RGIII on injury: If it happened next year, I’d come out of game

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Immediately after Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III injured his knee in the team’s playoff loss to the Seahawks, he said that he would have been “highly upset” if the Redskins had taken him out of the game after he injured himself early in the contest.

Three months of rehab for an ensuing ACL surgery later, Griffin is singing a different tune in an interview with ESPN the Magazine. Griffin said that while he doesn’t feel like it was a mistake to keep playing in that game, his experience has taught him that a more cautious approach is called for in the future.

“I don’t feel like playing against the Seahawks was a mistake. But I see the mistake IN IT,” Griffin said, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “With what happened and how everything was running — you take me out. If that happened again next year, I’d come out of the game and sit until I was 100% healthy.”

Moehringer writes that it feels like a big admission and we’d agree. It’s a departure from what we’ve heard from Griffin in the past.

There’s been a lot said about who was to blame for Griffin, who remains confident that he’ll be recovered in time to play in the season opener, continuing to play until his knee gave out once and for all. The fact that you can’t unspill milk makes it important to also focus on how to deal with the inevitable knocks Griffin will pick up in the future. Missing a few plays, quarters or games isn’t ideal, but it is better than missing months or more by playing while in a compromised physical state.

88 responses to “RGIII on injury: If it happened next year, I’d come out of game

  1. I was hundreds of miles away watching on tv and knew his knee was shot!

    I understand playoff intensity from players and coaches, but responsibility has to still come first. That falls on the coaching and medical staff first.

  2. I always said that we wouldve won that Seahwaks game had RG3 been taking out after the 1st quarter…and I believe i wouldve been correct. God only knows how far we couldve went with that win! But we have this year…HTTR!

    We learn from our mistakes.

  3. The fact mike shannahan got killed by the media for leaving IRG3 in the game is a lame excuse. Blame is on both these guys. IRG3 only hurt his team by staying in the game.mike shannahan hurt his teams chances of winning by not pulling him.50/50

  4. a few months ago the haters were saying his ego is his issue, his need to play no matter what, and he’s gonna blow himself out of the league.

    wonder how they will hate on him now

  5. Glad to see him come to his senses on this one. I was SCREAMING at the TV to get him out of that game!! He’s 22, I expected more from the adults (coaching staff) on this.

  6. One more and he’s out … of football. There’s very little left of both knees. They had to take parts of the good one to rebuild the bad. Sad story, but he’s done.

  7. Sometimes it just takes hard experiences to learn. Hopefully he also learns how to slide so he can save himself for a nice, successful career. Awesome player to watch.

  8. Does anyone really think this guy will stay healthy? He’s not going to take the mobile qb aspect out of his game so he’s going to take shots. He’s a strong guy but not big enough to keep taking hits and if he does stop running he’s no better than the 15th best qb in the league.

  9. Let’s face it. This is a dead story. Yes he made a mistake, and so did the coaching staff.
    He’s only 22 years old, he was at the biggest stage of his career, he’s full of energy and a drive to be the best. He made a mistake, and Shanahan was too close to make the right call. They’ve both heard countless criticism in the past 5 months. I think it’s safe to say they won’t make the same mistake again, so let’s move on.

  10. So RGIII gets praised for being willing to take himself out of a game due to injury in the future, yet Jay Cutler got hammered for actually doing that at the end of the 2011 season. I’m lost…

  11. Hopefully he takes this to heart and become more like Kaepernick or Russell with regards to not taking hits versus Vick. Yes Vick got some yards, but when was the last time he played a full season?

    If he can temper his competitive spirit with the logic behind not getting beat in order to grab an extra yard or two downfield, he’ll have a long, very good career. He’s too talented to be injured every year.

  12. Taking a poll on what issues will stop getting attention first; RG3 injury, Manti Te’o’s imaginery girlfriend, or Tebow in general.

  13. Young Robert, it is my sincere hope that you, your teammates, coaches, and doctors, everyone who has your back, — but especially you — will insist on not risking worsening an injured knee ever again. But you must be the and insist on what is needed for your knees. If so, I see Lombardi trophys in your future. HTTR!

  14. Stop talking to the media dude or at least just say next question since you have to speak with them. You sound like a fool and you are going to be the Tebow of 2013. The twitter rant you went on was bad enough

  15. I love how all the Cowboys fans come on to every RG3 article and talk smack. They’d rather hate RG3 than love Romo. Their jealousy is so obvious it’s pathetic.

  16. Call collin kaepernick and see if he can teach you how to slide. IR again for this guy. Talk is cheap when the competitve juices are flowing. Just saying

  17. Fun to watch for sure but the endless ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ quotes from everyone surrounding this never ending story is getting tiresome. Just keep up the world-record rehab so NFL fans can see you back out there.

