Draft review: Washington Redskins

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After analyzing the draft needs of all 32 teams, PFT will review how well each team addressed those needs. Up next: The Washington Redskins.  

What they needed: Cornerback, outside linebacker, right tackle, inside linebacker, safety.

Who they got:
Round 2: David Amerson, CB, North Carolina State.
Round 3: Jordan Reed, TE, Florida.
Round 4: Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno State.
Round 5: Chris Thompson, RB, Florida State.
Round 5: Brandon Jenkins, DE, Florida State.
Round 6: Bacarri Rambo, S, Georgia.
Round 7: Jawan Jamison, RB, Rutgers.

Where they hit: The Redskins’ top three veteran cornerbacks (DeAngelo Hall, Josh Wilson, E.J. Biggers) are all unrestricted free agents after 2013. Amerson has starter-caliber talent and can learn from the veterans in Year One. If he quickly learns the pro game, all the better for Washington. The same can be said for Jenkins, who has some pass-rush ability but comes off a foot injury. His best work could come down the road.

At safety, Thomas and Rambo are fresh faces at a position that needs some help. Finally, Thompson and Jamison will vie for complementary roles behind starter Alfred Morris. The Redskins needed a little more RB depth, and they got it.

Where they missed: The Redskins will go with a cast of experienced but shorter-term options at right tackle this season, with Tyler Polumbus the likely starter. Longer term, the Redskins may want to bolster this position, and perhaps as early as next season. Similarly, the Redskins’ linebacking corps (inside and outside) may soon have to be addressed with Brian Orakpo a free agent after 2013 and London Fletcher turning 38 in May.

Impact rookies: Could either Thomas or Rambo start right off the bat? The Redskins’ safety play does not look like a strength, and a strong camp by either player could put Washington to a decision. Also, Thompson and Jamison would seem to be threats to 2011 fourth-round pick Roy Helu, who’s coming off a toe injury that cost him most of last season. Reed could also earn playing time with Fred Davis recovering from an Achilles injury.

Long-term prospects: Let’s start with the obvious: If Robert Griffin III can play all or the vast majority of the 2013 season in top form after his January knee injury, then the Redskins should again be major factors in the NFC East.

Now, let’s consider how the 2013 draft class fits into this puzzle. It probably won’t deliver the same instant impact as last year’s class; after all, Griffin III and Morris helped the team to the 2012 division title, and fourth-round QB Kirk Cousins stepped in to win a big late-season game in Cleveland. Nevertheless, the Redskins’ Class of 2013 fills some short-term needs and could help Washington address some longer-range issues, too.

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  1. Another excellent draft in the books in the Shanallen era. Daniel Snyder is to be commended for surrounding himself with sensical, logical football guys like Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan. It takes a big man to admit to his mistakes and Snyder is being rewarded for admiting his faults and handing over the football operations to these two tremendous personalities. The culture in the Nation’s Capitol is once again winning and Superbowls. We got a ballhawk CB in Amerson who under Raheem Morris will become one of the game’s greatest CB’s. We got a TE in Reed who has the potential to easily become the best in his position in this spot and in doing so, sent a message to Fred Davis and everyone else that in Washington DC, you have to EARN a spot on this team now. Phillips can become a starting safety before the year is up. Those two from Florida St. were great when healthy and I have no doubt they can be steals if they recover. Yes folks, the Redskins franchise and RedskinsNation is proud to be apart of this journey known as the RGIII Era. We will all enjoy this ride that will undoubtably culminate in winning seasons and Lombardi Trophies. #GodBlesstheWashingtonRedskins

  2. Top 5 QBs in the NFL

    5)Rex Grossman

    Figured I’d save Logialvoice some time, since I don’t have much going on today.

  3. Why do they “need” an outside linebacker? Two previous first round picks on the outside, and Rob Jackson who when Orakpo went down last year, played lights out fantastic… Ageless wonder in the middle with London Fletcher, and Perry Riley…

    Long story short….. I don’t think LB’s are an issue for the Redskins!

  4. When you factor in RG3 to this draft it’s a good draft. Sorely needed secondary help and they obviously can’t count on Fred Davis and the Niles Paul experiment isn’t looking good so TE depth was necessary. A RB was needed as well with Helu iffy but I wish we could have grabbed one OL.

  5. OLB is a need as Orakpo is anything but dependable with 3 upper body injuries last few years and Rob Jax suspended first 4 games. If ‘Rak doesn’t have a good year and stay healthy there is a chance he will be gone after this year.
    bobbinski1229 | Apr 30, 2013, 1:28 PM EDT
    Why do they “need” an outside linebacker? Two previous first round picks on the outside, and Rob Jackson who when Orakpo went down last year, played lights out fantastic… Ageless wonder in the middle with London Fletcher, and Perry Riley…

    Long story short….. I don’t think LB’s are an issue for the Redskins!

  6. They really needed to trade up to draft some new fans, the old ones are talentless and slow.

  7. rockthered1286 says:
    Apr 30, 2013 1:33 PM
    Glad to see baby brother had a decent draft!

