Cowboys join list of teams passing on Tebow


It will just take one team to say yes for Tim Tebow to get back to work after being released by the Jets.

The search for that team continues. The Cowboys were the latest team to say they weren’t interested in adding Tebow to their roster for the 2013 season. During a conference call with season-ticket holders, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the team was looking elsewhere for a third quarterback when asked about Tebow.

“We feel really good about Kyle Orton,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “And that’s where it all starts and stops right there. He will be used differently to some degree than we’ll use [Tony] Romo. But he’s very capable of winning big games and we know how important that back-up slot is, especially if it’s temporary if you don’t have Romo. So we’re pretty set at quarterback and we wish Tim all the luck and all the best in the world. But we’re going forward there. What we need to look at at quarterback is what we might be doing with the third quarterback, and that remains to be seen.”

No great surprise there. As more teams say they aren’t interested in Tebow, it feels like the big surprise will come when and if a team decides to say yes.

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  1. Only team that has a reason to bring in tebow is Jaguars if for no other reason then to sell tickets. He at this point doesn’t serve much more purpose other then possibly a goal line wildcat guy.

  2. I mean, at the end of the day, Tim Tebow and Tony Romo have the exact same number of playoff wins. No, that is not a talent comparison, just something I thought I should bring up.

  3. Now you’re just doing this to spite your readers.

    Nobody cares if all 32 teams pass on Teblow.

  4. OK.. we get it. No Team wants Tebow. Please go back to Manti Te’o or Geno Smith stuff. At least that has the “Train Wreck” quality most knuckleheads like. Wait, instead do more players Tweeting about Gay Athletes coming out. That seems trendy, right?

  5. He cleared waivers, which to me would suggest that every team is passing him. They’re all on the list; no one is just joining now. Please stop reporting on Tebow unless he signs with a team (CFL or arena league doesn’t count).

  6. Am I the only person who wants to punch a wall every time I read a transcription of Jerry Jones talking? I can’t think of another person whose filler to content ratio is so disproportionate.

  7. What worries me most is that the Packers still haven’t joined this list.

  8. A photo of JJ, admiring his own thumbnail. How original.

    Hey Timmy, bet that gig at Omaha Beef is beginning to look pretty good to ya, hey bubba?

  9. When the Cowboys are passing on you as their third strong QB you know you aren’t good enough to play in this league.

    Tebow supporters will talk about what a great person he is, how he just wins (as if his 8 and 6 record is stellar) and oh my he does have that one playoff win.

    Meanwhile, rational people will point to the tape, which shows Tebow under and over throwing wide open receivers in the flat, his less than 50% completion percentage, his 75 QB rating in a world where less than 90 starts to look ordinary, how he has only 2 wins against teams with a winning record and how his 7 regular season wins in 2011 came against teams with a combined record of 48 and 64. Oh yeah, and he got pasted twice by the Patriots that year when the chips were really on the line.

    Nice kid. Terrible QB. He ain’t going to get a shot because he can’t play the position. It’s that simple.

  10. The fact that Jerry “feels good” about Kyle Orton shows you exactly why he shouldn’t have any role in player personnel decisions. I agree that Tebow has issues when it comes to playing quarterback but he did take a team to the playoffs after Orton couldn’t do anything with the same group of players.

  11. I’m pretty sure my New Orleans Saints are the only logical team for him at this point

  12. A few things.
    1. As a Cowboy fan, I love my team, but dang sometimes it’s too much press on us (even the pictures used of other players often are footage of them playing us..why?)
    2. ALL teams passed on Tebow. I don’t know whether it was to pay him a lower salary, try and talk him into switching positions or to see if he goes to the CFL and prove himself, but I can’t see him playing this year unless someone gets hurt.
    3. Say what you will about Orton, but he’s been pretty efficient over his career. He’s not going to put up monster stats, or sell tickets off of his name alone, but he won’t make many mistakes. That team played different with Tebow in the game, maybe just to support their teammate, but those wins weren’t due to Tebow’s passing stats that’s for sure.
    4. I hate how the kid’s been treated more like a pawn than a player. If he is serious about playing QB, keep working on everything and prove himself elsewhere. This kid wants to work hard and play, but the people with all types of off field and on field issues get chance after chance.

  13. I’m a bit surprised Jerry Jones passed on Tebow. Had he signed him then he’d have 2 “quarterback” who each won ONE playoff game. Not to mention Tebow is a lot less expensive. Jerry just loves mediocare.

  14. Enough with the Tebow articles. The guy is NOT a professional QB. He was a great college player, but college is not the pros. He won a playoff game IN Denver (only true homefield advantage in the league) against an aging and not very good Steelers team. That win does not make him better than anyone else. If it did, he would have a JOB in the NFL and not clinging his hopes on desperation of a team. People that defend Tebow need to quit drinking the cool aid, and get their heads out of the college game and be realistic. Good person, piss poor professional qb. I hate Vick with a passion, poor person, but at least he can sorta play.

  15. Should hire Skip Baseless as his agent, the biggest apologist for Tebow that I have ever seen.

  16. It’s Jerry’s good twin brother, Jerry must have died! Otherwise why would he not want the media attention?

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