Geno Smith fires agents


The fallout from Geno Smith’s round one free-fall continues.

Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal reports that Smith, the 39th overall pick in the draft, has parted ways with his agents at Select Sports Group.  After the five-day waiting period expires, Smith will be free to hire new representation.

Upon hearing the news, we assumed that the agents hadn’t properly prepared Smith for the possibility that he wouldn’t be selected in the first round.  Given that the most important job for any agent in the weeks preceding the draft is to properly set the client’s expectations, failure to hammer into Smith’s head the chance that he’ll spend all of Thursday night in the green room at Radio City Music Hall would be enough to prompt a change.

But that’s not what happened, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  Per Mehta, Smith fired his agents because he believed he “would be and should be” the first overall pick in the draft.  Surely, the agents weren’t telling Smith he would be the first pick in the draft.

If that’s what Smith believed, he either didn’t listen to his agents, or he chose to listen to someone else more.  (Smith has since told SiriusXM NFL Radio that the decision had nothing to do with the draft process.  He declined to elaborate.)

Agents have only limited influence over a player’s draft stock, even though some agents try much harder than others to improve it.  Ultimately, Smith ended up being the 39th overall pick because the teams took other players with the first 38, due to needs or perceptions or whatever.

While it’s possible that the agents could have persuaded another team selecting higher than 39 to take Smith, the notion (if true) that Smith thought he “would be and should be” the first overall pick suggests that Smith simply ignored whatever he was being told about the fact that the Chiefs weren’t going to take him at No. 1 and that no one else was trading up to do it — no matter how hard the Chiefs tried to generate interest by leaking the idea that they are “fascinated” by Smith.

Regardless of the reason for making a change, doing it in the immediate aftermath of the draft creates the impression that he did it in reaction to his failure to be drafted higher.  And that means there’s now even more reason to believe that Smith will have a hard time handling adversity in the NFL and dealing with the intense scrutiny and criticism of the New York media.

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  1. Yes, how mature Geno. Another horrible pick by the Jets. Anyone still believe he’s cut out for being a leader?

  2. He fire them because his agent was supposed to water his plants while he was away and did not. Speculation is fun!

  3. Not liking what I’m seeing from this guy thus far. The body language during the draft as he slid was horrible, and this rapid-fire firing of the agent further suggests impetuous emotional responses.

    If he can’t take things not going his way, he’s in the wrong business.

  4. I think there were a ton of missteps by the Smith camp and Smith himself throughout this whole process. Not only did they not set the expectations well, but they failed miserably at guiding him and helping him maximize his draft stock. But the worst things here are the things they didn’t do and the things that probably never occurred to them to suggest to their client about how to bolster his status. I myself was higher on Smith at one point and I knocked him down a lot of points because I didn’t like his approach to preparing for this process and the lack of strategic efforts to position himself as an attractive choice. This was a lazy and messy effort by his team.

  5. This guy is another Jamarcus with way less talent. Soon his mom is going to be inquiring about the team benching him before the season even begins. He should have gone home after round 1.

  6. Hahaha, boy did he end up on the right team.

    Has he already had his finger measured for his Super Bowl ring?

  7. Who’s decision was it to not play in the Senior Bowl? Many of the first round picks helped themselves immensely by playing in that game and competing against all the best seniors. He mad a big mistake not attending and if the agents advised him to do that, then they deserved to be fired? If that was his decision then it’s his fault alone.

  8. Bust

    Reminds me of Aaron Maybin recording rap songs about all the sacks he was going to get as he was holding out on the Bills.

  9. Gino needs follow Cam Newton’s latest cultural icon wannabe gig and talk a department store clothing line to be named after him… because, like Cam, he needs to cash in while he can.

    Though both are physically gifted, neither Cam nor Gino appear to have the maturity and attitude to make it as a top tier NFL quarterback.

    Too much ME and not enough TEAM in both of these young men, I’m afraid.

    Jets and Panthers may well be competing for the 2013 Circus Franchise Award this coming season.

  10. Seems like he and the Jets are a perfect match.

    He believes he should have been the top QB taken

    While Wrecks believes the Jets should have already won two Super Bowls during his tenure

  11. Not enough information here yet for me to start beating the kid down.

    But let this be a lesson to future first round quarterback prospects:

    Don’t skip the Senior Bowl.

