Idzik says Jets didn’t consider asking Tebow to change positions

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It’s been obvious for months that Tim Tebow had no future as a quarterback for the Jets, and the only surprise when the Jets cut Tebow on Monday was that they waited so long to do it. But did the Jets keep Tebow around as long as they did with a thought of moving him to another position?

Asked that question on Mike and Mike in the Morning, John Idzik said that from the time he became the Jets’ general manager, he and the Jets’ staff never had any thought of playing Tebow anywhere but quarterback.

“No, we didn’t,” Idzik said. “Tim, while I was here, he was slated as a quarterback.”

The strange thing about the way the Jets used Tebow last year, however, was that they seemed to be going out of their way not to give him a chance to play quarterback: He was the personal protector on the punt team and took snaps in the Wildcat formation, but when the Jets wanted a quarterback to replace Mark Sanchez, they turned to Greg McElroy, not Tebow.

Tebow was good with the ball in his hands in college and might be able to play some fullback or tight end if given the opportunity, but from all accounts he sees himself as a quarterback. And although the Jets didn’t give him a chance to play quarterback, that’s how they saw him, too.

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  1. This will be just like Bret Farve, you guys will start complaining that all you hear about is Tim Tebow. And you just want the story to go away. BUT, you are the ones that will look for ANYTHING you can write about that has his name on it.


  2. Jets never wanted Tebow, just wanted the attention and maybe light a fire under Sanchez’s khakis. They got the attention but that’s it. What a joke franchise.

  3. You have to love the circus that is Tebow. What chump team will be the next in line? Come one … come all. Right this way to the big top.

  4. I am an Alabama fan and I actually feel bad for Tebow. The media circus that follows his has made him unemployable in the NFL.

    Somehow he brings it on himself by speaking out for his faith?

    If he were gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that), an animal rights activist or had 14 kids with 12 woman, noone would have an issue with him in the media.

    Just saying!

  5. everyone wants to make a big deal about the media circus that follows Tim. unfortunately, Tim is not responsible for that and should not be condemmed for it either.

    the simple solution for Tim is to sign with a team that has a true #1 quarterback. If he went to a team that had Brady, Manning, Brees etc.. then bingo no controversy. he would be just another player competing for a backup role or a role/roles at a different position.

    this is what is going to happen. if a team without a true #1 goes after him they are idiots.

  6. The reason they didn’t start Tebow the last 2 weeks was not just that he is a bad QB. Had he gone 5/10 but still won, Rex would have been fired for not going to him sooner. Worse, Jets/Tebow fan would have been convinced he is magic and demanded he start like in Denver only there is no Manning to provide an obvious out this off season. Tebow didn’t start those last two games because they thought he was worse than Sanchez had been playing, it was because if he managed to win it would have been worse than loosing.

  7. When there are actual professionals currently playing TE and Fullback, it is unclear to my why anyone would think Tebow could just step in and outperform them.

  8. If a team is asking the player who shall not be named to play another position, he won’t be making the money he would have made had he stayed with the Jets, but rather the minimum. It may be wise for the player to play in the CFL not as a QB, but in a H-back role to learn some skills about that position, where he may find interest eventually in the NFL.

  9. His stats and his record show he is a QB. Compare his first year starting with, say, Eli Manning in ’04.

  10. Tim will be back and a quarterback in 2013 in the NFL. The Jets will live to regret this decision.

  11. Clearly it was outrageous for the #3 qb to leapfrog the #2 guy for a late season start. I don’t think that’s happened since Tim Tebow did it to Brady Quinn the season before………….

  12. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Patriots pick up Tebow. If anyone can do anything with him it’s
    their coaches, they are good at turning nothing into something.

