Tharold Simon explains his version of events leading to arrest


Former LSU cornerback Tharold Simon was arrested last Thursday night as the NFL Draft was just getting underway. Simon was arrested in his hometown of Eunice, La. for public intimidation, resisting an officer and a noise violation. Despite the arrest, he was drafted in the fifth round by the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday.

According to Brett Martel of the Associated Press, police say Simon told the officer “I own Eunice” and peeled his tires moving a car from in front of his grandparents house. The officer also claims Simon told him he could get him fired because “the mayor is on my side” and violently jerked his arm away when the officer attempted to arrest him for intimidation.

Simon’s agent, Peter Schaffer, vehemently disputed the officer’s claims and said his client is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Simon addressed the events leading to his arrest shortly after getting drafted by the Seahawks on Saturday and, well, it’s best to just let Simon explain his side of the story.

“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have been parked on the side of the road but I was just chilling in the house at my grandmother’s house and my car was parked on the side of the road by my grandmother’s house. I seen a car pull up and it looked like a cop car so I went out there and when I went out there he told me to move the car,” Simon said.

“I moved the car and when I turned the car on the music was up, so when I pulled up in the driveway he told me to give him my license. I gave him my license and then I just sat on the car while he was running my license through and he had called another cop to bring him a ticket book I guess so he could write me a ticket. One of my friends had come to congratulate me on the draft that was going on and he told my friend to move around.

“Then I had got off the car and was like ‘man, you’re tripping for nothing. There’s really nothing serious going on around here’ and he said my pants was low and he was like ‘pick your pants up before I take you to jail.’ So I picked my pants up and he said, ‘you know what, matter of fact put your hands behind your back’ so I put my hands behind my back and I had my girl’s car keys and I was trying to throw my girl’s car keys to my cousin so I kind of jerked my arm and he said I was resisting arrest.

“I never ran. I never flinched to move or nothing and he said I was resisting arrest. So he took me to jail or whatever and said I threatened his life or whatever. I told him I had 30 witnesses that know I didn’t do nothing wrong and that I didn’t say nothing wrong. I’m a humble guy. I’m embarrassed about what happened because it shouldn’t have happened. Like I said, everything happens for a reason. Right now my focus is just to get up to Seattle and go compete and play some football.”

A conversation with Simon’s attorneys eased Seattle’s concerns over drafting him.

“We were able to speak with his attorneys and be comfortable with his situation,” general manager John Schneider said.

It’s a pretty crazy story, maybe so crazy it’s actually true. Simon’s camp feels strongly he wasn’t in the wrong and that an overzealous police officer overstepped his authority. Simon said he initially feared the arrest could keep him from being drafted. Now Simon has a chance to prove the Seahawks didn’t make a mistake in being the team to end that concern.

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  1. Sounds like a power-tripping cop; nothing to see here.
    Now of course if the ‘Niners drafted this kid, I’d think he was guilty as sin.

  2. “Hey, Chief, we gotta guy named Harold in the tank? It’s the Seahawks calling….Seattle…yeah….I think it’s somewhere on the west coast…….wassat?……Tarold….Chief…it’s Tarold, I think. Tarold or Harold, make up your goddamn mind!………Simon? Now they say his name is Simon….Jesus Christ! Fall into the goddamn ocean, pal, we got work to do here!”.

  3. It can happen. Trust me. I have been arrested before and was in huge shock when two officers fabricate everything in the police report. Imagine how they put down that I was resisting arrest with violence just few months after my shoulder surgery and two weeks after my appendectomy. It is really scary.

    And, I grew up thinking police are good guys. Well, not always. They are just another human being with almost unlimited power when no one is looking.

  4. I believe the Kid, I had an incident with Cheyenne Wyoming police while in the USAF . During the whole incident I did nothing wrong and one of the cops thought I had said something so he turned around and hit me. They put me in the cop car and while in there I said to one of the cops I was gonna sue Him because I was still a minor and had done nothing wrong. My compny commander beleived me and gave me no Discipline.
    when i went to court three extra cops I had never seen during the whole incicdent walked uip there and Perjured themselve lying about the whole thing ..
    So i know they can lie and twist things around for their benifit…

  5. I believe that a an arrest shouldn’t have happened in the first place, why arrest someone for noise when nobody was complaining. I have seen many cases where some innocuous incidents are escalated by the police by charging people of resisting arrest and intimidation. A hefty fine would have been appropriate instead.

