Tyler Bray headlines list of Chiefs undrafted free agents


When discussing the quarterback options in the 2013 NFL Draft, Tyler Bray’s name usually came up.

Most agreed that Bray was a raw prospect, but that he flashed enough arm strength and overall ability at Tennessee to merit consideration as a mid-round draft pick. No NFL team agreed with that assessment, however, and Bray wound up going undrafted through all seven rounds.

The Chiefs liked him enough to add him to the roster as a free agent, however, and he’s the headliner on the list of 13 names they sent out on Wednesday. Alex Smith is locked in as the starter in K.C. and Chase Daniel appears set as the backup, leaving Bray to battle Ricky Stanzi and Alex Tanney for a spot somewhere on the roster or practice squad. Should he land one, Andy Reid’s history of developing backups into starters for him or someone else bodes well for Bray’s chances of an NFL career.

Another notable member of the free agent group is tight end Demetrius Harris, who reportedly drew interest from a dozen teams after deciding to return to football after finishing a basketball career at Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He had originally signed to play football at Arkansas State before switching gears.

The rest of the Chiefs signings are: Maryland linebacker Darin Drakeford; West Alabama defensive back Otha Foster; Florida wide receiver Frankie Hammond Jr.; Ole Miss offensive lineman A.J. Hawkins; Oregon State offensive lineman Colin Kelly; Vanderbilt defensive end Rob Lohr; Missouri defensive lineman Brad Madison; Columbia linebacker/defensive end Josh Martin; Kansas safety Brad McDougald; Jackson State wide receiver Rico Richardson and West Alabama linebacker Ridge Wilson.

9 responses to “Tyler Bray headlines list of Chiefs undrafted free agents

  1. This headline should read: “Andy Reid signs future second round trade fodder Tyler Bray in Kansas City as undrafted free agent”

  2. Wonder where all the “this kid is going in the 3rd or 4th round” people are when he lost nearly every SEC game he ever started with a couple of receivers that went in the top 35 picks of the draft at his disposal? If it wasn’t partially his fault for how bad TN was during his tenure, who’d you like to blame?

    His notorious immaturity doesn’t help his cause either because just having a strong arm doesn’t win games in the NFL.

    He reminds me a lot of Adrian McPherson from FSU, another guy who had all the talent in the world, but who just didn’t get it and was no one you’d ever expect to lead your franchise from the most important position on the roster.

  3. Here’s the problem with Bray. He cannot win. Period, well that and he has no leadership ability and nobody in the league is going to play for this guy. Its too bad, cause he truly has upper tier talent, watching him throw when he’s ON is a thing of beauty.

    KC is the right place for him, maybe Reid can extricate his head from his arse. You’ll get long odds on that prop.

  4. Would not have spent a mid-round pick on this guy, either. Don’t trust him to be a true professional.

    But it’s the perfect kind of player to take a UDFA flier on, especially if your coach has had some success with QBs with checkered pasts.

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