  13. He did bring it upon himself.. Lets not forget, he chose NY. That being said I do feel bad for the kid. I think someone should have told him or asked him if he would like to try to play H-back/ TE. To bad he got stuck with Rex as a coach.. As good of a D coordinator he is.. The man is a Buffoon!! I almost feel sorry for Jets fans.. Almost

  14. Tebow should go back to college and learn how to be a real QB. There’s a reason why QBs from Florida gators don’t make it in the nfl, I wonder where’s chris leak at. Did he even step on an nfl field? He wasn’t even drafted and tebow should have been the same but mcdugle was stupid. You take popularity out and tebow is long gone year one

  15. I also can see him as a QB in the NFL. Tebow had a strong defense in Denver had helped him a lot. But his playstyle also takes huge amount of time from the clock.
    Btw, which was the last quarterback that had success with the Jets? yeah, right.

  16. Tebow has just as many playoff wins (1) that Tony Romo has the past 8 years, and he couldn’t play a late season meaningless game for the Jets?!? I have a funny feeling he’ll get a chance at a starting QB job somewhere….

  17. It almost seems like the Jets were concerned that Tebow would do well if they started him…and then they would probably feel pressure to keep him longer. I think the Jets pretty much just used him for the media attention…how else can you explain never giving him a chance even when Sanchez was out? He was QB3 all along, but nobody told him.

  18. This whole Tebow stuff is just way outta control and R##arded…when other players end up sucking you dont see posts of every single team that’s not interested in signing the guy…he just goes unsigned…Tebows the man of a person and an athlete…i’m certain before being out of the league for life he’l get a shot at an attempt at another position and he’ll ultimately be willing to try it out…i could see em as a chris cooley type. Really really sick of what the medias doing its real immature

  19. Tebow believes he is the starting qb. The reason hell never make it. I honesty think Tebow would be a decent hback

  20. They may have originally wanted Tebow but the moment Sanchez melted down after they signed him, and they gave Sanchez the new contract to “make him feel better and more confident” they abandoned any plans to make use of Tim.

    Tannenbaum should never ever get another GM job in the NFL. He’s just not competent at managing players and the cap at that level.

    Other than that they used Tebow to sell a few extra seats by those who hoped he’d go in to replace Sanchez.

  21. Tim Tebow is a nice guy but he does not deserve the amount of media coverage he receives, nor do we.

  22. “The media circus that follows his has made him unemployable in the NFL.”

    True, but that’s not the only thing. Let’s not forget that he’s a terrible pro quarterback.

  23. It’s absurd to think that this guy would be better at TE, FB or H-Back than the players already on a given teams roster at those positions.

  24. I think the Packers should sign Tebow just to mess with everyone’s mind. Sign him today and refuse to take any question on the matter all year.

  25. This guy deserves a shot!! For heavens sake he has as many playoff wins as romo and every expert football analyst swears romo is elite. And remember he has the same amount of wins as romo and how many years did tebow start compared to romo?!?! Point valid right there. If romo and sanchez can be starters in major nfl cities why cant tebow? How many epic failures as he had compared to those two clowns? And they get to be starters? Im no tebow fan, i have a great qb on the team i root for, which is the g-men for those wondering, but give the guy a chance. If leaf,couch,russel can start games in the nfl so should tebow

  26. The media isn’t the problem; teams will put up with that stuff if a guy can play.

    Tebow’s problem is that he can’t play. Specifically, he can’t play in a traditional offense and teams aren’t willing to change everything up to cater to a guy who just isn’t that good.

  27. Thank God that Tebow is off of the Jets. Waste of a roster spot. I do criticize the Jets for not letting him start 1 full game at end of season when the season was lost. But the Jets must have felt if he did well in that game everyone would push for him to get another chance.

    Time for the circus to move on now. Any team that signs him will find that out quickly. And the circus that is the NY Jets will, I proudly say, continue on!!! GO JETS!!!!!

  28. The media likes to talk about how the only stats that matter are Ws when talking about why Marino isn’t the greatest. But then you get a QB like Tebow who’s only stat that is impressive is his Ws and the media places more importance on Yards and TDs. Which is it?

    I loved what Tebow did in Denver, pretty or not. I’d like to see him get a legitimate chance to start.

