Tebow unlikely to sign until after rookie minicamps, at the earliest

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Quarterback Tim Tebow currently has no NFL team, and he can sign a contract with any of them.

A move isn’t likely in the immediate future.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Tebow will remain unattached until, at the earliest, after rookie minicamps are conducted.

In theory, a team that has signed an undrafted quarterback could decide after the minicamp that the player doesn’t have what it takes to at least be a camp arm.  Which could open the door for Tebow.

The bigger question is whether a team would be willing to welcome Tebowmania to town if he’s merely going to be battling for a spot at the bottom of the depth chart.  Still, given the trend toward mobile quarterbacks, having Tebow on a team makes sense; Redskins backup Pat White hasn’t played in the NFL since Tebow was drafted.

But Tebow remains a victim of his own popularity.  And, in a roundabout way, of his own nature.  By not launching a public campaign aimed at getting himself cut in early March, Tebow remained the property of the Jets through free agency, the draft, and the post-draft land rush for undrafted players.

Handcuffed by his image, Tebow couldn’t try to talk his way out of town.  Thus, the Jets squatted on him, and now his options are limited.

“Limited” may be an overstatement.  No team seems to be interested in giving him a chance to continue playing quarterback.

36 responses to “Tebow unlikely to sign until after rookie minicamps, at the earliest

  1. This kid only know win, pick up Denver to the play off and beat Steelers. Now he looks like a guy with a contagious virus , I don’t believe that nobody will open a door. 2 NCAA titles , his only NFL season like starter went to the Play off with a 2-6 team.

  2. So you recommend players act like jackasses so they can get cut. Attitudes like that are why many of them act that way. Tebow acted the right way. Showing some class is not a bad thing. Ethics and morals (not religious, just decency) are fading fast but as long as there is money to be made people excuse bad behavior. Sad.

  3. You know, the whole tebowmania thing is spun out, the media conglomerates have trashed and tarnished this guys career, thanks to the over hyping and Obsecration of this young and talented human being, he can’t land a job doing what he loves.
    Get off his jock strap, he did the country a favor by making college football a dazzling event.
    He deserves to be in the NFL as a QB.

  4. How bout nobody signs him & he swallows his pride & finally realizes he is not gonna be a QB in this league & takes up another position. Love how no teams are interested in him. He needs his ego bruised a little bit.

  5. In a world where Ryan Leaf was given a second chance, Even Jamarcus Walrus is being looked at for a 2nd chance..

    Its sad that a guy started one year threw 2tds to 1 int, led his team to the divionsal round in his only year starting.. Quite possibly may never see another snap starting at QB again..

    I feel like if he was an average joe with no mania following him, he would have no problem finding a backup job.. Hell Brady Quinn and Chase Daniels are backups and have accomplished nothing.

  6. “no team seems interested in giving him a chance to continue playing quarterback.”

    ummmmmm……. wouldnt “continue” imply that he HAS played qb at this level?

  7. Blah….
    Giants drop Carr and take Tebow. 😉
    Carr mr sack. Almost leads QBs in sacks and isnt even a starter.

  8. I would love to have Tim Tebow’s stats and throwing issues….

    I would also agree to play wherever a team needed me. By far being able to have a chance to step onto the NFL playing field beats the crap I have to deal with daily…..

    Give me the contract minimum for a season, beats what I make. Maybe the NFL network should do a special where Kurt Warner shows Tim Tebow how to bag groceries. They could also play catch with a pineapple.

  9. I keep having this gut feeling that he might end up with the Packers… if he is willing to sit and learn. I know in the past McCarthy wanted to bring him in and try do develop him. Tebow could learn a thing or two from McCarthy and Rodgers. I’m just not sure if I’d like the ESPN show coming to Green Bay…

  10. Wasn’t Green Bay somewhat interested in him as a backup to Rodgers last year? They definitely wouldn’t have to worry about Tebowmania and it would give Tebow an excellent opportunity to learn.

  11. He should move to another position. Teams will give him a look at TE. I personally think he should get a shot at QB in camp, and Jets screwed him over last season.

    Oh I feel bad for Tebow the press he gets is just absurd

  12. Unlikely to sign after minicamps? Unlikely to sign at all is more like it.

  13. White hasn’t played because he is the third string QB, a lot of them don’t play.

  14. His options are limited because he isn’t any good.

    Imagine a scenario where any one of Tom Brady, Big Ben, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, RGIII, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn or Colin Kaepernick were suddenly let go and became free agents. Now, how many would still be free agents at this point? None.