  12. Looks like the NFL agreed with Nawracki. This feels like a tantrum. “It’s somebody’s fault I didnt go first….JUST NOT MINE!!!!”

  13. Not the best way to start this young fellow’s NFL career.

    Hope someone told him he’ll have to work his tail off.

    Otherwise it’s likely to be three and out like that heavy set ex-QB dude in Oakland.

  14. truly easing his way into the NYC spotlight…

    Good luck Geno – the lights shine a little brighter at Metlife than they did in Morgantown….

  15. before signing a contract with the JETS, he is acting like a jet. Congrats JETS fans.

  16. Vince Young v2.0

    Disagree. Vince had more talent and possibly, somehow, more brains.

  17. “Given that the most important job for any agent in the weeks preceding the draft is to properly set the client’s expectations”

    Really ? Strange, I would think that, you know, getting their clients drafted as high as possible is the important job.

    Sure they have to manage expectations as well, but that’s a lesser part of the job. Since the main point of doing so is protecting their own gig, any agent who places that as the most important job is by definition not doing the best thing for their client.

  18. This dude just cost himself millions of dollars. Not because he fired his agents, but because he’s coming across as an entitled DB. Some of the best QB’s in the league came in as late choices (or un-drafted). You can’t put the playbook under your pillow, then expect to master it. The scrap heap of the NFL is littered with guys who thought they had it all and just needed to show up. So Geno, If you’re smart (so far you’re not), be smart, learn the game, be humble and realize that the millions you might earn are based on your ability to produce.

  19. LMAO! First he predicts the playoffs without taking a snap, then fires his agents because he couldn’t stand dropping to round 2? Great pickup Idzik.

  20. He’ll be a perfect fit for the Jets, in fact the way he’s making headlines, they might as well start him now

  21. Let’s go to Warren Moon for his comments on the situation.

    Guess you stopped at the sentence you quoted and missed this.

    “While it’s possible that the agents could have persuaded another team selecting higher than 39 to take Smith, the notion (if true) that Smith thought he “would be and should be” the first overall pick suggests that Smith simply ignored whatever he was being told about the fact that the Chiefs weren’t going to take him at No. 1 and that no one else was trading up to do it — no matter how hard the Chiefs tried to generate interest by leaking the idea that they are “fascinated” by Smith.”

    Jerry Maguire couldn’t have gotten this kid drafted number 1 overall.

  22. I was a Geno Smith fan, thought he got a bad rap – because this guy can make all the throws and for as much as he threw the ball he only had 6 picks. He had to carry that WVU team because its defense was so bad. But after the post round 1 pout and now this the Jets will be a farce again this year. Good luck there Rex. This is what you, Tannenbaum and Johnson craved – a ship of fools.

    Idzik at least seems like he is trying to divest the team of the buffoonery.

  23. Can you imagine how terrified the Jets are now that Tebow will be a success somewhere, after shanking him in favor of this arrogant SOB? Could you imagine the second guessing after giving Sanchez and Smith chance after chance, yet not giving Tebow the light of day?

  24. Something stinks in the article. There is no way anyone who 1) must learn an NFL or college playbook, 2) is touted as an NFL player and 3) has access to the internet in any way shape or form could be so stupid. Not reading about the draft and clearly seeing that there was no way he was going to the Chiefs and that the probability as of 3 days before the draft that a team would trade to #1 to get him was slimmer than none…c’mon.

    Maybe his agents told him so and so team was interested and they all actually believed it. But shame on all of them for not predicting this fall was a definite possibility.

  25. Keep moving! Nothing to see here…

    Glad to see the drama in NY is finally ending.

  26. I can tell you 2 busts already. Geno Smith and Manti Teo. Geno fumbles a ton, and just doesn’t seem to have “it”, and well if Manti went to a school other than N.D., he would have went undrafted. A small and slow linebacker? Dime a dozen.

