ProFootballTalk: Can Romo handle new responsibilities?

Not only has Tony Romo received a new deal, but he will also have role in game planning, play-calling and personnel decisions. Mike Florio says the new responsibilities remind him of Peyton Manning’s career path, but it also adds another layer of bizarre in Dallas.

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5 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Can Romo handle new responsibilities?

  1. He plays well whenever they run the hurry up offense, so I’d say there is a good chance he can handle it.

  2. a 53 man roster is like a puzzle and as long as jerry is handling the hiring and drafting decisions you will continue to have 53 pieces that just do not fit jerry gets guys trying to prove others wrong about their ability. jones is rich arrogant and stupid and what happens the first time romo says I want this guy? ill bet jones will overrule him and give him a player that doesn’t fit we shall see

  3. My question is how in the hell is Romo and Peyton even in the same sentence? Any qb can play call in the NFL if he’s been in the nfll for five years running
    the same dead ass offense. Is choices are incompletion to Bryant or interception. Jerry Jones needs to revoke the entire team’s bond, sale what’s left to an expansion team.

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