Criticism of Geno Smith mounts after the draft


For NFL draft prospects, seeing criticism in the media from anonymous sources is simply part of the process of going pro. But Jets second-round pick Geno Smith has been taking a surprising amount of criticism after the draft.

From criticism of his statement on Thursday night that he would leave New York after he wasn’t picked in the first round to criticism of his decision after the draft to fire his agents, Smith has already taken a number of shots. Now comes a report from Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports that cites sources with other NFL teams as saying Smith displayed a bad attitude in pre-draft meetings.

Two sources told Cole that when Smith was on pre-draft visits, he spent too much time on the phone, texting friends or reading Twitter.

“All these other players who were in there were talking to the coaches, trying to get to know people and he was over there by himself,” one source said. “That’s not what you want out of your quarterback.”

Another critic said Smith doesn’t exude leadership the way Bills first-round pick E.J. Manuel does.

“He doesn’t have much presence, not much of a leader,” one executive who studied Smith said. “I don’t think he’s a bad person, but that’s not enough to be a quarterback in this league.”

The Jets obviously liked Smith well enough to spend a second-round draft pick on him, and as long as Smith makes his new team happy, it really doesn’t matter what the other 31 teams think. But it is becoming clear that a whole lot of people around the NFL don’t think highly of Smith.

106 responses to “Criticism of Geno Smith mounts after the draft

  1. well he acted like a baby not wanting to come back the 2nd day of the draft.

  2. I hope Geno rocks the NFL and all the critics and doubters have to eat crow.

    Though it’s doubtful AND I hate the Jets, it would be pretty sweet.

  3. I’d be curious as to how much of the criticism he’s been getting is actually true. Meaning if the criticism says he texted by himself and didn’t pay attention to coaches, is this actually what happened?

  4. He’s certainly not off to a good start in terms of his public image.

    However, if he proves he can play, he’ll hear far less criticism. I’m not optimisitic about that, based on what I’ve seen of him, what I’ve heard about him, who he will be playing for, and how the team that drafted him handles quarterbacks, good, bad, or ugly. He could be the best QB on the Jets’ roster (the bar is set pretty low) and never see the field in the regular season, no matter how bad the other QBs are.

    Right now, he needs to get signed, get to work, work hard, and distance himself from family, “friends”, and such until he has himself established. Above all, he needs to shut his piehole.

  5. He’s not even the starter yet and he’s already getting crucified.

    Dude just needs to smile more and act present.

  6. Geno Smith is a diva who acted like he was entitled to not only be the first QB chosen but to be a top 5 draft pick.

    Sorry Geno but ALL 32 NFL teams were in agreement: you are not a 1st round pick.

  7. Little too much Cam Newton and not enough Russell Wilson in the attitude department. He carried himself like a chump during the draft and after by firing his agent.

    This guy has “it’s everyone’s fault but mine” written all over him.

    Jets will have a nice high draft pick again in 2014 so they can try again……

  8. I am not a Jets fan by any means, but all the negativity against a person is just ridiculous. Why does everyone just want to drag people down? Why the negativity and the hate?

  9. The bottomline is the Jets got amazing value by securing the concensus best QB in the second round. There is virtually no risk with Geno, all reward. But i guess its popular to hate on the Jets.

    I could care less how social he is, that has nothing to do with QB play. EJ Manuel may be a nice guy but he can’t throw, so we will see how it plays out.

  10. The Jets saw enough in Mark Sanchez to move up in the draft and take him in the first round so I think their ability to identify QB greatness is a bit in question.

  11. Perfect for the Jests. Seriously, I hope this kid matures soon because the spotlight is on him whether he wants it or not. He’s in a great position because the QB position is so unsettled. If he’s as great as he and his entourage thinks he is, then he should be able to compete for the starting job. If he doesn’t win the position, it’s another opportunity to learn from veterans on how to play, and more imporantly, act like a professional when adversity strikes you.

  12. Prediction…….He’ll pout like Can Newton and spend money like Vince Young.

  13. Can’t remember but someone tore into him weeks b4 draft about exactly the same issues. Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if he can play the position but where his personality “zerolizes” any progression as an athelete. He’ll be one of those “Where R they now” flicks…

  14. Enough of GENO SMITH ALREADY!!!! Why so much PUB around this definate future BUST!!! The Jets drafted him……need I say more??

  15. Noticed this in his post draft interview. Head cases don’t usually work out at QB. If you succeed and THEN turn into a head case, that’s different, ala Aaron Rodgers.