  27. Someone needs to get an image consultant quick because Geno obviously is a wee bit of an arsehole…He just comes off completely wrong….So far it APPEARS that he’s an arrogant, petulant little shyt who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut (see playoff guarantee) his predraft interviews were more scripted than Tebow’s PR friendly remarks and it makes him seem a little insincere about his mindset and approach to the game…bottom line shut the eff up and get to work making yourself into a Quality QB or become one of those cautionary tells about guys with big mouths and poor attitudes

  28. Wow he sounds like he’ll work out perfect with Santonio Holmes. Can’t wait for Rex Ryan’s Firing press conference and the Jets to just continue their way back to the famed Richie Kotite era!

  29. Best thing to ever happen to Tebo was being cut by the Jets, good luck with your new quarterback, looks like he will fit right in with the jets fans.

  30. So his agents may or may not have got him to believe he was going at the top of the first…

    And he may or may not believe he should have gone at the top of the first…

    And he may or may not have fired his agents because of either of those…

    And he may or may not be telling the truth when he says it had nothing to do with it…

    But all this may show he probably won’t be able to handle adversity in the NFL?

    Got it. Thanks.

  31. This guy is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of a multi-million dollar football career whether you like it or not. The agents work for him, not the other way around. If he feels they let him down, he has every right to fire them and get new ones. That’s leadership and decision making on his part.

  32. I can’t wait to see this guy hit rock bottom with a 4 int game and a butt fumble. Someone needs to slap the arrogance out of his mouth.

  33. What’s worse, Geno thinking he was going to be the #1 or his new head coach thinking he was going to win a Superbowl with Mark Sanchez as his QB?

    Both are seriously delusional but Rex gets top spot in my book.

  34. Who cares! All that will matter is how he plays on the field. No Jets fan will ever remember him firing his agent, if he wins games. Those who talk trash about his skill set probably haven’t watched him play. He is an upgrade for the Jets. I am sure other agents have been fired before. Does Elvis Dumervil suck because he fired his agent for making a mistake. What until he has had a chance to play before thrashing his game. I am sure all of you experts on this blog were division one players. GREAT INSIGHT!

  35. Now that Tebow’s career appears to be over, Geno looks like the next logical subject for the Skip Bayless Crusade, which is only centered around those with no talent.

  36. Uh boy, already Smith is putting off bad vibes. Why fire his agents now? Was he ticked about not being picked in round one? If so, why blame that on his agents?

    What’s next, a lawsuit against all the scouts (Nawrocki, Mayock, et. al.) who didn’t think he was first round material?

  37. Instead of making up a story based on the hack Mehta and his anonymous source, why don’t you print what Geno actually said.

    “I don’t want to shed too much light on it,” he said. “It’s not because of whole draft experience.”

    Smith also doesn’t appear upset about where he landed, either.

    “I’m not bitter about where I was drafted, because I’m on a great team,” he said.

  38. I’m really more and more worried that the Jets are going to beat out my Raiders for the first pick in the 2014 draft.

  39. who cares if he’s fired his agents? players do it all the time, you don’t know what was going on there so there’s no reason to judge

  40. The posters above are correct: Should have played in the senior bowl. Because (I think it was Walsh of SF) “when a player shows you who he is believe him”. Several W Va game films were not indicative of 1st rnd talent, much less 1st overall, playing in the senior bowl was an opportunity to increase his appeal to teams looking for a QB.

  41. Come on people, the experts were saying he was the number one QB in the league. If I got drafted by the jets, I’d hangup my cleats.
    Keep this circus going and soon they will be the Los Angeles Jets.
    Sounds sexy huh?

  42. Are there any Jets fans who are excited about having this me first,its everyone’s fault but mine,immature QB leading their team?

    Just when you think it could not get worse .

  43. And this is just the beginning. Wait till that assclown Jay Z starts getting into his head telling him he wants to represent him in “his best interests”. Too bad they will Jay Z’s “best interests”.

    Missing Tebow yet?

  44. “Ultimately, Smith ended up being the 39th overall pick because the teams took other players with the first 38…”

    Wow, mind-blowing analysis! That’s why y’all are the pros, and I’m just a lowly reader.

  45. stull60060 says:
    Apr 30, 2013 2:51 PM


    And if this ends up being true, they will likely be choosing between Manziel and Bridgewater. Never-ending QB shuffle. LOL

  46. Hey, Geno….all those “friends” of yours that are blowing smoke up your wazoo about how you should have been the #1 pick are nothing but a bunch of leaches…..and, by the way, you’re starting to look like a chimney

  47. I literally just read someone comment saying Geno Smith’s body-language while he slid on Draft Day was “poor”.

    Was Aaron Rodgers’ body-language positive on his draft day? Was Drew Brees’? Tom Brady? Dan Marino???


