wins those games lol.

  26. Please god no. One more gator on my beloved Phins and I’ll vomit on a patriots fan

  27. I watched Devlin in camp last year and was impressed. Quick decisions and good arm. There is a possibility he may start at QB in this league. I would much rather have him than Tebow.

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