Patriots officially release Brian Waters


Longtime guard Brian Waters is officially done with the Patriots.

The daily NFL transactions list that was circulated to the media on Tuesday included a note that Waters had been terminated from the Patriots’ reserve/did not report list. That makes him an unrestricted free agent.

A six-time Pro Bowler who played for the Chiefs from 2000 to 2010, Waters signed with the Patriots in 2011 and played very well for them, providing some stability on their offensive line and starting all 19 games up to and including the Super Bowl. But he reportedly wanted a raise that the Patriots weren’t willing to give him in 2012, and he never reported to the team.

The 36-year-old Waters is now free to see if any other team will pay him what he wanted the Patriots to pay him. More likely, he has played his last NFL game.

23 responses to “Patriots officially release Brian Waters

  1. Good. This guy is a scram with no loyalty. I’m sure he’s fresh off the couch for whoever wants him.

  2. Chiefs fans will remember him fondly and rightfully so. To me he’ll always be the guy who cared more about his contract than the chance to take one more shot at the Super Bowl. Hope it was worth it.

  3. The Patriots offered him a raise, he declined. Waters shouldn’t have signed a contract for two years to play in Foxboro if he wanted to play in or near Texas so much. The Patriots were more than fair with him. They were the only team to let him skip training camp in 2011 and didn’t dock him any pay for skipping mandatory OTA’s and training camp in 2012.

    The Patriots were more than fine on the offensive line without him. He had a really good year in 2011 and got a chance to play in a Super Bowl but I’ll remember how he abandoned his teammates and let the Patriots down.

  4. Not enough Brady discount to go around….Bill needs a new boat….that’s the priority!

  5. Loyalty is a two way street. Teams have no problem cutting players still under contract when it suits them. Teams let free agents walk when they want more money than a team is willing to pay. Good for him if he was in a position to call it quits if a team didn’t meet his demands.

  6. All the stories at the time reported that Waters wanted to be near his family and was probably done with football. Now he’s a malcontent who cares more about money? Who knew?

  7. Waters never had a chance. The guy was blackballed, all because he went into his prayer stance after a good block.

    Oops. Sorry. I got a little carried away with the Tebow thread….

  8. In related news, Brian Waters is in stable condition after apparently holding his breath because his mom wouldn’t give him a cookie. He is still, however, cookieless

  9. Brian Waters went from undrafted rookie to part on one of the most Dominant O-lines on NFZl history. Roaf, Waters, Weigeman, RG? & Will Shields mowed people over. Ridiculous Priest years. 1,700 yd LJ seasons. Thanks for your time Brian, glad you could go out on your terms. Not many can…

  10. Waters didn’t want to play for the creep that Pioli turned out to be and I suspect he found out that things were similar playing for the Pats.

    Brady is an all-time great, and I appreciate that, but I have no respect for that franchise. If Pioli is an example of the people they produce, then the cheating scummy culture is probably true. The no more Super Bowl wins since being busted for cheating speaks volumes.

  11. Yeah, you know the Super Bowl is so easy to win…Never mind they won 18 games in a season and have been to the Super Bowl twice since the last time they won it, but the fact that they haven’t won despite winning double digit games every year since their last Super Bowl appearance really reflects the impact that the “cheating” had.

    And how is Scott Pioli a bad guy? They have a certain model for how they run a team and how they do business, and this model is a very successful one regardless of how the fans feel. There’s a reason they’re regarded as one of the best franchises in football, and being sentimental or loyalty to a certain roster or whatever you want to say about why Pioli is a scumbag is something you’re not gonna get here. How’s Thomas Dimitroff doing in Atlanta? He’s a Patriots guy. Bill O’Brien is already turning Penn State around. Charlie Weis has been a good offensive coordinator wherever he has gone, and Romeo Crennel has had success as a solid defensive coordinator. How about Kirk Ferentz? Might want to think about that before you decide to talk about the “scummy” people Bill Belichick produces…There’s a reason he’s considered the best coach in the NFL

  12. This guy chose to sit on his @ss last year and pout instead of maybe putting a team over the top for a shot at a Lombardi. I couldn’t care less about all his good deeds and pro bowls in KC, I’m glad he’s officially gone from New England.

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