Ravens swap one self-representing safety for another

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Maybe the Ravens were attracted to safety Matt Elam by his size.  Or his speed.  Or his ball skills.  Or his ability to deliver a hit.

Or maybe they like safeties who don’t have agents.

Former Ravens safety Ed Reed didn’t have an agent, hiring David Dunn only after Reed landed on the free-agent market and the Ravens weren’t stuffing enough cash into his pockets.  And so, with the 32nd pick in the first round of the draft, the Ravens picked Florida safety Matt Elam.

Of all drafted players (and likely most if not all of the undrafted free agents), Elam is the only one whose official representative via NFLPA records is “Self.”

At this point, Elam doesn’t really need an agent.  Instead, he needs to ask the NFLPA what the 32nd pick got last year, and he should probably wait until the 31st and 33rd picks sign their contracts in 2013, with the goal of fitting in the middle.

Eventually, however, he’ll need representation.  Whether renegotiating with the Ravens or becoming a free agent, it’s too hard for a player to navigate that mine field on his own.

22 responses to “Ravens swap one self-representing safety for another

  1. I never thought about it before, but with the rookie pay scale this actually seems pretty smart.

    Like you said, just wait until the guys around you sign, look at what #32 got last year… Why give a percentage of that to an agent?

  2. Contracts are not diffficult to negotiate especially if it is slotted. Not a bad idea on his part.

  3. Just hire a lawyer for $250 an hour and he will take care of the first rookie contract. Hire an agent for the second contract.

  4. If the kid can negotiate his own contract, then good for him. I bet he could get away with taking care of business on his own now that there is a rookie wage scale. Now when he goes to renew his contract, he’ll probably have to find an agent, teams are way too sneaky with the small print.

  5. It is not a bad idea to be self-represented. An agent is only really useful for a rookie if they need help boosting their draft stock or to score endorsement deals.

  6. Based on the picture it looks like maybe the Ravens like safeties with big bushy beards.

  7. Whoever said hire a $250 an hour laywer is right on. Especially for the rookie deal. no point in giving away a % of your deal for something that is close to set in stone anyway.

    Second deal is much more important anyway.

  8. “Self-representing” DBs like Ed Reed come around once every lifetime. I have the feeling that the Ravens are going to have a porous D this year, whether their players represent themselves or not.

  9. As was famously said about lawyers, “Anyone who represents himself has a fool for a client.”
    Same with athletes. Play the game, let the professionals handle the legalities and details. A player representing himself is invested emotionally and isn’t thinking clearly. Add to that the fact that it takes a real head for numbers and knowledge of salary cap issues to ensure you’re not getting hosed. Many players can’t seem to count farther than their fingers and toes; how are they negotiate a complex contract?

  10. I would rather be represented by a NJ Toxic Waste Dump, than be represented by a lawyer.
    Lawyers represent themselves. If you don’t know that, then you haven’t worked enough with them.

  11. This is not crazy with the new rookie wage scales. He was the last pick in round 1. His salary is pretty well set within a few thousand. Even if he does get a little bit less than what an agent could have gotten, that will still be a saving s because the agent’s cut would have been more.

    If he tries to do a second contract without an agent, then that’s when he’s crazy. Then he’ll get robbed blind, but not on a first contract.

  12. Final score: REDSKINS 31, Ravens 28.

    No one cares about the Crows. They can’t even get a home game in their own city after winning the Super Bowl. Pathetic.

  13. For all of those who are ripping on Elam for representing himself, perhaps you can explain which agents have a strong value-adding proposition to justify that 10%? I don’t think most agents are earning their commission and I think Elam might have picked up on that and decided he wasn’t going to be a sucker just because everybody else is.

    If I was Elam I might offer to agents to do my first contract for free as an incentive to consider hiring them on a paid basis in the future, but prove value to me as the client first and then I’ll pay you what you’re worth. Just because I play in the NFL doesn’t mean that I write big fat checks to guys that may very well bust out on delivering value in return. I’m a player not an owner, you need to talk to those guys for the juicy money handouts, but the Elam Estate Corporation runs a tight ship on managing expenses and operates like a traditional business.

  14. congrats on a great regular season victory. even the best teams lose games. btw…the ravens did win the super bowl. and you must care about the ravens because you posted about them. go ravens

  15. onthewarpath28 says: May 1, 2013 4:44 PM

    Final score: REDSKINS 31, Ravens 28.

    Final score: RAVENS QB – SB MVP
    Deadskins QB – career threatening injury

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