Greg McElroy thinks Jets’ 5-man QB competition will be “great”

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Greg McElroy is fourth on a Jets quarterback depth chart that will only have three names on it when the season starts, but he’s not looking at the next four months as an insurmountable challenge.

Instead, McElroy told Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger that he thinks competing with Mark Sanchez, David Garrard, Geno Smith and Matt Simms will be a lot of fun.

It’s great obviously, I know competition brings out the best in everybody,” McElroy said. “I know everyone is looking forward to the competition.”

McElroy said he has no complaints about Jets G.M. John Idzik drafting Smith, and he’ll welcome Smith to the Jets’ quarterback room.

“I don’t pay much attention to the draft I know Mr. Idzik and everyone involved has a tremendous plan and has the best interest of the organization in their mind,” he said. “We’re all looking forward to having the competition.”

Realistically, McElroy has an uphill battle to make the team: Smith will definitely make the roster, Sanchez’s contract makes it unlikely he’ll be released, and Garrard seems to be the guy Idzik wants to bring some veteran stability at the quarterback position. That means McElroy is going to have a tough time getting enough practice reps to prove himself, but he says he’s not sweating it.

“You don’t worry about everything, you go out there with the reps you’re given and that’s all you an control,” McElroy said.

To prove he deserves a roster spot with the limited reps McElroy will get, he’s going to have to be great.

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  1. I love Greg he always speaks his mind, especially after the 2011 season. He know’s if the organization is in disarray or is on the upswing and its obvious he thinks the latter. That being said, I don’t know if he makes the team.. hope so though. Doesn’t have all the god given talent but works his but off.

  2. Another Jets nonstory that’s been molded into a big deal.

    Most NFL teams will enter camp with at least four quarterbacks on the roster. So the Jets have five. Big deal. That’s the sort of thing you have to do when the incumbent is Mark Sanchez.

  3. Sanchez is horrible, Smith is an emotional wreck, Garrard won’t make it through mini-camp without an injury, and Sims is there as a legacy signing. McElroy should be the starter by week one. Hahaha! (Under the Big Top!)

  4. Sure he does since he is the best QB on the Jets roster. The Jets drafted another bust like Sanchez and will be looking for another QB in next year’s draft which should be a top five pick.

  5. He has the best shot at being a permo #2 because he is the cheapest.

    Jets are winning how many games this year? Need to cut costs and cheap #2’s is a start.

  6. The only people who think Sanchez is the incumbent are you, Sanchez and his agent.

  7. The Jets are devoid of talent to compete in the NFL. Unless the front office gets some talent around them, no QB will be able to save them. So much for the circus as being the greatest show on earth.

  8. Yeah, they have Sanchez, who’s still better than anyone they have. They just drafted a QB in the 2nd round.
    Barring a minor miracle, the only competition is for the 3rd-string spot.

  9. Greg McElroy is one of those under-talented, over-smart players that coaches love to have around, but hate to have to put in the game.

    He thinks it will be great for several reasons: 1) he has no shot of winning it so there is no pressure on him, and 2) career back ups like him tend to hang around in the league for a long time and make a bunch of money for doing very little.

    Even if gets cut, he believes, probably correctly, that he will be carrying a clipboard for someone else relatively quickly.

  10. Of course he thinks it’s great. He has confidence that the “wise” decision-makers of the Jets will cut him and he’ll be able to hook on with a real team.

  11. Its a shame that the Sanchez/Tebow circus prevented this kid from getting playing time. Truth be told he is probably the best of the 5. Everyone seems to forget that Smith’s stats were inflated because of Austin. All those short dump offs and slants that he turned into big yards made Smith look better… oh and just research how many times he’s fumbled. Nonetheless.. it should be another interesting year on the NY Jets QB carousel.

    btw.. heard on the radio that Sanchez was going to throw a going away party for Tebow… but it was intercepted!!

  12. McElroy isn’t a bad option to have as a 3rd stronger, but the Jets roster doesn’t so him any favors. Smith will obviously make the team, Sanchez is too expensive to have not playing for them, and Garrard has the experience to edge McElroy out. McElroy is competing most directly with Sanchez, and to win, he has to prove to the Jets he is a starter worth $8 million+, since that’s the amount of dead money Sanchez would create if he lost out. Once McElroy is let go, I anticipate another team picking him up quickly.

  13. The sad news is… Even if he beats out Mark Sanchez, He still will get cut because the Jets owe Sanchez over 8 million dollars… ]

    This Sanchez guy is like the clap, No matter how hard you try to get rid of it… it keeps coming back!

  14. Who’s the genius that thinks QB competitions actually works? QB is the one position that competition does not work… Its more of a detriment. The starting QB needs to know he’s the man as well as his huddle. Successful QBs are driven by their will to win games..not roster spots. If you need to drive a QB by having him fight for a roster spot you don’t have a real QB.

