Chargers make McKinnie an offer, negotiations “ongoing”


Ravens free agent left tackle Bryant McKinnie visited with the Dolphins this week, but they didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Another team might be.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Chargers have made an offer to McKinnie, and negotiations on a contract are “ongoing.”

It’s nice out here, nothing final yet,” McKinnie said.

The Dolphins seem to be willing to bide their time on tackles, indicating a willingness to play Jonathan Martin on the left if they can’t get a Branden Albert deal done.

The Chargers don’t have a similar fallback plan, as they’re faced with the prospect of King Dunlap protecting Philip Rivers’ blind side, after drafting right tackle D.J. Fluker. They can only hope it goes better than the Jared Gaither experiment, the last time they brought in a former Baltimore tackle.

Either way, it seems like the market for McKinnie is picking up, since most of the rest of the guys out there at the moment aren’t really suited to playing on the left.

18 responses to “Chargers make McKinnie an offer, negotiations “ongoing”

  1. You would think San Diego would smarten up and not sign another Baltimore/Ozzie Newsome cast off. The last time they did, they brought in Jared Gaither who had a huge year, signed a big contract, and then had a mysterious back ailment. Now go ahead SD, give Bryant McKinnie a huge contract that doesn’t have any weight clauses and see what happens.

  2. He plays when he wants to play. In 2009 he was rock solid. He came back in 2010, fat and unmotivated, then in 2011, he was a 400 pounder. We kicked him to the curb. If he’s motivated, he can play.

  3. I’m fine with McKinnie on a one or two year deal. The mistake made with Gaither was deciding to place our trust in him. McKinnie is a stop-gap, and everyone knows it.

  4. If they can avoid as much guaranteed money as possible it may work out since he’d have to earn it.

  5. Interesting comparison to Gaither. Haven’t heard that before…

    Seriously, the valid part of the Gaither comparison is that, just like in 2012, the Bolts aren’t left with a lot of choices. Unlike, 2012, this time the liability will only be for one year. I think it’s a risk the have to take.

  6. All the people talking trash are the Baltimore fans worried that Michael Oher will be their starting LT…

    Look if he got the Chargers to give him anything more than a two year deal someone should smack some since into Dean Spanos and let him know what’s up. Is this a risk we have to take? YES, should we let him hold us up for more than what he’s worth, he-doublehockeysticks no.

  7. The Ravens are making a huge mistake by not even attempting to re-sign McKinnie. They have nobody on the current roster who can play LT.

  8. Ozzie let’s his free agent players test the market. He puts a contract number on the table of what he believes the player is worth and then let’s the player go out there and find something better. The fact that McKinnie hasn’t signed right away could be that the numbers are not what he expected or are close to what Ozzie gave him. There’s still a chance that he will return to the Ravens.

  9. The Ravens are making a huge mistake by not even attempting to re-sign McKinnie. They have nobody on the current roster who can play LT.

    I think it’s safe to say the entire offensive coaching staff and the front office know yet they’re still not making any aggressive moves to sign him. What does that tell us about McKinnie when his current employer is willing to take this gamble?

  10. The fact that this guy has a Super Bowl ring devalues the whole damn thing.

    Talented. Very long arms. Don’t get me wrong; you can’t fake passion, but you can put in effort.

    Take a guy like Phil Loadholt who runs 90 yards to help run down an interception. Who screams at himself every time he jumps offside (which is way too often).

    I don’t hate big Mac, but it’s like Justin Bieber winning awards…..seems unfair.

  11. I am sad to see my favorite team falling apart. We are losing all of my favorite players. Will be a long season for us Ravens fans. Cheers from the local shelter!

  12. You know, for all the chatter about Miami’s dire need of a left tackle, it seems the Chargers are getting off easy. King Dunlap? In my book, having him penciled in to start is actually worse than having nothing at all. At least “nothing” can’t get penalized every other play.

    Anyway, I agree with the sentiment most of you have shared: McKinnie’s a good get so long as his contract is just one or two years.

  13. Everybody’s acting like McKinnie was the reason the Ravens O-Line did well in the playoffs. He was a small part of it, but I credit Osemele and Yanda for dominating the middle.

    The fact that the Ravens haven’t signed McKinnie yet shows you how concerned they are about him- and they have every right to be concerned. He hasn’t played a full season in a few years. He KNEW he had to report to camp last year at a certain weight, and not only did he fail to make that weight, he also failed to show up on time. That says a lot about his dedication and work ethic. Do you really want to surround a brand new center with that kind of drama? No.

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