Spielman, Kluwe met Monday

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On Saturday, the Vikings devoted a fifth-round pick to a punter.  On Sunday, their current punter, Chris Kluwe, suggested that the move may be connected to his off-field support for causes like same-sex marriage.

Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman joined PFT Live on Tuesday to discuss a variety of topics, including Kluwe’s status and the possible connection between the drafting of a punter and the desire to avoid distractions.

“That has absolutely nothing to do with our decision,” Spielman said, “and I did meet with Chris Kluwe [Monday] and actually told him that our ownership had supported him on this.  If he wants to go out and speak for what his beliefs are we’re all for the right of the First Amendment and free speech and I told Chris and emphasized that to Chris [Monday].

“My job is to make the best football decisions for our organization, and when we drafted Locke we knew there was going to be some controversy, is Kluwe going to be here, not be here.  We’re basing this purely off of football only and I think Chris truly understands that especially after I did speak with him again [Monday] about that.   What I also told Chris was we’ll go through [a rookie minicamp] this weekend to kind of see where we’re at and then I’ll meet with him on Monday and we’ll go forward from there.”

That last part suggests that, if the Vikings believe based on the upcoming rookie minicamp that Locke can get the job done, the Vikings possibly will accelerate the timetable for making a decision as to Kluwe’s future.  If the final decision won’t be made until after Kluwe and Locke have a chance to compete in training camp and the preseason, there’s no reason for Spielman and Kluwe to reconvene on Monday.

Still, Spielman was adamant that, if Kluwe goes, it will have nothing to do with his support for same-sex marriage or his expression of concern that he could be cut because of it.

“That’s Chris’s right and his prerogative but I can truly tell you from Leslie Frazier, from myself, from our ownership, that has absolutely, 100 percent, nothing to do with the decision that we are going to make,” Spielman said.  “I mean we are looking at football decisions and we’re also looking at [the fact that] we’ve got one more year in the Metrodome, potentially the next two years are going to be, we’re going to be playing outdoors.  So everything that we’re basing whether its Chris Kluwe or any of our players, we’re basing them purely off of what is the best 53-man roster we can put on the field on opening day.”

It doesn’t sound good for Kluwe.  Then again, it didn’t sound good for Kluwe the moment the Vikings used a fifth-round pick on a punter.  Just like it didn’t look good last year for Ryan Longwell the moment the Vikings used a sixth-round pick on a kicker.

Lonwell was cut the Monday after the 2012 post-draft rookie minicamp concluded.  It looks like the same thing will be happening to Kluwe, unless Locke tears an ACL this weekend or launches a variety of shanks and/or ducks and/or line drives.

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51 responses to “Spielman, Kluwe met Monday

  1. I just wish the NFL would stop their PC crap and tell Klueless the truth – you are a nutjob and an embarassment to our organization. Actions have consequences and you are out of here.

  2. I don’t know why he’s complaining when he should’ve been practicing. I’m sorry but when there’s a 50/50 shot that he’s going to shank the punt you should be a little more focused on your job. Look I’m all for public advocacy but do it during the offseason not during the season when you should be focusing on bettering your team.

  3. It would be a service to Kluwe to hand him his walking papers and try to sign on w another team. He wont be the kicker form UCLA punting this year for the Vikes run

  4. Kluwe, no one cares what your personal views on life are. You shank every 3rd punt. That’s it!

  5. Minnesota is the most tolerant state in the country, so his comments are in no way controversial up here. I like Kluwe, but to say the reason you’re on the way out is because of your cause, you’re wrong. Stop trying to be a martyr.

    Kluwe has simply been a below average punter the last 2 years. He shanks one every other game. THAT’S why they drafted a replacement. And after drafting Blair Walsh to replace Ryan Longwell lasy year, who can argue against Spielman at this point?

  6. If anyone has been paying any attention to the Vikings personnel moves over the last 2 years, other than the usual cheesers that simply wait to make lame antagonizing posts on Viking articles, they would have seen the Vikings youth movement. While he is still a good NFL punter, Kluwe is getting older, more expensive and had a sub-par year last year.

  7. This would be all well and good if Spielman hadn’t ended the meeting by suggesting that Kluwe cut his “damned lady hair.”

  8. Poor performance will be the justification for cutting Kluwe. His views will be the real reason.

  9. In my most humble opinion … and for me personally … I could care less what he says or does during the off season.

    However …

    Mike Priefer, the Vikings Special Teams Coordinator will NOT tolerate any BS and or distractions from any of his players. With that said … Mr. Priefer is probably sick and tired of Kluwe’s off-field antics and pushed for the drafting of Locke, just like what he did last year with Walsh.