  6. After hearing about AD’s experience with the Houston cops, and some other stories about those southern police departments, it would not surprise me in the slightest if those napoleon-complex hicks were trying to get the kid in trouble for nothing.

  7. With a name like Tharold I would act like a punk too. I wonder if his mother is retarded or has a speech problem and meant to name him Harold? Or maybe he is gay? Tharold? Ha

  8. As a middle aged middle class white dude living in suburbia I’ve experienced overzealous cops taking situations too far so many times that this really doesn’t sound far fetched at all.

  9. For once, I gotta side with the player. It’s Lousiana. A place Bill Russel said had the meanest white crackers in the world.A state that let Steve Segal be a sheriff. Heck , they don’t know that the Civil War ended back in the swamp.So, yeah, this yahoo cop was fixing to take him to jail on some trumped up charge.
    Simon, call the Southern Center for Justine pronto. Good luck and move to Kirkland when you make the Hawks.

  10. Typical cops.

    I got “pulled over” for riding my bicycle the wrong way on a small street, even though it was late and NO traffic or people were remotely around.

    The cops then proceeded to search me and my back-pack, which of course, had nothing illegal. It was obvious what was happening. The older cop was training his rook partner on procedure. Was telling him what to do the whole time.

    Then, they make some half-a$$ed attempt to justify it, “Oh, we got a call about drug activity around the area. Have you noticed anything strange?”

    They later admitted, “Yeah, you don’t look like a drug dealer.” And the typical cop self-entitlement “OK, we’ll let you go without a ticket.”

    Oh, thank you very much cops. I am so grateful. I like getting pulled over and my crotch grabbed by some strange man under some lame pretext.

    Then cops wonder why no one likes them.

    I’m not saying all cops are like this, but everyone I know has a somewhat similar story, and it’s not as if I hang around with a bunch of criminals either.

  11. Cops often believe they have more power than they really do. Being nice and friendly with them is not a law. Plus I’m sure Simons race and popularity had nothing to do with the officers reaction. Go Hawks!

  12. Well there you go. Now that Mr. Simon and his agent have been able to come up with a well thought out, plausible explanation of what transpired, I completely believe his version of the story.

    Let the Tharold Simon Day festivities commence!

  13. As much as you have to respect the police, some cops are just complete boneheads

  14. If it’s roid rage then the Seahawks won’t have an issue with it. They’ll just figure that he’s trying to fit in.

  15. Call me crazy but I actually believe the players story more than the cop. I used to be a cop in Ohio near Columbus and I can tell you there are a lot of jealous cops as it pertains to OSU football players. A lot of cops feel as though they get too much and they are privileged. All that may be true but they let those feelings lead to an “I’m going to teach those boys a thing or two” mentality. I don’t know what happened in this case but I can totally see something like what he described going down around here.

  16. The cop I believe…but arresting a guy for it is shameful. I’m sure there are real crimes taking place in Eunice. Go find them!

  17. As a former police officer, it bothers me when I hear stories like this come out. Obviously there are two sides to every story, but if this is indeed how the situation played out, it puts all police officers in a bad light.

    Diffuse not escalate. That is the mantra I used to preach to all of my patrolmen. It always ends better that way.

  18. I have no doubt that Mr. Simon was the consummate gentleman. The policeman must have known him well to be able make up all those details on the arrest report.

  19. so Tharold AND 30 witnesses are lying? sounds like a pretty coordinated effort to me. As with every story, i’m sure some of the details are lost with every re-telling, but this sounds totally absurd on the officer’s part.
    good thing we KNOW it wasnt racism because according to roughly 75% of PFT posters, racism doesnt exist anymore….so maybe the officer was having a rough day and just happened to stumble across a potentially felonious street parking in progress and decided he needed to bring down the full brunt of his authority on Mr. Simon in order to thwart the imminent threat to society….

  20. While there isn’t exactly a shortage of racist people/cops (especially in the South) he invited more trouble the moment he opened his mouth and said,

    ‘man, you’re tripping for nothing. There’s really nothing serious going on around here’

    This isn’t an issue with just Tharold Simon, but with much of the people his age… they think they can say/do whatever they want without any consequence.

