Schiano says Freeman remains the Bucs’ starter

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The Buccaneers had a clear need for some quarterback help in the draft, but they’re trying to make it clear that Mike Glennon was chosen as depth, not as an immediate replacement for Josh Freeman.

“I think that’s hard with any rookie quarterback,” Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano said, via the team’s official website.  “It’s going to be a matter of how fast he grasps our system and all those things.

And the fact of the matter is, we have a starting quarterback.”

Well, for now.

Freeman’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, without much progress toward a new one. So if he falters again, Glennon could be in that role sooner rather than later, though the Bucs are trying to make sure Freeman doesn’t feel Sanchez-esque pressure.

“Competition and quality depth across our roster is critical for us to be a championship team,” schiano said. “I think that applies to every position.  I’m looking forward to it; I think that’s going to make us a better football team.

“He [Glennon] fits the things we’re trying to do – run the football, play-action pass, throw the ball down the field like we did this past season. You always want to be able to do that. God forbid something were to happen to Josh, you want to be able to continue with your offensive philosophy if you can. You can’t always do that.”

But now that they have someone other than Dan Orlovsky and Adam Weber on the depth chart, it’s easier to give Freeman a gentle nudge, so he knows the job’s not his by default.

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  1. Until the Bucs drafted Glennon, it appeared they did not have a plan B. Things have changed. This should be Josh’s last chance for sure! No pressure here!

  2. Either of these guys will look good behind the highest paid offensive line in football. I hope everyone, including Mark Dominick, realize that when Freeman looks amazing. Hopefully, the Bucs don’t overpay Freeman.

  3. I’ve supported the Bucs since Day 1 and every draft Dom has ran, but I’m not sure about this one. Why go after a QB that has about a 10% chance of making it in the NFL in the 3rd Round? He’s a tall QB w/ a great arm that is wildly inconsistent, has poor footwork, can’t handle pressure well, and stares down his receivers. Also, they passed on a LOT of talent they needed. For example, a TE, (Jordan Reed out of FL was the next TE taken), DL, OL or a LB to replace Black would all have worked better to build depth or fill a need in the 3rd. If they really needed a QB, they could have had Nassib or Barkley instead (both were picked up in the 4th). Now, you have a potential controversy and a perception that Schiano pushed Dom into getting “his” QB by not waiting until later rounds and addressing other more obvious needs.

  4. For Freeman, its pretty simple: Take them to the playoffs and its all good, don’t and well…no excuses. This is a playoff calibre team if the QB play is there.

  5. Shiano does not like Freeman. That´s why they passed on giving him what he needs (another Target, like a good Slot or TE). making things even harder: they passed on good DE/DT talent. Bucs are one injury away at this positions to being medicore (Bowers maybe injury prone like K.Winslow). Next year Free will be gone, they get the missing pieces for Glennon (who´s about the same like Free) will make the playoffs (but not winning the big prize, because Glennon is not that good), but still Shiano will look like a genius. Bucs fans will be happy after not getting to the postseason since a long time and bucs won´t win any big prize, since they will have to pay some of their players, which means getting rid of Revis, or getting medicore talent elsewhere..

  6. both QB are pretty similar, but Freeman is the more mobile one (and has had time to develope). Glennon on the other hand could develope into sth. . Neither one is special (can´t throw WR open, just have a big arm to get the ball to the open). i could be wrong, but i like Free a little more

  7. Definitely wanted a QB, not sure Glennon is the one I would have gone for. Should have gotten help on DL, LB then perhaps draft a Tyler Wilson later. But we shall see. It’s playoffs or Dominik is gone.

  8. Louden, you’re killin’ me with the same stuff you’re spouting on Pewter Report. Dude, Sullivan’s offense is not TE heavy. Look at why the Giants let Shockey walk-They didn’t need him. They feel like Stocker and Crabtree can do what they’re asking them to. They have 3 legit receivers to battle for the slot- The incumbent Underwood, and the newbies Ogletree and Steve Smith. Offense does not need splashy moves. They’re fine. The secondary is what cost the Bucs a shot at the playoffs last year point blank. They’ve gone a long way towards fixing the worst unit on the team. As far as Freeman, as long as he plays more like 2010 with the big play ability of 2012, he won’t lose his job. At worst, they’ll franchise him and make him prove it again before giving him a long term deal.

  9. Why is it when some coaches speak, you take what they say as gospel, but when others speak, they HAVE to be lying and you read more into it than actually is?

    Is there a precieved QB controversy when NY traded UP for a QB? No.

    Schiano said it best. The best backup to have for you QB is a QB with a similar skill set to your starter.

    Mallet has a skillset similar to Brady. Is he as good a QB as Brady? Not at all. But if Brady goes down, they don’t have to change their game plan drastically.

  10. @tampa”mac”: Good coaches sheme around their players. Are you denying, that a good TE (or Slot) would help any QB big time? Freeman looks lost, when searching for a open man. Underwood is perfect 4th WR, but not that big help. Stocker isn´t hard to defend and the FA the bucs got, are about the same talent, as Underwood is. Nothing but Depth…

  11. That’s why they brought in those receivers- to compete for the slot. I can think of a bunch of teams that would kill to have their top 2 receivers as good as Vjax and Williams. Part of Josh’s problem is he ha to make quicker decisions with the ball. In the NFL, guys aren’t gonna be open on every play so he has to find his check downs and hot routes better. I’d rather him check down and have 2nd and 8 than him hold the ball and take a sack for 2nd and long. The Bucs have the best offense they’ve ever had. No excuses for Josh now.

  12. I thought freeman did a great job last season. Everyone seems to forget that he threw for over 4000 yards with a O-line of backups at best. Many times josh had little to no protection and still managed to put those numbers up. Its kind of hard to throw the ball when your laying on your back. If the offensive line stays healthy I believe Free will silence you all.

  13. Freeman should consider leaving after this season. He’ll play great with healthy O Line and improved D. He’s being disrespected right now.

  14. you know, I just don’t understand the hate for josh, everyone was so loyal to saun king and I guess they still are. mr. king only had 3 great games and you made him a god!! if he was so good, why didn’t he become a league stand out when he left tampa–(I guess he wasn’t a god after all) josh has set and broken most of the records for a quarterback in tampa, and now you want to run him out of town. people, please settle down and let him develop into what this town has never had. he has all the tools and poise to get there.

  15. I agree that the Bucs have other positions of need and could have waited until the 4th to use one of their two picks on a QB. They must have seen something in Glennon to make them reach. Freeman has done some great things and some head scratchers! He needs to be consistent, if he want to keep his job(it’s his to lose). Other than TE(are they comfortable with Stocker & Crabtree?) Freeman has good weapons! Martin was top 5 back as rookie I believe. VJAX and Mike Williams had good years and should be even better in year two in this system. Josh doesn’t have to force things or do it alone. I am excited for 2013! Hoping D-line stays healthy!(should have kept Bennett)

  16. Almost forgot he will have Davin joseph and Carl nicks back next year! Doug Martin should go off! That will take a lot of pressure off of freeman with a good running attack! I remember Nicks last year saying how he’s excited to run block as the saints didn’t run the ball much.

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