Geno Smith’s former agents wish him the best


Agents Jeff Nalley and Erik Burkhardt of Select Sports Group have broken their silence in response to quarterback Geno Smith’s decision to fire them, only days after Smith became the 39th pick in the draft.

“We worked tirelessly for Geno Smith and all of our draft prospects,” the firm said in a statement released to PFT.  “The NFL Draft is unpredictable, and we prepared Geno and all of our draft prospects, as we do every year, about what can happen during the draft.   Not only did we tell him that what transpired on the first day of the draft was possible, the question of whether Geno would be a first- or second-round pick was arguably the most talked about subject in the three months leading up to the draft.   We wish Geno the best.”

The statement comes in response to a report from Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that Smith believed he “would be and should be” not a first-round pick but the No. 1 overall selection.  In an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Smith opted not to delve into the details.

“I don’t want to shed too much light on it,” Smith said, via a partial transcript provided by SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “The thing that I can tell you is that it’s not because of the whole draft experience.  It’s not because of one particular incident.   There’s a number of things.  And that story, you know, that battle will be fought on a different day.  As of right now I don’t feel too comfortable talking about all the details of it.”

Regardless, the timeline gives rise to a reasonable inference that the decision relates to Smith’s “whole draft experience.”  And it comes off as a blame-shifting reaction from Smith for not being drafted higher.

Based on the statement from Select Sports Group, if Smith thought he’d go higher, it wasn’t based on anything his agents were telling him.

90 responses to “Geno Smith’s former agents wish him the best

  1. does it really matter? I mean he got drafted. Honestly he should be happy. He has a better chance of competing this year against Sanchez than competing against Alex Smith.

  2. Ever watch the 30 for 30 about sports agents?

    The one kid they featured worked his butt off to get the guy drafted, then he dumps him the next day.

    That player is out of the league I believe, maybe not, who knows he was some no namer.

    But goes to show ya, agents aren’t the only SLIME part of sports agency.

  3. Geno wont last long unless to takes a hard look in the mirror and comletely changes his personality. Truth hurts.

  4. I dont know the kid, but he comes off as an immature idiot unable to deal with heat.

    From his initial decision to take his ball and go home when he didnt get picked in the first round (oh boo hoo, and yes i realize he came back…he was probably STRONGLY advised to come back to look stronger), to firing his agent because he wasnt the first overall pick…who the heck told him he’s be the first pick? Even if people (wrongly) had him as a first rounder, NOBOBY had him in the top 5. He should have dealt with it…its not your agents fault nobody valued you higher than you were taken! Its YOURS.

    This kid is going to get destroyed with the NY media if things start going downhill at any point. I say this as a person who, when i watch college football, i watch a few teams including WVU. I liked the kid and wanted him to do well (except against my steelers), but it seems he REALLY needs to grow up.

  5. This guy acts like it was his birthright to get drafted at ALL, much less #1 overall. He isn’t that good. And if you’re a team owner or GM, would you want a guy who sulks like this, acting like a girl getting her first monthly running your team?

  6. It’s important to get the other side of the story out there: that they were fired because they left Geno alone in New York on the second day of the draft so that they could visit other clients in Texas.

    If that’s true, it’s more than a fireable offense.

  7. Not sure why people make such a big deal of this. It sounds like Geno doesn’t trust the agents, so continuing to work with them the rest of his career sounds dumb. I’m sure if many of you could fire co-workers that you didn’t like, you would do so in a NY minute. That’s all that happened here.

  8. If I was the Jets Management, I’d be a little concerned that Smith is already more worried about his perceived status than being excited to play football. I thought it was very telling when he walked on the stage after being drafted. When heading towards the commish, he was’t excited or appreciative. Instead he was shaking his head in aggravation for being picked in Round 2. Odd behavior for the biggest day of his life.

  9. Dont like this guy at all anymore. The second he gets drafted his true colors show. Nolan was right. I dont think he was right about RG3 at all and may have over exaggerated Cam’s negatives and not adressing ANY positives, but i think he was spot on with Geno.

  10. I must admit, I was rooting for Geno leading up to the draft. Not for my team (Bengals) just overall. As a Bengals fan, I can spot a grease fire when I see it. This man has headache written all over him. Add to that, he’s going to the Jets. I hope I’m wrong because I tend to agree with Warren Moon but this guy is not getting off to the best start.

  11. Well, normally we think of agents as a lower life form than congress, but here, we’ll actually take their word for it?

