Boley pleaded guilty to felony child abuse in February

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The New York Giants abruptly cut linebacker Michael Boley in February.  Three days later, Boley was arrested for felony child abuse in Alabama.

TMZ has the details, and the report suggests that the arrest came as part of a plea deal between Boley and prosecutors.  Apparently, Boley pleaded guilty to the felony charge as a grand jury was preparing to convene to take up the case.

The booking information mentions Section 26-15-3 of the Alabama Code, which makes it a felony for any adult to “torture, willfully abuse, cruelly beat or otherwise willfully maltreat any child under the age of 18 years” in the adult’s care.

As part of the plea, Boley entered a pre-trial diversion program.  If he complies with all terms of the program, the charge eventually will be dropped.

Boley apparently was dropped by the Giants because they were aware of the situation.  It’s possible that Boley has remained unsigned in part because other teams are aware of it, too.

Boley spent four seasons with the Giants.  He appeared in all 16 games last season, with 11 starts.

45 responses to “Boley pleaded guilty to felony child abuse in February

  1. I would actually say all those moms I see at the store dragging their kids around by one arm could be “willfully maltreating” their kids.

  2. Aaaaand that is the effective end of his career. Hopefully the child in question doesn’t have to, like, live with him or anything.

  3. I was surprised when the Giants cut him, and now I am glad they did. I give the Giants credit for getting rid of the trash on their team

  4. drop charges why cauae he is a Pro bs these guys get away with everything and now this child grows up hating the law cant blame the child for hating the law just bs

  5. And I’m pretty sure his kid has something wrong with him. He is autistic or something. Can’t remember exactly but I remember a story when he was on the falcons

  6. Sooooo, no facts are available to the events of the case, and we’re jumping to “this piece of trash should spend the rest of his life in jail”? Goooood people, good.

  7. Totally not surprised this man played for the Giants. That team is a joke of just disgusting human beings starting with their coach. SMH.

  8. If he beat a child then he should be punished, but if he spanked his child then this is non sence. More childern need a good ole spanking now and then, but NO child deserves to be beat!!!

  9. Wasn’t there another Giant who was involved in a child abuse issue – maybe some time in the last 10-15 years????

  10. The article just before this said the Giant’s were NOT aware of this when they released him, now it says they were??

    This guy may deserve all the venom being tossed at him but I’d sure like to hear the details before joining in. I’ve read some articles in the past where prosecutors were saying Child Abuse for things no one would expect.

  11. it is quite laughable that you are all sentencing him to an eternity in hell without one shred of detail on what went down. look at how broad the scope of his charge is. for all anyone knows, he smacked a nephew around for stealing his car or dragged a kid by the ear across his lawn for egging his house. calm down.

  12. People please. We don’t have all the facts. What if it was some 17 year old dude that needed to get his a$$ kicked for something? What if Boley was threatened and couldn’t prove it? Lots of different things could have factored into this.

    The fact that these charges may eventually be dropped makes me think it wasn’t something as egregious as the phrase “child abuse” makes us think.

    If he physically abused a little kid, then rot in jail FOREVER, but we don’t know all the details.

  13. good move Giants. if the NFL truly wants to “protect the shield” then every team in the league will follow suit. there is no place in the game for people like Boley. Hell, there’s no place in society for them. good riddance.

  14. A Giant gets arrested, and the news gets sat on for over two months. Hmmmm.

    I’m sure that one reason he hasn’t been signed elsewhere is that any team that signs him knows that The Great Roger Goodell Live And In Person will suspend him now that he’s no longer playing for the Giants. That, and because he’s a child-beater and not very good at his job.

  15. This board is clear a illustration of why our legal system is broken. Most of you holier than thou types want to convict someone without a shred of evidence.

    The threshold for “child abuse” is fairly low these days. If I saw someone smack their kid in Walmart and told the police, that would constitute “child abuse” in lots of jurisdictions.

