Ozzie Newsome: Left tackle is a fluid situation


The Ravens didn’t draft a left tackle until the fifth round and they haven’t re-signed Bryant McKinnie, who has started taking some visits with other teams in search of a job for next season.

Uncertainty has led to some worry about the position in Baltimore. Perhaps that’s why General Manager Ozzie Newsome felt it necessary to confirm, via the team’s website, that “we’ll have somebody lined up at left tackle” when the season gets underway in September. Could this be where Tim Tebow lands?

We’re kidding about that — at least we think we are — but the Ravens will continue to face questions about left tackle as long as McKinnie is unsigned and the Ravens haven’t anointed someone as his definitive successor. Newsome doesn’t make it sound like the latter will be happening anytime soon.

“It’s so fluid. We don’t know, and I’m going to knock on wood,” Newsome said. “Up until we get this 53-man squad together before we have to get ready to play Denver, this is going to be a very fluid situation. But, I don’t turn down any good players. I just don’t. We find a way to get them.”

It’s important to remember that the Ravens didn’t turn to McKinnie until the playoffs last season after spending the regular season with Michael Oher on the left side. That’s not an ideal way to run an offensive line, but it worked out for them and it does explain their lack of urgency in terms of knowing who will be playing the position more than four months before the first game of the year.

12 responses to “Ozzie Newsome: Left tackle is a fluid situation

  1. This is just Ozzie playing his favorite game – Liar’s Poker.

    He has a plan… he’ll watch to see what teams cut who to get under the rookie cap and then wait a bit more and see what else shakes out.

    I heard the McKinnie on the NFL network after the Super Bowl and he said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that “there will be no home town discount this time. They signed the Franchise, now they (Ravens) need some insurance.”

    Good luck with that, big guy, because I think you’re the last of Newsome’s options.

    They may even wait until training camp. They did that with Jacoby Jones and rookie placekicker Justin Tucker last year. But I know that Ozzie and company will get protection for Joe Flacco and it won’t be the Blind Side.

  2. Keep doubting Ozzie morions. Haters gonna hate while he finds the best player to take over LT. Do you really think we would give Joe all that money and not have a plan in place. You guys really have no clue. Go back to rooting for your teams that rarely make the playoffs and have one of the best organizations from top to bottom in all of professional sports. Cue the thumbs down from all the non-knowers.

  3. The only thing Joey is worried about is his own ass with the 20 mil. in it and whos going to protect it. Ravens cant keep their best guys on the team or their fellons out of jail? Sounds like a crumbling franchise to me!

  4. Its fluid but there are options we know and I’m sure options we don’t know. This will get taken care of both with a decent player and proper play calling. Not having a stud there does limit some plays but it’ll be fine.

  5. It is also interesting to listen to folks slam on the Ravens for not having an answer at LT. One position. One.

    Hey our Gatorade filler quit. Its Flacco’s fault and the team is complete disarray!

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