Chip Kelly says Geno Smith visits were not smoke screens

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Prior to the draft, there was talk that the Eagles liked Geno Smith so much that they could take him with the No. 4 overall pick. As it turned out, not only did the Eagles pass on Smith at No. 4, but they passed on him with their second-round pick, No. 35 overall, too.

But Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who worked Smith out in West Virginia and then brought Smith to Philadelphia for a visit, says the interest was legitimate.

First off, it wasn’t a smoke screen,” Kelly said on WIP-FM, via “We were as thorough with Geno as anyone else with our evaluation.”

Kelly said he wouldn’t take his time to visit with a player just to give other teams a false impression of his opinion of that player.

“Is it a smoke screen to other people? I think that intrigue and that part of it, I kind of get a kick out of,” Kelly said. “We don’t have enough time to go out there and say, ‘Hey, let’s bluff the other 31 teams in the league by going to do this.’ If we are, we’re wasting our time.”

So the Eagles really did take the time to evaluate Smith. And their evaluation was that not only was he not worth their first-round pick, but he wasn’t even worth their second-round pick.

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  1. I’m tired of these mediocre talent qbs expecting to be top 5 picks because they are the best of the worst. I’m glad 31 teams didn’t waste a pick in the first round. The morons in buffalo could of got their guy in round 3-4.

  2. After seeing what an arrogant nutcase Geno Smith is, the Eagles probably felt he wasn’t even worth their seventh round pick.

  3. I believe Kelly, that there isn’t enough time to make out of state trips as a smokescreen. He probably detected Geno Smith’s attitude & character flaws that are now showing up in public.

  4. I don’t know if he was worth the Jet’s second round pick either. Just like Barkley fell to the 4th round there could have easily been a scenario in which Geno fell to the third round. There’s a definite red flag when 32 NFL teams pass on a guy and then a circus team picks that player.

  5. This might be the only time I’ll ever defend one of these self-entitled draft prospects, but if any of us heard for months on end how likely it was that we would be drafted in the first round, and then get passed over like a chump with cameras in our grill, we might act out as well.

    OK, likely not, but we’d all be at least feeling the way Geno Smith let us all know he felt.

  6. I believe Chip Kelly.

    It is not a smoke screen to do your due diligence on a player that everyone was talking up as the “top QB prospect” in the draft.

    I personally feel that the Eagles actually drafted the top QB of the draft. Matt Barkley would have been a top 5 pick just a year prior.

    One bad season does not change the fact that Matt Barkley is a very good QB.

    The Eagles got a steal and shored up the QB position big time.

  7. I think Kelly is being honest and also trying to be as fair to Geno as he can. It seems obvious to me that based on his game film and scouting they were really considering him but something in his interview changed their mind. Good for him for not saying something like “yeah we liked his talent but we think he will be a bad leader and a pouty diva so we passed”. Now it is up to Geno to show that he truly is an NFL starter.

    He isn’t the first QB to be drafted below his perceived talent. Marino is the obvious example. Then there are those nobody thought could play and/or lead and weren’t drafted at all (Kurt Warner, Tony Romo, Warren Moon). Getting drafted #38 overall isn’t exactly a slap in the face IMO.

  8. I wish this Geno Smith BS would go away. Now we have to listen to all of his drama now. Wish he would have never been drafted.

  9. The only smoke screens are through the media and you guys fall for it hook, line and sinker. Anyone watching the draft year after year could have told you these QB’s were going to fall and fall in bunches…why? Because it happens everytime a group of underwhelming QB propects come out. 1 or 2 teams jump way to early and the rest of the guys fall because nothing seperates them. Honestly, please tell me which of Smith, Wilson, Barkley, Nassib and the rest stood head and shoulders above? Not a single one and no consensus could be reached. So teams watch them fall while fixing needs and knowing at least one guy out of many average ones will be there with the same talent as QB’s that some team (Jet’s, Bills this year) reached for way to early.

  10. The film of Geno & EJ Manuel walking down the red carpet at the draft was priceless. Geno thought he was a total stud while Manuel was pretty humble. Turned out to be a long night for Geno haha.

  11. Based on what we’ve seen from Coach Kelly so far, it would be fair to guess that he was doing his due diligence by taking a close look at Geno Smith. Based on what we’ve seen so far from Geno Smith so far, it would be fair to guess that he doesn’t interview very well. In the right situation, with good coaching, strong veteran leadership and a veteran qb as a mentor, Smith could develop. However, best of luck finding good coaching, strong veteran leadership and a veteran qb as a mentor on the Jets, who may be bouncing their entire staff after this season.

    Side note: When calling out morons, the phrase “could of” instead of “could have” doesn’t help your cause.

  12. Plenty of people and more than 1 mock draft kept pronouncing as fact that Geno Smith wouldn’t get past the Eagles at 4th overall.

    I’m extremely happy they didn’t pick him in the early rounds.

    Now if they can just get rid of Vick and roll with Foles/Barkley the Eagles may be on to something.

  13. Geno Smith is a whiner.

    News Flash for Geno: Despite what you think, you were not entitled to be a 1st round pick.

