Telesco doesn’t slam door on Hard Knocks

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Now that the draft has ended, the next phase of the NFL calendar includes this annual topic:  Who’ll be on HBO’s Hard Knocks?

While the news typically unfolds with teams saying they definitely don’t want to do it, the first team to mention the show this year hasn’t ruled it out.  Specifically, Chargers first-year G.M. Tom Telesco declined to close the door on the possibility in an interview with XTRA Sports 1360 in San Diego.

I love watching that show,” Telesco said, “and NFL Films does an incredible job with it, they really do.  As far as would we do it?  We’ll see.  I don’t foresee that this year.  It’s gonna be a whole new training camp, with a new front office, new coaching staff.  It’s something we may think about, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen this year.”

Telesco called it “great TV” and pointed to the “curiosity” factor.  He also acknowledged that watching it gives him an idea as to how other teams operate.  “Anything you can do to try to help yourself, I’m all for,” Telesco said.

That’s an argument against opening training camp to cameras and microphones, but it seems that every year at least one NFL team want to be the team that goes under the microscope.  It doesn’t sound like the Chargers will be that team in 2013, but the Chargers could be in the future.

So who would you like to see on the show this year?  Start making your case in the comments.

28 responses to “Telesco doesn’t slam door on Hard Knocks

  1. Eagles. Everyone questions if this innovative coachwill change the game or be a spectacular failure. Let’s see it from the inside.

  2. Titans…Would love to see Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews work with the line they assembled from the draft and free agent pickups, along w/senior assistant/Defense (Greg Williams). Should be a fun year in Tennessee !!!

  3. Patriots! It will never happen for the same reason I want to see it. It’s too solid of an organization to allow the distraction.

  4. If they did the Patriots they could do a kind of silent movie thing cuz no one would say anything of interest anyway.

    Can you picture BB on that show guaranteeing a championship and rallying the troops with a GodD— Snack?

  5. Rams baby. Id love to see how the youngest team in the league comes together before the real games begin. Not being a major media market would help keep the circus out to a certain extent.

    If not I will settle for the Jets. That would just be good TV. Mark throwing an INT in practice, shrugs his shoulders and puts his head down. Then we get to see Geno attempt to take the snap, but fumbles it with his small hands. He then pouts, and blames it on everyone but his own baby hands. Next cut to Cro, who is trying to count how many kids hes up to now, he quits halfway saying MANNNN, i dont even know anymore.

  6. Oakland’s moneyball year. With a new regime showing there is finally the possibility of a little light at the end of the Black Hole, and virtually every position up for grabs, it would make for an intriguing peek inside of a truly wide-open NFL training camp—Moneyball-style.

  7. I’d like to see Jacksonville Jaguars covered, but they flip the format of the show and make it an in-depth investigative documentary of what lives in the team owners mustache.

  8. Well first off, the 49ers honestly would be a very intriguing team. Baalke & Harbaugh are both very tight lipped about things, plus Harbaugh,Tomlinson & fangio,rathman those are some fiery very real straight forward guys. However it seems like hardknocks is a curse like every team that does it. Doesn’t make the playoffs I believe but as a niner fan I do not have to worry while it would be awesome as a fan. The niners are to good of an organization with coaches that know better than to give any type of leverage. This seems totally like a broadway Pete Carroll type of thing. He loves the camera loves attention which is why he is one of 3 HC with a twitter acct. so I say thank god for a great leader in Harbaugh and Baalke to be smart enough to stay away. So whoever wants it have at it. Good riddence

  9. I would have bet on Bigplay Haslam and the Browns before he was facing a Federal indictment.

    Jimmy loves the cameras but I think even he is smart enough to deflect as much attention as possible until (if/when) his case is adjudicated.

  10. The Buccaneers, lots of intrigue there, Revis’ knee, a hamster, Freeman on thin ice

  11. Last year it was the DOLPHINS, and it was still great TV. So it really doesn’t matter which team it is, looking forward to it.

  12. The jets would be a waste of our eyesight…. the pats would be interesting to see if they are really as boring as they seem. Plus, we could flip the table and spy on them for a change.

  13. I’ll say 3 teams that I think would be good:
    Raiders, Eagles, and Bills. Eagles and the Bills are trying to have a new dynamic offense, so lets see what they might try to do on the inside.

    The Raiders would have the most competition out of them. Hopefully they will step up to the plate this year and prove people wrong.

  14. Bottom line is we will ALL watch it. Last year when they announced the my Dolphins all the Haters came in and said “they would not watch it”, “who cares”, etc. In the meantime, it was the all-time highest rated Hard Knocks.

    My Vote would be the Seahawks or 49ers for pure interest. However, since we want the Train Wreck aspect for ratings, they go Chargers, Jaguars, Bills, Raiders or Redskins

  15. I have enjoyed this show in the past but last year it seems no team wanted it. To avoid that scenario and having the same teams do it, make it a rule that the team with the first pick in the draft get HBO’s HKs.

    It will be interesting to see the rookie who was picked first, in the preseason.

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