Trade unlikely, Chiefs hope to reach a deal with Branden Albert


The Kansas City Chiefs have moved their focus away from trading left tackle Branden Albert and are now trying to work out a long-term contract with him.

All sides now view the much-discussed trade of Albert to the Dolphins as “dead,” Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports, and that means the Chiefs’ best option left is to try to get a deal done to keep Albert in place for years to come.

Albert signed the one-year, $9.8 million franchise tender, so that will be his salary this year if he doesn’t come to terms on a new deal. He reportedly wants a contract similar to the four-year, $36 million deal left tackle Jake Long got with the Rams.

The trade of Albert to the Dolphins may never have been as close as previous reports indicated: According to Rapoport, the Dolphins never offered better than a third-round draft pick for Albert. The Chiefs wanted a second-round pick.

So now it looks like Albert will be the Chiefs’ left tackle and first overall pick Eric Fisher will be their right tackle. The only question is whether Albert is playing on a one-year deal or a long-term deal.

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  1. Ted Thompson should offer Desmond Bishop, Marshall Newhouse (who would play RT with Chiefs) and Jarrett Bush. Packers finally get the LT they desperately need.

  2. Sounds like a Sanchez situation. Tell a player you don’t want him, draft his successor, nobody else wants him, so you sign him to a major deal to apologize because you screwed up.


  3. Brilliant chiefs, now instead of having a third in a very deep middle draft, you have two LTs, one with large contract demands and a first pick in the draft that is guarenteed bookoo dollars and guarenteed money. Should have taken the third and been happy. Your a genius Andy.

  4. Kick Albert to the right side where he would be dominant. Conversely, let Fisher develop at the RT position. The Chiefs have talent, they just need direction.

  5. This can only help the Chiefs. I mean, Fisher and Albert as tackles sounds pretty good to me. Quit being so cheap!

  6. No thank you on the packers trade. I like keeping Albert long term him fisher could be bookends for the next 5 yrs.

  7. Well I’m not sure why the KC GM played hardball with the Dolphins asking for a 2nd round pick! However if they want an OL with Albert and Fisher it will be costly.

    Perhaps the Chiefs can have Albert or Fisher run a tackle eligible play and catch passes to get a better return on their investment.

  8. If they sign Branden long-term they will move him to RT.

    Branden did not want to move to RT for 1 year because it would have affected his money in FA next year, but if he signs a 4 deal that will be a non issue. He will move to RT with no problem, if long term deal is in place.

    They only question is do you give him LT money to be a RT! Personally I don’t see the issue of having two good OTs on the team, rookie wage scale makes it bearable.

  9. So they used the first overall pick of the draft…on a RIGHT tackle…passed on a pick that would have netted them a quality player (Damontre Moore went soon after the pick they’d have received, for example)…on top of which, Miami would probably not have traded up with Oakland had they made this deal, meaning Oakland would not have Melenik Watson.

    Perhaps that old saying “Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don’t make” should be amended to “Sometimes the WORST trades are the ones you don’t make.”

  10. Haha- Marshall Newhouse, good one!

    Why is everyone acting like having 2 very good OTs is a bad thing? I noticed the people criticizing KC’s drafting failed to suggest who they would have picked #1 instead.

  11. 2 points….

    1. Top picks are not paid that much anymore, so everyone who is complaining about the cost of Fisher can stop because he will be paid about $22,190,498 over 4 years. Assuming he doesn’t turn out to be a bust, that is not bad. (note: that is the risk you take with all high draft picks)

    As I am not a KC fan, I am no expert on Albert’s value, but from what I have seen and read, he is a good pass protector and not as great run blocker. I don’t know if he is work Jake Long money, but that is up for debate.

    2. No team would ever complain about having 2 capable LTs. Most teams pray to get at least 1. Having both gives KC great bookends and insurance against injury.

  12. Are the Chiefs the only team in history to take a RT with the #1 pick? If Albert signs a long term contract the dude is dumb as hell, they try to dump him, wile still on the team (cause no serious takers were interested in him for what Albert and the Chiefs were trying to steal from them as a combo) they draft his replacement. I seen him in an interview I know hes seams dumb, but that dumb? to still want to play for a team that said to the world we do not want this player anymore. If he does not FU to the Chiefs and take his 9.5 Mil and leave town next season then this guy has no pride. And I will happy as hell we did not get him, an athlete with no pride is some one not worth having.

  13. I just wanted to check, how many rings do the Chiefs have? When was the last time they won a playoff game? Check the Steelers for the standard in the NFL.

    You’re jealous?

  14. i’d be thrilled with albert and fisher as bookend tackles, it would set them up to be one of the best lines in the league. a premium player on either side can improve an offense – acting like LT is much more important is archaic thinking.

