Eric Winston working out for Dolphins Wednesday


Former Chiefs and Texans offensive tackle Eric Winston will have a workout with the Dolphins on Wednesday, a league source told PFT’s Mike Florio.

Winston, 29, has started 103 consecutive regular-season games. He has played right tackle on the NFL level after playing left tackle at Miami (Fla.).

Jake Long, the Dolphins’ starting left tackle since 2008, departed in free agency, and his replacement remains unclear.

Jonathan Martin, the Dolphins’ primary starting right tackle in 2012, is an option on the left side if Miami adds a veteran right tackle like Winston.

36 responses to “Eric Winston working out for Dolphins Wednesday

  1. This is the move Ireland needs to make as the “icing on the cake” of a good offseason

  2. Tannehill drops to his knees and mumbles “we should have just traded for Branden Albert when we had the chance. I’m gonna get killed this season”.

  3. riverhorsey says:

    Apr 30, 2013 6:10 PM

    Graded out better than Albert last year

    lol are you kidding me???

    Brandon Albert gave up 1 sack last year and Winston had the most penalties and sacks on the Chiefs in 2012.

    Must be a homer phins fan thinking winston is a top 5 tackle just sitting in FA.

  4. He is a much cheaper alternative when compared to Branden Albert, specially price for value.
    But then again, why are we talking about reinforcing your OL with the Chief´s, which was perceived as one of the worst in the league?

  5. The Chiefs and Albert want to play hardball? The Fins will get another tackle this is for sure. However watching the fireworks from Albert, Reid, and Fisher will be fun to watch.
    You had your chance Chiefs, we were the only team serious about him. Good luck with that whole “I’m the LT, no I’M the Lt, no I am” thing..

  6. Isn’t it funny how all the KC fans are upset we didn’t trade for fat Albert. It must have been a smart move. We’ll get him for free next season. Stupid Chiefs.

  7. I’m sure this is all about Miami trying to win the stadium vote…right?

    ……..while coinciding with being all about Ireland desperately trying to save his job.

  8. the Jaguars’ and Chiefs’ RT’s will be better than our(Dolphins) LT next year. But then again the Ravens won the SuperBowl with a tub of goo at LT

  9. I’m sure Tannehill would be happy to donate the difference between Clabo and Winston’s asking price, since he’s sure to get hurt if Winston is playing RT.

  10. The Chiefs really fumbled this.

    They could have had pick #54. Meaning: right now they have Jamar Taylor. And if they’d made that trade before the draft, Miami doesn’t move up. We stay at #42 and probably select Melenik Watson, taking Eifort in the first at #12.

    And so the Raiders would not have their RT for the next 5-6 years at least either. The Chiefs hurt themselves…and inadvertently helped a division rival.

    And now they’ll be lucky to get a pick for NEXT year, meaning they lose a year of equity on Albert’s value (or the value of their franchise tag, depending on your point of view).

    Well played, Chiefs. Well played.

  11. Actually, we wouldn’t have drafted Watson if we make the trade (we’d have had Albert). We MIGHT have gone Taylor at #42, but, having not drafted Jordan, probably go DE or OLB.

  12. Just remember Dolphins fans:

    Eric Winston != Winston Justice

    The former is a starting quality RT. The second is a relatively poor quality backup RT.

  13. Chiefs will get at least a 3rd rounder for not trading Albert and letting him walk. Why not keeping him for the year. Miami will come back begging for him it it will cost them. As for Winston. Good run blocker but is always getting beat in pass protection. He is the reason Matt Cassel got his head beat in last year. I think the dolphins will be sorry before it is all over or they will come calling the Chiefs and will give up even more.

  14. Still doesn’t solve the left tackle issue. The position is officially downgraded. Just like CB, RB and slot receiver. Should have used that #3 pick on an LT. Poor Ryan Tannehill may never get the chance to show if he can be a solid starter.

  15. robbenwj, the 3rd round pick you will get is a compensatory pick so it will be at the end of the 3rd round and it also cant be traded compensatory pick have to be made only by the team receiving them not to mention a lost year and you would be getting the comp pick in the 2015 draft

  16. In my opinion, Ireland did right by letting the Albert thing go. Too much money for Albert, too much compensation for KC, and too many red (or at yeast yellow) flags all around.

    Winston would be a good move, and he fits the scheme. Martin wasn’t that bad at LT after playing RT most of the year… let’s see what happens. If it doesn’t work, well, you can’t expect to fill EVERY hole in one year…

  17. Winston is so highly sought after he was cut from a horrible Chiefs line after 1 year and still not on a team going into may. This guy sucks.

  18. i believe winston woul fit the w/c offense better than albert although he has got beat in pass blocking he is able to move pretty good and could do well in a zone blocking scheme

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