    Even Richard Sherman stopped talking eventually o_O

  18. He threw the second touch down with the injury. The offense was shredding the hawks. 14-0 first quarter vs the best at the time defense in the league. If Shanhan pulled him out then he would have been screamed at by everyone. He asked if he was ok and he said he was. How many people in the dc market would have screamed racism if he pulled him out and put Cousins in for the win. I know it sounds bad but welcome to what we hear in DC everyday.

  19. I expect him to be ready by week 1 since he will be shot up with plenty of HGH to make the miraculous recovery occur.

  20. RG1knee will not get through this year..His injury was quite severe. He can talk all he wants and try to “will” his injured knees back to health, but he, and all Skin fans need to face reality: “He will never fully recover from this”. The only way he is not re-injured is if he never,ever, gets hit in the knees again playing football. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news…But he WILL get hit again.

  21. well his safety first approach learn to slide run out of bounds may cost them a few games this coming year and as a ram fan after this year he can go 12-4 but this year I hope they go 4-12 cause we got their first pick again next year other than skins fans anyone still think they got the best of the deal with the rams

  22. If RG3 is healthy the Redskins and Giants should battle it out for first place. The Cowboys are third and until the Eagles get a star QB they will bring up the rear.

  23. Jay Cutler thinks RG3 should have been more like, “Don’t Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare” in that playoff game.

  24. I’m so glad a man so tough and phsyically gifted is my team’s qb. This league is in trouble, no opposing team can be certain of victory with RGIII as the Skins starting QB.

  25. LOL…

    You’ll do whatever the coaches tell you to do. Staying in or coming out, it won’t be your decision.

    This RG3 guy is starting to seem as arrogant as Brett Favre. Next thing you know he’ll be expecting the GM to consult him for draft advice.

  26. He should be more like my QB, Christian Ponder – he bruised his arm in the last regular season game and then took himself out for the playoffs. That’s playing it safe and smart. RGIII is still young though. In a couple of years he’ll learn just like Christian.

  27. Hey Redtails’ fans. You better take our trade offer of Nassib for your 2017 1st rder now before RG tears his knee again and the demand goes to three 1st rders.

  28. He’s essentially saying, “I screwed up, but it won’t happen again”. That’s good, and quite positive. I’ve heard others who learned nothing from their mistakes and it showed in their game. With RGIII, if he can stay healthy, he’ll be playing a more mature (and possibly better) game this year.

    Quite possibly, that will give the Hawks another chance to clean his clock, come January.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  29. pftmaniac says:
    May 1, 2013 1:54 PM
    So RGIII gets praised for being willing to take himself out of a game due to injury in the future, yet Jay Cutler got hammered for actually doing that at the end of the 2011 season. I’m lost…

    Yep and it’s called double standards.

  30. This is nice to see. I understand why he wanted to play but I’m still befuddled how the Redskins kept letting him go out there given how his knee was getting worse throughout the game. Granted, RGIII would have thrown a fit if he were properly taken out by the staff and that should not happen, it is their call to make, but that’s why they shoulder most of the responsibility. They have to make it clear to the players that they are the ones that decides who plays and who doesn’t.

  31. All the haters do you realize that MOST QB’s get hurt in the pocket. You cant knock any QB for there style of play some are pocket and some are mobile thats how they got there but if you watch football both types of QB do alil of both.

  32. He’ll end up the Best QB’S in the NFL very soon with a league MVP, SuperBowl MVP and the ring to go with it!!! If there is a Jesus Christ SuperStar, RG3 is the him!!!

  33. I can’t wait for Thursday’s installment of “RGIII Injury Update”…perhaps we’ll get another vague non-committal comment from Mike Shanahan…or maybe the return of James Andrews in his funny hat…you never know what’s going to happen next…stay tuned!

  34. justintuckrule says: May 1, 2013 2:14 PM

    Hey Redtails’ fans. You better take our trade offer of Nassib for your 2017 1st rder now before RG tears his knee again and the demand goes to three 1st rders.


    Zip it. You’ll be looking up at us in the division race again this year…it was so sweet how we beat you in the second pivotal game last year.

    Oh wait, you are going to tell me how you were dominant when we had Rex Grossman at QB, as if that is at all relevant this coming year.

  35. I had no idea so many doctors read PFT…what with all these pronouncements that RGIII is “done” or “1/2 the QB he could have been.” These mental giants can make pinpoint diagnosis over the Internet even without directly examining or even meeting the patient.

    They are brilliant obviously!

