The All-Unemployed Team gets a freshening


Pardon our dust.

We’ve added some new names to PFT’s 2013 All-Unemployed Team. In most cases, the additions have come because members have moved on to the ranks of the employed.

For instance, we replaced Andre Smith — who re-signed with Cincinnati — with Eric Winston. Winston, we suspect, will have a job this season. So when he signs elsewhere — and he will, because he doesn’t miss games and he’s a starter-caliber right tackle — we’ll replace him, too.

At the moment, offensive tackle remains one of the deeper positions in free agency. But that figures to change. Bryant McKinnie, the best left tackle on the market, is reportedly drawing interest. Tyson Clabo, like Winston, is a legitimate starting right tackle.

That said, not every position has as many solid starters left. Also, if you have followed the All-Unemployed Team from the beginning, you will notice some stagnation at a few positions, with running back, defensive end and defensive tackle three examples. Some notable players have yet to find new teams.

Finally, we’ll end with a note about the quarterback position. We’ve made a change, inserting a fairly young and mobile passer who’s shown a knack for winning into the lineup.

For his name and the other updates to the team, check out the updated All-Unemployed squad.

8 responses to “The All-Unemployed Team gets a freshening

  1. I’d really like to know what’s going on with Vince Young and his comeback attempt. Maybe PFT can dig into him a little more soon?

    This also looks like a great year for free QBs as there are still lots of teams that will be shedding some interesting players that never got a shot yet. Somebody is going to find a really good value to steal.

  2. The Chiefs took a pass on him. The 2-14 Chiefs. Maybe the cost/benefit is why he’s still unemployed

  3. Weak Sauce… looking for extra hits or something?!?! Like we don’t give you enough this time of year…..

    Why you would state the list had been updated and then have a link to a seperate page to see it is beyond me…. other than hit count, that is…

    I, in protest, will not look at the all-unemployeed list, for a solid seven minutes… take that bastards!!!

  4. It’s an interesting list. In every case they’re unemployed for a reason.

    If Lloyd were truly a “fine short-term solution for a team looking for an outside receiver” he’d have a job as the Patriots are looking for someone exactly like that.

    Seymour may have something left in the tank, but no fire in the belly, making it known it’s all about the money for him. Give him any guarantee and expect him to show up and little more.

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