  15. Albert is a quality LT. Should have gotten a deal done before the draft…

  16. Good thing you guys arent running things….it was reported all month before the draft that it would be ideal for Fisher to be on the right for a few years while he develops….he stays there for 2-3 years and then you put him at LT. By then, Albert is older and he will either be a team player and go to RT or he gets cut. Sounds like a win-win to me

  17. All you dolphins fans can keep talking trash remember your team was the smart ones trading up to get a defensive player that you didn’t need as much as you needed Lane Johnson. Your QB will be trying to find his teeth on field after its all said & done. I’m fine with keeping Albert never bad to have a monster O-Line when you have a RB like JC running through the holes. Keep talking we will see who has the better record this yr.

  18. KC will be in the playoffs long before Miami. Clearly KC has a better o-line, QB, RB, equals at WR and KC is far above on defense with 5 pro bowlers. I’d rather be in KC’s shoes where they have 2 quality LT’s, one of which will likely play RT, than go into the season with no viable LT. But clearly Miami’s execs see they are farther away than just a LT so I can’t blame them. They realize they can get at LT with the top of the draft, which is where they will be, next year. My guess is KC extends Albert, uses him for a year, maybe two, then trades him, still plenty of time to move Fisher over to LT in the future.

  19. so the chiefs wasted a number 1 overall pick on a right tackle? Nice job.

  20. BA will sign a LTC and play RT giving the Chiefs the best bookends in the NFL bar none. Say hello to a dominating OLine.

  21. This was very poor front office move by the Chiefs and they will pay for it. They though they had a valuable chip and over played their hand to the tune of 10M. Andy can’t be happy.

  22. You can expect that some time near the end of training camp, Andy will make Branden push the blocking sled up and down the field while reporters watch, cuz, you know, that’ll make everyone aware of who’s in charge.

  23. its a pass first league. who doesn’t want two top notch tackles? so what if they used their top pick on a guy playing RT, I don’t think a deal is done with albert, or even being worked on, but if it is, and the worst thing the chiefs deal with is having TWO capable top notch starting tackles, then gosh golly they will have to suck it up and live with that.

  24. So glad this is finally over. This should free up all the media who were covering this story so that they can now report on one of far greater importance to us all: which team is next to deny interest in signing Tebow.

  25. We can deff afford it cause out rookie is on the rookie wage scale so he’s getting paid like a right tackle and if they do sign Albert to a long term they will have a nice line with depth and will actually save us money putting some into signing bonus and prolly loading more of the back end so they could save between 2 and 5 mild this year

  26. Morons/KC Haters,

    All the best teams in the league have a solid OL. It is in the best interest of any football teams to have two solid OT’s to protect the most important player on the field, the QB.

    Phins fans,

    Your guys’ GM is on the hot seat and you wanna sit there and defend not getting Albert? The same GM traded away the pick KC wanted to OAK to get Dion Jordan @#3??? What a joke, you might as well be the Jets.

  27. Gotta hand it to our boy Jeff Ireland. He may not be able to judge talent coming from college to pros; but once a guy is in the pros, he knows who sucks and knows a guys value.

    Hes a bad drafter, but didnt cave on Albert or Orton. Gets rid of guys who might be okay players but not worth the price or the headache. Won’t be pressured into doing anything.

    The trade FOR Brandon Marshall is the biggest blemish. If he just stayed at 12 and picked Dez, he wouldn’t have had to spend the next 2 drafts chasing draft picks (trading from 12 all the way to 28 and only getting a mid 2nd was inexcusable, and he used the pix to get Odrick and Misi…ugh. Gronk was picked 2 spots after Misi btw). The trading of BM though was a big whatever. Would have been 7-9 with him or without him last year.

  28. Way to go Chiefs.. You are the first team in NFL history to draft a RT #1. Im sorry not enough lols or lmaos to portray how sad that is.

  29. I think the whole thing was messed up. Chiefs should have kept Albert, traded down getting 2 first round picks for the #1 – and got more role players.

    At this point I think you have to just make it a point to have the best O-Line in the NFL. That will help Smith – who is a pocket passer.

    It may be a lot of money in the Oline, but you can really set the tone of the game if you dominate there.

  30. Keep him at left this season, tag him again and then trade him for a pick. Fisher will play left one day, but this year unless they can trade Albert he’ll be at left this season under the tag. They’ll have to pay a LT to be their RT anyways unless they do.

    A extension could work too, but theres no way they are on the same page. He probably wants 4 years/ 36 million. They’ll probably offer 3 years/ 20.5 million.

  31. Best player available.
    Having 2 two high quality tackles to protect Alex Smith means he’ll being able to hit receivers, the safties can’t pack the box and Jamal Charles gets more room to move. McCluster can work underneath routes and they are laughing.
    Smart move I would have thought to keep both.

  32. It’s not easy finishing last overall, but the Chiefs are hell bent on repeating the feat.

  33. Get your ish together Chiefs. Raiders are finally looking like a quality organization and you guys are going backwards. Let’s re-ignite what was once the greatest rivalry in football, Chiefs and Raiders. The NFL isn’t as fun when these two teams suck.