  36. I have to admit I hated this guy simply because the media put him on a pedestal and made him the next messiah of the world, for a variety of reasons. To read this today is shocking – the real RGIII story of the day was his blowing off the other great media messiah – the almighty great king Obama. Apparently he was invited to some big no doubt taxpayer funded Obama dinner, and since RGIII doesn’t care for what’s happening in Washington like the rest of the intelligent population, he didn’t show up. I have a new found respect for this guy. He’s a division rival and I don’t want him winning against my team, but I respect him. Where’s that story PFT?

  37. What no logicalvoice making his usual Chuck-Norris-ian comments about what RGIII is going to do next year? Maybe I’ll take a stab at it – RGIII is never going to be tackled again because while he was rehabbing, he learned to fly like superman! Also, he’s ready to start now, but doesn’t want to embarrass Adrian Peterson with his healing prowess. How’d I do?

  38. May 1, 2013 1:54 PM
    So RGIII gets praised for being willing to take himself out of a game due to injury in the future, yet Jay Cutler got hammered for actually doing that at the end of the 2011 season. I’m lost…

    Sad reflection of humanity damn if you do and damn if you dont.

  39. Where are RGIII’s comments about the “Tyranny of Political Correctness” and how it is killing us? And he also skipped out on the Obama dinner he was invited to. I am beginning to like this guy more and more, and I am an Eagle fan.

  40. I love how the article begins:

    injured his knee in the team’s playoff loss to the Seahawks

    Silly redtails and their pointless franchise. Back to the bottom of the NFC Least for you.


  41. His career won’t last too long if they keep running him like that in their scheme.

  42. The number of haters and their responses to this article just reflects how scared and intimidated other teams and their fans are of RGIII. They are taking time out of their lives to hate on a player their organization would trade for in a second. Can’t wait till we whoop up on your teams next season.


  43. nflfollower says:
    May 1, 2013 1:37 PM
    Can someone help me move this dead horse? The media’s been beating the poor thing for half a year…


    Comment of the day. I tip my hat to you, sir.

  44. twilson962 says: May 1, 2013 2:00 PM

    Taking a poll on what issues will stop getting attention first; RG3 injury, Manti Te’o’s imaginery girlfriend, or Tebow in general.
    RG3 injury. He’ll come back (sooner or later), but Lennay Kekua still won’t exist and Tebow still won’t be a good QB.

  45. @justintuckrule

    Nassib….that’s who you’re grooming behind Eli….LOL! His own coach didn’t want him. So I have a counter offer for you. We’ll trade you Rex Grossman for Nassib STRAIGHT UP. Considering sexy Rexy swept you a few seasons ago, seems like a good deal no? Ok, we’ll throw in Logan Paulsen for Cruz since it doesn’t look like Tom and Jerry can get him signed long term.

  46. It’s amazing how many posters seem to be rooting for another injury to RG3. It’s just sad and pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I dislike all the QB’s in the NFC East other than the Skins but I would never wish an injury on them. Disgusting!

  47. RG3 has enough humility to admit he made a mistake playing through injury, I commend him for that. I haven’t seen or heard any shreds of humility from Mike Shanahan since he took over in Washington.

  48. IRG3 will get smashed again, tear another ligament again, and roll in big styling on his custom made “hoveround” wheelchair

  49. People have been pointing the finger from Shanahan to the medical staff but after watching Hey Rookie Welcome to the NFL I now realize blame goes on RG3. When he got hurt again early on in the game he told Trent Williams he was hurting badly and to not tell anyone. I only hope he comes back to his old self.

  50. RGIII will come back and show these qbs how to avoid contact on scrambles. Bigger numbers next year, gets first playoff win. Book it!

  51. i wish you came out of the game so this wouldnt have happend and then you wouldnt have all these ppl thinking your a loser and your gay.

  52. Not a hard thing to say when your in the middle of a long and grueling rehab. In the heat of battle not so easy. The coaches have to have some common sense in the future.

  53. I think we saw last year that if this man had two good wheels instead of 1 the skins would be in the Super Bowl and we would have taken care of the Ravens again!

    He is a cult figure already in Washington and the only people that’s mad or just hating are the lovers of teams we smashed last year on our way to a Divisional Crown dispite those snitches in NY. HAIL!!!!

  54. maybe he learned something about coming out of the game….

    but there’s still the issue of not being able to avoid the contact in the first place…. scramblers are never real franchise QBs because you can’t count on them starting every game…..

    it doesn’t matter how good you are if you are out 5 games a year because you can’t get your head around contact avoidance…

  55. Rut ro there goes Shanny under the bus!!!! Hope he doesn’t get hurt. @footballady52🏈

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