New Vikings stadium design to be unveiled May 13

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Last May, the Vikings finally struck a deal for their new stadium.  This May, the design will be unveiled.

According to John Vomhof Jr. of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, the first look at how the building will look will be provided on May 13 at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

Via the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a document made public on Monday hints at some of the features of the building, including a faςade possibly consisting of metal panels, limestone, and walls that appear transparent or translucent when lit.  The main entrance, through which 75 percent of the fans will enter, could feature sliding or pivoting doors.  Also, the roof will be 100 feet taller than the Metrodome’s highest point, with a combination of hard deck and fabrice that would allow natural light (and hopefully not, you know, snow) into the building.

It remains unknown whether the stadium will have a retractable roof and retractable walls or windows.

The stadium is scheduled to open in 2016, and the Vikings are expected to play at the University of Minnesota’s open-air stadium in 2014 and 2015.

23 responses to “New Vikings stadium design to be unveiled May 13

  1. It would be stupid to have an open air stadium for 10 games a year. It is a multipurpose stadium to be used by the state and city when the Vikings are not using it.

  2. Still hard to see teams in the division with domed stadiums. Memories of the black and blue division playing in the mud and snow has that mystique.

    I guess when you have a hard time filling seats you have to make it condusive for the women to attend. Must be where the term “fair weather fans” was coined.

  3. Melki,

    Twins play mostly in the summer. It is warm and beautiful in MN in the summer.

    Vikings play mostly in the winter. It is cold and miserable in MN in the winter. In addition to hosting Vikings game, the state of MN required this facility to be capable of holding non-football events, such as NCAA final 4’s, motocross, etc. These ancillary events require a roof because they can’t be played in the rain or snow. The Twins facility did not have these requirements because it was always assumed that the Vikes stadium would do this. Retractable roofs are expensive and ugly. Everyone decided that the 250 million for the roof would be better spent on other features.

    I know it is hard. Many of us are challenged in our various ways. Hopefully this explanation helps!

  4. Pretty sure melkipershero’s meaning was that baseball cannot be played in inclement weather, whereas football can. IMO domed football stadiums are for weak fans.

    I can’t believe they didn’t at least put a retractable roof on Target Field for the spring Twins games, but it does look pretty cool, and I look forward to checking it out next time I’m up there.

  5. Should be retractable and always open during Vikings games. Use the dome for concerts and such. So sick of domed football.

  6. Well, it can’t be too bad for the Vikings. Hell, they fit right in at the metro dump. I don’t know why they should get rewarded with a new stadium. The fans? Let all 7 of them save up to help out.

  7. Pretty sure melkipershero’s meaning was that baseball cannot be played in inclement weather, whereas football can. IMO domed football stadiums are for weak fans.

    Boom. Right on. My God you people from Minnesota get all in a fritz about talking about the Twins not having a roof.

  8. It’s a Metrodome II with a movable door not a real NFL Stadium like Lucas Oil Stadium, MN you deserve more.

  9. We get what Melki was saying. But you have to understand that the state wasn’t going to pony up unless the big fancy football stadium had a roof. Retractable roof was an option, but that is 250 million that you have to pitch in just for the thrill of freezing your asses off or basking in the sunlight 10 to 12 times a year. Woopidy doo. How many cold weather retractable roof football stadiums are there? There is a reason for that.

    I’m probably splitting hairs here, but it bears mentioning that we get colder temperatures and more snow than Chicago or Green Bay, which are the only true cold weather open air stadiums. No, Boston is not cold. -10F is cold. 20F is just a bit chilly.

    As for the Twins stadium, it is generally ranked as one of the best ballparks in America. Go there once: it is gorgeous. Then try to imagine a massive and hideous steel retractable roof structure similar to the Brewers stadium. Rain delays suck but you can’t get the Twins experience on a nice day with a big gaudy steel structure overhead. The entire stadium is covered in stone and concrete and that classic feel doesn’t mesh with mega structure roofs.

    Minnesota people are not afraid of the cold. Believe me. We sit on five gallon pails on the ice and grab fish bear handed out of freezing water for “fun”. You aren’t going to make anyone feel insecure on that front.

  10. the Vikings actually WANTED an open air stadium. It was the state of MN that required them to have a roof if they were going to get any state money to help pay for it. So if you don’t like having a roof, don’t blame the team, blame the state & city of Minneapolis

  11. theytukrjobs

    I understand why you wouldnt want a roof for the Twins. Baseball (and football) are made to played outside. I absolutely love Busch Stadium, and wouldn’t want it any other way. I couldn’t imagine it being closed in, it just wouldn’t be the same. I actually want to go see the Twins stadium (a bit of a stadium junkie), and have heard nothing but good things, but football is more suited for bad conditions. Money rules everything in today’s world though.. and that’s not a good thing.

  12. Now you guys are blaming the lawmakers? Are they not representatives for the people who voted them in office. If the fanbase truly cared or wanted it they could have swayed it. Many of you laughed at the Packer stock and the people who bought it but to me that is what a fanbase that care does to make sure a team thrives specially in a small market.

    The blame should fit squarely on the people of Minnesota themselves. Considering you guys voted the delusional and paranoid Ventura as governor its no surprise is it?

  13. The viklings have released an animated cartoon of dozens of designs over the years and none have come to fruition.

    It always changes and the next animation will be a cheaper design. Why be one of the fools that falls for the latest propaganda cartoon?

    Just like the past there will be another design next year and another the year after that.

  14. Everyone who wanted an open-air stadium will have their chance when the Vikings play at TCF Bank Stadium in 2014 and 2015. I have a feeling most sane people will be happy to come in from the cold when the Purple Palace opens.

  15. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: Apr 30, 2013 4:47 PM

    Everyone who wanted an open-air stadium will have their chance when the Vikings play at TCF Bank Stadium in 2014 and 2015. I have a feeling most sane people will be happy to come in from the cold when the Purple Palace opens.


    Most Viking fans fear a little winter breeze blowing up their skirts.

  16. Yes Packer fans!!! We will be WORTH MORE than ur franchise. Lol filthymctrashy and Tokyo lamb smasher (haha) own 250 dollars of stock in the packers. So THEY’RE ALL IN LMAO. But that’s what happens when a team BUILDS A STADIUM. VALUE GOES UP. U guys can keep pitching in ur scrap iron weekly to “RENEVATE” lambeau field AGAIN! SKOL

  17. The reason the twins didn’t get a roof on their building was the legislators in minn sat on their asses and did get a bill passed until many years later . If they had passed it in the first attempt the cost of building it with a retractable roof would have been what target field cost without one .

    filthymctrashy you must be that foul sounding cheese head on kfan who seems to talk like he started drinking that old swillwaukee at 6 am. Your cheesers are on the way down having to pay all that money to Rodgers whats going to be left to pay the other players ? Perhaps you can sign some high school players on the cheap or trade their services for some of that awesome stock the Packers sell .

    By the way why don’t you change the name so the gay people wont be so offended . On second thought keep it the fudge on the end of their stick is the right way to describe your football team in the coming future just as it was in the 70s 80s and much of the 90s .

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