Carson Palmer thinks every team would accept a gay teammate


Carson Palmer has been in the NFL for a decade and played for the Bengals, Raiders and now the Cardinals, and he says he has never seen any reason to believe that an openly gay player would run into discrimination on an NFL team.

Asked in an interview with Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network about openly gay NBA player Jason Collins, Palmer said that from everything he has ever seen in the NFL, he believes a gay player would be welcomed.

“In our locker room I think he would be accepted very easily,” Palmer said. “I’ve been around the league a long time and you play with a lot of guys from a lot of different backgrounds, and that’s just the world we live in. I don’t think there would be any issues in this locker room. I think guys would accept him. All the locker rooms I’ve been in, in fact, since I’ve been in the NFL, I think he would be accepted very easily.”

Palmer said he believes Collins’ decision to come out this week will make it more likely for an NFL player to come out.

“He’s opened the door and obviously made it easier for guys to follow in his footsteps,” Palmer said.

And words of wisdom like those from Palmer make it easier for a gay player to know he’d be accepted.

80 responses to “Carson Palmer thinks every team would accept a gay teammate

  1. As long as that guy could play. Hell, most coaches would throw their grandmothers down a flight of stairs if it meant an extra win.

  2. “In our locker room I think he would be accepted very easily,”

    How does he know? He’s been with the Cards for what, 5 mins? Probably has never even set foot in that locker room…

  3. I don’t think it would a big deal either. In fact, it’s likely that they already have had them on NFL teams in past years.

    Media and politicians are taking this topic and running with it. But players just roll with it. If guy can help you win games, who cares what he does off the field and with whom?

  4. Geez Carson, check Twitter after the announcement was made Monday… Guys like Alphonzo Smith, Aaron Curry, and others basically came out condemning Collins and saying completely offensive things. *(I know these guys aren’t stars, but these are the guys speaking their minds outside of the filters the stars have in place to protect their images)

    Accepting is a strong word. Tolerating is a commonly used word. You can tolerate someone but to be a team and support each other, there needs to be acceptence. I don’t think any of the sports are truly ready, but we don’t exactly have scholars playing football… I would assume Smith and Curry have many peers that share their opinions unfortunately. Carson might accept it, but he should take a better look around the locker room.

  5. Oh, boy…
    Why is this question even being asked of NFL players? Most of them have learned their lesson to either not answer at all or give the politically correct answer so not to be run out of the league by the liberal media.
    Gays are wonderful people!!!
    They deserve all those “gay pride parades” and their own “gay bars,” “gay TV shows” and “gay clothing.” Soon they may even have their own “gays-only” parking places…
    I’m still waiting for the first “farm-animal lover” to come out. What’s the holdup?

  6. As long as the gay players act like men and don’t flaunt it, than why would any of their teammates care what they do in their private lives?

  7. Great what he said. Seriously though how does this turd keep getting starting jobs handed to him?

  8. Good to see Carson lead on this so strongly. Pretty sure he’s born again and active in the Christian community so this actually should carry that much more weight.

    And so ends my one comment not bashing Carson this year 🙂


  9. “I don’t think there would be any issues in this locker room.”

    Seriously, how would he know that? I doubt he even knows everyone on the team yet…ignorant statement to make already. But what would you expect from this loser.

  10. 509seahawks says:May 1, 2013 11:54 AM

    Carson let’s not jump to conclusions on this yet. We’ll have to wait in see how Teo pans out in San Diego.


    Didnt work out for Seau…

  11. This is just the beginning of the Gayification by the media of professional sports. The media can’t stand that this is the last bastion of the Heterosexual male culture.

    The uniforms in 10 years will be Scottish Kilts and half the cheerleaders will have to be men, because of the discrimination lawsuits.

  12. Tebow: ‘I’m a Christian’.

    The World: ‘Keep it to yourself!!!!!!!’

    Any Human: ‘I want everyone to know I’m a gay’.

    The World: ‘Yeah!!!! Congratulations!!!!’


  13. Too easy Carson..first the picture of you devouring a hot dog and now this. Are you trying to tell us something?

  14. Of course that is what he said. Any thing else and the media ostracizes him.

  15. I wonder if Carson Palmer is toying with the idea of being a trend setter in this area of concern?

    In other news, Carson Palmer has a good grasp and understanding of the playbook.