    #MDisRavenNation #NobodyCaresAboutTheSkins

    New flash genius. Your team has two titles we have three. Lets us know when you win another. Ray Ray and Reed are gone welcome to your days of Cleveland again.

  8. Of course Giants fans (jdimauro36) have to come in here to hate…even though we’ve owned them over the past 3 seasons. Eli throws more picks in a game than RGIII does all season. Big Blue’s lucky run is over and their fans are bitter about it.

  9. I think we did ok this year in the draft…but i am still a little nervous however. Whats going to happen with Helu and Royster who just cant seem to stay healthy? Of course we have Big Alf so i hope the two new rooks work out for backups. I think we will be ok IF the overall team can stay a bit healthier this season. But by any means HTTR!

  10. Busts across the board. Amerson got toasted all yr. He had a good ’11 but in ’12 they were better off playing 11 guys if Amerson was the 12th. Reid slow and can’t block. Rambo not pro caliber player. Thomas only potential starter not b/c he’s good but b/c the current stable of safeties are terrible. Go G-men!

  11. If someone had told me going into the draft we would come out with two safeties and a CB that all have a chance to play significant time this season then I would have said Shanny knocked this draft out of the park. Throw in a passrusher (you always can use more of those), a third down back, and another receiving threat for RG3, well I can’t see how the draft could have gone any better.

    By the way. All of ou people that keep saying that we gave up all of those draft picks for RG3 I hope you noticed that we had 7 picks in a 7 round draft! We also had 9 last year.

  12. For those who actually know the Skins, this was a great draft for them… Expect them to draft a stud O-linemen and replacement for London Fletcher next year… Also, fyi, Jenkins is going to be a 3-4 outside linebacker, not a DE, so, they did address that

  13. Other than last year (nothing tops getting a franchise QB in the NFL), this may have been the greatest offseason the Redskins have had in decades. Managed to keep the team in tact while absorbing the second half of the BS cap penalties and had a quality draft. Amerson and Thomas should contribute immediately in the secondary. Reed gives the offense yet another potential mismatch.

    Amazing what the Redskins have done in a few short years. Had the cap penalties hit under Cerrato/Snyder, they would have had to cut the entire team. They have gone from old, overpaid and no depth to young, deep and talented. Great job Allen and Shanahan. This team is set up to win now and also now has $40M in cap space next year. HTTR!

  14. Alright! I call shenanigans on “logicalvoicesays”. He has to work at PFT (about the same mentality). No troll can type that fast! :-p

    I’m surprised they didn’t draft another QB to back up Cousins halfway through the season. I figure IRG3 should last about 6-7 games before his wheels fall off again.

  15. I’d much rather have a 23 y/o RGIII than a 32 y/o Eli M.

    While I want to agree with you as neither a Skins or Giants fan, I don’t think Shannahan will ever change his style for RG3. I honestly believe RG3 could be a great pocket passer, he has all the tools to do so, but if they keep running the option and/or he learns to slide or go out of bounds, he won’t last long.

    Lastly, 32 years old for a QB isn’t old at all. He could play 10 more years, barring health, but he has shown signs of inconsistency.

  16. “Nation’s Capitol is once again winning and Superbowls”????? When did the NFL announce they were hosting a SB in Washington? They won’t be in it but that’s as close as the Skins will get to it while they try to get over making one of the worst trades in NFL history.

  17. Skins had a solid draft. Giants and Cowboys did not. Giants did not draft any impact skill players and the Cowboys whiffed on their 1st round pick. Eagles had a decent draft….Barkley in the 4th is great value.

  18. Amerson’s a beast. Reed can run sub 4.5. Great for a man his size, great hands. Lots of high ceilings, some low floors. But we have one hell of a coaching staff.

  19. This is one of the best drafts in team history. Not only did we add playmakers on defense, we got inside the Shanahan mind and added multiple new weapons on offense.

    Who will be split? Who’s in the slot? who’s at FB? How do you defend us?

    And best of all, we could take risks in Year 4 of the program and free agency $$$ back to normal in 2014.


  20. seattlecoug says: Apr 30, 2013 2:05 PM

    Bobby Griffin will never win a playoff game.

    And the Seahags will never………………………..ever win the Super Bowl

  21. Amerson can be coached up. It happens quite often that talented CBs get taught better techniques and become good players. You can’t teach size and speed and he certaintly has both.

  22. All read option plays, all 5 or 6 a game, are done from the pocket. It just slows down the defense. And RGIII was never hurt on a read option play, for the millionth time.

  23. Why would skin fans want a 2 time super bowl MVP??

    Nah, they prefer a guy with a reconstructed knee that was 1 & done in the playoffs.

    Every day skin fans sound more & more like Egirl fans.

  24. I really hope Chris Thompson works out. A Darren Sproles type player can do wonders in a read option/mis-direction offense. Even he has to spend a year on the PS.

