PFT Live: Patriots interested in Tebow?

Mike Florio talks with CSN New England’s Tom Curran about all things Patriots. Curran breaks down the Patriots’ draft and gives them a C+ and credits New England with trying to upgrade its receiver corps. Curran also says that while the Patriots organization respects Tim Tebow, they wouldn’t be interested in him as a quarterback. If he was willing to change positions, then New England might take a chance on him.

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4 responses to “PFT Live: Patriots interested in Tebow?

  1. They should bring Tebow in to do gadget plays during the game and make him their 4th quarter ice quarterback to take time off of the clock once Brady has put the nail in the coffin on wins.

  2. The problem for a guy like Tebow is that he isn’t much like any other starting QBs. There are a few obviously, but teams are not going to bring in a scout QB that can’t emulate the pocket passer.

    The guys who you would have Tebow emulate are few and far in between. The teams that want a QB emulated like Kaepernick usually take a guy who is a WR and emulate it that way.

  3. If all he ever did was play a straight fullback he would not be very effective. When Tebow utilizes all of his talents he can keep a defense guessing. I do not think he would make a great backup quarterback, but I do believe he would be a great 4th quarter quarterback. Imagine a defense having to put up with 3 quarters of Tom Brady and then Tebow comes in the fourth quarter (like a relief pitcher in baseball) and punishes the tired defense with a pistol read option. Brady stays fresh for the next game and the Patriots keep him healthier longer. During the game, Tebow could line up at Tight End and Fullback just to add another wrinkle in the offense. Belichick could create one of the most punishing offenses in the NFL and give defenses so much to prepare for…imagine the possibilities.

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