Cardinals get Arenas to complete Sherman trade

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The Chiefs have finalized their trade for a fullback the Cardinals didn’t need, by passing along a cornerback they didn’t need.

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, the Chiefs will be sending cornerback Javier Arenas to the desert in exchange for fullback Anthony Sherman.

The Cardinals don’t really have a need for a fullback, even one selected in the fifth round of the 2011 Draft, as new coach Bruce Arians has said recently “I’m not a fullback guy, I never have been.”

Arenas was a second-round pick in 2010, but the Chiefs added Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson this offseason to work with Brandon Flowers, so there wasn’t much room for him.

24 responses to “Cardinals get Arenas to complete Sherman trade

  1. I don’t understand this post at all. Who was traded? Richard Sherman is on the Seahawks and the 2011 1st rounder for the Cards was Patrick Peterson.

  2. Always liked Arenas but he was looking to be the odd man out after the 2 free agent CB signings anyway. Glad he’s getting a chance to play somewhere else.

    Good luck, Javier.

  3. Sherman wasn’t a first round pick, he was a 5th… This trade sucks for the Chiefs, they have like 3 FB’s on the roster now. WHO NEEDS 3 FULLBACKS??? Is Andy going to make them carry him around like a pharaoh?

  4. Javier is a nice kid but don’t be fooled by 2nd round pic status. After a couple of years that was revealed as a mistake. Chiefs picked up two A-rated DBs so we’re good. Arenas was a Nickel. He’s not a cover guy but always made the tackle after the catch! His return skills never blossomed as expected. Slightly above average but you don’t keep a guy for that reason. No returned TDs and the good ones he had were called back for holding penalties. We needed a FB. Even trade or Chiefs in a squeaker.

  5. I don’t know, but I’d rather hold on to a slightly above average, sure-tackling Nickel CB with some return skills, over a good FB. In today’s passing league, you just can’t have enough good (and healthy) DB’s.

  6. Arenas… Hmm isn’t he another one of those MANY SEC BUSTS that didn’t translate that dominant SEC talent to the NFL? I’m just sayin tho.. Lol

  7. Another high Pioli draft bust, Arenas tried hard but just is not a blue chip player, too slow, needed to go. This starts the landslide of weak, overdrafted Pioli players heading out the door…

  8. Clearing cap space?

    I like Javier but he lacks size as a corner and speed as a returner. Having said that I think he still had more value than a FB!

  9. Arenas was the 2nd round pick they got from ATL for Tony Gonzalez !! Sean Lee from the Cowboys got picked right after, that would a been nice !!

  10. Was not a cap thing.

    Arenas’ size wasn’t what Reid wants. Some say he might have been cut like Sherman. I’d say ariz won the trade by a little. We/ kc didn’t need another FB. But I guess Reid will be swinging screen passes all over the place.

  11. Surprised by this…. I thought Arenas was a nice role player. I just don’t like trading a fast guy for a slow guy. Arenas has pretty good hands as a punt returner.

    Also i’m curious why Dorsey/Reid weren’t impressed by Patrick DiMarco’s late emergence last year as a run blocker. PLUS they drafted a FB what the hell man, should have used that pick on the british discus guy named Okoye.

  12. Too bad Chiefs fans don’t realize they just received top special teams player, and all around monster when it comes to knocking linebackers like Patrick Willis on his butt.

  13. Im a Chiefs fan and for the Chief fans that dont like this please keep quiet cause you werent watching games last year. Arenas gave me some of the most pain to watch. I was riding his wagon when they drafted him and even a little his rookie year but he’s not a starting corner in my eyes and for the sure punt returner talk, give me a break and he’s an average at best corner period When needed a brusing tailback and I can guarantee nobody is looking forward to the up in coming year more than Jamaal Charles kept his strong left tackle, got a right tackle with the first pick for the right side and than went and got a tank to lead block!!

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