  48. Tavon Austin made this guy look like a first rounder, and everybody but Idzik and Smith know it. A perfect match.

  49. He really thought he was going first overall? Wasn;’t he by most accounts not even the best QB in the draft? He sounds like a genius. You know, I hope he doesn’t hold a grudge against those 38 teams that didn’t pick him before the Jets!

  50. I don’t know what was worse surprise for Geno Smith, getting drafted as late as he did (I wouldn’t say he fell in the draft because nobody but his agent thought he’d go in the 1st round), or being drafted by the New York Jets.

    What a nightmare.

    Don’t know what kind of a career he might have had pre-draft, but I have a pretty good idea now.

  51. I think this guys is just a black version of Mark Sanchez! Just another winer whenever things don’t go his way.

  52. First overall?
    Like I’ve said, I’m not sure about his skill-set, but he’s just as smart as McNabb.

  53. Idzik was there when Russell Wilson, was drafted in the third round. Wilson got right to work with no grandstanding to the media. He worked hard and impressed the coaches so much that they named him the Hawks starter, over the recently signed big-bucks pro from Green Bay.

    Idzik is in New York now and has witnessed this egomaniacal tantrum from Geno. Now just what do you think Idzik, is thinking about Vince Young v2.0?

    Going to be a loooong season in New York, unfortunately.

  54. Its something about this guy “Geno” that just doesnt sit well with me. I dont know if its his arrogance, demeanor or what but i just have a bad vibe. Good luck JETS….your gonna need it i think!

  55. Just wait until he get a taste of the “Purple Drank” he’ll be done. That’s what we call an ID 10T error.

  56. So you drafted a fragile-ego, weak-minded QB to replace a fragile-ego, weak-minded QB?……Only the Jets baby…lol

  57. Whatever made him think he was going to be the #1 pick in the draft??? Are all 32 teams wrong or something. Excuse me, for having such a big ego. This might be a long year, if he behaves like this.
    First get the starting job, then see what happens, until then “shut up” for goodness sake.

  58. Boo Hoo…. Geno and Rex Ryan are perfect for each other… inflated egos, big mouths, under-performing expectations, and not knowing when to just shut up and smile… Good Luck Jets–couldnt have happened to a better team.

  59. This story is BS stop tryn to throw dirt on the kid he hasn’t played a down yet u dont know what really happened as to why he wanted new representation look the jets drafted this guy get over it he’s better than Sanchez or old broken down Garrard every time sum team drafts a young blk mobile QB its always a problem or sumthg is got to b wrong with the guy let his play do the talkn for him he cant b worst than the worst QB in NFL history tim tebow that all of u wanted n loved he was horrible n so is Sanchez its a new day n time for the jets go Geno!

  60. What a perfect fit for the nj jets. Another delusional player who thinks he’s better than he is. Superbowl? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  61. Apparently the annoying Jet’s fan that was shaking his head in denial and disbelief while Geno Smith’s name was called during the Draft was on to something.

  62. hard to believe the people making some of these comments are real people. his career is off to a nightmarish start? get a grip.

  63. A lot of people above me need to look at themselves in the mirror. Assclown? Arrogant little “shyt”? Ignorant? Damn people this ain’t the 1950s. White QB fires agent after draft, non news. Black kid does it, he’s a problem, uh-oh!

    Wow…smhfh, in 2013? Damn shame.

  64. Calm down people. Last time I check, he has all the right in the world to fire his agent without any explanation to anyone. And by the way, lets hold off on the Bust predictions. He hasn’t even taken a snap yet!!!!!!!

  65. grim42-The success, or lack of it for a quarterback depends a great deal on those around him on the field. A QB needs to bond with his team, the guys who will catch his passes, take his handoffs, and battle to protect him. A lot of them, most in fact, are not 1st round picks.

    Its the difference between giving 100%, or 110%. If Geno doesn’t mesh well with the Jets O, they may not support him with that extra “oomph” in their efforts. Its the teams with the players that go the extra mile, that are the most successful.