  16. If the Jets have a bad year he may be shown the door by the next head coach. Is this Rex’s last stand?

  17. 30% of his passes were screens
    90% of any passing play of 25yds+ was to Tavon Austin.
    7yd was his average pass attempt.

    thats why this dude was in free fall.
    Thats why the only team simple minded enough to draft him in round 2 was the jets.

  18. Geno Smith is a drama queen…perfect for the Jets.

    He and Sanchise should have a real slap fest.

    The NY Post is probably salivating.

    Save the drama for your momma Geno…

  19. I don’t think the Jets really liked him, I think they were desperate for someone to wash away Sanchez and wanted to appease the fan base. Not a strong move for them, it’s not going to work out.

  20. The way he hung his head throughout the entire first round as he was passed on over and over, and the statement that he wouldn’t return for day 2, reminds me of Ryan Leaf’s immature antics when things didn’t go as planned. Smith has talent, but attitude and desire are just as as important to lead an NFL team, especially in New York when the fans and media turn after a bad game or two. If Geno starts early, and bombs, I think it will be tough for him to ever succeed in NY.

  21. He’s in with the right crew. A HC that doesn’t know twaddle about the offense. A “starting” QB, who got rattled by the presence of a backup. An O-line that rivals SpongeBob at being porous, and a no-name defense.

    “Okay, you’ve seen ’em Geno, now go sit in the corner.”

  22. It’s not like they’ve anointed this kid the starter or anything. They made that mistake with Sanchez, and I hope Rex and Woody have learned from that…oh who am I kidding? I hope Idzik has the sense to smack them on the nose with arolled up newspaper and yell “No! Bad!” if they try.

    Most likely, Garrard will be the starter (provided his knee doesn’t explode into a billion pieces).

  23. Leadership comes in all flavors. Boisterous and loud is one way but don’t dismiss the main component needed which is that the team must believe you can deliver. If you show that, respect will follow even if you are quiet by nature.

    The QB does not have to be a Ray Lewis screaming banshee to be considered the leader.

    That said, these reports don’t look good for Geno.

  24. I’m sure with a great coach, a great organization and a great team, he will be fine.
    But I’m not sure how he’ll do with the Jets.

  25. Smith seems to have a fragile little ego that is easily upset. I don’t think too many people are impressed with his behavior.

    Wait till he actually gets into a game, makes a couple mistakes and has to deal with the NYC media and fans ripping at him like a pack of starving wolves. Does anyone think he’s going to hold up well under that kind of pressure ?

    He better be very careful with the NFL money he makes because he strikes me as a guy who won’t last much longer than his rookie contract in the league.

  26. Criticism of Geno Smith? In New York? Gee, what a surprise.

    Being drafted by the Jets was the worst possible outcome for Geno Smith. He might have done OK with some other team that knows how to develop QBs, but with the Jets he’s bound to be a bust.

  27. Well if he doesn’t pan out, they can get Teddy Bridgewater next year

  28. Maybe part of it is the fact he is socially awkward. It’s too bad the Jets don’t have leadership at other positions, it seems that is an area Geno is going to struggle in.

  29. 4200 yards, 42 TD passes and 6 INTs in 2012.

    That’s all that matters.

    He’s a QB, not a potential Mr Right.

  30. Well he didn’t have good agents that helped him in the past, and now he has no agents. He’s on an island all by himself and he has no strong team of support and mentorship to help him through this process. This should be a lesson to all the youngsters out there to realize there is more to the game of football than just what you do on the field, you have to be smart with your off the field business and work hard and do your research to make sure you are teaming up with quality people to give you good advice and support for when you really need it….

    Pay attention to these issues and seek out wisdom and it will only benefit you and help safeguard you from situations like Geno found himself in. He didn’t do his homework or his research and he didn’t have support to make sure he was teaming up with the right people. He procrastinated and didn’t prepare and now he’s paying a steep bill for it.

  31. did any body watch an interview with him? Or do we like judgingpeople so much that we dont want to ruin the fun? he is well spoken and seems like a self aware, articulate young man. Of course his agents are gonna say he fired them because he was upset with the draft position. It doesnt mean its true. He declines to get into it. That’s actually maturity.

  32. A pre-draft interview to me is like the combine. If he shows poor leadership qualities in an interview, but showed great leadership qualities on his actual college football team, then I’d focus more on the actual team experience.

