Bucs secondary moves might make Barber moot


The Buccaneers didn’t wait for Ronde Barber to decide on his future before they dealt with the future of their secondary.

By signing free agent Dashon Goldson to pair with Mark Barron at safety, and trading for Darrelle Revis and drafting Johnthan Banks to fix the corner spot, there’s not much work for Barber if he does come back for a 17th season.

According to Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times, that might make Barber a moot point.

Barber played free safety last year, and signing Goldson took care of that. He can also cover the slot, but unless Eric Wright is (an even bigger) bust, they should have three corners who can play it as well or better.

The question becomes whether they want him back at all, or if he wants to ride into the sunset as a little used dime back?

11 responses to “Bucs secondary moves might make Barber moot

  1. He screwed himself by taking so much time to make his decision. The Bucs really didn’t have a choice, but given our luck lately with injuries and suspensions having him would provide great depth, and some needed veteran leadership.

  2. Ronde will come back to pad his stats a little more. He is still a good tackler, and will be great in blitz packages. In a good D he could have a great year. Lets just not put him 1 on 1 vs Hakeem Nicks again.

  3. Agree took too long and i do believe he will come back and do blitzs he will go down as all time int for td and blitz he just doesnt want to show up until training camp cant blame him his role is so basic he can show up two weeks before preseason

  4. Bucs couldn’t afford to sit around and wait for Ronde so they addressed the secondary as well as I could hope for. The organization is putting the onus on him to make the decision though because the don’t want to suffer the same PR nightmare as when they released Brooks.

  5. Can’t blame tampa for addressing the by far biggest weakness. He has to understand the moves made and that he isn’t 26 anymore. I just hope he leaves on good terms and retires a buc and arguably the greatest buc.

  6. address issues before they become issues. well done by the Bucs. I ha e a ton of respect for Barber and if he does want to come back he will be a nice leadership addition. if they can get freeman to play up to his potential they could be in for a good year.

  7. Barber has been a favorite in Tampa forever. If he wants to play, the Bucs will find a way to use him. I wish he would start coaching, maybe he can with decreased playing time. Ronde is a class act!

  8. To go from having Leonard Johnson as a starting CB last year to having Ronde Barber as the 4th CB this year would be an amazing overhaul in talent.

    I hope he stays another year and declares it his last year so that fans can appreciate a farewell season.

  9. Wow – so who has the best backfield now? Seattle or Tampa?

    I think Seattle edges Tampa out with youth – but I guess we will see this season, and it will be nearly impossible to pass on either of those teams.

  10. they announced the retirement of warren sapps number I cant see ronde number being available for too long after he officially retires what a great player and a class act and im a ram fan so certainly not biased

  11. I think he should come back and mentor the young guys and provide depth (never know with injuries) for nickel and dime packages for sure. His leadership and knowledge alone would be awesome to have. If he does return–this would most likely be his last ride–final season. I don’t see him playing past this year regardless and always appreciated his skills on the field and contributions to the team. I don’t know him personally, but by all accounts from others and what I’ve read, a stand-up guy. The anti-Tiki for sure. Thanks #20.

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