Falcons stadium ideas move in previously unseen directions

There’s been a lot of discussion of late about ways to create NFL stadium experiences unique enough to entice fans to part with money for tickets instead of watching the games on their widescreen HDTVs.

360 Architecture has come up with a few novel proposals as they work on ideas for the new Falcons stadium that they’ve been charged with building. The firm unveiled some of their thoughts and concept art on Tuesday and there are definitely some innovations that we haven’t seen before, including the “oculus” hole in the roof you see at right which would rotate open like a camera shutter depending on the weather and needs for the event going on inside the stadium. WSB in Atlanta has computerized renderings of that roof and some other design possibilities in action.

Cool enough, but probably not something that’s going to get people to go to games all by itself. The company also proposes adding “impact seats” that would vibrate alongside big hits on the field to give the game a dimension you can’t easily simulate on the couch unless you’ve got a really hyperactive toddler. There’s also talk of a bar spanning the entire length of the field and a lengthy package of ideas, via the Georgia World Congress Center which voted to approve a contract from the architects, from the architects promises “football in the round” as part of the concept for the stadium.

“We want to get the fan back to the game and it has to be about the game or about the event,” said Bill Johnson, lead architect on the stadium project, to WSB. “I don’t think skimp is a word that will be used a lot.”

Much can and will change between the design stage and the finished product, but starting off at a place of great innovation should lead to at least small steps forward when construction is complete.

44 responses to “Falcons stadium ideas move in previously unseen directions

  1. How exactly do all of these ideas lead to a team winning a championship? That’s always a selling point isn’t it?

  2. Good God that looks like an enemy taken from a video game I played as a kid in the early 90s…

  3. The only way to make fans come to that games would be to make the experience unique. Have rotating seating. Like some restaurants that rotate so that you can see all the different views, also have the seats rotate. That way you can charge the same price for all the seats say in section 200, but you might start out with a end zone view at the beginning, and end with a view of the 50 yard line. Also run in floor heating for cold weather games, and misters for down here in places like Tampa to the back of the seats to keep it bearable. It wont take the sting out of paying $10 for a beer, but it sure would make me more likely to go.

  4. I wonder how the wealthy will bilk the taxpayer to pay for this. Should prove interesting. I can hear the sheep bleating already.

  5. The problem with all these “ideas” is that it will continue to price the real football fans out of going to see a game live. And Atlanta is not exactly the best sports town to begin with either.

  6. How is it that college football teams can fill up old, mostly plain and boring stadiums, with 90,000+ but NFL teams can’t fill their stadiums that are nicer and more modern? Make the game affordable, and they will come. The TV deal alone means every NFL team will at least break even.

  7. The state of Georgia sure has generous taxpayers. Goodell is a magician.

  8. What a colossal waste of money. If the Falcon’s wanted t0 “get more people to go to games”, they would move the stadium out of the third world dump it presently resides in, better known as “downtown Atlanta”.

  9. The Falcons are getting a new stadium? Isn’t the Georgia Dome not that old?

  10. Seriously, is the point of these artist renderings to make them as ugly as possible? This is worse than the Vike’s “Snowdrift” design that has been floating around. Although, since it’s May 1 and we’re expecting about 3″ of snow, maybe it’s not such a bad design after all….

  11. Face facts, by and large attendance is not going to go back up, period. More and more people are going to stay home where its cooler, cheaper to eat, park, and the bathroom is cleaner. Wasting money on dumb looking stadiums like this might be great for a year or two, but the newness wears off then what? You have the same crowd you used to have playing in a stadium that is the laughingstock of the league.

  12. The “oculus” roof concept sounds cool, but really? Let me spend $400 to take two of us to a game, only to have the “impact seat” spill my $12 beer when there’s a hit on the field? My couch and 50″ LG plasma surround sound is getting better by the second. Want to get folks back to the games? Make it affordable for the average working fan.

  13. People don’t go to games because of stadiums. Ask the Miami Marlins. People go to games because the team wins.

    Put a winning team on the field and people will sit on aluminum bleachers. Stink and they won’t come if they are in a heated luxury box.

  14. Wow, a 100 yard long sports bar and vibrating seats! What great ideas! Now, do the seats vibrate when the Falcons are eliminated from the playoffs at home again?