    I have a novel idea, folks should wait until details of said incident are released and until that point you reserve judgement on Boley.

  16. Ah, it was in Alabama. Football stars get preferential treatment there and charges will be dropped of course.

  17. Wow people are really quick to judge. We have no facts about the case. I’m not the type to defend child abusers but the light punishment indicates to me it’s not nearly as bad as everyone is assuming. What if he simply spanked a child in public and someone thought it was inappropriate and reported him or something. I don’t know the laws about spanking in the U.S., I’m just saying, I guess, lets not judge someone before having the facts.

  18. Money can’t buy love, but money can buy people probation for committing a felony.

    This guy is a piece of excement and should be beaten twice as badly as he beat whoever he is responsible of beating. Then, when he heals up from that beating, beat him again.

    Gotta be tough to beat up a kid, eh Boley? Cowards like Boley never stand up to anyone their size, but they take out their frustrations on women and children like it is proper.

    Give me 5 minutes with this piece of trash and he’ll know what a good beating feels like.

  19. Oh, and to you cats who think he throttled some older kid for whatever reason and may have been justified, read the description of felony battery on a child. He beat up someone who could not defend themselves aganst an adult. He would not have been charged with felony child battery if the incident is as some of you describe. He pleaded guilty on a deal that got him out of more serious trouble coming down from the Grand Jury. Don’t defend a man who would abuse a child. there is no room for justification for people who mistreat other people who are unable to defend themselves. You guys going to justify spousal abuse by saying “Hey, maybe she had that beating coming”? Anyone who wants to give this guy the benifit of the doubt is a complete idiot. Like Boley playing Pro Ball gives him a pass. Give me a break!

  20. The details are very important in this matter. My guess is that he did something awful & is a pig but I’ll reserve judgment at this time

  21. Woman beaters, drug abusers, drunk drivers and cheaters all make me shake my head, but abuse of a helpless child, now that makes me sick. By no means should Boley have these charges dropped. As a matter of fact, he should be sent to prison with a tattoo that says I abuse kids… then we’ll see something get dropped. Loser.

  22. Wait…is this because he threw that football at the assistant’s head last year? He said it wasn’t a mistake, but just might’ve been on purpose,

    What an idiot. No room for that kind of person on the G-Men roster.

  23. I didn’t know that the first Giants-Skins game when Boley welcomed Griffin to the NFL took place in Alabama.

  24. “This board is clear a illustration of why our legal system is broken. Most of you holier than thou types want to convict someone without a shred of evidence.

    The threshold for “child abuse” is fairly low these days. If I saw someone smack their kid in Walmart and told the police, that would constitute “child abuse” in lots of jurisdictions.”
    Spare me Judge Judy, there generally has to be more than a “shred” of evidence for something to go before a grand jury. They usually aren’t convened because someone “smacked their kid in Wal-mart”.

  25. Those of you quick to convict are apparently not educated in pre-trial diversion or when/why it’s used. In many instances, PTD is offered when the prosecutor actually believes the defendant but knows there’s no evidence available for the defense. It’s very possible that the prosecution in the Boley case offered PTD in exchange for the plea because they believe his side of the story and this is the only way to clear him. I had a relative in the same situation – accused of a crime against a child, but there was no solid evidence either way. The DA offered PTD as a way to clear him because the accuser’s story was too vague, but without any defensive evidence, it would have likely resulted in an unwarranted conviction. The accuser later recanted, validating the DA’s decision.

  26. To those of you saying to wait for the facts, rest assured the Giants did their homework and then let him go.

  27. shlort says:
    May 2, 2013 11:26 AM

    Give me 5 minutes with this piece of trash and he’ll know what a good beating feels like.
    I’m sure Boley is quaking in his cleats at the prospect of YOU giving him “a good beating” from behind your keyboard. Pretty easy to say from where you’re sitting.

  28. I’m sure an organization like the Giants knows more details than PFT or any of us. So, if they did their due diligence and cut him, chances are he is guilty.

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