  15. ampats says:May 1, 2013 2:48 PM

    Sure he does since he is the best QB on the Jets roster. The Jets drafted another bust like Sanchez and will be looking for another QB in next year’s draft which should be a top five pick.


    I couldnt agree more! Geno isnt the answer for the Jets and they have NO qb play for the position right now. None! If you are going to go with anything on your squad Garrard unfortunately is the best option. See ya in round 1 next year for a new QB.

  16. Its over already, The Qb God (Geno) has already proclaimed himself the winner. If he is not named the starter, Rex Ryan will be required to issue a public apology to him or he will frickin cry again!!!!

  17. Regardless of his huge contract, I think the Jets would solve some of their craziness by releasing Mark Sanchez. He just doesn’t have what it takes to get the job done. His confidence has already been broken and it doesn’t look too promising that he’ll get it back on this Jets team. Just let him go and take the hit. Having him warm the bench is the same thing as letting him go, either way he’s not playing. Besides, you don’t want to mess up Smith’s future with the team. McElroy has a better shot sticking on the team with Sanchez gone. I say the Jets should go Smith for the Starter, Garrard as his backup, then McElroy as the third QB.

  18. Is Sanchez going to be around for Week One? My understanding is his salary is basically guaranteed for this year so the Jets wouldn’t save money cutting him. Can they get anything of value from him? Would a team possibly pick up part of his contract to have him as a backup? Sanchez most definitely needs a change in scenery.

  19. texans have schaubb, yates, keenum, mcgee, and klein. CANT WAIT for that qb competition.

    if jets were smart they would cut sanchez, forget the money. McElway should be the only veteran leadership they need.

  20. Simms is the obvious cut, just like last year. Then it gets a bit tricky. My guess is that the Jets have their fingers crossed that Garrard stays healthy so they can cut the cord on Sanchez. In that scenario Garrard opens the season as the #1 with Geno waiting in the wings to take over whenever Garrard gets hurt/ineffective or the bye week, which ever comes first. McElroy will be the #3.

  21. I don’t see any way Sanchez is on the roster opening day. He’s been given all the chances he deserves at this point. Garrard was cut by the Jaguars in his prime, which tells me all I need to know. McElroy is my dawg, but he hasn’t shown he can be an NFL starter. Matt Simms isn’t worth mentioning.

    Unless Geno is just horrific I think he starts every game in 2013, at least the ones that matter.

  22. I don’t get the concept of Sanchez’ dead money. I mean, if he’s cut or if he stays, it’s still dead regardless. If you don’t believe you can win with him, cut him. There’s no difference. It’s almost more of a case of justification keeping him on the roster just so it doesn’t “look” like a waste of money. Either way, if you don’t plan on starting him, it’s a waste.

  23. Of that group I expect the Jets to get rid of Garrard and Simms. I know the thinking is that Garrard will be a vetran presence to help groom Geno Smith but really if you are keeping Sanchez you already have a vetran in NFL terms and McElroy has youth and upside. I would be surprised if they kept Gerrard and let McElroy go.

    Ideally they would get rid of Sanchez but as was mentioned his salary renders that a difficult trigger to pull.

  24. With NFL imposed limits on time practicing, I can’t imagine the sample-size of snaps for each QB will be big enough to make an intelligent decision by the time they have to decide. If they throw the ball 50 times a game during the pre-season, they’ll potentially get to look at each guy throw it 10 times?

    The result? A popularity contest where the rookie wins…and then sucks.

  25. Greg, don’t you get it? The Jets do not want political correctness; they want arrogant, self-entitled losers. Time to look elsewhere.

  26. Sanchez – cut
    Garrard – starter until Smith is deemed ready
    Smith – first backup, his job to lose in 2014
    McElroy – second backup
    Simms – practice squad

  27. Let’s face it it’s really a 3 man race between Garrard, Sanchez and McElroy. McElroy has potential to stay in the league because he’s a smart, well prepared guy which is what you want in an emergency third stringer. But he’s the odd man out here and Simms is just a camp arm if that.

  28. I don’t really think it’ll be close to a legit competition. Age and Money will be taken into consideration, and to a lesser extent ability.

    McElroy shouldn’t be starting or seeing the field since he has the arm strength of a 13 year old girl. He does have things going for him to squeak by as the 3rd stringer, he’s cheap and knows the system. Also I’m sure he’d be willing to double up as a ball boy for home games.

    Sanchez is starting no matter what happens. Same reason they won’t cut him(over $8 mil guaranteed) is the same reason he has to start. Why give someone that much to hold a clipboard? You might as well cut him if he’s not starting and going to get the money anyway, especially if you won’t keep him past this year anyway. He’ll at least be given the 1st month of the season.