  34. The worst trades are the ones dumb teams try to make ! WTH made Jeff Ireland think he could get a not elite but great LT for a 3rd ? Good luck Ryan Tannehill , your gonna need it!

  35. The Chiefs are gonna get a 3rd round compensatory pick for Albert anyway. I wouldn’t have given Miami Albert either.

    When Tannehill is in the hospital because Miami is too cheap to protect him, we’ll see what everyone is saying then.

    The bargain basement isn’t where you look for LTs.

  36. I like to bash the Chiefs as much as the next guy, but I actually think it’s an accidentally smart move to have a Tackle-situation like they would. Smith needs a clean pocket, Andy Reids system very much needs a good o-line (look at what happened as soon as he had a crappy one).. Seems smart.

  37. As a die hard Chiefs fan, I can only see Good Things for the CHiefs if they have both B. Albert & Eric Fisher as their tackles for the next 4-5 years. I hope Branden gets right with moving to Right Tackle if he gets the 4 or 5 year deal he wants. Eric Fisher needs to be our Left Tackle. That is what he was drafted for. Branden is a “Good” left tackle, but Eric Fisher would take it to another level. Having these two guys as our bookend tackles is Good for the Chiefs.

  38. Gotta Love the short sighted non-Chiefs commenters who know little about football.

    BTW, the Miam GM Jeff Ireland screwed the pooch here. Letting Jake Long walk and failing to trade for Branden Albert. Now he will have a subpar Left Tackle in a year where his team needs to make the playoffs or he gets canned. Smart Move Ireland. Couldv’e had a solid Left Tackle for a 2nd round pick. Way to Go Genius!

  39. Most of you guys just don’t think. Fisher can play either side. Do you guys have any idea how good it is to have a great offensive line? This team is going to be the best in the West.

  40. The new CBA reduced the amount of money that top picks in the draft get so those of you who don’t know that need to save your comments. You can pick whoever you want and not have to worry about “paying a guy too much”. The teams don’t have to take a QB with the first pick anymore. They can actually pick “the best player available” now instead of worrying about the salary cap hit for taking a guy that doesn’t work out. The second contract is where they make the money.

    Andy Reid like to have two left tackle types to run his offense. He like to throw the ball around, so you need to good pass blocking tackles. So it doesn’t matter if someone is a LT playing RT. Albert is a good LT not a great one. Miami was wise not to burn a second and Chiefs are wise to keep him. Draft and develop your own players.

  41. therealraider says:
    May 2, 2013 12:51 AM
    Way to go Chiefs.. You are the first team in NFL history to draft a RT #1. Im sorry not enough lols or lmaos to portray how sad that is.
    Did a Raider just fun of another franchise????

    The fact that a Raider is making fun of any franchise seems more funny than a team that drafts a LT at #1 and lets him learn at the RT spot for a year or two.

  42. shayeezy says: May 1, 2013 9:35 PM

    i’d be thrilled with albert and fisher as bookend tackles, it would set them up to be one of the best lines in the league. a premium player on either side can improve an offense – acting like LT is much more important is archaic thinking.
    True enough. That’s why it seems strange that after letting Winston walk the Chiefs would try to trade away their franchise LT.

  43. Let’s make it simple for all the KC fans who are still delusional enough to think that Ireland should trade a 2nd (or even a 1st, for the borderline insane) rounder for Albert with a cost and benefit analysis of such a hypothetical trade. Suppose Ireland goes through with the trade, but then can’t get Albert to sign a long term contract that doesn’t significantly overpay him (like his one-year franchise deal with KC) and Albert turns around next year and signs with another team. Benefit to ‘Phins: 1 year overpriced rental on a good, but nowhere near elite, LT when they could have picked up a serviceable, although less talented, FA OT and possible 2015 3rd round or lower comp pick. Cost to ‘Phins: significantly less cap room (less roll over from this year) and no 2013/2014 2nd (or 1st, according to some of the more delusional) rounder. If you want to keep deluding yourselves that this is a good deal for Miami, it’s a free country. But try not to fool yourselves into thinking that you would make a good GM or that many ‘Phins’ fans will agree with you.

  44. “Dolphins and raiders are the real winners here”.., that statement still me belly laughing, even a day later!

  45. Seriously for all the time so many of you spend trolling you would at the very least you would think you’d accidentally get educated on what your spewing. All bias aside the Chiefs FO or any other for that matter would be considered inept for trading Any RFA that will give them a 3rd when/if he leaves next season. Regardless of how your trolling mind works, or what u think of the player, this team didn’t have a starting RT now they have what by all analysis reveals to be a very good one who will be the starting LT next year when the currently very capable one leaves next year and ya get a free 3rd rounder to give you plenty of options to fill the RT void and don’t miss a beat…and as far as the 1st PICK ON A RT OMG sentiment this year. If a guy plays his rookie season at RT and the next 6-10 at LT …guess what? You drafted a LT with the first pick so please …come on with the b#ll$h%t

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