Alec Ogletree: No one’s faster than me on the field


Alec Ogletree turned in a so-so 4.70-second 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine. But he says he’s a lot faster than that on the field.

“I’m very confident in my ability to basically tackle somebody, run ’em down. I feel like when I’m between the lines, nobody’s faster than me,” Ogletree said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The Rams like Ogletree’s speed, and his confidence.

“Here’s a good story,” Rams General Manager Les Snead said. “Frank Bush [the Rams’ linebackers coach] was drawing up a lot of things we’re going to see in our division and said, ‘Hey, what do you do right here?’ Basically Ogletree drew a line and said, ‘I go right there and make the tackle right at the line of scrimmage.’ He didn’t get into this or that, he just said, ‘I’m going to meet that guy right there.’”

Now the Rams need to find out if Ogletree’s play matches his confidence.

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  1. ok Alec, now go worm up with the practice squad, if memory serve’s me wasn’t Eddie Lacy running away from you in the 1st quarter of the SEC Championship game? 41 yard TD run ring a bell?

  2. So he doesn’t know what he is doing and will just run after the guy with the ball?

  3. This guy hasn’t seen the field yet and he is already the LB in the NFL? Lets see how fast he can jump on the concussion bandwagon too.

  4. There are police on the field usually…I believe they were faster than you

  5. “I feel like when I’m between the lines, nobody’s faster than me” He’s not saying he “is” but just that he “feels like”. Either way he’s gonna find out on the practice field (T. Austin) and at least four times a year (P. Harvin, L. James/V. Davis) that he’s probably not. But I don’t fault the guy for having confidence.

  6. No doubt Ogletree is a BEAST…and he’s the new draft pick talking to the hometown paper. What else is he supposed to say?

    That being said, in the day and age where everything anybody says is a media story…rookies need to learn
    to ease off the talk until after they’ve walked the walk.

  7. Young guys can’t even have confidence in their abilities anymore. It’s sad the negative rap being confidence gets these days. Especially from the fantasy football crowd who never played the game beyond pop-warner or the flag football games at the local YMCA.

  8. Being a Georgia fan, this guy was awesome to watch on the field. He did have some off the field problems that I (and I am sure the Rams) are hoping are behind him. He never said that he was the fastest on the field, but that he feels he is the fastest. He will be a very good LB in this league for years to come. That is, if he can keep his off the field problems none existent.

  9. Memo to all draftees and UDFAs–

    This is the NFL, the pros. You’ve accomplished nothing. Shut up and play.

  10. Dang it, I missed that one. I said I go right there and miss the tackle at the line of scrimmage. These questions are hard… Another classic example if the no sh!t Sherlock answers to basic football.

  11. As a 49ers fan I know the Rams will be a tough foe this season as they were last year. Jeff Fisher always puts together a well-coached team that fights to the end. Unfortunate for Fisher-coached teams is that they are Fisher-coached. His teams always seem to wind up being “just that much short” of achievement just like the picture of the Titans WR who was 2 yards short of the goal line reaching out to lose the SB.

    Mark it, though, Rams and Cards will have very competitive defenses who will the sleeper D’s of this year (note all you fantasy folks).

    And on a sidebar…..NFC West is stupid with talent this year. The SB winner comes out this division hands down.

  12. I’m just hoping he can help in pass coverage which has been an issue for Ram’s lb’s. He definetely needs to work on stopping the run better but Lauranaitis and Dunbar are decent at that as well as rushing the passer.

  13. Rams D was tough last year. Will be even better this year.

    Not a Rams homer, quite the opposite (niners!), but the NFC W defenses are going to be even harder to play against this year.

  14. Rams flirted with being a top 10 Defense last year. If Jenkins, Ogletree and Trumaine Johnson can stay out of jail, this d will be one of best in league.

  15. 4.70 is fast for an LB.

    The guys that run 4.5 and 4.6 get a lot of attention cuz that is ridiculously fast, but there’s only a few of them – Willis, Kuechley, etc. – and that does not make 4.70 just average or so so.

    Many, many, many more LBs run mid to high 4.70’s , even 4.80, than sub-4.70. in fact, the vast majority of LBs starting in the league ran slower than Ogletree did.

  16. ram fan here hoping Bradford figures out how to use all the new toys in his toy box. keeping our O on the field will do as much to help the D as the additions but anyone that thinks ogletree wont make it as a ram well that’s just silly funny how all the experts had him as a top 15 pick off the field is what we rams fans worry about when it comes to ogletree

  17. Tree and McDonald are exactly the type of defenders needed to defend the read-option. Looking at last season’s results, the Ram defense did it better than the rest of the league, and these two will only make that D even nastier. Wilson and Kaepernick beware!

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