PFT Live: Rick Spielman, Justin Pugh


The Vikings came out of the draft with three first-round picks added to a team that advanced to the playoffs last season, a haul that will raise expectations that they can make a return trip come January.

Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman will join Mike Florio on PFT Live Monday to talk about how things played out for his team. We’ll also found out whether he was surprised that defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd was available late in the first round and what it was about wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson that forced the team to trade four picks to the Patriots for the right to acquire him.

Offensive lineman Justin Pugh will also be on the show a few days after he became the Giants’ first-round pick. We’ll hear from Pugh whether the Giants have given him an indication about where he’ll fit in on the offensive line and whether sharing an alma mater with Giants coach Tom Coughlin will make life easier for him. Quarterback Ryan Nassib, drafted in the fourth round, is also a Syracuse product and we’ll ask Pugh how surprised he was to see Nassib wind up with the Giants as well.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

5 responses to “PFT Live: Rick Spielman, Justin Pugh

  1. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: Apr 30, 2013 1:19 PM

    My guess is that Spielman will say he was surprised that Floyd was there. Has any GM ever said that they weren’t surprised a player they picked was still available?


    But Rick was genuinely surprised because he hadn’t heard of him before draft day.

  2. I think everyone was surprised Floyd was still there, including Spielman. I doubt that is BS when he says it. Every year there are surprises and this was one of them.

    Now when he says he was surprised in Rhodes and Patterson being available, that might be a bit more fluff. I think Spielman expected either Trufant, Hayden, or Rhodes to be available at 25 and he probably would have been okay with either. Though most charts did have Rhodes a little higher.

    Patterson could have gone earlier but obviously he wouldn’t be shocked there because most charts around the league had Patterson right around where he went.

  3. If we missed this thing live does it get reposted somewhere? Come on this is the age of the internet we want everything anywhere all the time.

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