    To me this is no different than watching Shariff Floyd play great in the SEC and then pass on him because his arms are short. If Geno’s leadership is that terrible, then how did he and his team have so much success on offense?

  33. Give the kid a break. Everybody could say all they want about him bit the real truth is what he will do on the field. Words are cheap. It is strictly up to him

  34. as important as qb’s are and when you look at his college stats and some of the plays he made in college there has to be a reason he wasn’t in the top 5 or the first round so when i read a story like this it all makes have got to be 110% dedicated just to even think about being a good qb in this league and if this story is true geno is going to have a tough time.

  35. Boy that harsh scouting report sure is sounding truer and truer – not unlike the one on Newton

  36. I have no idea how he will turn out but generally speaking for guys like him that slip for whatever reason seem to try harder and play better, almost with a chip on their shoulder. Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, Dan Marino, and even Aaron Rogers come to mind. Conversely, guys with “attitude” or “leadership” issues that still get drafted high tend to be more likely busts.

    He hasn’t even taken a snap yet and he is a very young man so I won’t judge him just yet but he is under a very hot spotlight in New York and he is off to a rough start.

  37. His agents convinced him not to work out at the combine if I Recall. They also left him after he didn’t get drafted in round one. I think people are jumping on this kid before they know all the facts

  38. The right player at the right time for the right team. The stars and planets are in alignment for another fine New York Jets season.

  39. Maybe firing his agent was the mature thing to do. Your agents are supposed to talk you up, provide positive media for you, and increase your value. Most draftniks had him as the best QB in the draft (even if this QB class wasn’t the best) and almost all of them had him going in the 1st round, if not the top 10. They even got him to go to the draft for the first round, where he was humiliated on live TV in front of millions. The fact that he fell to the 2nd round means his agents didn’t do a good job. They didn’t help increase his value, they stood by while it dropped. I would have fired them too. They didn’t do their job.

    Doesn’t that mean that Geno saw something that didn’t work and took steps to change it, improve it? Isn’t that the smart, mature thing to do? I don’t know about the aloof attitude and constant texting thing, if it’s true then it’s not a good sign, but not wanting to return for a second night of possible humiliation and firing his agents are understandable.

  40. Poor kid got drafted by the wrong team. A year or two behind Tom Brady or Alex smith and he might have had a chance.

  41. jetsclaps says: May 1, 2013 4:55 PM

    The bottomline is the Jets got amazing value by securing the concensus best QB in the second round. There is virtually no risk with Geno, all reward. But i guess its popular to hate on the Jets.

    I could care less how social he is, that has nothing to do with QB play. EJ Manuel may be a nice guy but he can’t throw, so we will see how it plays out.

    Geno Smith may have been “considered” the #1 Quarterback in the draft, but we’ll find out this season who it really is.
    Have you ever seen EJ Manuel throw the ball? Go back to youtube and look again.

  42. This kid should be eternally grateful to the Jets.
    If not for them, he may have slid down to the fourth.

  43. I personally don’t feel he helped himself by wearing a sweater to the draft.

    Can’t you at least rent a suit for the 2nd day???

    Stephen Hill and Courteney Upshaw wore suits on Day 2.

  44. Maybe some of these guys need to read,
    “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain. You don’t have to be an extrovert to be successful.

  45. I feel bad for the Jets organization and Geno Smith for starting off with bad press. I hope that Smith can recognize and improve on professionalism if any of what is being talked about is true.

  46. He was probably thinking: man I’m gonna be the #1 overall pick so I don’t have to kiss everyones a** I’m above all this. Obviously he thought that he was at least going in the first round or wouldn’t of acted the way he did at the draft. He’s not even that great of a player, West Va. was horrible in the 2nd half of the season. He was picked where he should of been picked. Frankly, he’s lucky he didn’t slip to the 3rd or 4th round.

  47. Congrats, you “dominated the Big East”….in football…it’s like being the biggest ant in an ant pile next to a boot factory that also makes gasoline and fire

    Geno Smith and the Jets are a perfect match like feet and gloves

  48. He has bust written all over him. Now the Jets suck so bad that it will take a while to separate how much of it is bad QB play and how much of it is a lack of talent but sooner or later, after much debate and deflection of any responsibility, he is be out of the league.

  49. One more thing… it’s not your agents fault you got picked in the 2nd round, it’s your own fault. If West Va. had a better season and you didn’t fumble so much you would of been picked alot sooner. Yep, blame your agents.

