Draft review: Seattle Seahawks


After analyzing the draft needs of all 32 teams, PFT will review how well each team addressed those needs. Up next: The Seattle Seahawks.

What they needed: Linebacker, guard, tackle, tight end, punt returner.

Who they got:
Round 2: Christine Michael, RB, Texas A&M
Round 3: Jordan Hill, DT, Penn State
Round 4: Chris Harper, WR, Penn State
Round 5: Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama; Tharold Simon, CB, LSU; Luke Willson, TE, Rice
Round 6: Spencer Ware, RB, LSU
Round 7: Ryan Seymour, G, Vanderbilt; Ty Powell, OLB, Harding; Jared Smith, G, New Hampshire; Michael Bowie, T, Northeastern State

Where they hit: The Seahawks draft was all about adding functional depth to their roster. While there may not be more than one starter to emerge from the group of draftees this season, the selections by Seattle filled in the back end of their roster. Defensive tackles Jordan Hill and Jesse Williams may have the most impact early on playing on a rotational basis along the Seahawks defensive front.

Where they missed: Seattle appeared to need additional help at the weakside linebacker position. Veteran Leroy Hill isn’t expected back and Malcolm Smith has been injury prone as Hill’s backup. The only linebacker Seattle drafted, Harding outside linebacker Ty Powell in the seventh round, is more of a pass rusher and expected to play the “LEO” pass rushing spot in Seattle’s defense. Seattle has hinted at using Bruce Irvin and free agent acquisition Cliff Avril at the linebacker spot and could be the avenue in which the Seahawks choose to address the position.

Impact rookies: Due to the strength of the Seahawks roster, the Seattle rookie class will predominantly have to contribute in reserve roles. Williams could find his way into the starting lineup as a run defender on early downs to replace the departed Alan Branch. Spencer Ware will be a fullback with Seattle and could supplant incumbent Michael Robinson as the lead blocker for Marshawn Lynch. Hill, Christine Michael, Chris Harper and Luke Willson could all see time on a rotational basis.

Long-term prospects: While the short-term opportunities for Seattle’s draftees will be limited, the long-term outlook is more rosy. Harper could eventually start with Percy Harvin as Golden Tate is in a contract year and Sidney Rice could be released at some point for salary cap relief. Michael could be the replacement for Lynch in a couple of seasons. Hill and Williams both have starter potential and Tharold Simon could be the replacement for Brandon Browner, who is in a contract year as well.

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  1. What they needed: Linebacker, guard, tackle, tight end, punt returner.

    Pretty sure 3tech DT was needed after Branch’s departure.

  2. I would like to see the Hawks use RB Michael to spell Lynch more often. Dude put a lot of miles on his tires last season. They don’t want to wear out the beast…

  3. It’s pronounced Christian but not sure why it’s spelled Christine. Maybe it’s after that crazy car from stephen king’s novel. Either way, CM is a nice back who knowa how to tote the rock. Great you tube tape and with a fast 10 yd split, 20 yd shuttle and 3 cone, look out…. Go watch tape and you’ll realize he fits the pound it down the D’s throat. Go check him out.

  4. I don’t understand the second rb pick unless they think this will be the last year for mike rob. I like the first 5 picks. There will be turnover on this roster after this year and these name will be more prominent. In the draft needs post I said they would go o line, d line, rb, and maybe a receiver. Got a bunch of thumbs down and one thumbs up. Thanks John Schneider! I don’t see the lb position as strong on this team unless Mr. Winfield will be safety and Kam will be some hybrid lb/ bad a$$ 3rd safety. Pete has done some crazier things.

  5. Very interesting draft. They added a lot of boom or bust players. Those guys do seem to know what they’re doing though.

  6. Let’s see – the NBA owners say the Sacramento Kings cannot move to Seattle, the same day the Mariners draw a whopping 9,818 fans. If any fewer show up, the 12th Man might end up being the last man through the turnstiles. Add that to the fact that the Over-Under on games missed by Percy Harvin and his headaches is 8, and your top draft choice is Christine, and you all really have something to cheer about.