    If they said it, it must be true. I can’t blame Geno for firing them. It’s his business, His right to hire and fire. The funny thing is that I never heard anyone from his management team rebut any of the negative things that ran rampant, leading up to the draft.

    For that alone, they deserved to be fired. You have to stand up for your guy.

  12. If Genius Smith truly doesn’t want to talk about it, than why is he talking about it ?

  13. This kid is going to get torn apart by the media in New York. They will sense his weakness and attack him with no mercy.

  14. See, Buffalo ( the other N.Y. team) knows that the other N.Y. team can’t compete with the other N.Y. team that they have to share a stadium with, so Buffalo ( the other N.Y. team) chose the less talked about Best QB in the draft. And now the other N.Y. team is looking like even less than the N.Y. team they aspire to be.
    So what’s that all boil down to?
    That the other new York team should pack its bags and head to? You guessed it, the other largest city in the U.S.,


  15. I have no clue if EJ Manuel will be better as a pro than Smith, or even good at all, but after this crap and hearing Manuel talk, Im glad the Bills picked this guy over that guy……SMith is kind of childish. makes me wonder if the Bills had drafted Nassib/Barkley would this have become a race like to think not but with Smith, each day you wonder more and more.

    oh and i think there was a 2 week window where there was talk about the CHiefs take a qb but for months the consensus was that no qb was worth #1. Where did he get the idea that he would be #1

  16. I have friends who are Jets fans and I enjoy giving them the needle. Lately that’s been pretty easy lately. I almost feel sorry for them…………..on second thought they deserve what they get. Pile on America, the circus is back and their new QB is an immature fool.

  17. Initial analysis is an insecure individual with a tendency to react emotionally rather than logically to unexpected duress. Needs constant self worth reinforcement from those surrounding him to maintain positive direction. Does not appear to react well to negative or stressful situations.

    Basically, Ryan Leaf 2.

  18. The funny thing is that I never heard anyone from his management team rebut any of the negative things that ran rampant, leading up to the draft.

    really because ive rarely heard that for any player.. unless the agent is Drew Rosenhouse

  19. Geno has a right to fire his agents if he feels that they did not support him enough when negative reports came out. However when the New York media starts covering him with negative reports he will not be able to fire them.

    The first order of business for Geno Smith should be hiring the best Public Relations firm in New York that his 2nd round money can buy.

  20. Geno has now officially proven to me that he is either the younger brother of Aaron Brooks (some talent below the neck but one who answers “all the above” to yes or no questions) or was Jimmy from the movie “The Ringer” starring Johnny Knoxville.

  21. It’s important to get the other side of the story out there: that they were fired because they left Geno alone in New York on the second day of the draft so that they could visit other clients in Texas.
    THANK YOU Green !

  22. This guy needs to take a page out of Tebow’s book and learn to be modest without sacrificing his willingness to win.

    While I’m no Tebow fan this is a bad sign for his NFL career. To be confident is one thing — arrogance and entitlement, well, …

  23. I wondered how a star could rise so quickly…..lead his team to a 5-0 start…..have the Heisman wrapped up and position his Mountaineers for a birth in the MNC ….. Only to crash and burn for the balance of the season.

  24. The firing of his agents, coupled with his threat to leave the draft after the first day, has raised questions about his maturity.

    “One of his perceived weaknesses was working through adversity,” a personnel executive said Tuesday, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

    You know where this is headed:

    What is going to happen when he throws his first pick?

    How about a sack?

    A fumble?

    I set the over/under at 6 games before he throws a WR, Lineman, RB under the bus.

  25. Has the most overratted QB in the history of the game Aaron Roders come out yet? I bet he does when his stats go down after losing Jennings , one less WR to pad his stats after throwing those slants and 5 yrd passes.

  26. You all do realize that being an NFL QB isn’t just about being a football player right? It’s about business and your future for the rest of your life hanging on 1 or 2 signed contracts. He has every right to fire an agent (which happens all the time after the draft, this is just being highlighted), especially when they chose not to be with him for Day 2 of the draft so they could be with other clients they represented. These aren’t character issues. Have you ever had to deal with millions of people talking about you, and losing close to $15 Million in guaranteed money in the span of 4 hours.

    I’d say he has a lot more character than a bunch of idiots on a board ripping apart a 22 year old for firing the first person he’s ever employed. How many people have any of you personally employed to handle your career? Thought so…

  27. Somehow it always works out so well for those players that fire their agents.

    Next up will be the contract issue, Geno has a higher price thought out then what the 39th pick should get. Then an old school tactic of a hold out maybe? Or be reluctant to sign and take your place on the roster?