  50. You can tell a lot by how a man smiles.

    I don’t trust his smile.

  51. He is exactly like Vince Young in his attitude (I’m sorry they are both black, don’t read racism into it). I see him acting the same way when fans boo him, but the fans and media in NY is much worse than Nashville. I just don’t see Geno working out in the NFL. Many great college qbs don’t have the skills for the next level (Tebow anyone?)
    2 years if what I give him before he is washing cars somewhere.

  52. Geno is the victim of new aged nonsense. During the draft, he was shown texting and staying in contact with others outside the draft room. I don’t believe he is being “stand-offish”, but rather a shy guy, that finds comfort in the people outside that room. Once he gets to know the players and coaches on the team, he will be fine. But, it certainly may take others to come to him, stroke his ego a bit, and he will come out of his shell.

  53. That’s why the Jets will never win! From Sanchez to Geno! You got to be kidding me! Neither one was or ever will be a NFL QB. Another wasted pick. Bye, Bye Big mouth, you and your tatoo will be following your boy out the door!

  54. Go back to WV first loss to Arkansas, Smith gave up, and Tyler Wilson put up Madden-like numbers. The early season success made him a primadonna. A poor mans Cam Newton is what I see.

  55. The Jets passed on Geno, twice.

    You were their 3rd choice Geno. Maybe the “I’m the greatest” attitude ain’t working.

  56. “Geno people don’t think you can be a team leader and you weren’t worth a 2nd rd pick”
    Geno: “i already knew that”

  57. I think the worst thing for him was this site spazzing out and publishing the negatives of one scouting report and of course having to make it into subtle but not so subtle racial innuendo.

    All teams probably had the same negatives in their reports and will defend what is in esscence all scouting reports. So they’re going public saying, no those negatives are correct.

    This site needs to stop the innuendo race baiting and grow up. All you did was hurt this kid.

  58. Geno Smith is in the worst media town playing for a lame duck coach. To make matters worse the Jets are devoid of offensive talent and Marty Morningweigh is a QB killer. Every single QB who was taught by Mart went down hill fast. He turned all pro McNabb into a bum, Kolb lasted less then one game as an Eagle, Vick played well for 5 games and tanked out, Foles went 1-5 before breaking his hand. Good luck kid you will need it.

  59. This kid is just an immature “brat”!
    I do believe however that his former agents told him he was a lock to go in the first round thus setting him up for disappointment.
    I don’t know what they were thinking. As an agent,after doing their homework, you just don’t let your client sit in the “green room” on day one UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN your client is going in the 1st round.
    Regardless of whether they were just feeding his ego or the really believed this kid was 1st round material, his former agents did him a disservice and should have been fired.

  60. Being drafted in the 2nd round when you thought you should have gone in the 1st has to be the biggest first-world problem ever. Hey Geno, how about being thankful that you’re going to get paid to PLAY A GAME?

  61. So is the writer who said all of these same things about Geno before the draft still a racist? Or are the other teams all racist. I’m confused. Should I be mad at all sorts of people or is Geno Smith just an arrogant jerk?

  62. I’m tired of hearing about Jets QBs. You know who else were struggling QBs that teams gave up on? Drew Brees and Alex Smith. Brees was traded and won a superbowl and Smith has the best winning percentage for a QB in the last 2 seasons. Sanchez could turn it around or Geno Smith could pull a Russell Wilson or Smith could be Jimmy Clausen and Sanchez could be Carson Palmer. Lets let the season decide who will succeed and who will bust instead of fan and media speculation.

  63. In other news… Smith, Donald Trump, Vince Young and Jamarcus “Doughnut” Russel have started a new marketing firm. They will call it “You’re Fired! Promotions”.

  64. Sounds like alot of nitpicking to me. There are alot worse guys with worse attitudes than Geno Smith if NFL columnists want to get on their preachy soap box again.

  65. He got mad when he dropped out of 1st rd because he was counting to have big $ to buy everyone some purple drank!

  66. He’s a fn retard who wouldn’t want to be drafted in any rd in the nfl draft! That sob is all about gettin rich just like JaWalrus !

  67. He’s just pouting because he’s not getting all the praise that RG3 got. Sounds like a vick/t.o. mix to me.

  68. The Jets obviously were desperate enough to spend a second-round draft pick on him, and as long as Smith doesnt play too crappy, it really doesn’t matter what the other 31 teams think. But it is becoming clear that a whole lot of people around the NFL don’t think highly of Smith.


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