  21. The truth shall come to light. He can say whatever he wants the truth will stand and a lie will die. A person can only pretend for a little while.

  22. It’s not a surprise to see Simon in trouble. He was never the role model on campus.

    How it happened, who knows, no one has ever described a Louisiana cop (or an LSU player) as trustworthy.

  23. Sounds like yet another over aggressive dictatorial heavy handed abuse of authority type of police state arrest that you hear more & more about these days.

  24. This story doesn’t sound “pretty crazy” to me. It sounds pretty believable, even if that isn’t enough to know who’s really telling the truth.

  25. I work in criminal forensics. I have read a great deal of what is out there so far on this story.
    2 things: 1). There is still a lot more to this story than meets they eye. 2) Both sides appear to have contributed to the issue. My concern is that aside from Tharold being guilty of poor parking skills and noise pollution, I am not seeing or hearing anything that justifies anything more than a parking ticket. (OK, maybe the fashion police have a case on this kid for wearing his pants low, something I have yet to fully grasp). Yep the kid may have been “mouthy”, but mouthy does not equal an arrest. However from the officer’s view point, an individual who meets certain behavioral crieteria in the matter of dress, attitude, speech, sets off the triggers that they are trained to recognize as warning signs, of possible risks. Could both sides have handled them selves better. YES. But in Pete and Jon I trust. They do their due dilgence. They obvious had this young man on their radar for a long time pre-draft. If there were other issues with this young man, they would probably not picked him. And lets face it: A little attitude goes a long way on the football field as a CB (think Richard Sherman). I am comfortable with him. A learning situation for all. No story here, nothing to see, lets move along….

  26. My brother was arrested once. The charge? Resisting arrest. That is the ONLY charge. How can you be arrested for resisting arrest? Cops LOVE to use this when they KNOW they have no real reason to arrest someone.

  27. I don’t think it will come as a shock to too many people when the police opt not to come forward with the dashboard camera footage of the arrest and decide to drop the charges.

    I don’t know much about this kid but his story sounds a lot more believable than the police version.

  28. Not to stereotype, but from what I’ve seen, quite a few cops are ex-jocks whose playing abilities ended at the high school or community college level.

    You can’t tell me that in a town like that (population 10,398), the cop wouldn’t know who was who. Heck, I lived in a town of about 10K that had Barry Bond’s cousin living in it, and everyone knew who he was, and he wasn’t even famous himself, he was just someone’s cousin.

    You also can’t tell me that it’s impossible that that cop might be a little jealous at some punk (insert racial epithet here) kid is going to go out and realize his NFL dreams while the most excitement he has to look forward to is writing tickets for 43 in a 35.

  29. There are good cops and bad…I happen to believe there are a lot more good then bad. Everyone is quick to blame them though, which is sad. There is a justice system in place, so I reserve judgement until I hear the facts/evaluate credibility of the statements myself. I’m not naive. I know there’s a few bad apples….true of any profession. I’ve been a police officer, and I’ve investigated and arrested officers. Do believe me, I get it. But ill tell you, that number is minuscule in comparison to the number of good people who would, and have laid down their lives for anyone of you…regardless if you would curse them for writing a ticket for speeding, rolling thru a stop sign, etc…. What if some of u were bad Macy’s or McDonald cashiers, or a dirty stock broker or waiter….and because I had bad service from someone, I thought most of u were incompetent…not fair huh. Justice system will decide the outcome and the rest will be sorted out by the only judge that matters.

  30. There are good cops and bad…I happen to believe there are a lot more good then bad. Everyone is quick to blame them though, which is sad. There is a justice system in place, so I reserve judgement until I hear the facts/evaluate credibility of the statements myself. I’m not naive. I know there’s a few bad apples….true of any profession. I’ve been a police officer, and I’ve investigated and arrested officers. Do believe me, I get it. But ill tell you, that number is minuscule in comparison to the number of good people who would, and have laid down their lives for anyone of you…regardless if you would curse them for writing a ticket for speeding, rolling thru a stop sign, etc…. What if some of u were bad Macy’s or McDonald cashiers, or a dirty stock broker or waiter….and because I had bad service from someone, I thought most of u were incompetent…not fair huh. Justice system will decide the outcome and the rest will be sorted out by the only judge that matters.