    He “has” to be a leader on and off the field. The other players have to feel that he is in it for the team, not simply Geno. Without that trust and camaraderie, he might be good, but the team as a whole will suffer.

  66. As NFL fans, we should all be thankful for the ongoing escapades by the Jet FO in their inept search for a serviceable QB. This has provided hours of entertainment and shows no sign of ending soon.

  67. So, the guy fired someone who worked for him? Holy cow, call the NY Times.
    If he wasn’t satisfied with them, then why shouldn’t he fire them? Because someone might blog about it? Give me a break. People are just bored.

  68. Smith has the potential to end up being a fine NFL QB, but he’s nowhere near the caliber of an RGIII or Luck. While it was surprising he didn’t get picked in the 1st round, it wasn’t shocking either, as the second half of his 2012 season was a disaster.

    Fact is that the 2013 crop of rookie QBs was the worst in recent memory, none of those guys were worth anymore than a two or three at best. The Bills did an especially poor job, Manuel would have been available in the 3rd or maybe even later than that.

  69. irkjames says:Apr 30, 2013 3:00 PM

    I literally just read someone comment saying Geno Smith’s body-language while he slid on Draft Day was “poor”.

    Stop with the excuses already. This kid will melt under the Ny press spotlight. Good times!

  70. He probably thought he was going to be the first pick in the draft because he looked at this site 10 times a day. You had a lot of us believing he would be too.

  71. Regardless of Geno saying that it’s not related to the draft… got to be aware of what the impact is going to be….especially in NY.
    You’ve got to be kidding me.
    So much for the Jet’s scouting and GM evaluation.

  72. earvinmagicjackson says:
    Apr 30, 2013 2:17 PM
    Not enough information here yet for me to start beating the kid down.

    But let this be a lesson to future first round quarterback prospects:

    Don’t skip the Senior Bowl.


    Maybe it was his dumb agents idea for him to not go to the Senior Bowl, or to throw at the combine.

    If they came to him and said we know what it will take for you to get drafted high(which you would have to tell any good prospect to be their agent), then he doesn’t get drafted high, then why would you stick with those agents?

    Why does this story automatically take the side of an agent? Yeah, they never make promises they can’t keep. Maybe they sold him a bill of goods about being drafted 1st overall for them to be his agents in the 1st place. They didn’t hold up their end, but still want a decent chunk of Geno Smith’s contract money? He could have had no agent the whole draft process and could have still went in the 2nd round(maybe even improve where he was taken).

  73. This just shows that Geno will not be a good NFL QB. When things don’t go his way, he’ll just pout. Instead of leading his team past adversity, he’ll sit on the bench sulking with a towel over his head like the other prima donna, Cam. Tebow would be a much better team leader.

  74. Geno can throw with anybody. Look at his stats. So quit w/ the Vince Young & Jamarcus comparisons.

    Sixty percent of you don’t have the intelligence to argue logically with my six year old nephew, much less make a valid point that’ll be read by adults.

    Turn off comments, PFT!

  75. This article is full of assumes, ifs….maybe the reason that he fired his agent, they were trying to do something shady like slip in a power of attorney.

  76. D I V A Diva Diva Diva! What an immature punk. I don’t root for guys to fail but I may change my tune over Geno. He blew off Suzie Culver when she asked about the text from Aaron Rodgers. He wanted to bail on the draft but only relented after getting killed in the media. And now he fires his agent(s). Good Luck Geno, your recievers suck and so does your o-line. Save your signing bonus, it may be difficult to get your next deal.

  77. Oh, so I guess the guy who posted at me here about how Geno was just upset about the draft , he’s a kid blah blah blah apparently didn’t know crap after all. Shocking.

  78. Anyone stop to wonder that maybe he asked his agent(s) are you sure I’m gonna be taken in the first round? I’d fire their a$$es too if they assured me I wouldn’t be left in the green room waiting overnight.

  79. Hold up-

    Both Vince Young AND Jamarcus Russell would have went before Geno Smith in the draft. So would Tebow!

    Geno Smith was OK at WV, but the guy whined too much. And he made some great passes, but was inconsistent. Plus, they were only 7-6!