  15. All comments above about Georgia being “generous taxpayers” and how much Goodell bilked Atlanta or GA State government are bogus. Blank is kicking in $700M+ for this. City of Atlanta is using $200M of bond proceeds (borrowed during the lowest rates in history) and will repay the bonds with a 1% hotel-motel tax only to be levied in Fulton County. The State of Georgia will own the stadium. The Falcons will operate it.

  16. Built in gadget and awe inspiring buildings are nice but… The way to get people to games is to make them not feel like they are being fleeced. The hard core fans will be there if you play the games in a card board stadium but the casual guy (not even bringing the family thing into it) does not go anymore. Build nice luxury suites and make the rest of the stadium affordable.

    Including the concessions!

  17. Got to love the vibrating seats concept. Perhaps they can refine the plans with brass poles for the cheerleaders and a clam shaped roof.

  18. The reason I dropped my Falcons season tix was because parking sucked and taking MARTA was the biggest pain in the ass ever. So, unless they address those 2 issues, I won’t be renewing them any time soon.

    However, I love the round one. That is pretty cool.

  19. If you can’t sell tickets to the biggest sports franchise in one of the biggest media markets in the world you have bigger problems than making your stadium look like a robots sphincter.

  20. “We want to get the fan back to the game and it has to be about the game or about the event,”

    Meanwhile, you talk about everything but the event or game. The average fan (remember him?) wants (1) to see a good game, preferably with the home team winning, (2) not feel ripped off by the price of the ticket, parking, concessions, etc., (3) not have to endure the adventures of Odysseus to get there and back, and (4) not feel like he’s a pawn in the game of life played by the pretty people in the luxury boxes.

  21. I shouldn’t be surprised every time I read one of these articles, but I am. Why? Because people STILL fail to realize that the only thing that will get butts in seats and off the couch are LOWER PRICES! No one is going to care about the full-length bar (except for the drunks with too much money) and no one is going to care what the stadium looks like except from the air.

    A vibrating seat is not going to tear me away from my 58″ plasma TV and $12 case of beer, sorry.

  22. Yes….I really want to go to a game now that they are building a stadium that looks like a cross between a ninja star and swaztika. SMH!

  23. Vibrating seats seems like a not so veiled attempt to entice more women to attend games. Can you imagine all the orgasmic screams at inappropriate times.

  24. Since the pictures of a potential stadium design are posted, that opens the door for the typical negative comments to be stated by under qualified, armchair amateurs who are in between shifts at Applebee’s.

  25. The vibrating seats are a lame idea on so many levels. Not just expensive to put in and maintain, but I’m imagining the stadium worker setting them off after a big hit while the crowd is hushed because a bad injury had obviously just occurred.

  26. Here’s a free bit of advice that will attract more fans than all these high priced gimmicks:

    LOWER the ticket prices.

    Instead of trying to attract women fans with vibrating seats, they should look at the real issue why fans don’t come to games.

  27. It’s not the ticket prices that, for me, are a negative. Although I don’t enjoy paying a huge price, once I’m in the stadium I enjoy myself (relative to the ticket price) because I’ve already made the decision to fork over that amount. I live with it.

    What gets me is the $20 parking (if I’m lucky) and $9 beers and $7 pretzels. It’s a constant reminder that the team thinks I’m a chump. And it just gets worse the longer I’m there.

    So, maybe teams would do better to subsidize their parking and concessions with the $$$ from the tickets.

    Frankly, I agree with all the posters that stay home and get a better experience. My 60″ screen is awesome compared to being there at the GA Dome in person.

    And I don’t have to put up with the foul-mouthed drunk from NOLA or the arrogant NY Giant fans that still don’t realize they moved to the South.

  28. Broncostevenp,

    So a drunk guy (there may be a couple at a football game…) goes to take a leak, and he comes out and suddenly his sections halfway across the stadium? Or anytime somebody would stand in a 15 min line for a 6 dollar bottle of water, theyre screwed because they have to now catch up to their seat!

  29. A lot of the design ideas for this proposed stadium sound pretty over the top to me. But, I can’t help wondering why in the name of God the Falcons would possibly need a new stadium ANY TIME SOON?

    The Georgia Dome isn’t even 20 years old & was built at a cost of many millions of dollars.I’ve never felt that the weather in Atlanta is severe enough to justify the expense of a domed stadium in the first place. But, the dome is already there,it’s a nice facility & it should last for MANY decades to come!

