Freeney telling teams he’ll take Osi money now

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All offseason, free agents have been getting reverse sticker-shock, with the market not approaching what they found in previous years.

So now, the guys in it are forced to swallow a little pride, and admit they’ll take less if they’re going to find a job, with Dwight Freeney the latest to learn the economic lesson.

According to Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post, former Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney has lowered his asking price significantly the longer he’s been unemployed, going from an initial request for $8 million per year to nearly half that. Freeney apparently has told other teams he’d take a deal resembling Osi Umenyiora’s two-year, $8.5 million deal with the Falcons.

The Broncos have apparently moved on, after signing the more versatile Shaun Phillips this weekend.

Freeney should still be able to help someone as a third-down pass-rusher, but it’s clearly not as valuable a commodity as he thought it was a few months ago.

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  1. Would love the Buccaneers to pick him up for a $4 million per year deal for two years. Could add more rotation, especially on third downs and is better suited in a 4-3 and not the 3-4 that he was forced into up in Indy.

  2. If you would have announced that prior to the draft you may have got some interest… Now teams have filled gaps and are less desperate to bring you in

  3. If you want someone to rush straight up the field past the qb, then Dwight’s your guy!

    Love you D-Free, you had a tremendous career and were one of my favorite players, but you’re just not getting it done anymore. Kinda sad actually

  4. I thought he should have approached the Lions prior to the draft. They had a bigger need at DE than any team, but now they also drafted 2 guys relatively high there. He could have secured more playing time with them too.

  5. The game has passed Dwight up. Father time never loses. He’s hurt basically always now, and is not as effective as he once was.

  6. No surprise here, he’ll end up taking an incentive-laden deal, but don’t think he’s taking that pay cut just to get snaps on a rebuilding squad like the Jags or Browns of the world – he’s just trying to play for a contender and everyone knows it.

    The Niners / Falcons / Pats of the world would love to land him, they just won’t pay up for him. One side’s gonna budge and I think we all know it’s gonna be Freeney.

    Best of luck to him, even taking half the snaps he’ll get his sacks – he’s a true specialist. He’s got a role to play somewhere, it’s just not going to be near as lucrative as he hopes.

  7. Talk about supply & demand, he’ll be in Denver within 2 weeks I’d bet at $3 M a season.

  8. You needed a “Reality Check” more than a “Pay Check” as a broncos fan I’m happy you blew that opportunity,Sean Phillips is a better all around player and younger.


  9. Dear Martin Mayhew, Detroit could use a good experienced pass rusher…please sign him…

    Now to condradict myself, I could see him being valuable to Detroit in teaching Ansah the ins and outs of playing DE in the NFL.

  10. e will sign for 1 year 2.5 million or he will not play simple as that 4 million for a one down DE not going to happen Abraham will get 3 million from the Pats by end of next week would rather have him then Freeney

  11. seattle needs to make that deal, this could be big in stopping kaepernick on 3rd down, freeneys smarts and football accumen would be a major disruption and could be a potential difference maker when healthy

  12. It happens every time. First comes a players pride, then their fall. Reality check! In the pic of him in this article may be a big sign of what he will be doing most of the time here in his future….

  13. The new CBA took away the threat of having to pay an unproven rookie top dollar for low performance …FA was the counter to that, pay for a known performer or pay for potential…now the rookies come so cheap it doesn’t matter anymore if teams cut an underachiever it won’t cripple the bottom line and because they can find cheap replaceable talent they use this to squeeze veterans and creates alot of take or leave it kind of situations…only the very top players will make REAL money….

  14. this is what happens when you are an older player and you have the worst year of your career in a contract year. i love dwight, but he played his cards all wrong.

    don’t feel too bad for the guy either, he was the HIGHEST PAID PLAYER IN THE NFL last year!

  15. There is a reason the best, most awesome team the NFL has ever seen, with the absolute greatest Quarterback in NFL HISS toe ree(That would be Andy Luck for you jets fans(They don’t know what a quarterback is ya’ll)) didn’t resign Mr. Freeney. They appreciate his contributions but because they are the smartest team in the NFL with the best Head coach (again, that’s the guy that prepares the game plan jets fans( you know, so that the team has a shot at winning…see Websters…)) and the greatest GM (That’s the General Manager jets fans(He judges talent and then aquires it.(again see Websters for the definition of talent)). So, to wrap it all up. The Colts are the greatest team that ever was and ever will be. Thank you and God Bless America!

  16. OOPS! I got so wrapped up in how GREAT the Colts are I forgot where I was going with this, yes because they are the smartest team in the NFL, they knew you were done as a relevant player and suspected you would find a spot with the Jets in thier circus of idiocity!

  17. It actually seems that the NFL is taking a “we pay less” approach to every position. Beginner level contracts are small, free agency contracts are small. Sort of reminds me of Apple stock, the stock hit 730, the company announced a buy back in 3 years, now the buy back is approaching the stock is in the toilet and Apple is either ok with that or they’re keeping it low on purpose.

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