Dolphins turn their attention to Tyson Clabo


The Wheel O’Tackles continues to spin, as unemployed blockers look for work.

And the Dolphins, who clearly need to pick one, keep looking at their options.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, former Falcons starter Tyson Clabo is headed to Miami tonight for a visit.

The Dolphins have previously sniffed around Eric Winston, as well as Bryant McKinnie. While McKinnie could reasonably still function on the left side, Winston and Clabo are right tackles, which would require Jonathan Martin to move to the left to replace Jake Long.

Clabo’s been a durable and solid player, starting every game the past five seasons for the Falcons. And while it’s still unclear if Martin’s ready or able to be a left tackle in the NFL, Clabo would stabilize the other side.

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  1. McKinnie might be the only FA on that list that can play the left side, but most of us remember what happened the last time McKinnie had too much free time on his hands back in Miami. First player that I can remember actually kicked off the Pro Bowl squad and asked to reimburse travel expenses. Probably a bad idea for a guy who lacks focus.

  2. Coming from an Atlanta fan, Clabo is rock solid. Extremely durable and rarely a liability on the field. He will be missed in Atlanta and I wish him the best.

  3. Clabo or Winston would be my choice. McKinnie or Albert would be emergency considerations but IMHO there is no emergency need for a lineman in Miami. There are a bunch of guys that can play all over the line. There is a decent line already. Adding Clabo or Winston would make the line “good”

  4. Martin wouldn’t have to move to the left side – he’s been a left tackle his entire career before briefly playing the right side last year. After the inevitable Jake Long injury he went back to left tackle and played well.

  5. Circus? Yeah, what a terrible idea it is to look at all your availible options before hiring someone to your football team. Ireland should be ashamed of himself for doing his due diligence. He should just put the names on the wall and throw a dart, right getitrightflorio? Miami has had a great offseason and IMO had a great draft. The only circus is up in New York. Get a clue man.

  6. I thought the Buccs should try to sign Winston or Clabo for depth on the O-line…I think Clabo would actually be pretty solid and a good pick-up for whomever gets him.

  7. I take it since J. Martin showed up bigger and stronger at training 2 weeks ago, Miami brass now believe he’s ready to take over on the left side. Clabo wouldn’t be a perfect fit for their zone blocking scheme but he is still clearly the best choice compared to the other options currently available.

  8. Its funny how Ireland gets a lot of grief for not taking a LT in the draft and the dolphins did ok in the draft because of it. But Ozzie Newsome did the same thing and they have a need at LT as well but he had a great draft.

  9. Just pick one already before they are all gone.

    But just don’t pay huge $$$$$ and a second rounder on Albert ‘cuz that would be dumb.

  10. Dolphins not only had a bad draft, but they now have almost no options left for a quality left tackle. Pretty dumb of Ireland to let Jake Long walk without a plan. Dumb, but yet predictable.

  11. The word “circus” is now and forever will be tied to the jests franchise.

    Never has so little offered so much hype. 4-12 in 2013.

  12. I have seen nothing but great grades regarding the draft for the Phins. It should be interesting watching this defense this year in passing situations. I could only imaging Wake and Jordan wreaking havoc on opposing QB’s. Odrick and Vernon are serviceable as well. I am not proclaiming playoffs, but they could very well end up 9-7 with a solid year, improving on both sides of the ball. They are the youngest team in the NFL right now and 2014 could be an 11 win season.

  13. Clabo seems like a natural fit. Miami wants to throw the ball. Clabo comes from a team that accomplished that feet last year. Whereas Winston played in a zone run blocking scheme in Houston and tend to struggle in pass protection in KC last year. The irony is Winston would still be an upgrade. Clabo would be more of an upgrade from Winston. Actually kind of shocking Clabo is still available.

  14. Clabo is solid. Put the others in a position to be successful, instead of hoping that everyone can handle a promotion. Worst case scenario; Clabo gives us depth, with the best chance to be on the field and play well. Anyone else had better come at the right price, especially draft choices for Albert. I would not trade an old cheeseburger today for a draft choice on Tuesday.

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