    If the Falcons want to privately finance the construction & upkeep of a new super high tech stadium, more power to them I guess.However, asking taxpayers to pay the freight on this project is absurd.There’s a better(and much cheaper) way for the Falcons to get more fans in the seats anyway-lower their absurdly high ticket prices & win a few Super Bowls.

  30. flyingelvislogosucksbringbackpatpatriot’s comment might not be politically correct, but it made me laugh out loud.

    As for me, the field-long length bar sounds awesome! If they do that, I’ll buy season tickets… and I live in Orlando!

  31. for everyone suggesting the concept of lower prices — give it up now. NFL teams don’t really care if individual fans show-up to the game. the whole point of this stadium would be to sell premium (club) seats to businesses, and if John Q. Public can’t afford to bring his 2.2 kids to the game, that’s ok.

    as long as games continue to sell out, ticket prices will never come down. period.

  32. bmorefalcon says:May 1, 2013 12:10 PM

    Since the pictures of a potential stadium design are posted, that opens the door for the typical negative comments to be stated by under qualified, armchair amateurs who are in between shifts at Applebee’s.

    I hardly work for Applebee’s there pal. Care to explain how you might be “qualified”?

  33. The vibrating seats thing sounds gimmicky but we also need to realize this stadium isn’t being designed for us; it’s being designed for young people now that will use it for the next 40 years who have grown up with responsive video game controllers and often times seats at home. The ocular dilating dome has definitely grown on me but it will be interesting to see if this happens. Atlanta is notorious for being timid design-wise when it comes to public works projects which is why they got a boring beige dome in the first place.

  34. Want attendance up, you need two things…

    1) a competitive team so more than just the die-hards show up.

    2) make it more reasonably priced so the average fan can afford to go and bring their family without having to take out a second mortgage on their home.

  35. Are you kidding me? Are there actually any engineers at this architecture firm?

    Oculus: can you imagine the maintenance costs and effort required to keep 20+ 4 tons moving segments in working in synchronous order? Hell, a garage door opener breaks down after 8 years! Occam’s razor here people….simple designs should always be selected!

    Vibrating seats: who operates this and what “hit” is selected as that which vibrates? There are about a dozen collisions between every play. What about running backs who bounce off tackles? What about incomplete passes? What about visiting team QB sacks?

    100-yard bar: this is actually a cool concept.

    MY 2 CENTS: if you want to get more people to the stadium there are three easy and cheap methods:
    1) install free hi-speed wifi
    2) lower food prices. A lot of my tailgaters don’t even come into the game but rather stay out in the parking lot to enjoy cheap beer and the HD TV
    3) instead of video banner ads around the stadium replace them with a continuous stream of NFL Redzone so people can keep up with fantasy

    those three things would sell out stadiums!

  36. that thing looks like it came out of Sim City.

    does the amazing oculus roof include technological innovations to get rid of the obnoxious drunken idiots and cut the price of everything in half?

  37. If you want fans to come to games then stop with the two hand touch your down, style of football Roger Goodhell has turned it into. I will pay $10 bucks for a beer sitting on a concrete slab with a stadium that looks like the old gladiator stadiums if you bring the game back the way it was meant to be played! Oh, and fire Roger Goodhell! I hate that SOB! Otherwise, a bottle, munchies and my big screen with the NfL ticket is how im gonna roll….still ,1/4 of the price to go to games!

  38. I just hope people aren’t surprised after Atlanta opens its vibrating seats stadium, when the audience becomes 99% female.

  39. Most Football fans don’t watch 1 game of football on Sunday. If you go to a game you miss so many other games. If you play fantasy football and have NFL Sunday Ticket you know what I mean. I usually have 2 TVs going and constantly flip around.

    I would like to see a design with a bar that circles the whole stadium and TVs showing all the games. Lower their seating prices and make most of your profits off of drinks and food.

    Seriously. How much money can we waste as a society? It isn’t that there isn’t enough money out there for all of us. It is just that the wrong people use it for the wrong purposes. This is a disgusting monument of excess.

  41. What are vibrating seats going to do? Every football game I’ve ever been to, the people were standing 95% of the time. Never mind big plays.

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