    Make no mistake … Mike Priefer is rapidly gaining respect around the league as one of the better special team coordinators out there. That said … he’s tired of Kluwe … and there’s ZERO chance that he’ll be on the roster come September.

  10. I hate this “shut up and play” ignorance everywhere. We should be encouraging more role models (Yes, football players are role models) to be educated individuals. Just because you can catch, kick or throw a ball shouldn’t be a free pass to be a complete idiot.

    With that out of the way, Kluwe better start putting in some extra time if he doesn’t want to be bounced out by the young and the cheap.

  11. Bottom line, you dont spend a draft pick on a punter if you want a competition. This kid WILL be their punter. Kluwe should ask for his release

  12. proudliberal85392 says:
    Apr 30, 2013 9:36 PM
    Poor performance will be the justification for cutting Kluwe. His views will be the real reason.


    Typical liberal, no personal responsibility and someone else is always to blame.

  13. Ohhhh…poor Kluwe. Maybe if you had spent more time practicing punting and being a good teammate instead of playing video games, playing in a crappy band, and reaching for public attention you might not have to worry about finding employment. Good Riddance. We don’t need people like you in Minnesota. Go back to California where self-centered living is standard.

  14. proudliberal85392 says: Apr 30, 2013 9:36 PM

    Poor performance will be the justification for cutting Kluwe. His views will be the real reason.

    That might mean more if you didn’t have “liberal” in your user name. Always an excuse for something. Don’t you have a free Obamaphone to charge up?

  15. Guess what? I lost my job a few years ago due to “restructuring” but it’s funny I was the best salesman at the firm, guess strange things happen when you shag the owners daughter…..you are free to do whatever you want in life Christopher, just remember their are consequences to your actions……

  16. replacementwriter says: Apr 30, 2013 9:50 PM

    proudliberal85392 says:
    Apr 30, 2013 9:36 PM
    Poor performance will be the justification for cutting Kluwe. His views will be the real reason.


    Typical liberal, no personal responsibility and someone else is always to blame.


    Typical right winger, never deal in reality just the la la land you think we exist in. proudliberal is correct but facts don’t matter to crazy conservatives just who has the best spin.

  17. its pretty clear to this ram fan they could have gone with 3-4 UDFAs to to try out but they would probably just wind up in the same spot with a different shanker instead they chose to go after one of the best punters in the college ranks the rams drafted a kicker and signed a punter last year the regulars were gone in a week as kluwe will be as well we don’t need a punter maybe he should check with the jags or the jets

  18. Good God, get over it. If you think Kluwe’s views are annoying, go look in the mirror. The Vikings organization made a calculated move that is best for the TEAM. I’ll take their word for it. Haters are getting to be an old act in here.

  19. First off, I like the guy. Some people agree with his political views, some don’t. In the NFL you either produce on the field or you don’t. If he had a great leg or frequently put the team in good field position I doubt the move would have been made. Unfortunately for Chris he is average in both catagories. Minnesota saw an opportunity to upgrade special teams and took it. Regardless of why Minnesota drafted the punter, Kluwe is gone. Someone with a need will pick him up and he will be an upgrade over a poor punter.

  20. Kluwe is not that great of a punter anymore and the guy they just drafted is also more versatile. I think that has more to do with it then anything. Kluwe is ok but not irreplaceable.

  21. GB will pick him up set-top Rodgers had somebody to chat with when the defense is on the field. Someone he can relate to.

  22. Here’s the deal with Kluwe:

    1) His performance is declining;
    2) He’s getting older;
    3) He makes $1.45 million as a punter;
    4) He doesn’t respond to his coach, Mike Priefer;
    5) He’s a distraction

    Now, after drafting Locke…

    6) He’s gone.

    Problems solved.

  23. I have a feeling players who aren’t that good are going to start being outspoken with a stance on controversial topics or claim to be gay and then claim when they are cut, because of their talent, they have something to blame it on.

    Kluwe would be gone either way.

    I’m waiting on that NBA guy to blame it on the fact he is gay instead of the fact that he was just a borderline backup player to begin with who is now too old and too expensive for his marginal NBA talent.

    I really hope Kluwe understands the Vikings are moving on because he just isn’t a good punter anymore. They have to turn the page.

  24. So when Mike Wallace says what he says everyone distances themselves from it and he apologized but Kluwe says what he says and its all good, its his first amendment rights?