  31. I’ll wait to decide on this one… I think both stories sound very plausible, I just don’t have enough evidence to decide which is more likely.

  32. Since I actually grew up in Eunice and visit often (parents still live there), I would suggest that both sides were probably at fault. Eunice doesn’t have the best police force, but it has more than its share of hooligans, too, white and black.

    And badintent, I hope you were being sarcastic, because you made yourself look as ignorant as the swamp-dwelling “white crackers” you mentioned in your post. Do yourself a favor and quit watching all those bogus Louisiana reality shows.

  33. This kid sounds like a total illiterate. Maybe should gave taken a communications class in college. Thank god there is football for guys like this as MENSA isn’t reading out to him anytime soon. Speak properly, it sounds like you ain’t kno nuthin’.

  34. “Pretty crazy story”?

    Actually, it makes a lot more sense than the police officer’s version if you ask me. He may be downplaying what exactly he said to the cop, he may have made the comment about knowing the mayor. But what exactly is illegal about that?

    There is certainly nothing in his version of the story that isn’t in line with things we hear about police behavior all the time.

    I have many african-american friends. One of them put it to me this way “when you get pulled over, all you have to worry about is whether you’re going to get a ticket or not. I have to worry about whether I’m going to get to drive away when it’s over”.

    Sad, but true.

  35. So about 8-12 cops read this site. Hence the thumbs down on every over aggressive cop story.

    Almost the same exact story happened to me on christmas day! And I’m a white kid from middle suburbia. Ssked a cop if I could go through a blocked off street to enter my house due to it being by a high tourist area They had every direction blocked off. Asked him nice and he said get the f outta here. I was rolling up my window and and he reached in and grabbed my throat and started pulling me out. I was in the passenger. I got out had just had shoulder surgery and he put me down re tore my shoulder and kicked me around five times. My sister jumped out the car immediately got arrested and it was witnessed by about four othet people all who said its ok guys where watching where with you. He then threatened if they don’t leave there going with me. Called his captain threw me in handcuffs cutting my circulation off for half hour with the heater on full blast well they stood there talking and laughing. However in a rare occurance the cop taking me to jail pulled over loosened my handcuffs and apologized for knowing how we got treated. Long story short truth came out and he the cop was ordered to apologize in front of the court but used every excuse as why it wasn’t his fault….the biggest organized gang in the world.

  36. The fact that he started his statement by saying “it’s my fault” means he has at least some level of maturity. I bet he’s telling the truth. A lot of my friends from college were from small towns in Texas and they all have similar stories about the cops there. It’s much different in dallas where I live. They have bigger fish to fry.

  37. Que the classless Seahawks Pete Carroll remarks for drafting another classless player, that will help the seahawks win classless, and be apart of a a very good, yet classless team, that will probably win the super bowl… classlessly. Lol go Hawks JSPC we trust!

  38. I’ve had cops get an attitude with me for little to no reason (“you f—ing big guys think you can do whatever you want huh?”) and I have had them be extremely courteous and respectful even while writing me a well deserved ticket or even throwing my drunk arse in the brig … the important thing here is that Pete and John were satisfied with their investigation of the situation and are comfortable with him.

  39. I was in an accident once about 15 years ago. I was driving home from work and it had been raining. I lost control of my car and slammed sideways into a mountainside. The car was totalled I was OK. No other cars or private property were involved. In fact there were no other cars anywhere in sight. No vehicles, people, nothing. Just me, my car, the rain slick road and the mountainside. In fact, I waited for about 5 mins before someone came by and offered me a ride into town.
    A few days later I received a ticket for “driving too fast for conditions” in the mail.
    I showed up for court the police didn’t, the case was dismissed.
    Yes, I believe Tharold is telling the truth.

  40. Not a Hawks fan (niners!), but this is not a red flag against Tharold.
    Wasn’t accused of theft, drugs or worse…
    Should be a non story as far gauging his character goes.

  41. Everyone simmer down until we get the dashboard camera.

    Born in Mississippi live in Houston. I have been across LA 2 or 3 times a year for the last 48 years. It would not surprise me if both parties are wrong.

  42. Us folks in Seattle know a little something about cops abusing their power, so personally I’ll take the kids word (along with all the witnesses) over a cops almost any day.

  43. Sounds a little too perfect. Like everything that was sais about him he has the perfect little excuse. In other words, I smell, bullsh*t!

