Al Harris to retire with the Packers

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Cornerback Al Harris will retire as a member of the Green Bay Packers, the club said Wednesday.

Harris played seven seasons with the Packers (2003-2009), intercepting 14 passes and twice making the Pro Bowl. He famously sealed the Packers’ January 2004 wild-card win vs. Seattle by intercepting a Matt Hasselbeck pass and taking it back for a touchdown in overtime.

Harris, 38, made 128 NFL starts, intercepting 21 passes in regular-season games. He was a sixth-round pick of the Buccaneers in 1997. In addition to his productive stint with Green Bay, the 6-foot-1, 194-pound Harris appeared in regular-season games for the Eagles (1998-2002), Dolphins (2010) and Rams (2011).

The Chiefs hired Harris as an assistant secondary coach in January.

31 responses to “Al Harris to retire with the Packers

  1. Al was scrappy and fun to watch, he was a great CB for GB for yrs. Glad he can retire in the green n gold.

  2. From a Seattle fan who remembers that playoff pick-six very well, Harris was a heck of a player. Complete respect for him.

    The game will miss you buddy. Godspeed!

  3. Although he was injured and wasn’t on the team at the time we won the Super Bowl, he got a ring. I’m glad teams do have some loyalty and give back to those who made great contributions.

  4. Glad to hear. Al did a great job for us, but was sadly cut in the middle of our SB run. We still rewarded his service with a ring. The Pack take care of their own.

  5. I loved him when he was on the Eagles. I remember one play where a pass was pretty well out of bounds and he jumped out (not touching the out-of-bounds line), tipped the ball back in to another defender of the Eagles for an interception.

  6. The Pack was at our best when we had Harris and Woodson both in their prime… basically, two shut-down corners who could both play man-on-man.

    Also, remember his pick-six again Seattle was right after Matt Hasselbeck said they were to take the kick off and score.

  7. Class act all the way. He took out an advertisement in the local paper thanking the fans and the team when he was released. Best wishes Al!

  8. I’ll always remember Al Harris for giving up the winning touchdown to Randy Moss at Lambeau Field in the playoffs. Randy mooned the crowd and Joe Buck was disgusted.

  9. Al is a good dude. He never thought he was too important to help out in the communities he was adopted by. Great players who are great people are rare. Good luck with that coaching gig, Al.

  10. The NFL is a cold and ruthless business most of the time. It’s good that they periodically do these nice gestures for ex-employees. Football is a business, but it’s also an emotional game that affects both suits, players, coaches and staff, and fans.

  11. Scrappy, smart player, always fun to watch and always felt he could cover anyone! From the Pick-6 in the playoffs to his quote about Favre going to Minnesota:
    “You know, if you’re a true Green Bay Packer fan, you’ll always love Brett Favre, wherever he plays”

    Always classy..Too bad other Pack fans never listened or understood.. anyways happy retirement Al! Class act!

  12. Al’s a great guy, lives in my south Florida town of Coral springs. I work for the public works here and saw him coming out of his house to get the mail and I yelled out “we want the ball and were gonna score!”. He started laughing and shaking his head.

  13. men1856 says:
    May 1, 2013 7:51 PM
    I’ll never forget how Plaxico abused him in the NFC championship.

    —————————————————————————————————————————————— I’ll never forget how plaxico shot himself in the leg and went to jail….

  14. vfan76 says: May 1, 2013 9:53 PM

    All I remember of this guy is his complaining. Typical Packer.

    Says the donkey whose own Cris Carter still holds the cry baby record for most whining to an official over phantom pass interference calls. Ever.

    Good luck in the new dark pink unies, btw. What is this, like 4 uniform changes in 6 years??

    I’m sure THIS ONE will finally end the jinx.

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