  25. reidstinks says: Apr 30, 2013 10:05 PM

    replacementwriter says: Apr 30, 2013 9:50 PM

    proudliberal85392 says:
    Apr 30, 2013 9:36 PM
    Poor performance will be the justification for cutting Kluwe. His views will be the real reason.


    Typical liberal, no personal responsibility and someone else is always to blame.


    Typical right winger, never deal in reality just the la la land you think we exist in. proudliberal is correct but facts don’t matter to crazy conservatives just who has the best spin.


    Yeah, from the party that always has an excuse. PODUS does nothing to fix the economy for 4 years, but that is Bush’s fault. During one of the largest recessions in our history, house democrats managed to release one budget in 4 years, but the Republicans are the ones stalling. We need to cut spending, but let’s just raise taxes to pay for our worthless investments instead of cutting the fat. Democrats want to respect the 2nd amendment, but lets have DHS buy up billions of rounds of ammo, including rounds not used by any government agency (and 3 times the amout of ammo available to our Armed forces). I love how the left want to make Americans stronger, but you do everything in your power to make them reliant on the Federal Government. Delusional, gotchya. Klewe is the poster-child for refusing to admit when he’s slipping, can shank punts multiple times a game, but drafting a punter is because of his gay marriage stance; I’m sure that’s it.

  26. kacimlangford: I can’t possibly argue with your thoughtful discourse. Especially your Obamaphone comment. Oh wait, I can’t argue with that because I have no idea what it means. Gotta go pull up my own bootstraps now.

  27. Kluwe was a very good punter for a long time.. Then he decided he was going to worry more about making sure gays loved him and totally forgot how to punt a football. Sorry Kluwless, when you suck at doing a job like punting a football, you just don’t belong in the NFL anymore.

    p.s. Mitch Berger is the Vikings all time greatest punter. Not you

  28. Weird how people are saying Kluwe is crying he’ll get cut because of his stance on social issues, when he’s never said that.

    1.45 million is a lot for a punter, so I understand where the Vikings would want to go younger and cheaper.

    @kacimlangford – Liberals blame everyone else for their problems, yet you complain about Obama not fixing the economy – which tanked under Bush. So does that mean conservatives complain that liberals don’t fix their mess?

  29. Locke better have a better season in 2013 than Kluwe did in 2012 or Spielman will be under fire for mismanaging his draft picks (he is already being questioned for trading half his draft to move back into the first round for Patterson.) If Locke fails, it will be viewed as a setback for the team by replacing a very popular player with lesser talent & a huge failure by Spielman in his ability to deal with different types of characters on the team. He already could not find a way to keep Percy around & happy. Now a little free speech by Kluwe gets him canned. This is not a very tolerant front office & is one that sacrifices talented players for still waters.

  30. I love Kluwe and believe there’s a little truth into his comments about being on his way out due to his outspoken views. However, I also believe his performance was sub-par last season and that we could be doing better. It also didn’t help when he posted an antagonistic post on his Twitter account before Saturday saying he had hoped to have an opportunity to wear the news jerseys… if the Vikings keep him. Fellow liberals and conservatives need to see it for what it is and not post political comments bashing one another. If you want to do that, visit liberal or conservative sites.

  31. Kluwe would not be in this situation if he hadn’t spent a significant part of last year trying to draw attention to himself.

    The open frustration expressed by his coach during last season about Kluwe’s “activism” spoke volumes about this. There is little doubt that Kluwe will be gone before the start of the season, and that off-the-field distractions are the reason why.

  32. Kluwe is making lame excuses. You cannot underperform & be a loudmouth in almost any job

    He clearly sees the writing on the wall, so he needs to draw attention to himself to setup his next career

  33. A punter should be seen but never heard! When he comes out, he’ll get another 15 minutes of fame, then he can just fade away into Nancyboyland and be forgotten

  34. Young, cheap top-rated Punter vs. Older, more expensive punter. He will be cut to make more cap room. Has nothing to do with his rants or positions.

  35. No more 10 yd punts or the other team getting the ball at the Vikings 40 when you needed to pin them deep. Or line drive punts returned for easy TD’s and not having the strength to tackle your way out of a wet paper bag.

  36. Even packer fans don’t care about Kluwe to make a stupid comment on a Viking post.

    Just punt the ball, go sit on the bench and shut up. That’s what’ll get Kluwe cut. He doesn’t shut up.

  37. Hey Kluwe.
    Why don’t you read your stats here and stop throwing out the “I’m getting fired because of my beliefs” card!!!!

    …Punting Average: 22nd in the League
    …Net Punting: 17th in the league
    …Kicks inside the 20: 31st in the league

    …getting the boot for being a mediocre kicker? Priceless!

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