  44. thefox61-thanks for that totally relevant story. Your anecdote is a good reason why this kid is telling the truth.

  45. Yes I’m a hawk fan but isn’t it refreshing to read the account from the kid himself rather than one of these half baked agent / lawyer written statements that is issued supposedly by the athlete. Just for that I come down on his side.

  46. Listening to tHarold talk, is why I don’t believe the gramatically correct and perfect English statement full of legalese words he “issued” right after the arrest. His educated agent wrote it for him clear as day.

  47. Lets not forget what state this happened in,LA the prison capital of the US .This is the state where wardens trade prisoners like cattle to keep there jail cells filled,between the privatized prison system and over zealous cops I am going to say the kids story is much more likely true

  48. It’s laughable that anyone believes this kid. Did he also shine up his halo as he was talking so politely to this officer ?? I’m going to believe the initial reports that he said “I own Eunice,” and “I’m gonna buy these projects and you are gonna be mine,” (sic) before finally moving his vehicle. Some punk kid… on “His” day because.. you know… he’s all that AND a bag of chips. Seems the same kid of “lack of character” is stinking up LSU…. Les has got to do a little better job.

  49. I give him the benefit of the doubt. I’ve witnessed far too many incidents of power-hungry cops overstepping their authority lately. It’s becoming a problem. Cops need to learn to shut their mouths and enforce the law, not use their guns and badges to enforce their own skewed “moral” codes.

  50. Odds are it was two attitudes at work in this instance, not just one. The cop obviously doesn’t like to be messed with one bit, and Tharold doesn’t like being messed with by cops.

    Cops tend to feel a power that they do not posess. they have the ability to write tickets, so they use that as some sort of power trip to be above everyone else. That is just how it is with some of the law enforcemnent officers in this country. They just can’t put themselves in anyone elses shoes and see what it is like to be treated a certain way.

    Anyway, these trumped up charges should be tossed out and save the taxpayers in La. some money.

  51. If he had been Bob Hope or Justin Bieber and the town was giving him the “key to the city” and he made a comment about how the “city is mine”, all of you hypocrites would have been smiling and thinking, ‘way to go’.

    But Tharold is a minority, and his hometown had declared a day in his honor, which no doubt pumped up his self-esteem a bit and he said, “I own Eunice”.

    How dare he be so arrogant say the hypocrites. Same old, same old………..Hope you make the team, Tharold. Then you can take trash talking lessons from Sherman, THE BEST CB in the NFL.

  52. One more thought; Do it right in the NFL Tharold, and your name will be well-known throughout the US and Canada, for a long time to come. Go to the HOF, and you’ll be immortalized for the ages.

    Meanwhile, few outside of one small town in the South will know the name of Deputy Dawg, and most will have forgotten it two days after he retires.

  53. A review of the allegations by the officer seem to come up short. Even if Simon did act as described by he officer I see no criminal offense. As an attorney I have represented clients that have told an officer to “f-off” .These clients were cited.. fortunately our local common pleas Judge knows the law and dismisses. Many police officers forget that we have freedom of speech rights. This case clearly sounds like the officer was really stretching when he issued the citations. So what if the music was a little loud. So what if he told the officer that he owned the city or that the mayor was on his side. These words do not amount to a threat or intimidation. Sounds like someone is a little sensitive .

  54. Having spent some time in Eunice, LA, and having gone to high school with a guy who’s now an officer in the area, I 100% believe Tharold Simon. That “Pull your pants up before I take you to jail” line is pitch perfect. This is why those dash cams should be madatory for police cars, they protect everyone from lies – including lies by the cops. Not all of LA is like this, but Eunice is the kind of small town you can still find Klansmen in, some of them in uniform.

  55. An over zealous cop over stepping his boundaries and making a mountain out of a mole hill? I’m shocked.

    Just another arrogant jerk on a power trip. Their motto should be “To patronize and annoy”….

  56. Cops can and will cite you for anything. Violations like “harassment” or “disorderly conduct” or “terroristic threats” are defined so vaguely and broadly that we are all guilty of them in some manner once a day.

    Make a fragile ego’d cop mad and he/she will find something to charge u with. In our society, the old saying does hold true: “Show ’em the man, and they’ll show u the crime”

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