    Smith doesn’t have to start since he is a 2nd round QB. They aren’t going to worry about his feelings the way they did with Sanchez. But he is automatically going to make the team because of his youth and where he was drafted.

    Garrard’s probably the best of the bunch but he’s old with no future so at best he’ll be 2nd string. However he could get cut even if he’s the best because he’s old and has to get paid more than McElroy.

    Simms is a camp arm level guy and everyone knows it.

  29. thesteelers says:
    May 1, 2013 3:31 PM
    Greg, don’t you get it? The Jets do not want political correctness; they want arrogant, self-entitled losers.

    As spoken by a Steelers fan.

    Ben Roethlisberger. James Harrison. Mike Wallace.

  30. I cannot wait to laugh my arse off when the Jets become relavent this year.

    Defense will be stout.
    Much better running game.
    Santonio Holmes is back.
    New QB. New OC. Only way to go is UP!!!

    I will be giving all of you the finger by Nov.!!! It may be a circus atmosphere in Florham Park, but by God its our circus…!!!

    PS – the Pats suck

  31. I could see them cutting Sanchez if they are smart and if they know that he is not the qb of the future. If they cut him they will have to pay him 17 million in dead money because of signing bonuses or they can keep him on for 4 more years at around 12 million dollars a year… you do the math

  32. The only true Champion among these QB’s and yet he has no chance to even compete.

  33. What he means is its great that this could lead to his release from this nuthouse and let him sign with a real team.

  34. dlk47823 says:
    May 1, 2013 2:53 PM
    The only people who think Sanchez is the incumbent are you, Sanchez and his agent.


    Umm, Sanchez is considered the incumbent starter because he is the incumbent starter. He started last year, and he’s still on the roster, making him the incumbent starter.

    That doesn’t imply he’ll actually be the starter this year.

    Clever try. Not really.

  35. Garrard can throw. He can throw better than Sanchez. If he did nto get hurt, he may have started the season with the fins last year, who knows.
    If it’s a “Fair” competition, I see Garrard as 1st string, Sanchez next, and Geno in waiting.
    Garrard’s only flaw I see is that he’s slow on the field. He’s no fireball. I think he can make all the throws quite nicely.

  36. McElroy will take the job from Smith after the kid suffers a nervous breakdown from the media scrutiny and losses. He may not do much better on the field but at least he can handle the NY press and that is half the battle.

  37. “Smith will definitely make the roster…” And why is that? If I had to pick one of the five right now and go with him for the season, It’d be McElroy or Sanchez. Both have already shown that they can play and win on the NFL level. Smith has only shown that he likely can be a diva on the NFL level.

  38. For all those taking at shot at his comments, did it ever dawn on you that all he is trying to do is position himself for the next team?

    He knows the Jets are a mess and anybody with half of brain (the very definition of a Viking fan) can see that taking Geno Smith in the 2nd round means he is out the door. So let him appear to be positive so the next team gives him a shot. That is probably more than Tebow will get.

  39. hahahahah. Jets are a disaster. Jets fans, can you please admit after now fully digesting the Revis trade AND your draft, that your team is destined for mediocrity at best for years to come??!?!?

  40. PS, you gave up a 4th and a 6th for Tebow and never used him. That alone gives merit to the above comment.

  41. guess what any of them could do to assure they keep their job – hint: it would be politically correct and celebrated…

  42. Come one come all, step right up ladies & gentlemen, witness the greatest QB tryout known to man…the NY media is gonna rip this dude apart!

  43. MCelroy has a good shot of making the team. If Garrard or Smith wins the starting job Sanchez is likely cut making McElroy the favorite for the 3. There is also a good chance Sanchez gets cut sometime after June 1 before camp even starts to avoid the distraction.

    It may not be a big deal for many of the posters but its a big deal for McElroy. He needs two more years in the NFL to get his pension. If he gets cut by the Jets he is likely done.

  44. Not only is McElroy a high character guy, he’s pretty smart too. He’s the best QB on that roster, so he should be excited at the chance to show that.
    The cards are stacked against him, since the team has invested more in two other QBs on the roster, but he can’t do much about that, so he’s wise to see this is the best opportunity to gun for the starting gig so far in his young career.

  45. This kid will get a shot somewhere, I think when he does(not in Cleveland)he will show his play can match his character given a couple weapons. I’m pulling for him. I Just LIKE his attitude!

  46. McElroy was the best QB on the team. An the job in preseason, but Rex and Jets never let it happen.

  47. this will sound crazy but if it was up to me i would cut sanchez his contract was a complete blunder by the front office it’s a contract that should have never happened yes they went to back to back afc title games and i’ll give sanchez credit he made a few good throws in those play-off games but the jets got to those games in spite of sanchez not because of him i know 8 mil. is alot to part with but if the jets are to get out of this bad situation they need to get rid of past mistakes and move on. to keep him another year is just setting this team back another year

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