  7. More than a bit surprised that they didn’t take any LB’s. Though if they drop Irvin back or Avril then it makes sense, along with the DL pickups they have.

    Tough to say thinking about replacing Browner just yet. Teams threw at him a lot less last year after his first year, and he still got picks, and a lot less penalties, and is still making peanuts.

    To be honest, the way Sherman has run his mouth this offseason, he’s setting himself up for a bigger fall than Browner this year.

  8. Michael is going to be a stud RB in a couple years. They don’t have any pressing needs and went BPA. Nothing wrong with that. Considering lynch only has about 2-3 beast years left and we don’t have a 3rd RB you might as well take a RB with 1st round tapenrt at the end of the 2nd. People will judge this as a weird and average draft but I thinking 3-4 years you will look back and it will be a really good draft. Jesse Williams is a perfect along our d line

  9. Schneider said he didn’t draft an OLB specifically so he could tell UDFAs there would be open competition. They signed 3 or 4 OLBs after the draft to compete, as well as saying they could do some different things with Avril and Irvin at SAM. Should be fine there

  10. The hawks are planning to replace Lynch in a couple of years to resign a couple of their soon to be free agents

  11. and yet Rick Spielman is a Magician, we will still finish with a better record, in a tougher division than the one and done Vikes. Just try to stave off Da Bears alright. we know you ain’t topping Rodgers and Co.

  12. Crabtree, it is nice to have you as part of the PFT team. It’s not easy for NFL fans to find journalists with good insight & perspective.

  13. NFC West just keeps getting better. I think the Rams will still have the best division record again. Those other coaches seem to be afraid of Fisher.

  14. These guys will have a hard time finding a roster spot. The result of stellar FO work the past three years. That’s how it should be. Oh BTW, Christine was said to be the most talented back in the draft. Not to mention the two studs at DT we stole. GO HAWKS! 12th MAN!

  15. Wow! And my remark of how the lions drafted Erkel with the 5 th pick got deleted from their page.
    Christine is pronounced kristin ignoramuses.

  16. What idiot mother names her son Christine? Seriously. I guess it is supposed to be Christian. How do you not know how to spell Christian, I mean the word is everywhere? Some folks need phonetic testing before they assign names to their kids. Remember former Browns LB Andra (An-drah but supposedly pronounced Andre’) Davis? Give me a break.

  17. They didn’t “need” Michael, but then, they didn’t “need” Shawn Alexander when they had Rickey Watters on the roster, either.

    Also, they had four seventh-round picks. They “gave” three of these picks to Tom Cable to go hunting for OL depth. Last year, Cable mined opening-day starter JR Sweezy from the seventh; this year, he has more raw talent to work with, including Jared “Fat Rabbit” Smith, who had the best nickname in the 2013 NFL draft.

    Yeah, so, Christine joins Percival, Golden, and Sidney among our skill position players. The names will not scare you. The results might have a different effect.

  18. Dear idiot Hawk hater: Harvin’s headaches were diagnosed 2 years ago and he hasn’t missed a game or practice because of them since.

    As to OLB, they already have Malcolm Smith, Mike Morgan and last years 5th round pick Korey Toomer on the roster, plus the free agents they signed and oh yeah, Bruce Irvin is gonna play some early downs at OLB to get more snaps.

    Be afraid, NFL. Be very afraid.

  19. Whoever is screening these posts is doing a terrible job. PFT allows trolling on threads but stops us from pointing out the lack of logic. The only magic trick Vikings GM pulls off is drafting players and if they are good in 3 years making them appear on Seattle’s roster. Kinda like a development team maybe??

    I liked our draft, it was really about depth. I still think we have a need to replace Hill. Watch the game when Hill/KJ Wright were done..We got run on for like 200 plus yards. Smith/Morgan take bad angles on running plays. Maybe more experience but both of those guys seem like special team players. Smith may be more but I didn’t like what I watched. Seattle doesn’t need to draft offensive lineman in the first rounds because we have an excellent line coach and we use zone blocking.

  20. I love how much trash the Seahawks and their fans love to talk considering the franchise has won exactly ZERO championships. Some of the worst fans in the NFL along with the Giants.

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