    Who knows, but this is a much different taste from the Russell Wilson experience. (75th overall)

  28. Bill are starting to look like Geniuses, I wouldn’t touch this idiot with a 10 foot pole. He was come across as nothing but a selfish, whinny, spoiled brat.

  29. This guy is a clown! I’m very pleased that Philly didn’t take this asspie in the 2nd round. Jets are a circus, so it’s only fitting that he goes there to play.

  30. No one is denying that he has the “right” to fire his agents.

    The question is the timing and why?

    Its not like he signed a bad contract (he has no contract yet), or that his agents were holding up contracts negotiations.

    The move reeks of Smith wanting to place blame on someone for his draft status, when the only people to “blame” are NFL scouts and himself.

    It doesnt seem like the agents have had enough time to “fail.”

  31. What can happen in the draft? Uhh no, if what can happen in the draft is bad, then that’s your job to figure out advance and stop it from happening. Or you don’t get to be the agent. What’s the plan and are you going to go to work and produce results for the client, or just say you are going to work?

  32. Funny how after the news that he fired his agent comes out, Manish gets some unknown source(his fired agents) to say it was because he thought he’d be drafted 1 overall and that it was all Geno’s fault. Thats the best they came up with. Cmon everyone knew he would never go 1 overall including Geno. Looks bad for future business if your client fires you right after the draft and whats the easiest way to not look bad here. Blame it on the other person. Now I’m not saying its true or false, just questioning the source.

  33. When God was wondering how to best vent his wrath upon the Jets for the way they dealt with Tebow, he considered plague, pestilence, war, and famine. But instead he sent Geno Smith.

  34. It’s not their fault Geno didn’t go in round 1. I think for Geno, going after Manuel was the biggest slap in the face of it all. People were telling him he’d be the first QB taken, then the Bills really Buffaloed, and everything changed.

  35. What a waste of a pick cut in 3 yrs

    Why didn’t jets try to trade for Ryan mallet with pats

    All agents should have in contract if they get fired after draft they stil get 3 pct fee of signing bonus or first yr contract.

  36. It is pretty obvious that his former agents pumped his head full. of top pick fantasies. The agents and Geno probably assumed that he would get picked early because the top quarterbacks always tend to get picked early. They underestimated the lack of quarterbacking talent overall. Just because he was one of the better qbs in he draft and could possibly run the read-option does not mean that a team will just pick you because you are the standout in a weak class. That is when a team is going to look to draft a different position, which is kind of what we saw. It sounds like the Agents are amateurs. If there is a decent possibility that you will not get picked in the first round, why advise your client to go to New York at all? Then, when your client is obviously dissapointed, the agents bolt? That is when he needed them the most. Why would Geno pay a chunk of his salary to people who are not earning it? I would have fired them too.

  37. Wonder if he’ll end up with the King of football crap , Drew the smoosh , as his agent. ?
    I hope he can put this behind him quick and play well. It’s a big boy game now and you have to have people that have your back and your best intentions 24/7.
    And what ever you do, don’t take calls from Deon, Warren, Chad, or T.O.
    you have been warned.

  38. Brady got picked in the 6th.
    You’re body language says “loser”
    Good Luck, sport.

  39. 2nd coming of Vince Young.

    The Jets are idiots anyways. He stated he wasn’t staying in NY when his dumbutt didn’t get drafted. That alone should’ve made them see the 2nd coming of Vince Young.

    Atleast Vince was drafted in the first round!!

  40. Just another overrated punk who thinks he’s a star but yet hasn’t even taken snap one in the NFL. Geno Smith wasn’t picked in the 1st round of the draft because he is not 1st round material.

  41. again, just like the other story, why is something a sports agent says being treated like the god’s honest truth?

    If Smith was comically hung up on being #1(which is just heresay from a hack writer) he would have fired those agents weeks before the draft if they were telling him there’s a big chance he’d go in the 2nd round.

    Either the agents are lying now about what they told Smith, or Smith didn’t care about not being #1.

  42. Tape of the Syracuse game likely had a hand in his dropping down the board

  43. His new agents promised him that he’ll start week one, win rookie of the year, and make the pro-bowl.

  44. Can’t wait to see next years most hated athlete list. This guy hasn’t thrown a pass yet and he’s got my vote. I thank god the eagles didn’t take this immature douche.