  25. Not a brilliant draft, but a very good one I think. OL needs to be the priority next year though because Polumbus was awful against athletic pass rushers like Michael Johnson, Charles Johnson or the guys like Ware and JPP in pass pro

  26. Good draft for the Skins. I’m excited to see Jordan Reed play. Football experts have been comparing him to Arron Hernandez except they say Reed is faster than Hernandez. I heard people complaining the Skins didn’t draft a WR, but it looks like the Skins are planning on lining Reed up all over the place, so it looks like they did essentially address the wideout position. Also, Thomas and Rambo might end up being absolute steals. No guarantees on any draft pick, but it appears to be a very solid draft for the Skins.

  27. dont care about the name,just move out of
    maryland.md only has room for the best team in the league, RAVENS…….[sounds logical]

  28. I guess the way RGIII played on a team some “experts” picked to go 3-13. Is the reason skins fans would rather have RGIII. And RGIII is our guy. We want to see the team be successful with him.

  29. In my view, Rambo was the best ball hawk safety in the draft and about a round 1 or 2 talent. It was the off field issues that caused him to tumble and considered a risky pick. But I think getting him in round 6 makes it worth a shot.

  30. It was an interesting draft. I guess they filled the needs they had. The TE pick was slightly surprising. I thought the secondary & O-line would’ve been a little more pressing of a need.

    Taking two RBs really puts Helu & Royster on notice…

  31. voorheesma says:
    Apr 30, 2013 1:32 PM
    OLB is a need as Orakpo is anything but dependable with 3 upper body injuries last few years and Rob Jax suspended first 4 games. If ‘Rak doesn’t have a good year and stay healthy there is a chance he will be gone after this year.
    Before 2012, Orakpo had missed one preseason game in his career. Last September, Roger Saffold intentionally stomped on his upper chest after the whistle. So no, I would not say Orakpo is injury prone.

    Secondly, Washington has five very capable linebackers on the roster, drafted a sixth, and Baccarri Rambo can line up at Mike if necessary. Sure Fletcher’s 38, but there will be another draft before he retires, and this should really not be an area of concern at the moment.

  32. Maybe I’m being overoptimistic, but this was one of the best drafts I’ve seen in years. Most mocks had DC taking Amerson, Thomas, or Rambo in the second. I’m a little leery of Amerson, but there was a run on corners at the time, and he was the best CB on the board. Still, the fact that Shanahan was able to pick up the other two options in the 4th and 6th, should solidify the Redskins in the “A” range on whatever grading scale you’re using. Especially when you consider that they also landed a rd. 1/2 TE in the third, an injured rd. 1 OLB in the fifth, and 1/3 of Robert Griffin (Robert Griffin I?).

  33. All the hate is coming from losers. We smashed the division (5-1)when nobody picked us so keep hating cause I’m luving it!

    By the way they hating cause they are seriously sweating our rule of the division. We got the Giants, Eagles and Dallas scrambling to draft dudes that can stop us and it’s comical. Hail!!!

  34. I share the concern and frustration of those Skins fans who wonder why Shanny just will not draft offensive linemen when he has the chance. That said, do not discount the signings of three quality UFA’s – tackles Xavier Nixon and R.J. Mattes, and center Ricky Barnum – all of whom can play more than one position. Two or three could make the team and be solid contributors this year.

  35. @ hailskins4life….
    You hit the nail on the head. The damn era of buying big name veterans almost destroyed the SKINS. Shanny and Allen have done, nothing short of, a miracle iith the team I’ve never lost faith or hope in. Just a brilliant job with the Redskins’ franchise. And an absolute great draft. I believe Amerson will be a starter this year, at first rotating with Josh Wilson, then by the bye prove to be the starter. I don’t see Hall getting beat out of his spot due to his shut down coverage the last 7 games
    I am a D. Hall fan and his performance is easily explained …he quit ball hawking and showed that his coverage skills are at the top of the NFL. I don’t like our OL, though. They’re great on stretch plays when they able to get the d. going a sideways. The reason they had low sacks allowed was only due to RGIIIs ability to elude and not let on where the ball was. Polombus was constantly beat allowing pressure on RGIII. Just have to get a good right tackle that has the talent to play guard as well.
    And there’s no doubt that the Redskins’ success is greatly in appreciation to the best and most loyal fans in the world….Redskins Nation, baby!
    Looking forward to the start of training camp to see which of these rookies will step up and take the position they want…though it won’t be Roy Helu’s.

  36. I think draft was great! Remember the cap penalty guys? But we still were able to keep most of 2012 team together..Remember we had no #1? But really we did, his name is Robert. With all that considered, we had a GREAT draft! HTTR

  37. Skins got devin stark.he’s 6ft3 206 wr and went undrafted…he reminds me of calvin johnson, if this guy makes the team he could be a big target for griffen…stark has unreal hands and will go at the highest point and snag the ball out of the air.. good rout runner and decent speed, he could end up being the steal of the draft..check him out on youtube..

  38. I think that this draft is under the radar successful. Watch the Skins this year….With 5 prime time games, you might just have to watch. To all my NFC East Buddies, we are no longer irrelevant.

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