  29. Expect one of our last updates on Tebow to be that he signed with a team in the CFL. That would actually be a great option. Go to the CFL for a few years to hone the skills and let Tebowmania die down. Then try again. He’s only 25, he has the time.

  30. I think college football should implement a rule that allows every team to have one player who can play with unlimited eligibility. I wonder who Florida would choose?

  31. I remember when he won the Heisman his Jr. year, all of the experts indicated he’d never be an NFL QB but was such a good athlete there would always be a place for him at another position. Unfortunately, Tebow still has delusions that he is a QB.
    I’m kind of sick and tired of hearing Tebow QB stories; he’s not an NFL QB and never will be. Now the talk is of him going to the CFL. Well last I heard they throw the ball there too and this guy simply doesn’t have “throwing” the football in his arsenal.
    So Tim, WAKE UP, the experiment is OVER, change positions or continue to be a punchline!

  32. What people who wish to see Tebow succeed fail to recognize is he couldn’t supplant Sanchez as the starter. What’s wrong with this picture? Either your dead wrong about Sanchez or can’t see passed your nose about Tebow. Many times on these threads has Sanchez been derided as “the worst starting QB in the NFL” and possibly of all time. Sanchez must be one hell of a practice QB and Tebow, although by all accounts has a great work ethic, must still suck in practice. The only way Tebow get’s any legitimate shot at QB is somebody has to go down and even then it’s gonna have to be the right situation. If he does get a shot I’ll definitely be watching.

  33. @lawyermalloy yes they do throw in the CFL but it is pretty well understood the level of skill (and of course pay) is different between the NFL and CFL. Quite a few CFL teams would love the publicity of Tebow and yes, his skills. He can throw, just not NFL caliber QB throws.

    If he wants to continue football his best choice is his chosen position. I know that goes against what nearly everyone says but I just don’t buy the argument that he could magically switch positions and be competitive at the highest level of the sport with players who played that position for many years.

  34. When an NFL team decides to run a gimmick offense, then Tebow will be the first person they call.

  35. Timmy, you’ve made more money at this game than most of us will see in our lifetimes. Be happy with that.

  36. You hit the nail on the head. The Jets knew if they played him he would win the Super Bowl and make everyone look bad.
    He was so good they were afraid to play him. Yeah, that’s it…….

  37. @ohnothatguy

    Why do you keep bringing up Romo’s number of playoff wins? Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have as many Super Bowl wins as Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, so I guess they are all equal, too?

    If you want to make the argument that team record is on the QB, there’s no way that Tebow (1 home playoff win) should EVER have a starting job before Sanchez (4 road playoff wins, 2 consecutive AFCC games).

  38. John Elway got rid of this guy for a reason. The Jets got rid him for a reason. Teams wouldn’t even trade a bag of footballs for him. Why? It’s because he sucks!! End of story. Move on to the next story!

  39. Tim Tebow is extremely inefficient and puts a ton of pressure on his team’s defense with all of the 3-and-outs he produces.

    Nobody illustrates the absurdity of measuring QBs by wins and losses better than Tim Tebow. It’s a team sport and he’s a weak link as an inefficient passer. This idea of “being a winner” as some kind of qualification is ignorant. Packers, Pats and Broncs win because they have good teams and stellar QB play is a part of the formula. Those passers mask a lot of weaknesses.

    Tebow is the weakness that needs to be masked by a strong running game, strong pass rush and strong run defense. That’s a lot of things that have to be good just so that chump can get on the field.

  40. So you have a football player on your roster who’s took over a 2-5 team and led them to the playoffs. Displayed the ability to run the ball effectively and you don’t even try him at different position like FB before discarding him.

    Wow…you know these GMs get hired by the good ole boy network. Most of them are dumber than a bag of bricks.

  41. Saying Tebow could be a TE or FB is completely unfounded. Have you seen him block on the punt team? He’s a pusher. Pushers don’t last long at either position, you need to be able to at least get some movement, not play patty cake.

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