  45. Geno and his girlfriends watched Jerry MacGuire right before the draft..that is the problem. Show me the money Jerry.

  46. The nfl is about the only place left where entitlement, political correctness and “me first” attitudes don’t pay off. Sorry Geno, you were used like a cheap mule and you just don’t get it. You read the headlines of the perpetually lying media and bought in to it. Wake up and quit pouting, you’ll never be as good as you think you are!

  47. Gino was,so mad that he was not the number one overall,pick because he was counting on getting a congratulatory call from Obama. Obama told him he would be calling him….lol.

  48. The bottom line is, Geno Smith will ultimately be judged by his performance on the field, not by his decision to fire his agents, his attitude, or anything else.

    If he performs on the field, everything else will go by the wayside. It always does.

  49. the agent never mentions anything about being fired for not being the 1st overall pick, neither does Geno. Yet media keeps running with speculation that he expected to go number one overall.

    Great reporting all around media. How about a deeper probe, has any media member requested a faxed statement? Does the fax machine work? Inquiring minds want to know.

    We need to get to the bottom of another Jets (non) story now that Tebow is gone.

  50. Five straight losses and a crappy bowl game against Syracuse and you are yesterday’s news. But a second round pick is major investment. Play well and earn a big second contract. This could be the best thing that ever happened to this kid. Of course, being drafted by the Circus known as the Jets is another story. 🙂

  51. The Jets got a new headache. This guys stupid. This pick will cost someone their job next offseason.

  52. “These aren’t character issues. Have you ever had to deal with millions of people talking about you, and losing close to $15 Million in guaranteed money in the span of 4 hours.”

    That has EVERYTHING to do with character. Sounds to me like you’re just making excuses for him. Go watch soccer.

  53. All I can say is thank god my Chiefs fired Carl Peterson because KC would be stuck with classless, no talent bum for a starter for the next 7 years. I feel much, much better with Alex Smith behind center, leadership is like a player having speed, it’s something you just can’t teach.

  54. Sorry jets, sorry geno.
    The steelers got the best QB in this draft.
    I think the owner was listening to his old records, when he suddenly realized he could put his own group together.
    Geno and the Jets!!
    Hahaha that’s number one with a Bullet!
    Just too bad the bullet didn’t have the power he thought he had, and stumbled down the board. Be lucky you got drafted, these other players have no garaunteed money, just the hunger to come and get your job.

  55. Probably pissed because the money the agents advanced him before the draft for high priced trainers, clothes, bling, car,mom’s new house, etc… is more than the 39 slot pays.

  56. Is Geno on suicide watch yet? When the NY media gets a grab on him, he will be.

  57. Once selected by the Jets, another agency, perhaps one specializing in dealing with the New York Media Circus, convinced Geno that they would be a better choice to navigate the tish-storm that goes along with being a Jet. Afterall, Geno is not in Morgantown anymore.

  58. I have to believe that these guys paid for some flights for Geno, gave him spending cash, and paid for his workouts. He’s gotta owe them a bunch at this point.

  59. I think the reason Geno didn’t want to delve into the details was because he probably wasn’t sure what the word delve meant.

  60. Green, you say that attitude is not as important as the results on the field….totally wrong dude, attitude does affect performance…..poor attitude equals poor results..

  61. I’ve been in and around the nfl for 25 years, and can tell you that the agents and their firm are highly regarded. They handle many high quality guys.

    The knock on Geno from scouts is they don’t believe he really likes football (see J Russell). Now you throw in poorly handled PR from himself and you have a time bomb. I’m sure competing agents made calls asap to Geno once he wasn’t top 5 and primed this exit (even though everyone else knew he wasn’t).

    Maybe they left him NY because they saw the writing on the wall and decided to handle their other clients (commitments) that respect their work.

    People who know they don’t know are teachable. People who don’t know they don’t know are idiots and you avoid them (J Russell, etc). You don’t see Luke J firing his guys cause he wasn’t #1.

  62. Cam Newton the second has arrived. This guy will have a towel over his head, and blaming everyone but himself for his awful play. Do not worry though Geno, Neon Deon will be there to heap praise upon you when you do not deserve any. I can hear the ohhh Genoooos already.

  63. If you dont find it odd that an agent feels the need to come out with a public response to being fired by a client, & that this response just further bashes his now ex client. & cant somehow fathom a reason this ex client of theirs would fire them…then I just feel bad for you.

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