    Any player capable of starting in this league would be gone by now.

  15. We seem to be throwing darts at the guy just because we can. Daily questions to teams from the media about if they will sign him (when they probably already know the answer). Daily updates on their answers. Love him or hate him (don’t know why there’s hate), he’s just a young man trying to make a dream come true. We’re supposed to like stories like this is sports. Instead there seems to be an semi-subliminal message in everything written that almost revels in his failure.

  16. Ok, well, hold on one second fans of this site and let me confer with my colleague…..yes, uh-huh- correct, I agree….my colleague, Mort M., has come out to say it is a “virtually lock” that Tebow does nothing until after the minicamps have been completed.

    Thank you Mort M. for that outstanding insight to pro football.

    Now back to you Mr. Florio….

  17. and Warren Moon thinks Cam and Geno are criticized? both of those mental midgets would be in their mother’s basement curled up in the fetal position with their baby blankets if they took the heat this guy gets.

    on a related note…. he STILL can’t play qb in this league. please stop crying about how great of a guy he is Tebowmaniacs. there are millions of “great guys” in this world, and just like Timmy, NONE of them can play qb in the NFL.

  18. What no one wants to admit is that he is being “persecuted” because of his open display of his faith. He showed he could play when he was in Denver although he was streaky. If it wasn’t for the liberal anti religious bias of the media (sports and otherwise) plus Ryan’s refusal to give him a chance to play in NY, I don’t think he would be having such a hard time finding another team to play for.

  19. So to summarize, Timmy’s a “great guy”, a “team player” and a “leader” who will do whatever is asked and whatever it takes to win.

    But, he won’t take a pay cut, won’t change positions and threw a temper tantrum when Greg McElroy did to him what he did to Brady Quinn.


  20. I’m getting a little tired of reading and hearing that “Tebow beat the Steelers’ No. 1-ranked defense” in the 2011 postseason.
    Tebow (and his teammates; yes, he had some help) beat one of the worst defensive game plans in the history of the NFL.
    The Broncos entered that game with the best rushing attack in the NFL. Thus, the Steelers game-planned for the run but ignored the pass. They never adjusted. And they got burned. Repeatedly…
    However, in the first quarter of that game, the Denver Tebows were outgained, 119 yards to EIGHT, including ZERO yards passing. Yet the Steelers clung to just a 6-0 lead.
    The Steelers’ inept Bruce Arians offense — by not scoring a TD or two early — had allowed the Broncos to hang around and gain confidence…
    That was Denver’s only win in Tebow’s final five with the Broncos. Yet people are still yapping about it.

  21. The problem for TT is that most teams and fans care more about whether a QB can hit an open receiver than if he frequently professes his faith.

  22. Tim Tebow does not pass the ball well. He is way too forthcoming with his religion and it comes off as if he is forcing it down our throats. That said, he gets way to much press coverage and criticism. Elway was mad because Tebow ruined the Denver “suck for Luck” campaign. They were 1-4 with Orton and Elway did not think Tebow could win as a QB in the NFL. He was wrong. Tebow won ugly but he won and Elway’s displeasure was very obvious (even the Pittsburgh game). Several come from behind victories got them to the playoffs. They soundly were beating Pitt until the officials started making some crazy calls. He threw a perfect pass and Denver won that playoff game in OT. They then got blown out in Boston. (Many teams have) The Jets traded for him and then refused to use him. That wouldn’t have been so bad but Sanchez royally sucked and they refused to play Tebow because they were afraid he would win some games. (Isn’t that the point of playing them in the first place?) The media circus is created by the media, not the player. He is a good football player and would help any team in the NFL. He might not get the chance but most of that is caused by people other than Tim Tebow.

  23. Any team with an established quarterback (like Brady, Breese, or Manning) should simply bring Tebow in to be their 4th quarter QB (sort of how a relief pitcher is used). Brady, for instance, is not concerned about his statistics or breaking passing records, so after he gets through running up the score and putting an opposing team through 3 quarters of pain, you bring Tebow in the last quarter and just let him do his read option thing with your backup offensive lineman and take time off of the clock. During the game, a team could use Tebow’s services to do gadget plays and line him up in all sorts of formations. I am not saying to bring Tebow in as a backup quarterback, either. I just think he would make a great 4th quarter QB to ice the game and keep your starting QB and line healthy for the next game. It would also give opposing defenses more to prepare for…

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