    Get over yourself Geno…

  14. In this case, I believe Kelly and never thought it was a smoke screen. They took a good look at him and for some reason didn’t like what they saw.

    It seems that Smith would thrive in Kelly’s offense better than Barkley. In time, this just may turn out to be a mistake.
    Cue up eagle haters and kelly disciples.

  15. Personality flaws and concerns about Smith’s ability to lead a team especially when the going gets rough caused Smith draft stock to plummet. Athletically he has all the tools but you can’t coach character.

  16. “str82dvd says: May 1, 2013 10:49 AM
    This might be the only time I’ll ever defend one of these self-entitled draft prospects, but if any of us heard for months on end how likely it was that we would be drafted in the first round, and then get passed over like a chump with cameras in our grill, we might act out as well.”

    Well, that’s the problem right there. You, and the rest of us fans, are listening to self-proclaimed draft “experts” instead of insiders like the players and agents are. We really have to stop giving so much weight to these so-called experts. They get so much publicity that agents and teams are using them to spread false information about players. False rumors get spread about a player’s character or fake drug tests like what happened to Keenan Allen can really damage his status and money.

  17. Eagles QB Depth Chart if they want to win:
    1. Foles
    2. Barkley
    3. Dixon

    As for Vick….see ya later Ron Mexico…don’t forget to take your Valtrex with you.

  18. this Chip Kelly is a scammer – he likley got Geno’s former agent fired with his scam artist ability

  19. Geno Smith petulantly firing his agent proves that the Eagles made the right choice in refusing to draft the diva!

  20. Matt is going to surprise you. He has never been anything but a starter. He ll have time to learn here in Philly. This could be the steal of the draft.. With all the wasted 2nd round picks The Birds have had, this was a great 4th round pick. USC def. last year was no great shakes, so, watch for good things from him.

  21. Mike Vick won’t be the Eagles’ starter for long. I don’t like Foles either. Barkley? I dunno. I know that there will be at least 3 QB’s in the first round next year and more in the second round.

  22. Geno is an arrogant dunce who thinks just walking on the field is an accomplishment he will be holding a clip board till he is cut. All teams but the jets knew that too.

  23. Hopefully it won’t be too late for Brian Billick or Gruden to turn this team around in a few years when the Eagles come knockin!!

  24. Hey people…so Geno is the new Tebow? Give me a break, let the kid go and throw one pass as a pro before you trash him.

  25. Chip Kelly’s going to be a bigger bust than Geno. He picked pretty much the worst QB in this draft for the scheme he runs in Barkley. Smooth move. It will be fun watching the Eagles continue to never win anything ever.

  26. All I know is that Hard Knocks should be paying the NY Jets 8 figures for the rights to film in Florham Park this year…with Rex saying this is going to be the best Mark Sanchez ever, and Geno being Geno, we are going to have multiple circus tents setup all over NJ!!! Can’t wait!!!

  27. Maybe Obama should have given Chip a call and endorsed Geno.
    Really the draft is over … Geno is NOT a 1st rounder … get over it.

  28. Kelly is full of “DoDo”!
    The “smoke screen” game has been going on since the draft began. If you bluff properly a team that really wanted the guy will pay a kings ransom to move up to your slot. Here it didn’t matter; no one wanted Gino Smith in the first round.

  29. I wonder if everything else stays the same but Smith goes to a glory team like the Pats, Packers or Giants, would the same yip yappers on here be saying the same things.

    I’m having trouble separating the Jets ridicule from legit criticism of Geno Smith.

    Oh, that’s right there’s no legit criticism of Smith to be had here because you’re all talking about his persona like a bunch of 8th grade girls who want to date him instead of his heretofore unseen abilities as an NFL QB.

  30. This smacks of Bobby Petrino baloney. So glad to be a fan of a real organization that doesn’t have to answer such silly questions. So glad to have a curmudgeonly coach who wouldn’t even answer such nonsense to legitimize it.

    Go Giants!

  31. I don’t know how to reply to comments but the question was

    “hey finsfan, ur forgetting the best qb of that bunch: Tom Brady. is there some reason u didnt mention him?”

    The answer is I didn’t mention him in the first group (those that were drafted below their perceived talent like Marino and Geno expected to go higher) because he wasn’t really perceived as a great talent or expected high pick. He split time at Michigan with Drew Henson and wasn’t on too many peoples’ radar. I didn’t mention him in the group of guys who didn’t get drafted at all because he was drafted in the 6th round.

    If I were to add a third group of guys that were drafted late and turned out to be great there would be a ton of guys on that list including Brady and Johnny Unitas.

  32. Wow…Pats passed on Brady 5 times before they selected him. You are disgracing everyone drafted before and after Geno. Any player, drafted or or free agent rookie can have a great career.

  33. I wouldn’t have drafted him at all. Even if the guy has talent, he’ll never lead his team to the Super Bowl and in the end he’ll probably be anothe Terrell Owens and destroy your locker room. He’ll be out of a job in 4 years guarantee

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