    Let’s put this in perspective: Tebow only lost 7 regular season games during his entire career as a Gator! That’s 4 years! Vince Young lost a total of 3 regular season games in his 3 years as a Longhorn! And Jamarcus Russell lost 7 games in 3 seasons!

    Now, Geno Smith? 4 years- 15 LOSSES! (Oh, it’s gonna be fun in Jersey!)

  80. Oh great. Another cry baby to add to the Jets Circus show. Wow.. Geno may actually make jets fans wish they had Tebow back.. at least he kept quite and worked his ass off..

  81. I wish he would also predict a Superbowl, then we would know for sure he is a Jet.

    Rest of the League tweet to the Jets.

    Shut up and beat the Patriots

  82. My God i thought the jets made a good pick value wise by taking smith until i heard him speak this kid has the attitude of ryan leaf

  83. I owe Nawrocki an apology. It does seem that Geno is not quite who we thought he was.

  84. There is a reason he didn’t take part in the Senior Bowl. At the time, I think he and his Agent, thought that would only hurt his stock. It was a miscalculation on the agents fault, and he should be fired.

  85. As a WVU grad, I say stop crying Geno and man up. Take the Tom Brady approach and work harder than any other in that locker room to prove yourself to the teams that passed on you.

  86. If the person managing your career and your money told you you were worth a 1st round pick and 15-20 million guaranteed but it turned out you were really a 2nd round pick with 3-5 million guaranteed, would you keep him around to manage the rest of your career?

  87. If the draft were held after week 5 of the 2012 college football season, he may have gotten himself into a top 15 pick. He may even have been a Heisman front runner. But West Virginia and Smith were awful in the second half.

  88. At least Sanchez isn’t going to have to chase after Geno while running “gassers” like he did while Tebow was on the team.

  89. Geno has the makings of a great corporate executive. Rather than fire or blame himself he blames everyone else for his free fall from being what he never should have been. (The # 1 Pick)

  90. Teams know what kind of character a player has before they draft. My thinking they knew what whiner this kid was gonna to be, and no one wanted to mess with that in their locker room. In interviews with coaches the potential player candidate is supposedly to sell himself. Every team saw the character flaws this kid had so he did not get picked when HE thought he should have been. I predict this becomes a cancer in the Jets locker room right from the get-go. Too Bad.

  91. and through it all, Warren Moon STILL wants to know how all these people get off questioning his leadership, integrity, and ability to handle pressure.

  92. To use a favorite phrase of one of my friends, “Sweet Baby Jesus.” This jerk fits in so well with the Jets that it’s uncanny. The band should strike up “Thunder and Blazes” (the circus song) every time he walks into a room.

    I’m not a Jets fan, but I certainly sympathize with those who are stuck rooting for this perpetually dysfunctional, awful franchise.

    Please, Jets fans, give up on this alleged team. Find another team to support. It doesn’t have to be the Giants or the Patriots, you don’t have to go that far. There are lots of decent franchises, some successful, who would welcome your passion and commitment.

  93. If I am Warren Moon right now, I would reach out to Geno Smith and tell him to shut up! This is last thing he should be doing before he takes a snap as an NFL quarterback.

  94. I can’t believe the Jets are dumb enough to draft this guy. didn’t they do any homework and interview this guy? I guarantee that his character flaws would come out in an interview.

  95. Haha can you believe the nerve of that guy (if it’s true)? I firmly believe now he and Jets are a match made in heaven.

  96. Wow…media already trying to tarnish this guy too.

    If Geno went 31st to the Niners and still fired agent, media would say he is defiant and displaying great leadership for having such high regard for his skills. And wow, Niners are smart to get such great value and future security for Kapernick.

  97. This kid sounds ready to start for the Jets on day one. Has he guaranteed a Super Bowl win yet? Immaturity at its finest.

  98. Geno Smith…..can you say Vince Young ! Another wasted pick by a truely dysfunctional franchise.

  99. If the dude can fire his agents, he can be a leader on the field and light a fire up the asses of the offensive line and the other players where Mark Sanchez doesn’t have a clue and always appears like a lost sheep everytime he or the other players make mistakes…and that’s quite often.

  100. Can’t wait to hate on this cry baby all year. Sounds like a Vick/T.O. mix to me. Seriously, what made him think he was first round, let alone first pick material?

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