Bears move quickly, sign a pair of draft picks


The Bears are once again working quickly on transactions that have become perfunctory, becoming the first team to sign a draft pick.

And then the first to sign two.

The team announced a four-year deal with fifth-round offensive tackle Jordan Mills, and then followed up moments later by sending out word they had finished up a deal with sixth-round defensive end Cornelius Washington.

They like to do such business quickly, and there’s no real reason to drag it out. Late-round picks are mostly boilerplate, and early round picks are becoming increasingly that way.

21 responses to “Bears move quickly, sign a pair of draft picks

  1. And this produces some kind of competitive advantage? To Phil Emery, the honeymoon is over, and the real evaluations begin. Years 2-4 need to be a significant improvement from the sluggish Bears organization approach of the last 13 seasons. So far, we trust you, but the playoffs are the minimum target this year.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think we kept Cliff Stein and he is well known for getting the draft picks signed promptly. You have to admit Bears fans thats its kinda exciting that we have a new regime in place even though Urlacher wont be in there. The draft wasn’t really predictable and we did get some offensive line help and the unknown about Trestman being on the sideline should be interesting. Who knows, it could be really good or really bad. Hopefully it turns out good!

  3. I’m just asking what does signing the picks early do for the team in terms of success on the field? I like Emery so far, but I’m not getting any younger or optimistic. I applaud the approach to making a commitment to the offensive side of the ball. But so far, all we have is words and no playoffs. The Brandon Marshall trade was an absolute home run, but Emery’s first draft was a yawner in terms of results.

  4. @tokyo:

    You’re only calling Long a third round pick ’cause your team wanted him and ended up blasting sand.

  5. Thats the most clever and funny thing I have seen from you on here Tokyo. Good one.

    As for early signings, some think its wise to let these guys stay hungry through the summer, not make them into young millionaires with such a long stretch till training camp starts.

    I don’t think it makes much of a difference these days with the rookie wage scale but why not wait? What do you gain by doing these deals early?

  6. @bearsfanincali:

    I like this draft, the Bears totally revamped the o-line, and addressed the departures of Roach and Urlacher
    with Bostic and Greene…That said, I do wish they could have drafted a CB and developmental QB like Bray.

    As for the benefit of signing picks quickly, I think it helps the team avoid distractions during training camp, even if on-field performance is not affected.

    I also like the guys we got after the draft, especially P.J. Lonergan as Garza’s eventual successor, and Josh Lenz at WR.

  7. Memo to my fellow Bears fans…Kyle Long was projected to go no later than the 2nd. round, and from what I’ve read most likely would have been taken later in Rd. 1 (perhaps even by tokyo’s favorite team), so Emery made the right call here.

    And y’all should know that agreeing with Packer trolls only encourages them to keep posting trash.

  8. goodknave says:
    May 1, 2013 9:41 PM
    That’s pretty funny, Tokyo. Well, actually, it isn’t.
    Their 3rd round pick was essentially Brandon Marshall.


    O rly?

    That’s neat. Here’s a portion of the packers draft

    1. Essentially Julius Peppers
    2. Essentially Adrian Peterson
    3. Essentially Josh Sitton
    4. Essentially Joe Thomas
    5. Essentially Barry Sanders

    I guess we still win.

    Btw,up here, we wait until people play a down before we anoint them stars.

  9. @tokyo:

    Bears acquired Brandon Marshall for two third round picks, one in 2012 and one this year.

    So what goodknave essentially meant was that we had no pick in the third round as a result of the Marshall trade, so how could Long be that pick? He was not comparing a non-existant player to Marshall, so your top five essentials make no sense…Just like most of your posts about the Bears.

  10. We traded TWO third round picks for Marshall, one acquired from Carolina for Greg Olsen, and the other was the 2013 Bears third round pick. So, Olsen and a third rounder for Marshall, which still works out fine for me. But goodknave is right on, let’s see what these Bears oicks can do before we drink the Emery flavored Kool-Aid. After all, the organization that selected Jerry Angelo is the same organization that selected Emery. Did they suddenly get significantly better at identifying management talent? Hard to believe.
    Let’s just evaluate these draft picks at the end of this year and at the end of the next two years to judge their value. Don’t we deserve a fans to demand more than words and promises from a team that has returned so little to us in terms of pride in winning chanpionships.

  11. We won’t know how good anyone did in the draft until the season starts. We also don’t know if the Bears will go 2-0 or 0-2 against the Packers in 2013.

    No reason for the bickering and bantering. We all love football and the more posts I see from packer’s fans on Bears posts is a direct reflection of their deep hatred and FEAR of the Bears constantly changing organization since the departure of Angelo and Lovie.

    Q the denial and stupid remakes now. Can’t we all just get along, we all like football???? Flithy and Tokyo we all know that the Packers are better than the Bears up to this current moment and it is what it is, but the trolling you guys do on Bears articles makes you guys look insecure and worried……j/s!

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