Bengals, Falcons to practice together in August


The Bengals and Falcons will practice together at the Falcons’ Flowery Branch, Ga. facilities on Monday, August 5 and Tuesday, August 6. The Bengals announced the joint practices on Thursday.

The practices are open to the public, the Bengals said. Flowery Branch is more than 40 miles north of Atlanta.

The Bengals play the Falcons in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome on Thursday, August 8, the preseason opener for both clubs. The clubs do not meet in the regular season.

The Bengals and Falcons are two of eight teams to have made the playoffs in each of the last two seasons, with the Patriots, Ravens, Texans, Broncos, Packers and 49ers the others.

The Falcons practiced with the Titans last summer in Dalton, Georgia.

10 responses to “Bengals, Falcons to practice together in August

  1. LOL at the greatgabbert…. Me and Son will be there. I bleed Orange & Black but live in the land of the red and black…I root for them as a distant 2nd…However me and Son will show up at practices with Bengals hats on…LOL

  2. Mike Smith and Marvins bromance continues. Good buddies. Always see them together in the offseason.

    Q: Now why are the two teams doing? Is this another way the NFLs trying to reach out more to the public?.
    I do understand that since the flat screen tvs hit the market, ticket sales have dropped a little

  3. Matt Ryan and Andy Dalton can practice playoff choking again. Both have been shut out of TDs in a postseason game so the chemistry should be good

    Meanwhile Marvin Lewis and Mike Smith can practice making the WORST challenges and timeout usage imaginable together

  4. Man you can tell things are changing when Mike Brown is going to spring for two extra hotel nights for the team!

    We had the good fortune of landing Zimmer from Atlanta after the Bobby Petrino debacle there (even though Zimmer was let go I think he has left Atlanta on cordial terms). Clearly that worked out for both teams.


  5. quizguy66 says:
    Man you can tell things are changing when Mike Brown is going to spring for two extra hotel nights for the team!
    2 extra nights? try FOUR. they’ll have to be there Sunday to be ready and practice Monday.
    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and leave after the game Thursday.
    Not that hard to figure out.

  6. @si1m…PLEASE go look at Matt Ryan’s stats from this years playoffs. And if you say “well that was just this year, he choked before”, then I suggest you go look at Flacco’s stats from EVERY playoff prior to this years. It’s a team game, not a QB game.

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