  16. Carson, what’s the temperature of that sand you have your head stuck in?

    A gay guy would be discriminated against in ANY group of 70+ guys. Football players are no exception.

  17. Even if Palmer thought differently he is smart enough to not admit it. Especially after Wallace made hit tweat heard round the world…

    The worst thing he could have said was no comment because then people would be bashing him and the best thing he could have said is what he said.

  18. @rkt4mayor says: May 1, 2013 12:12 PM

    As long as the gay players act like men and don’t flaunt it, than why would any of their teammates care what they do in their private lives?

    It’s a logical question in theory, but just because their teammates shouldn’t care, doesn’t mean that they won’t. I think you would be surprised at the anti-gay attitudes bred into professional athletes through years and years of jock culture.

  19. It’s pretty sad to see all the gay jokes coming up on here. I think it was a pretty brave thing to do what Jason Collins did, not knowing any possible backlash that could come in the public and the locker room. But I do think it’s going to start a trend and we will see multiple people announce that they are gay as well. Time will tell how the public and American professional sports teams handle this, but I think it will become more and more accepted over the long term.

  20. If you thought the Collins story was over blown and got tired of hearing it after the first 10000 times in the first day, just wait until an NFL player decides he wants to make an announcement. Itll be the Collins saga times 1,000,000. And we arent done yet. THEN wait until an actual good famous player comes out. Itll be heaven on earth for the media/left and hell for all of us who will have to go into the closet ourselves just to stop hearing about it.

  21. How about the media quit trying to force this or guess when it is going to happen and if someone wants to come out, let them do it on their own time and comfort level, and if no one comes out, fine, leave them alone, and let them play football. Too much to ask?

  22. Yeah it’s all rainbows and puppys until this gay player gets caught glancing down in the lockerroom, nothing good is going to come next.

  23. The real reason Jason Collins came out.. was because hes on the back end of his career and knows its a hot topic he can make money on.. not much longer untill he has a book deal, And is a talk show host.

  24. After the backlash Tebow got its hard to imagine a fringe player wanting to be out in front of cameras 24/7. The fans would tire of it.

  25. In this thread: people who have never been in a professional locker room speculate on the ideologies of people they have never met.

  26. I believe every team in the NFL will except a gay team mate before they except Carson Palmer as an elite quarterback

  27. I want someone to hurry up and come out of the closet just so I don’t have to hear this crap anymore. I personally don’t care and I also don’t care if other players care.

  28. Hilarious, to see people say that Palmer doesn’t know about the Cards locker room yet.

    WHO CARES – the Cards sucked last year. Whatever their lockerroom was, wasn’t working.

    Palmer saying it would work in his lockerroom is implying that its his lockerroom. He would make it work as leader of the team, if the player can help you win.

    And aside from that, Gay players are already here y’all – you just don’t know who they are. You’re already fans of them, and just don’t know it. The only missing element is them “coming out”.

    If a player coming out changes your fandom, you’ve got problems.

    Reminds me of when racist went to see Hunger Games and realized that Rue was black/colored, and then hated the character. Talk about crazy.

  29. Let’s be real. Sports aren’t ready for male gay players. There have been countless players who have come out saying that they don’t accept it. I dunno what juice Carson is drinking. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t think male gay players in sports will ever be accepted. There will be ridicule by teammates/fans, and most likely lowball offers from teams. Would any of you come out if you were a male gay athlete knowing you could possibly ruin your athletic career?

  30. Personally I am sick of hearing about the gay issue! In Supreme Court, in sports, in TV and movies. Really? I looked up the percentage of gay/lesbian in our population. Want to take a guess? 4-5%. Now, don’t we have bigger problems like unemployment, healthcare costs, homelessness, hunger, terrorists in our homeland? NO. We have to be hit in the face by this issue day in/day out. Enough already. Let’s address some real issues and quit ramming down our throat (sorry) this issue that affects such a small amount of our population!

  31. Jason collins coming out is great for him. Sorry to all the politically correct people on here. I just wish his views werent forced on people. If your for gays great. If not thats great to. You as a person have a right to your opinion. But to be bashed for saying how you feel is ridiculous.

  32. Collins didn’t do anything brave. He’s finished his career and is doing a publicity stunt for the next phase of his life.

