Tebow clears waivers, Jets owe Broncos


The Jets paid $1 million to trade Darrelle Revis.  They’ve now paid $1.53 million to cut Tim Tebow.

As expected (and as MDS pointed out) no one made a waivers claim for the remnants of quarterback Tim Tebow’s rookie contract.

This lack of a waivers claim means that the Jets remain on the hook to pay back to the Broncos $1.53 million in salary that was advanced to Tebow in 2011.

And so one of the worst personnel moves in recent history gets even worse for the Jets.  Woody Johnson will be contributing $1.53 million to Pat Bowlen’s bank account.

39 responses to “Tebow clears waivers, Jets owe Broncos

  1. Idzik is like the first janitor to arrive after the toilets in a stadium men’s room back up.

    There’s a lot of dirty work to do if you want to get things remotely close to clean again….

  2. “one of the worst personnel moves in recent history”


    They traded for a backup QB with a relatively low salary.

    The worst part of the trade is that they didn’t even attempt to figure out how to use him.

  3. “And so one of the worst personnel moves in recent history gets even worse for the Jets. ”

    How does it get worse? The Jets were going to pay this anyway…whether or not Tebow was on the roster.

  4. I’m not sure about one of the worst transactions ever. They never even gave him a shot. Good luck with Geno. Never thought I’d say this, but I’d rather have Tebow than Geno.

  5. worst personnel move in recent history? It’s not even the worst move the Jets have made over the past 2 years. Keeping Sanchez and giving him a huge extension is much worse than losing some low level picks and being down an extra $1.53 mil.

  6. the jets must be crapping, printing, or stealing money – didn’t they pay a mil to get rid of revis?

  7. Do you honestly think Woody really cares about 1.5 million? Thats probably less than his monthly landscaping bill. Stop acting like this is such a catastrophe cuz its the Jets.

  8. It is very likely that Woody Johnson was the reason behind the Tebow move. Johnson told us for months how much he loved Tebow last year while Rex seemed to understand he that Tebow was even worse than Sanchez.

    If the Jets are going to clean house they should start with Johnson.

  9. Various experts say Tebow’s problem is bad footwork. No wonder Rex Ryan disliked him.

  10. I said this a while ago, and I’m sorry to see it come true because I like Tim Tebow, but all of the Tebow crazies out there are the reason that Tebow might not even get a job in the NFL, even as a backup QB, which is a shame.

    If people (including the media) made such a big deal about David Carr all season long and clamored for him to start (people actually put up billboards for Tebow in Denver, mind you), maybe the Giants wouldn’t be so inclined to keep him as a back up because it would not be worth the headache.

  11. And so one of the worst personnel moves in recent history gets even worse for the Jets.
    Is that recent Jets history, or recent NFL history? For my money, trading a 1st and 2nd round pick for a guy that starts 24 games for you, and then gets traded for a 6th round pick, is easily worse.

  12. The NFL has a salary cap, but it doesn’t really affect NY teams. By far, both the Giants and Jets have more money than any other team, but the’re forced to be limited with it due to the hard salary cap.

    The Jets can afford these odd moves…

  13. I think Sanchez is the real clown yet the Jets extend his contract. Always remember, as much as everyone moques Tebow, he won more playoff games for the Broncos than Peyton and he had a better record than the losing one of Kyle Orton before him. Also the Jets never gave him a chance. So as it goes, they owe the Broncos.

  14. “this message is for Woody Johnson, this is Mr Thompson at U Owe Collections, we’re calling about the $1.5 million you owe our client. Unless you want this to affect your credit and future chances at car, home or boat ownership, please call and remedy this situation right away!”

  15. one of rex’s and company’s many flaws are that they hung onto sanchez way longer than anyone with a lick of common sense would have. let’s face it, sanchez is grade b- at best. the other side of this is they didn’t play tebow, who was a proven winner. if the jets are under .500 this year–clean house!

  16. Why is everyone so down on Tebow? I mean, he destroyed the Steelers in their last ever playoff game. That’s a big deal, right? Right? Hell-oooo? Is this thing on?

  17. Woody Johnson has no clue about football or anything else for that matter. He has done so many questionable moves like Farvre,Tebow,Sanchez, owing getting rid of everybody. He is a disgrace to the sport of football and if he didn’t have $ he’d be a nobody

  18. Elway should be executive of the year. I mean how much better does it get than bringing in Peyton Manning, getting rid of a distraction, and building a 13-3 team that went from “no chance” in the playoffs a couple of years ago to the Super Bowl favorite? I seem to remember PFT writing him off as just another player trying to hop into the GM’s seat without knowing what they’re doing and being “over his head” — but the truth is Elway did have experience with his car dealerships, his championship arena league football team, and of course leading the Broncos to two Lombardi trophies. He has quickly rebuilt this franchise to where it was back in the 90s while he was still a player — a task that seemed nearly impossible at the time that McDaniels had essentially run the team into the ground and all hope was lost for another few years at least.

  19. Tebow is a great QB…he just plays differently than the norm. He’s a proven winner.

    If the Bucs were not set, I would love to have him in Tampa. And I’m not a Gators fan either.

    He’s unorthodox, but not bad.

  20. The worst part will be when a creative team like NE picks him up on the cheap and makes him a hybrid FB/Slot receiver.

    Tebow might end up with more first downs than Mark Sanchez.

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