    Having said that, I’m guessing most NFL players would accept a gay teammate. It’s the pain in the backside obsessed-with-other’s-sexuality weirdos like Kluwe who drive players crazy.

  33. Let’s see Jason Collins is unemployed, averaged 1.1 pts per game last year and played alnl of 6 games last year. This is a big deal how, he is probably just trying to force himself on a team.

  34. This was the politically correct response whether he truly thinks that way or not. He’s been around and in the media enough to knows how it works.

    I really don’t have an issue with how people live their lives but it really isn’t necessary for people to know which way you lean. If you want to come out, just live your life, don’t hide anything but you don’t have to declare your preference first.

  35. Carson is wrong how would he know anyway. He’s been with the team for about a week. Has he met DD.

    The bigger issue is why is he even talking about it. Who flippen cares. Play football.

  36. I love all the people on here bashing Palmer for “assuming” what the Cardinals’ locker room is like.

    Do ANY of you have better credentials to assess how an NFL locker room would respond to an issue? Didn’t think so…

  37. Carson Palmer thinks every team would accept a gay teammate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx some already have and just don’t know it

  38. I’m so freaking tired of people saying the phrase, “Why do they feel the need to tell everyone what they do in their bedrooms?”

    Um, they don’t. When you see Tom Brady with his wife, do you know what they do in their bedrooms? No, you don’t. You know that they are heterosexual. You know that they have sexual relations. But that doesn’t tell you what they precisely do in their bedrooms. When a player comes out, he’s not telling you what he does in his bedroom, he’s simply saying what his orientation is.

    And no one is “flaunting” anything. When Chad Ochocinco (Johnson) and Terrell Owens go and have twenty kids with eight different women, that’s not considered flaunting, but when a gay person comes out, it is now “flaunting”?

    Please stop the ignorant and childish double standards.

  39. Having a gay teamate will only bring a circus. Think if jason collins signs with a team his teamates will constantly be asked questions about it. Way to be a teamate. As a teamate I would like to thank jason collins for living in hell. And if he doesnt sign with a team is it because he’s gay or cause he cant play anymore? My guess is he will blame not getting a job on being gay. Not the fact that he is’ nt even a bench warmer. Sincerly your new teamate

  40. Who cares what Carson Palmer thinks about the gay issue or any other issue for that matter? What matters is how they produce on the football field. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. It is what it is……John Fox

  41. @goawayeverybody

    Then Jason Collins should have just attended a party with with his friend instead of writing a piece for SI.

    I have nothing against the guy, I am just sick of the story.

  42. Some of this comments are ridiculous. There are already dozens of gay players in the league. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that if they came out tomorrow they wouldn’t “flaunt it” and start wearing feather boas to work. It’s that kind of mindless prejudice that has held this country back over the decades while other societies pass us by and make us look dumb. It’s also not fair to say everyone should keep their sexuality to themselves because its assumed if you say nothing that your straight, therefore “acceptable”. Nothing will change if gay players were allowed to express their sexuality. They are already in the showers with you after a game and so far I haven’t heard of any problems with that situation. Grow up.

  43. I don’t give a crap WHO, or WHAT you sleep with. PLAY FOOTBALL ! Why must we be constantly bombarded by these gay people about who they sleep with. SHUT UP & LIVE UR LIFE & LET ME LIVE MINE !!! Get outta my face !

  44. he meant He “accepted” gay teammates on every team He has been on…

  45. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: May 1, 2013 11:53 AM

    Oh, good. We hadn’t seen a post about gay football players in a while. Why not change the name of this site to gayprofootballandtebowtalk?
    Wait, is that not the name of this site?
    I guess gayprofootballandtebowandthegrassconditionsatfedexfieldtalk would be too long.

  46. I’ve been waiting my whole life with baited-breath to hear what Carson Palmer thinks about potentially having a gay teammate at some point.

    If Tebow signs with someone and we get the pleasure of hearing another random player’s opinion on hypothetical gay teammates tomorrow, it is going to be a great week for me!

  47. If your not gay then most likely you don’t understand the impact that this has on kids who are gay. Yes they exist and they too need roll models and heros.

    To be gay carries a HUGE stigma.

    To have a pro athlete come forth and say ” I’m gay”. Helps to shatter that stigma.

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